What Is A Cellist

What Is The Best Way To Learn The Cello?

The best way to learn the cello is often disputed; some people prefer the cello teacher only education, some go for home cello education. The truth here lies somewhere between these two ways, but as usual there are many “ifs”. Still the main question is: what is the best way? Let us compare and see what is better.

First of all think about the level that you want to reach. If you want to become a professional musician – you will need the services of a Singapore cello teacher.

Even if at first you will easily handle the music and cello basics by yourself, you will eventually face things like music creativity and development of your own style. And in this case only an experienced Singapore cello teacher will be able to help you. If on the other hand if you just want to learn some tunes, you can start at learning at home.

As for cost, of the cello education – it is a different question. It might be less expensive to go without a teacher, but there is the risk of you acquiring bad habits or techniques that might affect your playing or your instrument. In most cases it is actually impossible to learn some things without a cello teacher. So make sure that you won’t be wasting valuable time while learning on your own. Time is a valuable thing here.

Even if you get best cello online lessons, best books on cello and best manuals on how to play – drawings won’t replace live instructions from a real teacher.

The Singapore cello teacher will naturally have her own time schedule when it comes to certain parts of the lesson. For instance, she might need you to take more practice time at the beginning of the lessons and this might irritate you but later on, you will see that this will actually speed up your education. In music, it is best to begin slowly and go faster as you learn more. So rushing through the basics during self-education is a common mistake.

One other objection to hiring a cello teacher is the way they sometimes impose their style on the students that is understandably upsetting to more open-minded beginners. Basically it is believed that the teacher kills your own style and replaces it with his. Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time. To become a unique cellist you need to be perfect at standards.

If your initial ideas were really special you will now be able to see them through the paradigm of your education and see if they were worth something.

If they were, you can always go back to them and restore your old style on a new professional basement. But in rare cases if you really feel that you have something to show to the world of cello, give it a try to learn the basics by yourself to save your original ideas.

So as you see the best way lies in combining the education types. If you choose to do that you have to have the patience to teach yourself and find the time to consult with a qualified cello teacher so that she can guide you and point out to you anything that you might not be doing right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the perfect name for a cellist’s blog?
    I am starting a blog about my experiences as a cellist. Any ideas? Anything creative?

    • ANSWER:
      veni vidi v.c.

      … I came, I saw, I ‘cello’d

    What’s the commercial: Cellist smashes his cello, piano strings are breaking, violinist’s strings are smoking?
    All I remember is the cunducter starts up, and it’s a flury of music, getting faster and faster. Music sheets starts flying everywhere. The pianist is playing so hard he’s breaking strings. The violinist is playing so fast there’s smoke coming off the strings. Then finally the cellist smashes his cello into the concert floor. Has anyone seen this commercial?

    • ANSWER:
      You know, we kind of have to see the commercial to know what your talking about.

    How can I become a better cellist?
    I am a beginner at playing the cello; I’ve played it for about six months now. I know practicing is a big part of becoming better, but what about doing that special hand movement that makes the notes…trill? Also, is there a really good way to tune the A string or do I just have to memorize what an in tune ‘A’ sounds like? Thanks! Any other tips/hints would be awesome.

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to become better at anything is to practice correctly. If you don’t have a private teacher, they are extremely helpful. They will be able to show you how to play the best and make sure you are not practicing incorrectly. That ‘special hand movement,’ is probably vibrato. Vibrato is something that even professional musicians have to work on very hard. You should talk to either a private teacher (I can’t stress how much they help!!) or an accomplished cellist for some exercise that will get you started. They are terribley hard to simply describe. As for tuning the A string, you will usually tune to another A, maybe on a piano, maybe from the concert master, maybe from a metronome that has it. Tuning is another thing that is hard to describe, as it is more important to describe with the actual sound.

    What is a good song for an intermdiate cellist to learn fast?
    We’re haveing auditions for Blue Lake Camp scholerships soon, and I need a impressive song to learn that isn’t too hard.

