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4 Home Remedy Ingredients for Wrinkle Smoothing

A home remedy for wrinkles is found in practically every culture in the world . What if you could find a homemade wrinkle smoother that combined the effective components of all of these remedies? Yes, you can. Just keep reading to find all 4 ingredients and how they are combined to smooth out your wrinkles.

There’s a simple reason that a different group of people would have a different home remedy for wrinkles. They used the things that grew near their homes. They didn’t have access to the entire world, as we do today.

If you lived in Japan, you couldn’t use a homemade wrinkle smoother that contained jojoba, because it only grows in the Americas. If you lived in the Americas, your home remedy for wrinkles would not contain Wakame Kelp, because it mostly grows in the Sea of Japan. You get the point.

Through scientific evaluation and clinical studies, researchers have found the active components in numerous traditional wrinkle remedies. They have combined these effective components and studied their effects on the faces of volunteers. Here’s what they’ve learned.

Olive Oil

About the author: Margaret Bell is a dedicated advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and diligent researcher of skin care systems. Visit her site at: http://www.aHealthyRadiantSkin.com to discover which is the Best Wrinkle Skin Cream Margaret recommends and uses after extensive comparisons. Be sure to sign up for her free Health newsletter for new updated skin care information.

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/skin-care-articles/4-home-remedy-ingredients-for-wrinkle-smoothing-593645.html

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  1. Melissa V says:

    Are there natural, home remedies to getting rid of or decreaseing wrinkle’s and fine lines?
    I have fine line’s around my eye’s and would like to give myself a natural face lift or retexturize or whatever to give myself a more youthful look.

    • shyone says:

      None that i am aware of but, i have heard that when you wash your face or put lotion on, always do it in an upward motion. It is supposed to slow sagging down in your face.

  2. I am Cool says:

    How can one get rid of wrinkles? Please advise home remedy?

    • efforts16 says:

      heard the fruit avacado?
      use it onto your face once in a moth if you have few wrinkles, but if you skin is giving away than use it every week, also eat it, it reduces the effect of wrinkles….

  3. Old Granny Gonna Help Ya says:

    What are some good wrinkle remedies?

    • anna k says:

      Botox really is the best, along with some chemical peels. If you have sagging along with wrinkling, Thermage is supposed to be good for that.

  4. justchecking says:

    Do people still care or get frustrated about cloths getting wrinkled during travel? How do you remedy?
    Do you have difficulty keeping clothing wrinkle free in the suitcase during travel? Is this a problem for every trip? What do you do to prevent cloths from wrinkling during travel? Do you iron when you get to your destination? Do you travel for business or pleasure mostly? Are you male or female?

    • eviechatter says:

      I’ve read if you roll clothes up before packing instead of folding they wont wrinkle. It does make sense, there would be no folds.

  5. Vicious Beauty says:

    wrinkle remedies for teen?
    I’m 14 and have recently been aware of my skin having wrinkles. Only slight traces though.I’m not in the sun much or make funny faces but I don’t really moisturize. I’m thinkin that’s the reason for the fine lines. Is there anything I can do to make them possibly vanish or atleast fade? Specifically laugh lines. Thanks for the info,peace out.

    • Zom-bee says:

      Moisturize your face with lotions containing alpha hydroxy acids. Moisturizers like these help to exfoliate dry skin cells as well as encourage collagen production, which can help reduce wrinkles and laugh lines.
      Exfoliate your skin, ridding it of the outer layer of dry cells. Be careful to use gentle exfoliates, such as oatmeal, so you do not damage your skin.
      Mash banana and honey together and apply it to your skin. The combination helps to firm your skin, reducing laugh lines. Remove the mixture after 10 minutes.

      Good luck!

  6. Linda R says:

    I need a home remedy mask for dry skin. http://www.wrinkle-free-skin-tips.com/answerbag.html?

