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Chart of Paula Abdul Rahu and Venus Conjunction

Paula Chart

(Jagannatha Hora)

Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

Julie Paula Abdul

June 19, 1962 14:32 (2:32 PM)

Los Angeles, CA

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Paula Abdul is a famous American singer. She is a prime example of a person having a Rahu-Venus combination. According to Barbara Pijan Lama, Rahu- Venus gives “amplified beauty, pleasure, and wealth an exotic (and perhaps notorious) love life”; as well as “exotic appetites of the physical body (addictions, excessive pleasures)”. For one thing we know she has beauty and wealth, no questions asked. As for a notorious love life, this comes along with being famous. In Paula’s case, she unfortunately is not the exception and has had two failed marriages which did not make it past the two-year mark. What are the reasons for this?

If we take a look at her chart things seem to be somewhat clear-cut. Her 7th lord of relationships Jupiter is in the 6th house of obstacles. Its despositor (lord of that house) Saturn is with the nodes of the moon, Ketu and Rahu. She also has Kujadosha with Mars being in the 8th house (a condition which also happens when Mars is in the 4th, 7th, or 12th). Kujadosha is a notorious placement in Vedic Astrology for afflicting marital life, unless the person also marries someone with kujadosha. From the 8th house, Mars’ fourth aspect afflicts Venus, the karaka (significator) of relationships, as well as the second house which signifies family life and domestic happiness. The karaka of relationships Venus is also with the nodes of the moon, which tend to disrupt peace in the areas of life which they affect.

The Rahu-Venus conjunction also signifies indulgence in addictive pleasures. According to Barbara Pijan this stands for “obsessive or exotic pleasuring behaviors which become addictions” and “the victimsenjoy the indulgence of wantonness at a sensual level”. This is not far from the truth in the life of Paula. It is well-known that she suffered from the addiction of Bulimia between the ages of 16-31. In fact, as soon as she turned 16 she had just entered the dasha of Mars and sub-period of Rahu. Mars’ period lasts seven years and is followed by Rahu, so the change in cycles did not help her situation. Rahu’s cycle lasts a good 18 years. This cycle ended for her only in 2002. Throughout Rahu’s cycle, although she has not admitted to this, it has been generally believed that she has been very much addicted to pain killers and may even have been on drugs during some of the American Idol episodes. Whatever may be the truth, the Rahu-Venus conjunction does point to indulgence in and addictions of physical and sensual pleasures. These may be sexual, drug-related, or both.

Despite this, Rahu-Venus gives the person a magnetic attractiveness which may be irresistible for both men and women, and this is a clear case for Paula. She has beauty and magnetic appeal.

What about the case of children? Unfortunately her 5th house, which stands for progeny, is extremely afflicted. Retrograde Saturn is posited there with Ketu. Saturn is actually in his own sign Capricorn here, and the 5th is aspected by benefic Venus which should be a saving grace. However, the timing of the planetary cycles is very important. Throughout most of her adult life she has experienced the dashas of Mars and Rahu. Mars is a malefic planet, in the 8th house with no connection to 5th house or 5th lord. Rahu afflicts the 5th house through his seventh aspect, so Rahu disrupts that area of life. Jupiter is the karaka (significator) of children, and she entered Jupiter in 2002, but unfortunately he is posited in the 6th house of obstacles, and also does not provide the benefic aspect on 5th house or its lord. She will not get the chance to experience the cycle of Venus, her saving grace (2061-2081), and Saturn will not arrive until 2018. However, during Saturn’s cycle as 5th lord she may have the urge to adopt and this is very likely if that becomes her desire.

All in all, Rahu has had his fair share of negative influence in Paula’s life, but we must not forget Rahu is a material planet. And Rahu is in her 11th house of gains, which is also an upachaya house where malefic planets do very well. When did Paula gather all her fame and wealth? Rahu’s cycle (1984-2002). Also, her physical beauty and magnetic qualities are given by Rahu conjunct Venus. Rahu will tend to exaggerate the particular qualities of a planet it conjuncts, and in this case Venus represents beauty, luxury, wealth, sweetness, etc. Rahu will surely give material blessings, but being a karmic planet he will also give us very tough lessons to learn from.

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