    I’m not that good. A lot better than the other kids in my class ( I take private lessons) but that’s not saying much.

    • ANSWER:
      Cello suite No. 1 in G major…..Bach
      skip the Prelude…..
      the Allemande is good…
      The Minuetto1 and 2 are easy and beautiful
      the Gigue, at the end is short and sweet.
      I believe an intermediate cellist can play these, because they are not to difficult, and pleasing to the ear.

      I was playing the Prelude on guitar before yo yo ma made it famous. Now you hear it everywhere. The other movements are better anyway.
      You will like it.

    If you are a cellist, how hard is it for you to get into Juilliard School of performing arts?
    I have been playing the cello for almost 7 years now. And I love to play it. It is what I want to do when I get out of high school. I already play with a college chamber orchestra and other groups outside of my school. I was just wondering how hard it was to get into Juilliard School of performing arts? And also, how expensive it is to go there?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s pretty hard to get in. You need to be in the top 1% of all music students to have a chance.

      They have a website which you should check out if you need details.


    What is the movie about a cellist whose dream is to get to the hollywood bowl?
    and when they get there, it is empty?

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know what strings the professional cellist Yo Yo Ma uses?
    Like what brand, i.e pirastro: evah pirazzi, larsen, jargar, crown, prim, dominant, etc. I know many professionals mix and match different brands and types of strings for their cello, i.e A is a larsen, D is a jargar, etc. Thank You

    • ANSWER:

    How are really beneficial ways to improve my skills as a cellist?
    right now i am a freshman at high school, 14 years old and my teacher says that im pretty much on a level 4. i want to improve my skills because i want music to become my future career. I’m stuck right now, there is only so far i can get with a high school teacher that doesnt even have time for private teaching. what can i do to improve my performance skills if i dont even have the money for a private tutor?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m a little confused about what you mean by “level 4” but i think i can help. First thing you can do is practice. If you want music to be your career, then I would say at least 4 times a week. Second, you can learn some music theory by getting books or taking a class if your school offers it. Third, you should get the suzuki books ( I’m assuming you meant a suzuki level 4 so i would recommend getting book 5). If you buy these books, get the cd/tape along with them and teach yourself how to play the songs. Getting a pro recording of a song you want to learn is always good. To improve a piece, make sure you pay strict attention to bowings, accents, and dynamics. Interpretation and tonality are critical parts of performance. Listening to recordings or clapping a rhythm is the best way to learn it if you are having trouble. If you have difficulty with a certain passage you can ask your teacher for some quick help.
      Pieces at your level:
      Suzuki Book 4: Bach cello sonata 1
      Breval Cello Sonata in C
      Anything with 4th position shifts
      Vivaldi cello sonatas (no. 5 in emin isnt bad)
      Suzuki 5 if you want to move up

      practice scales- especially 2 octaves!!
      practice string crossing and etudes
      play a passage slowly until you can play it faster, then put the pieces together

      hope this helps! I was in the same position as you were, and i had to teach myself levels 5 and 6.

    What to get a musician (cellist) for Christmas?
    I’m playing a duet with the principal cellist in our school symphony (he’s in 11th grade)
    who’s also my friend, although not a really close friend. I want to get him something nice for Christmas, but I don’t know what to get him. I don’t want something so mundane and impersonal like candy, but not something expensive either. I’m thinking 10-15 dollar max budget.
    What should I get him?
    Suggestions are much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      there’s the handy dandy metronome.
      a gift card to a local music shop or musiciansfriend.com a GREAT online music supply shop.
      blank sheet music/staff paper so he can take down his own original compositions.
      a music stand is my personal choice. they’re inexpensive and nearly every musician can use one, except say a drummer who has so much equipment in the way of their sight line. you can find a music stand for about ten dollars at your local music shop or through target online. it’s cool, not too personal, he can use it all year and way more useful than a candle. 😉

    Who was the Cellist in the cannibal episode of the IT Crowd and is there a clip of it anywhere?
    I’m not sure what episode it is in, but I believe it’s in series 2.

