Where To Buy Life Cell In Stores

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A Note on Where Big Box Store Nurseries Buy Their Plants

By Andrew Collier

If you are not careful about where you buy your plants, you might end up paying a higher mark up than the traditional locations. You might end up paying a large amount of money when you can simply go to the source. That

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  1. radioactivegirl says:

    Where to buy a cheap Verizon phone?
    I want a new or very nicely refurbished Verizon cell phone with a charger. Nothing fancy, but something sturdy, not too big with your basic features and one must is text messaging as my family gets that unlimited now in our plan. I am a college student who lives in a different state than my family so they can’t immediately help. I used to have a blackberry but someone stole it! I wanted to get rid of the blackberry anyways because my poor mother was paying an extra $30 for the mandatory internet plan(my friends had got it for my bday!).I don’t own a car so I can’t get to a store but I want to purchase online and I have to have the phone by Monday/Tuesday because a prospective employer will call me and I have no other phone!! So I went to the site lostmyphone.com and they have a limited number of verizon phones and they claim they are cheap but I researched one phone and it sold cheaper elsewhere! Their cheapest phone was $50! Then I went to a site called recellulartoo and it has dirt cheap phones that are refurbished but some are labeled “heavily used” and the one titled good condition has bad reviews on cnet. So, I saw some nice/okay phones on amazon for only 0.01! But it says in parenthesis: (when purchased with new service plan) What does that mean? Does that mean I cannot get it because I have an existing account/plan with them? Actually my older brother is the owner of the account for my whole family. Where can I get a good verizon compatible phone for up to $15 online with my specifications? Oh and I already know some verizon stores have old phones people turn in but I tried that last time I misplaced my phone and went to 3 Verizon stores and none had any old cell phones because in Chicago where I live no one turns one in because its free and they don’t get anything for it. P.S.- I have asked my friends/cousins if they have an old phone lying around and none of them do!! Thanks for any help folks!!

    • Muahh!♥ says:

      You should definitely check out the Verizon phones on Ebay. I had a very similar issue, except my phone broke in half and I needed a phone desperately so I went on Ebay and found a Motorola Q that was brand new for about $40 + shipping. It was very reasonable and the phone was a great holdover until my upgrade 4 months later.

  2. ganantha122 says:

    where can i buy solar cell that i can install in terrus,cost and life of it?
    I want to to install non commercial solar batteries that in day time, store energy and one can use it for lightibg purpose.what is its cost , maintanance requirements,and life of it.how much load it gives?

  3. joicetoanep says:

    Not To Much On My Hometown ! #DallasTexas

  4. loopzy says:

    what laptop shall i buy ? – around £800 – Gaming, Music creation…?
    Ok i’ve posted this to a gaming website and thought it wouldnt hurt to ask the question here to see if i get some nice suggestions with links etc. So here goes…

    1. What type of laptop are you looking for? Replacement for my now old and creaky Dell Inspiron 8600.

    2. What will be your uses for the laptop? Music creation using software like Albeton Live/Reason. I have a USB soundcard that i can use for live so the internal sound card isnt a big problem. I also like to play games so a good graphic card would be ideal. I dont play many games but the fact is i DO

    3. What is your total budget? (including VAT?) Probably 800 including VAT

    4. How portable does the laptop need to be? (how often will it be moved around, where it will be taken) . Size isnt an issue, in fact i like big widescreens. Inspiron 8600 is not light and it doesnt bother me. The size of the screen and what the laptop can do is the most important

    5. What type of screen do you want? (widescreen, glossy, size) . Widescreen and big. not sure about the glossy side of things.

    6. How much battery life is required? Couple of hours is probably what i require. Many an option to buy a larger cell if need be.

    7. What type of processor/ram/hard drive/optical drives do you want? Not bothered about blue ray, dvdrw dual layer would be nice but not essential. as long as i can write dvds i will be happy. Intel cpu, 3/4 gig (although…i know the limitations of 32 bit vista). fast hard drive with plenty of disk space.

    8. If you want to play games, what type? (titles would be useful). At the moment i play lord of the rings online, pro evo soccer range and spore. i do like fps stuff like cod4 as well but i tend to stick that on my desktop.

    9. Are there any specific things needed (e.g. ports) . I have a GPRS pcmcia card which makes me want at least one pcmcia slot but if it has built in sim reader then i dont think i have any need for a slot like that. a few usbs are naturally essential. not much else i dont think.

    10. Which things are you willing to comprimise? (e.g. gaming laptops do not have long battery lives). Good question. Not sure but no doubt i will find out what i may have to lose to have a certain laptop

    11. What laptops have you considered? (post links) Are there any brands you like/dislike? . My friend brought in a sony vaio and i ran some games on that. worked really well. I believe it was this one .


    12. What operating system(s) do you want to run? (Windows, Mac, Linux) Windows

    13. Do you want a new laptop, or would you mind a refurbished or used? New laptop 100 percent

    14. Do you need/wish to purchase from a particular store? Not really.

    15. Timescale for purchasing (if you are buying in advance, it’s best to wait until you really need it because of the fast pace at which technology advances) . I’m looking asap really.

