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Anti-aging Skin Care – Hand Lotion To Lighten Age Spots

You probably have spent a substantial amount of money looking for hand lotion to lighten age spots but found nothing effective at all. It is an exasperating hunt. Nobody wants wrinkled and discolored hands. And everybody loves fair, smooth and glowing skin. These likely explain why some people quickly get disappointed that their expensive skin care regimens did not work at all.

Hands are overly exposed

Our hands are very essential in our normal functioning as human beings. Just imagine the difficulty and inconvenience of living every single day of your life without your hands. And this means that the hands are some of our body parts that are continuously exposed to external factors that have the potential of damaging them. Every day you wash dishes, for example, your hands get exposed to the detergents containing very harsh chemicals. Anything you do using your hands provides opportunity of eventually damaging the underlying skin layers and muscles on your hands.

During midlife, we normally start developing age spots on our skin. Extended exposure to the direct rays of the sun is the primary reason for the appearance of blemishes, whose color range from light brown to dark brown and black. Contact with harmful compounds, the natural aging process and lack of diligent attention to the hands further exacerbate the condition. In most cases, the appearance of age spots is accompanied by the development of wrinkles and dryness of the skin.

Do cryotherapy and laser really treat age spots?

Cosmetic manufacturing is a modern and advanced industry. You see a lot of skin care programs, such as creams, lotions and moisturizers. There are even varying surgical procedures designed to enhance skin condition. Currently, there are many modern treatments for age spots. Among them are cryotherapy, laser surgery, liquid injections and topical treatments.

Cryotherapy is a technique that pertains to the local or general use of lower temperature on the skin to treat certain conditions. It is designed to minimize cellular metabolism, increase the surviving capacity of the cells and destroy certain cells by crystallizing them with extremely low temperature. Aside from being expensive, this technique offers only temporary relief and does not truly address the root cause of excessive melanin pigmentation beneath the skin layer.

Laser surgery is another expensive treatment that aims to eliminate age spots. Admittedly, this is quiet effective to a certain extent. It can actually eliminate age spots on your skin. But the other healthy skin cells surrounding the affected part also get damaged in the process. Worse, laser sometimes unwittingly trigger the skin layers to excrete more melanin, a natural body substance responsible in giving your skin color. That makes it a case worse than the disease.

Look for Extrapone nutgrass root extract

It is assuring to realize that there are actually much cheaper and more effective ways of treating your age spots. These actually are the all natural hand lotions that truly lighten skin blemishes. Just be careful when buying them. Watch out for harmful chemicals, alcohol, mineral oil and fragrances. There is no need for these compounds, aside from their damaging effects on the skin. Instead, go for hand lotions that are made of natural ingredients.

Foremost of those is the Extrapone nutgrass root. Its extracts have been shown as very potent in lightening age spots on your hands. A 0.5% concentration of nutgrass root extract in the hand lotion eliminates up to 40% of the melanin content on those affected areas. In the process, age spots are eliminated because of the restoration of the natural skin tone.

Age spots are easily removable. They can be treated without resorting to expensive, palliative and intrusive surgical procedures. All you need to have are hand lotions to lighten age spots because of their natural ingredients.

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