    He plays the IT Crowd theme tune on his Cello.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your help :).


    • ANSWER:
      The episode is series 2, episode 3 – “Moss and The German”.

      The Cellist is Philip Rham – apparently hes an actor and musician in theatres and such.

      Ive got the cello version of the theme tune as my ring tone lol! And the “techno” version from the end of Series 1 for my texts!

      Try YouTube for clips:

      Thats where I found it. Its about 5 minutes into this clip.
      Hope that helps

      PS: He played a Death-Eater in Harry Potter too!!

    What is the grade level for the book “The Cellist of Sarajevo”?
    Im in 10th grade english honors and i need a suitable grade level book for 10 honors

    • ANSWER:
      The cellist of Sarajevo
      Author:Steven Galloway
      Summary:While a cellist plays at the site of a mortar attack to commemorate the deaths of twenty-two friends and neighbors, a woman sniper secretly protects the life of the cellist as her army becomes increasingly threatening.Related Information:Award WinnersPublication Information:New York: Riverhead Books 2008. 208 p.
      Reading Level:Adults

      As you see the book is listed at an adult reading level

    a four year cellist, what are my chances?
    I have been playing the cello for four years, and taken lessons for about 3 and a half. i want to major in music eudication or music preformance, or both! I had to set up an audition, i need to play 2 three octave scales, one major one minor, play an etude, and a song that shows my talent. As far as my skills, i can play all postitions up to the first type of tumb postion, like whaere ur thumb is on the millde harmonic, i know three varairions in that position, i dont really know much 5 6 or 7th cuz my teacher never really focused on thoes, but i can play in it if i am shown how. i can read a little treble cleff and tennor and of course bass. im os suzuki book 5 on the second song. so what are my chances of getting into either one? its not a very popular college, nor is it a university, i talked to the music departments professor and he said hes not sure if i will get into preformance, but he thinks i have a good shot at music eduication, which is the one i want. what r my chances?

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends upon the college you attend and their particular requirements, but it sounds like you would be an excellent music teacher!

      I got my Music and Music Ed Degree from a small mid-western liberal arts school where the requirements for a performance degree and a music education degree were SO similiar that almost all of the music ed majors picked up the performance degree.

      I’d encourage you to look at several colleges rather than just limiting yourself to one. Also, you don’t say how old you are, but you might look into teaching opportunities (perhaps you can be an assistant teacher to a local summer strings program, or maybe be a “practice buddy” to a beginner who is struggling.

      Good luck! Being a music teacher is wonderful and I look forward to the day when we will be collegues!

    What’s your opinions of a playboy cellist?
    Okay, so I want to be a playboy model, but at the same time a cellist.

    Funny how they are completely opposite.

    My sister told me I shouldn’t because it will bring shame to classical music, and that it would look like I was trying to shake my image…

    Do you see any problem in it?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m a classical musician, and I’d find it sexy. Any music can be sexy…even classical. I think the next generation of classical musicians won’t be so stuffy, and could appreciate that.

      Send me a pic!

    What is the name of the song that this cellist is playing?
    He plays in the background of the song Secrets by One Republic. I know it’s a classical song but I don’t know the name. I listen to the song just to here the cello in the background.
    Here’s a link to the video:

    • ANSWER:
      I think it’s similar to (but not identical to) the Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6yuR8efotI

      The ‘One Republic’ cellist is using arpeggiated figures similar those found in the Bach, but the song is in a different key and uses fewer chords.

    What was the piece of music played at the inauguration by the pianist, cellist, oboist? ?
    It was an amazing piece, and I would like to know where to find it.