    Thanks for reading


    • sεαη says:

      HP Pavilion Dv7-1004ea, Intel C2D P7350 Processor, 17″ Screen, Windows Vista business, 4GB RAM, 320GB HDD, DVD Rewriter, Dedicated Graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT, FP865EA
      £799.99 INC VAT

      most descriptive question i can recall answering, lol

      priced £849.00 at tescodirect
      maybe there are cheaper sources too

      maybe there are better systems for that price, but this is what i could locate for now

      pcmcia card slots are obsolete, but sim slot should normally be present (i will try & confirm)
      now comparing to the Sony Vaio AR71 M in your link, specs are pretty heavenly for the simple fact that the graphics is waaaay way superior to the sony. processor is at par

  5. Anonymous says:

    i live in vacaville,cell broken,no insurance,company wont fix.ca nu fix my phone or can i use it2charge mine?
    hi i live in vacaville.i bought a cell phone 2 years ago. it was free with 2 year activation.nothing fancy and noughting really cheap.great phone.its red and was stolen.my friend then found it in another locker in the girls locker room.i let a friend broww it and when she gave it back i put in in my back pack….i have no books at all in my backpack or anything heavy to crush it. and books wouldnt be able to break it da way its broken…so i think she broke. it it has a skrach mark where the knife probbaly slipped when she was stabbing it. MY PHONE IS A NOKIA,BP-5M from T-MOBILE. I WENT TO DA TMOBILE STORE INB VACA AND DDA DUDE SAYS
    ”’okay well do you have insurance”
    i says”no”
    he says”well we at the store cant help you and since you have no insurance tmobile probbably wont fix it”
    (this is soo wierd and i feel like im a waithing treatment 4 sopme kind of disease but dont have insurance so i am denied treatment…so what cant you just pay the hospital.or tmobile payments spread out over a few months .)how expensive could it be

    ANYWAY.at the top of the phone is where u put in the charger head phones and usb connection tyo put pics in2 ur computer. all of which have been fucked up.IS THER ANYONE WHO CAN FIX MY PHONE FOR UNDER 20 BUCKS. I WILL BE KEEPING THIS PHONE FOR LIKE THE REST OIF MY LIFE

    • Clint B says:

      The phone you were responsible for is broken – due to how you were negligent. If you have been a good client for T-Mobile, they’ll want to retain you. Cal them or goback to the T-Mobile store and see what they will do for you.

  6. Bogglesaurus says:

    Am I Being Unreasonable?
    My sister and I are polar opposites. She’s 19 and I’m 24. We currently share a living space. Recently, she’s started dating someone I personally do not like because I’ve found him to be dishonest and he has a child but still lives at home. Since she’s started seeing him, she’s become moodier, more secretive, and has been sneaking around more. I have said very little to her about her relationship other than that I didn’t know him but I can see why our parents are skeptical of him.

    But that’s just back story and not really the issue. The issue is that I drive my sister wherever she needs to go because she has no driver’s license. I’ve even picked her up on her lunch break and brought her out to eat, then waited for her two hours in a parking lot to get out of work as not to waste gas by going back and forth too many times. Long story short, I do a lot for her. Consequently, she doesn’t seem to want to spend time with me unless she gets money, a ride, or food out of it. For example, last night I asked if she’d see a movie with me. She told me that she didn’t want to because she had to work in the morning. At 2:30am, her cell phone accidentally dialed mine. I went into her bedroom to find that she was gone. She had “snuck” out to be with her boyfriend. I say “snuck” out because nobody would have stopped her. She just never says where she’s going. I was afraid something happened, so she had me worried. Once I got her to call me for real and say she was fine, I started getting upset at the realization that she claimed to be too tired to spend time with me but was now up at 2:30 in the morning with her boyfriend. She called me when she got out of work the next day for a ride home and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to talk to her.

    Am I being unreasonable or is she using me for rides, etc? Do I have a right to feel upset with her? I don’t want to be over dramatic but I don’t want her to continue to cast me aside and use me for what she wants. If she was just a friend, I probably wouldn’t want to be friends with her with the way she acts and the way she speaks to me. Since she’s my sister, I don’t really have a choice. Knowing whether or not I’m being unreasonable will help me figure out how to talk to her about the way she treats not just me, but also my parents. To put it into perspective: I spent $50 on her this past Christmas and she spent $1.29 on me. I realize that money is no object but it’s more so the fact that she spent all of her money on herself and then made me go out to a dollar store two days before Christmas so she could buy my mother a picture frame, my father a WD-40 pen, and snatch the box of microwavable popcorn I had in my hand as I was shopping and waiting for her, to say “Merry Chrismas, you can’t eat it ’til I wrap it”. If you think I am not being unreasonable, what would you do in this situation to stop your sister from behaving this way? It is difficult because before I left for college, she was like a best friend. Since I left and she was kind of an only child at home, she’s become more and more bratty.

    Thanks in advance to all who offer honest feedback. (:

  7. Daniella S says:

    the program itself will work on both types of computers, however if you want to install it on more then one computer you'll have to buy a solid copy of the program (CD) so that you can do more than one installation.

    I think the programs are available for purchase in a 1 installation package and a 3 installation package.

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