    • xoLarennn says:

      -egg yolk
      -vitamin e oil ( its like $5 at drugstores)
      -olive oil
      -warmed honey

      i used that once a day from a retin-a burn, which my face was raw and scaly, and it made my face heal and glow, and soft 🙂

  7. poonam s says:

    how to to save ur face from rinckles need a home remedy?
    i need a home remedy to save my face from wrinkles.

  8. James says:

    What is the “mom discovers $5 anti-wrinkle remedy?”?

    • Joe says:

      Think of it as the Modernized version of Junk mail in your Physical mailbox asking every one to send me 1 dollar.

  9. PB says:

    What is the best remedy for wrinkles on the neck?

  10. LaurenElizabeth says:

    Does anyone have a home remedy for cleaning my English Bulldog’s wrinkles?

    • Dreamer says:

      Water and baking soda, baby wipes, tearless puppy shampoo and warm water… Whatever you do, make sure you dry the wrinkles thoroughly when finished (try holding them open while you dry with a hair dryer on a low/cool setting) and powder them with baby powder to keep them dry.

  11. Sheri B says:

    The best Wrinkle Cream or Remedy?
    I’m rounding the Corner to 30, and my eyes and forhead are starting to sag and wrinkle up. Iknow I can’t stop aging, and im’ proud to get old,but I wouldn’t mind postponeing it just a little bit. lol. I’ve never gone to the tanning bed, and always wore sunblock, and have Never smoked in my life… and I have extremely oily skin my entire youth and adult life… so the fact that i’m 28 and already getting wrinkles is just Baffling to me. But, can anyone help me hold on to my youth for a few more years? My soldier hubby is leaving for 1 year on a military deploymet, and I want him to come home to a beautiful woman.. not an old one. lol. 🙂 Help!

    (no smart butt comments please… just helpful tips from people who have had this same issue and found a solution for it… thanks! ).

    • go green says:

      The best remedy for anti wrikles is having a good facial regimen and eating well
      1. Use a good facial cleanser my favorite is “Clean Slate” am/pm
      2. Apply toner alcohol free “Balancing Act” it will even your skin tone and minimized the pores size am/pm
      3. Exfoliate your skin at leat every week at home with the best “Microdermabrasion Scrub” it will nourish your skin pm
      4. Use a great moisturizer or serum let it dry this will plum up the skin cells minimizing the apearance of wrinkles “Cell Enhancer” is a cell regenerator
      5. Apply a moisturizer with solar protection I love “Anti-Aging is so light you can get all this for less than $100
      I found a coupon for 20% off ABBLOC08

  12. kay_77381 says:

    What is a good home remedy for wrinkles?
    Forehead and around eyes to be specific

    • Ness says:

      believe it or not…preparation H

      I read in a beauty magazine it is used by some people to help with the wrinkles.

  13. tigerjayne says:

    Please help! i want some pure caster oil as a wrinkle remedy?
    BUT, there is different caster oil, now this has confused me, which one? Has anyone tried it and does it work?

    • TM says:

      I think you mean Castor Oil. Any Pharmacy should have it in a 3-4 oz bottle. Ask the pharmacist if you don’t see it. The oil is made by pressing oil from the castor bean. Grandparents used to use it as a laxative (blech, nasty) Never considered it as wrinkle remedy. But maybe because, when combined w/ water, it plumps up skin a bit. But then that is the mechanism of any moisturizer, so any oil should work. For moisture, I prefer Avocado oil which is light; Castor is very thick, heavy, sticky. It is a good moisturizer for coarse hair, however. I think a good long term solution is anything that helps the skin make collagen like Vitamin C cream, Hyaluronic Acid, Retin-A or retinol, wear a brimmed hat, avoid smoke and alcohol, plenty water,

  14. Amanda b says:

    What are natural remedies for keeping your skin looking young and wrinkle free?
    I am 22 and have no wrinkles yet , but I have noticed my skin is not as young and smooth as it used to be, any ideas on how to prevent pre mature aging

    • janeyfreephd says:

      Petrolium jelly! There was a medical story about an 80 year old woman who had hardly any wrinkles on her face and neck and her skin was plump and soft. Her secret was that she used petrolium jelly every night before she went to bed.
      Even if you just use it around your eyes, furrows and mouth at night it will stave off the effects of aging for years.
      It’s a great time to start now.
      Also, don’t smoke,
      try not to over drink (drinkers age FAST!)
      and relax! meditation, exercise and lots of spring water with your multivitamin every day!