    • ANSWER:
      it was especially written for the inauguration, not sure if it’s available anywhere yet

    Define what a cellist is?
    I know that they are someone that plays the cello, but please go deep into this.
    How do the contribute to an orchestra. Thinking like a writer. Thanks. 🙂

    • ANSWER:

    What is your opinion on János Starker, the cellist?
    János Starker is a Hungarian-born cellist.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, Starker is pretty darned amazing. Probably one of the best teachers out there. Very inventive teacher, thinker and very demanding of his students. His technique is very crisp and he is known for his interesting ideas on bowings and fingerings in the cello world.

      I wouldn’t place him with Rostropovich or Casals or Piatagorsky but he’s definitely up there. He has definitely made a huge dent in cello history. My teacher was trained by him and some of the exercises I do now are genius for relaxation, producing the most sound with the least strain on the body. He has some very clever ways of thinking about sound production as well. His ideas involve the entire body in playing, not just arms and fingers. It’s really neat.


      Edit: I just read another response. YES! His Bach is quite amazing. He and Casals really have a huge impact on how Bach is performed today by cellists! (And I personally think Tortelier as well)

    What is a cellist?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah ~ a cellist is a person who plays the cello. The cello is awesome!

    What does it mean to be a grade 8 cellist?

    • ANSWER:
      Various countries have exams which are graded – the higher the number, the more advanced the exam you have passed. Here in the UK, Grade 8 is the highest exam before taking a performance diploma (usually done at conservatory). So, being a ‘grade 8 cellist’ means you are a cellist of reasonably advanced standard.

    I want to be a cellist?
    I want to be a cellist, but I don’t really know what that entails as far as a career. If I wanted to play in a philharmonic orchestra for example, what would I need to do? A long term goal I’m sure, but even if I wanted to teach an orchestra class, or something like that. I don’t have a degree but I’m a fairly advanced player. What do people look for other than skill?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to play in a professional orchestra you’ll need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in music performance from a respected conservatory or music school. The days when a talented kid with no degree could walk in and get a job are long gone. You should be aware that jobs like that are in high demand and that for any given opening 200-300 highly talented cellists with degrees and experience might apply. It’s not something that a fairly advanced student can just decide they want to do; you need to be both highly advanced and better than most of the other highly advanced players around. You need to know theory because in an orchestra the conductor might say, “Start at the development section” and you need to know where that is, you might have to transpose something by sight, and you need to have good enough reading skills to match the cues in your part to what you hear in another instrument.

      If you want to teach in public schools you”ll need a degree in music education. You’ll have lessons or classes on several different instruments and plenty of education classes. Any string teacher is expected to be able to play all the string instruments and most schools will want you to learn at least some wind instruments as well. You’ll need to have at least basic keyboard skills for either route.

    What is a good violin and cello duet?
    I want to play a classic and serious one. I am the cellist, and I am currently playing the Haydn Concerto in C major. The violinist has played Concerto in G minor by Bruch and Symphony Espanola by Lalo.

    • ANSWER:
      Beethoven-Three Duets
      Ravel-Sonata For Violin and Cello
      Stamitz-Six Duets, Op. 19
      Kodaly-Duo, Op. 7
      Mozart-12 Duets, K. 487
      Music for Two, Vol 1, Inter Classic Fav, Vln/Clo, there is a volume 2 as well

      I am a violist, but some of these might be nice. Get recordings and listen to them. Check out a score before you buy so you know it’s on your level. Good Luck

    What are some good ideas for names for a piano trio?
    I formed a piano trio with two of my friends. We’re all Asian (me, the violinist, and the pianist are Chinese, and the cellist is Korean). We’re all in 8th grade. And me and the pianist both have glasses. (We considered the name Ten Eyes in some foreign language, but couldn’t really think of anything).

    What are some good names for our piano trio? It can be cool or funny or anything, really.

    • ANSWER:
      Why put anything into it…Who cares if you have glasses or are of Asian descent…

      Piano Trio. or Piano Trio. There you go.