  15. DJ McLovin says:

    What is the best wrinkle remedy?
    I’m looking for a more up to date answer than what’s here.
    I live in the twin cities of MN, and in my early 20’s and have crows feet and fore head wrinkles.

    • McGee says:


      It’s interesting that when Ponce DeLeon went looking for the fountain of youth, he should have looked no farther than water and a little salt.

      Water and salt make up 75% of the tissues, 85% of the brain and 94% of the blood. It’s what we are. Yet, people don’t drink enough water to maintain this critical balance, and doctors are scaring everyone away from salt with their “salt causes high blood pressure” campaign.

      The fact is, water and salt are the two most important substances in the body (after oxygen). A deviation of as little as 3% will cause major health problems.

      Another campaign being promoted by the medical community is to “drink plenty of fluids”. They used to promote “drink 8 to 10 8-oz glasses of water per day – why did they change this?

      “Fluids” include every drink imaginable, including soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, etc. These drinks are preferred options by most people, and so doctors let them believe that they’re benefiting from the water they contain. However, because these drinks contain sugar, caffeine and other additives, the nutrition aspect is altered so that they become diuretics that pull out as much as 50% more water than they contain.

      This, of course, is something that doctors aren’t telling you. Why should they? If you become dehydrated and get sick, they’re right there to help you with medications and surgeries that do not conform with the body’s needs, and which will only make things worse.

      If you want to get rid of wrinkles (and correct many other health problems in the process), click on the link below and learn how to keep your body hydrated properly.

  16. radice says:

    Does anyone have any wrinkle remedies that actually work? I have more wrinkles than anyone my age I know.?
    I am not asking about preventative measures, I drink lots of water, dont smoke, wear sunscreen, take omega fatty acids, but actual treatments for already present wrinkles. If anybody has had any luck with any home remedies I would love to know. Thanks

    • Devastated says:

      Virgin coconut oil will keep your skin young-looking
      It strengthens connective tissues so wrinkles and sagging of the skin is prevented. Dead cells on the outer surface of the skin are removed, making your skin glow.

  17. Miley says:

    What is the best wrinkle prevention and correction (especially eyes)?
    I know about working out, eating right, avoiding sun, sunscreen, etc. I would like to hear about the best creams or home remedies for the face…especially the eyes. I have dark circles and getting some wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. Please tell me costs and where to get. Thanks!

    • ~~ Angie~~ says:

      Arbonne has a great eye cream! I love it!! I have had my bottle for almost a year now! It retails for $49.00

  18. Chrissy says:

    What’s the best remedy/ cream/ vitamin, etc. to reduce/prevent wrinkles?

    • Insurance Guru says:

      Wrinkles: All about those lines

      When people think about aging, they tend to start to worry about how they are going to avoid wrinkles. Wrinkles on the face tend to make people look older then what they really are. These are the lines of age that can make it look like you have lived a rough life. The options once you have wrinkles to reduce the appearance of wrinkles are not as easy as the must know tips to avoid them:

      •Eat: To avoid wrinkles, one must make sure that they eat foods which contain anti-oxidants such as strawberries, blueberries, apples, tomatoes, spinach, cabbage, beetroots etc along with foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids.

      •Drink: Drinking plenty of water will help you avoid wrinkles as it keeps your skin hydrated.

      •Don’t smoke: Collagen and Elastin are responsible for keeping our skin firm and supple, smoking affects this collagen thereby causing wrinkles.

      •Don’t stress: Chronic stress is known to cause pre mature wrinkling. Studies have found that stress affects Telomeres, structures found at the end of the DNA strands which shorten with ageing, to cause wrinkles.

      •Avoid too much Sun: Exposure to the sun’s UV Rays is one of the major causes of wrinkles. The UV rays speed up the ageing process by breaking down Collagen and Elastin which are needed to keep the skin firm and supple.

      To read more see http://www.medimanage.com/my-parents-health/articles/All-about-those-lines.aspx

  19. tweety bird! (:>) says:

    how long does it take for the tea bag eye remedy to work?
    my classmate in school one day pointed out the little wrinkles and bags under my eyes one day. i’m 15 years old and knew i’ve been having them for awhile, but didn’t know it was too noticeable till then. so tonight i decided to look up some different ways to work and decided that i would try the tea bag remedy. does anyone know how long it will take till it shows improvements?

  20. dora58 says:

    What home remedy is good for your face/wrinkles, blotchiness?

    • Mukunda M says:

      **If face muscles, like any body muscles, are not exercised or conditioned they weaken and face will start sagging, skin loses its tightness and lines and wrinkles form and show other signs of aging. Vigorous massaging helps exercise muscles and you use any oil. I’ve had great success with olive and a basis vegetable oil.. Don’t be afraid of doing it vigorously. There is no pulling or stretching of skin as you have to tighten appropriate face muscles in order to tighten skin in the part being massaged and in doing so it exercises and conditions many of face (and some neck) muscles whilst skin is being firmed, smoothed and conditioned by massage. It’s the best way to remove or lessen any blemishes and blochiness. Vigorous massage is done with a forward and back motion using finger tips and front and sides of fingers.depending where you are applying it. Circular motion is not effective. In a few days skin will visibly tighten, start to glow and look and feel smoother. It revitalizes and can rejuvenate entire face. Build up to a more vigorous massage for best results. If focus massage on any wrinkles, lines and crows feet, again tightening skin properly, it will quickly not just fade them a little but greatly minimize them and largely prevent others forming. You simply massage (quite fast )along the line or wrinkle – for those in mouth area for e.g. – and for crows feet up and down on lines using three fingers held close together. Do for 10 min several times a day for quickest results. See clearly noticeable results in just a week. Has helped many on Answers(See my B.A.’s for testimonials and more info on wrinkle and line treatments)**.

      SOURCE(S): 20 + years research, experimentation – safe, natural treatments for skin enhancement and natural cures of skin conditions and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments .

  21. syntheticstrand says:

    what is the best product out there OR home remedy to use for wrinkles around the eyes?
    i have light fine lines at my eyes and im only 23 its messed up how do i lessen them …what products are the best and if there are any home remedys out there let me know !

    • Raver Xeno says:

      What I used for a simple eye method
      is the gel eyemask from “the bodyshop.” you can also get the face mask. that you freeze, or chill. or heat up
      It is the best for curing all types of eye thingies.
      It is just so refreshing to have a frozen mask on your eyes.
      It really helps indeed let me tell ya and it’s simple. easy to get.
      there must be other places you can find this gel mask.

  22. huntingrl says:

    Non-medical remedy for face lines and wrinkles?
    I have a serious scowl line right between my eyebrows and wrinkles around my eyes. I’m only 26, so I’m not interested in surgery. Anyone tried over-the-counter wrinkle solutions that work or have any homeopathic suggestions?

    • J D says:

      I’m 27 and I started using Arbonne’s revolutionary anti-aging system (hydrating wash, balancing toner, facial serum, transforming lift, corrective eye cream, day crème, and night crème) last year and absolutely love it! It makes me skin look radiant! It is specifically formulated to reduce the affects of sun damage, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, while it works to combat the visual signs of aging. I love the eye cream and facial serum. The system consists of botanically based products that contain natural collagens (hyaluronic acid), giving your skin a natural lift and others to deeply condition and hydrate your skin. They’re all pure, safe, beneficial, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and formulated without alcohol, wax, dyes, chemicals, fragrances, acetone, or mineral oil which makes them perfect for all skin types. They’re unlike any others on the market as they are formulated in Switerland and made with all 9 KEY anti-aging elements (KOJIC ACID, NANOSPHERES, COPPER, VITAMIN C, ALPHA & BETA HYDROXY ACIDS, PEPTIDES, BIO-HYDRIA, ELHIBIN & STIMUTEX, and ALPHA LIPOIC ACID), giving you maximum benefit.