      And btw, if you introduce race, you introduce prejudice.

    What do you call a person that plays the viola?
    A person who plays a violin is called a violinist,
    a person who plays a cello is called a cellist,
    what do you call a person that plays the viola?

    • ANSWER:
      I say talented 🙂
      But according to my teaching staff it’s violist

    What is a good violin/cello duet song for a performance?
    My good friend who is a violinist and I, a cellist are going to be playing a duet together. We’ve been searching for a suitable song for awhile now, however, we haven’t found anything we would like to play. We want a song that’s somewhat well-known, something a little challenging, but also a piece that sounds good (when played correctly).

    Please post the piece name and the composer!
    Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

      Skillful string instrument performance.

    How can I be like a diva?
    The girls from the vocal department hate it when I call them ‘divas’… But what they don’t know is that I’d commit murder to be able to have that aura which one normally associates with divas.

    I’m a pretty decent cellist, but I want to take my performance to the next level. I want to not just play well, but also exude awesomeness onstage. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it’s something sort of magical. You might have to make a mental shift, though. You’re thinking about “me”. What you have to do is to truly love your audience (them), and to do it intensely and with conviction, and consistently. Make your cello playing an emotional act of love that you do for your listeners, and go through the emotions with them. I guess a “diva” is just a word.
      Oh, also it matters a lot what you do after you play, in your daily life. You have to “live the dream”. It is there where you gain admirers, since it’s not only the cello playing that they admire, also the person.
      I would recommend reading books about charisma. And read biographies about charismatic people.

    I saw an improv cellist, and he had a thing he used instead of a bow… it was shorter… sounded cool…?
    What was it? Where can I get one?

    It didn’t have hairs, and I wasn’t close enough to get a good look but yea, any info is great.

    • ANSWER:
      Was the sound sort of screechy? He could have been playing “col legno” with a cheaper bow so as not to damage a nice one. (But then, if you’re a string player I assume you know what that is.) I feel like I remember my music history prof saying fiberglass bows were sometimes used for this purpose.

    What is a great piece/suite for Flute, 2 Violin, Viola, and Cello?
    My students are participating in a musical competition this Spring, and need a great piece to play. The flutist and first violin are quite advanced, but the cellist is still intermediate. Please, some suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      badinarie by bach i think?

    Where can a classical musicians be hired?
    I am a cellist, and my sister is a pianist, and we just played today in a wedding. I’m wondering where else a small classical group would be needed? Also, if you are a freelance musician and know what your talking about, what can we do to get our name out? Flyers? Random handing out of business cards? i’ve volunteered at nursing homes, and salon shops to try and get my name around
    any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Musicians Institute
      1655 N. McCadden Place
      Hollywood, California
      90028 U.S.A.

      ph 323-462-1384
      fx 323-462-1575

      Call and ask them they will tell you.

    What does, from the cellist’s POV, mean, if he says, I was holding the downbeat back?
    Hello. Doing a play about a string quartet. (I’m a simple open chord guitar “player” with limited music reading skills-FYI) And the cellist character in the play says at one point, “you used to rush this bit, and I would slow us down, by holding the downbeat back.”-Could anyone give me in semi-layman’s terms an explanation re: that line? And is that right re: it would be the cellist “to slow things down?” (It’s Shostakovich’s NO.8 Opus 110 in C Minor)-Thanks to All.

    • ANSWER:
      The person they’re talking to would play too fast, so the cellist would delay the first beat of every measure as much as possible so the piece didn’t speed up. It would probably be the cellist, too- I don’t know the piece, but generally the lower voice is the one keeping a steadier time.