      Their products are also formulated with nanosphere technology which makes them beneficial for all skin types and adjusts to your skins specific needs by applying more moisture in dry areas and less is oily areas. Research shows that 6 months continued use of this system will give a 68% decrease in DEEP density lines and wrinkles; however I started to notice results within a week or two.

      Arbonne even has products for your entire body including a hydrating body wash, body serum, hydrating body lotion, and essential fatty acid dietary supplement, a concentrated blend of flaxseed oil, CoQ10 and beneficial elements to support younger-looking skin and good health … from the inside, out … and formulated in a vegetarian capsule. It’s made of Flaxseed oil, vitamins A, C, E, Coenzyme Q10, alpha lipoic acid. I love the NutriMinC Re9 Anti-Aging Body Serum and Hydrating Body Lotion.

      I also stay out of the sun as much as possible as it is the #1 cause of aging! (Mineral oil is #2)

      If you’re interested in learning more, you can visit the website below or email me and I’ll be happy to help you.

  23. CATWOMAN says:

    what is the best undereye and forehead wrinkle remedy?
    no botox…

  24. Jessica says:

    Does anyone know a home remedy to help intensley moisturize my legs?
    My legs are really smooth, but their are these ugly wrinkles that represent dryness on my legs. WHATS A HOME REMEDY TO GET RID OF THEM

  25. ziper z says:

    Home remedy for Wrinkle Prevention and Softer Skin ?

  26. Gaurav A says:

    My skin is very only and with wrinkles. Do you know any home remedy to help me?
    My skin is very oily and wrinkled. Can anyone tell me any home remedy which can help me getting a glowing, oil free and smooth soft skin?

    • Deepak says:

      The loss of elasticity and moisture in the skin leads to wrinkles. Mainly seen with old age, it

      leads to sagging skin. Wrinkles usually appear when the collagen and elastin present in the

      connective tissue of the skin weaken or decrease in number. The areas most affected by wrinkles

      are face, neck and hands. The most prominent symptoms of wrinkles are lined and creased skin and

      sagging skin. While age is the predominant cause of wrinkles, others include over exposure to

      sun, smoking, pollution, drug use, stress, weight loss and loss of vitamin E from the body.

      However, wrinkles can be treated naturally as well. In the following lines, we have provided

      some of the most effective home remedies for curing wrinkles.

      Home Remedy For Wrinkles

      One of the best home remedies for wrinkles includes eggs. Apply beaten egg whites on the

      wrinkled skin. Let it dry and then wash off.

      Look the source for more remedies

  27. poo says:

    Any easy home made remedy for the wrinkles in hand?
    Even though Iam bit young ,its the wrinkles in my hand which shows my age 5 or 6 yrs more than my actual age!

  28. angelluna13 says:

    what is the best remedy to reduce wrinkles?

  29. tigerjayne says:

    Please help! I want some pure caster oil as a wrinkle remedy.?
    BUT, there is different caster oil, now this has confused me, which one? Has anyone tried it and does it work?

    • James says:

      I have not tried caster oil as wrinkle remedy, but this new technology developed recently has great effect on wrinkles. See video that was broadcasted on Time Square, NYC, and if you are interested in the product or the live testimonials, please visit eureka.nsedreams.com for more information. Also feel free to email me if you have questions.

  30. rdwngfever says:

    What is the best daily face remedy to keep wrinkles away or conceal?
    I am 44 and just starting to show signs of age. I don’t smoke and I drink lots of water.

    • jhvnmt says:

      Go here and request a free sample of the AntiAging skin care set. I use it and love it. It uses nanosphere technology which delivers the anti-aging elements all the way down through the 7 layers of skin to repair from the inside out.


  31. anki says:

    How to remove wrinkles around the eyes any home n easy remedy?
    hi..frnz m 21..n m having wrinkles around the eyes n beneath the eyes.but it is visible only whn i laugh..it caused due to working late night n not having a proper sleep..is almond oil helpful

    • Madhvi says:

      Almond oil is helpful..also, putting cucumber on the eyes will also reduce the wrinkles, and dark circles around the eyes..It makes a significant change in about a week..
      hope it help 🙂

  32. Shekhinah says:

    A good home remedy to prevent or reduce wrinkles around the eyes?
    I’m 35 and am just starting to notice some fine lines around my eyes. Anyone know of some folk remedies or natural concoctions that work well?

  33. samini says:

    what is the best home remedy for under eyes fine lines and wrinkles?

    • ??? says:

      Vaseline applied around eyes every night to lock in moisture and prevent sleep wrinkles (wrinkle that form from skin being smushed while sleeping).

  34. ~Joy~ says:

    Does anyone have a good wrinkle fighter that is not greasy?
    I am 37 and starting to feel like I look 10 years older than I am. I have tried a lot of different creams and lotions, but most of them make me break out or they don’t hydrate my skin enough. Any suggestions on good creams or other age fighters, maybe even natural remedies? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    • ~~ Angie~~ says:

      Try Arbonne!! My mother-in-law loves it! she says that its the first thing she has ever used that really does what it says!! She loves how softer her face is!! I have been using the acne line and really like that its the first thing that had worked on me!!

  35. Diana K says:

    Is there a cream or home remedy that can remove wrinkles?
    I don’t want to get surgery or botox or anything. I have naturally dry skin, but I can’t find anything to help with my wrinkles?

    • Jamie H says:

      Henna Hut carries a line of all natural skin products that will help with your naturally dry skin and even those pesky wrinkles that seem to come out of no where! Check out the links below

  36. peaceseeker says:

    Can anyone tell me a good home remedy for wrinkles?
    I’m 33 years old and am noticing some tiny lines around my eyes and I don’t like this new discovery. If only I had $30 for wrinkle cream, but I do not so, is there anything else that I can try to keep my skin young and beautiful looking without spending a fortune?

    • beautifulsweetheart20 says:

      Well, there’s a few things you can do to help get rid of the wrinkles or prevent new ones. If you had a little bit of money, not too much, I would suggest Avon’s Alternative Age Treatment. It’s not that expensive, but it really works. I’m only 21 and I saw smoother skin in days. But, I am a representative so it cost me a lot less. Here’s another way: cold is the answer. When the weather cools down, I mean really gets cold, sit outside with your bare skin, no make-up. If it’s windy, that’s even better. Take a walk and the air will keep your skin feeling fresh and revived. If it’s not cold outside, use ice cold water to just wash over your face. I would suggest doing that with some sort of anti wrinkle treatment like Oil of Olay. That’s pretty inexpensive and will help. Also, make sure to take your make-up off every night, no matter what. Let your skin breathe. Cold is the key, moisturizer is the best.

  37. curious me says:

    remedy for stubborn blackheads on my nose and wrinkle on my nose?
    i have so good skin on my face except for my blackheads on the nose and on my chin. the blackheads/whiteheads on my chin are like a mustache/beard whenever i touch. it seems that st. ives apricot scrub cannot do anything with it. i also tried steaming my face. i am actually very careful on my face. the blackheads and fine lines on my nose are disturbing. i also heard honey is good on face but i think though not sure that it gave me large pores. please help. thank you.

    • ·ç´@ ¾ says:

      You should exfoliate your nose often to get rid of the oil blockages in the pores of your nose.
      However if this still doesn’t work, you should buy nose pore packs!
      I recommend the Biore pore pack! (you can Google this)
      It effectively removes the blackheads on your nose (the black version is stickier!)
      For wrinkles, wrinkle fillers are good!

      Hope this helps!

  38. Saurav K says:

    Is there any remedy for the marks and wrinkles on the skin caused as a result of masturbation?
    The skin on the thighs, legs (lower and outer mainly), and outer arms/hands develop marks on them as a result of masturbation.

  39. Michael Y says:

    my wife have a wrinkled toes and runs on half of her feet. Can anybody give me a remedy or treatment for that
    my wife have a wrinkled toes and runs to half of her feet. can anybody give me on how to treat or what remedies and treatment without injection and laser cuz it’s very expensive.

  40. Tru Beauty says:

    What would help get rid off dark spots, pre-wrinkle prevention,and make me have healthy skin?
    I’m 19 and im starting to lines at the corners of my eyes, and i need a moisturizer for my face and i got this thing called Medline Remedy Skin Repair Cream every day moisturizer, do really think this would work?

    • Anonymous says:

      wear sunblock no matter how dark you are or how well you tan. That will help tremendously for the rest of your life. Get a moisturizer with an SPF 30 or higher and put it on everyday no matter how cloudy or little time you will spend outside. You will thank yourself in 30 years when you go to your high school reunion and have the youngest looking face. I’ve been pretty careful with my skin, always wearing sunblock and I’ve even gone tanning throughout the years for dances/weddings etc. I’m 26 now and I have really noticed how some of my former classmates from high school look so much older, I still get told I look 15. Don’t smoke either…you can already tell who are the smokers in my age group now because of the lines they have on their faces. The products I have been using that really smooth my face are Aveeno Positively Radiant Facial Cleansing Pads (I cut them in half b/c they are really big), L’oreal Skin Genesis night time renewal cream and Neutrogena Healthy Defense spf 45 moisturizer in the morning. The Aveeno made a difference in a few days, the creams took a little longer more like a few weeks before my skin was glowing.

  41. g5 says:

    any remedy for getting rid of wrinkle lines on forehead?

  42. clubelite2006 says:

    what is a home remedy for getting rid of wrinkles?

    • Mukunda M says:

      See testimonial below from happy treatment user ###
      Massaging with totally safe and pure natural oils really does work wonders. They feed/nourish skin many beneficial and rejuvenating nutrients and massage exercises and conditions many of face and neck muscles whilst skin is being made firmer, tighter, smoother and healthier. Quite vigorous massage is best – helps combat face and neck muscle weakening as we age. It’s this weakening that first leads to loss of tightness, then sagging and in turn wrinkles and lines. Even the first day you will have a healthier, glowing, tighter and younger looking skin.

      In my other answers I give very detailed techniques that will greatly diminish wrinkles, lines, crows feet etc and keep others from forming.Find with a Search “Mukunda M wrinkles lines crows feet tighten firm skin”. Some also have testimonials from happy users saying how it has made them much younger looking in just a few weeks. To prevent skin pulling, first tighten by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Tightens most of face.
      Use any pure natural oil – extra virgin olive, coconut, grape seed and almond work well.

      ## from “big papy” on Answers.
      “Thank you Mukunda so much – I am greatly touched for your concern about my skin. i want you to know that i did continue the massage with first tightening the skin and the lines are all most gone thank you soo much, you have changed my life. Also my crows feet are all most gone too! I finally look my age! … again thank you soo much i don’t know what else to say, YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

      SOURCE(S): Many years research/experimentation – safe natural treatments – skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatments

  43. 24character says:

    What is the best remedy to remove blackheads and wrinkles near eyes?
    I am male, 30. my eyes are like sunken inside and have blackheads and wrinkles around my eyes. Please suggest how can i take care of it?

    • *~ZANA~* says:

      Well i use this… Noxzema and its the original and its deep cleansing cream and it gets away wrinkles.. and don’t be afraid to use girl stuff bc girls work better… I hope it gets better.. o, and you can buy it at walmart or bath and body works.. LOL bye hope i’ved helped…

  44. CcC says:

    Proven home made eye wrinkle remedy?

    • bg43214 says:

      someone said Preparation H..which is only a glorified form of Vaselilne!!!!!!!!!! if you want GREASE go for it, but you could try gently very gently exfoliating the area with baking soda; make a slight past by adding water a few drops at a time, then do your whole face at least 2 times a week; use it on the outer eye area and very gently under the eyes also; this will get rid of any excess skin cells….then rinse rinse rinse with cool water & blot your face dry…apply any moderately-priced eye creme (you can use Vaseline if you want; just use a very very small amount and blend it onto your fingertips; use your ring finger, not index finger (it’s too strong) & gently tap the moisturizer from corner of eye out to cheekbone or wherever you’ve seen wrinkles forming..you can leave this on for about 20 -30 mins. then BLOT don’t rub with a tissue; do this in the morning before work (blot before you leave, of course!!) & at night…just be sure to blot before you go to bed….this is not glamorous, but consistent exfoliating and lubricating with this type of product will help in the long run….

  45. elliemae says:

    what can i use that is over the counter or home remedy for wrinkles that really works ?
    i have extremely dry skin and the wrinkles are coming way too fast at the age of 40. please help me with something that really and truly works besides the expensive botox

    • ania361 says:

      try carite butter. it’s great for dry skin, also you can try olive oil(virgin). also I like DIZAO masks they’re effective and not expensive in my opinion. hope it helps. also don’t forget sunscreen if you live in a warm country.

  46. Catherine Corcoran says:

    i need a good anti wrinkle cream/remedy for very bad forehead wrinlkes?
    i got a forehead like gordon ramsay

    • Nayi says:

      Catherine, 3 things. First use a mild facial cleanser like Olay foaming. never use soap or any type of acne cleanser those are brutal on the skin.
      Second recommend Isabella Pelle, specifically their Preve anti aging, and Cura Serum facial lotion.
      note: another thing that helps is to keep your skin hydrated by drinking min. of 3 glasses of water daily. Hope this helps.

  47. wizard says:

    My Bulldog has an infection in his wrinkle above his nose?
    I has caused hair loss, looks red, and leaves a yellowish funky discharge. I’ve read this could be a yeast infection? Are their any experienced Bulldog owners out there that have a home remedy?

    His vet appointment is next week.

    • No name says:

      Are you talking about the fold above the nose, if so yes this area is a breeding ground for bacteria to build up the area stays moist and if not cleaned daily will build bacteria and fungus can build up in the area.

      Clean the area you can use a damp cloth or baby wipes with aloe, Bulldogs are prone to wrinkle infections, after cleaning the area you can use diaper rash ointment in the fold, keeping the area clean and dry is best to prevent infections, the folds in the tail area are another problem for Bulldogs. You can also use Gold Bond powder to keep the area dry.

  48. S$$$$ says:

    R there any home remedies to delay wrinkle formation on face?

  49. simi k says:

    can anyone help me with a quick home remedy for wrinkle lines near the eyes?
    I am 35 & recently I noticed fine lines near my left eye.

    • Linda S says:

      Oh, yea! Go to your dermatologist and ask for Renova or
      Retin-A. It is an acne cream that works absolutely great on crows feet. It makes me look 10 years younger,

      Another remedy that’s less expensive is emu oil. You can get it in expensive makeups– or you can use man’s best friend’s moisturizer for hot spots. No kidding and don’t ask!! I use Kenic
      Kalaya Ultra Moisturizing cream. You can get it online at Jeffers
      Pets.com It works AMAZINGLY well and it’s cheap. 8 ounces for
      less than $5.- or you can get the expensive stuff from Bloomie’s
      for $50. an ounce. TRY IT!!

      My dental hygenist just told me that I don’t look old enough to have a 17 year old son. (I had him when I was 31!!) Now you know all my secrets.

      Good luck.

  50. momtaz_Bkk says:

    any natural remedy for skin wrinkles?
    A lady in her 36 old, white and soft skin, started having some wrinkles around the eyes and showing especially when she smiles or laugh,
    any herbal or cream or oil that extracted from herbal or natural substances that could be recommended? she doesn’t like any chemicals or such botox injections etc,
    any type of foods or fruits, juices that could be included in her menu to give better results?

    will appreciate your advises, especially ladies they knew such ladies matters more than us men.
    Thanks a lot and regards.

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