    Want to be a professional cellist?
    I am currently a freshman in highschool. I’ve always played some kind of instrument. I have played flute, clarinet, and violin. The violin for four years. The clarinet for three. Recently, my violin teacher moved so I decided to try cello. My teacher says that I am quite advanced for just starting because of my previous training and i think i can get good fast. SO, I want to become a pro cellist but my parents think i will be poor and because I am very studious and gettign good grades are easy, they want me to be a scientist. I don’t particularly oppose this, but I would rather go into music. Do you think that I have a future in cello. I want to play in an orchestra. All I do now is take private lessons. Would playing the piano help me with music? My mom is a really good pianist and would teach me. What are somethings that I can do to prepare my self for music school. What do you need to do to apply, get in, and excel? Please help me!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      If you have an opportunity to study piano, take it. There is no other instrument that is more versatile in learning about music. It will be a good building block for cello or any other instrument.


    What are the best cello strings you can think of?
    I’m an advanced player and I need a string that is good enough to handle a first chair private lesson taking cellist in 9th grade. I know there are the strings with the blueish violet and yellow lacing but I forgot what they are called I only have that on one of my strings

    • ANSWER:
      Eudoxa Oliv, but they’re quite expensive and work best on 19th century instruments or older.

      I think you want a good string, not the best string. Cellists often use a mix of brands so you may need to do some experimenting. If you want to use the kind with the violet and yellow lacing, take the cello to your local dealer and ask them to identify the string or call one of the big string dealers (e.g. Shar, Southwest Strings, Concord Musical Supplies) and describe the winding to them.

      Also check out this guide to choosing strings:


    What is the best (and cheapest) cello I could buy?
    I am a beginning cellist, who is lacking in money. Can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      If I was you, I owuld definitely go on ebay and find a deal there. Here is one link



      Don’t be afraid to buy on ebay because you are protected. Pay via paypal or credit card. At least you are protected from any fraud or bad deals or hidden defects.

      Good Luck…

    Should my dad buy me an electric cello? if yes what brand is cheapest and has better quality?
    I am a cellist and my dad was thinking about buying one for me and i just wanted to know if he should buy one and what brand he should buy. I am in a 7th grade orchestra at James Bridger Middle School and he was thinking about buying one so he didn’t have to hear the songs i play before a concert. just curious!

    • ANSWER:
      acoustic cellos sound nicer. and whatever you do, if you do get an electric, dont put on distortion it sounds just like a guitar! the uniquenesss of a cello is in its acoustics i think. by all means, get an electric if its just to practice, but i think in the long run they definately dont sound as good at all.
      as for brands and quality, if youre buying a cheap one, almost all cheap instruments are around the same quality. just pick a price range and play a bunch of different ones in that range and pick the one you like best.

    What should I do about my callused fingertips?
    I’ve been a cellist for over 2 years now but lately my fingertips have been worse than normal; they’re black and blue all the time, sometimes bleed and are so intensely callused my fingernails grow into my skin. They’re possible worse than when I used to do archery. I have very short nails so the calluses are even more noticeable. What should I do about this? It hurts to even type on my keyboard.

    • ANSWER:

    what is a cellist?

    • ANSWER:
      a cellist is a person that plays a cello.
      Here are some info on the cello.

      The violoncello, almost always abbreviated to cello, or ‘cello (the c is pronounced [tʃ] as the ch in “cheese”), is a stringed instrument and a member of the violin family. A person who plays a cello is called a cellist. The cello is popular in many capacities: as a solo instrument, in chamber music, and also as a foundation of the modern orchestral sound.
      The name cello is an abbreviation of the Italian violoncello, which means “little violone”. The violone is an obsolete instrument, a large viol, similar to a modern double bass.

      The cello is most closely associated with European classical music. It is part of the standard orchestra and is the bass voice of the string quartet, as well as being part of many other chamber groups. A large number of concertos and sonatas have been written for it. It is less common in popular music, but is sometimes featured in pop and rock recordings. The cello has also been modified for Indian classical music by Saskia Rao-de Haas.

      Among the most famous Baroque works for the cello are J. S. Bach’s Unaccompanied Suites for Cello, commonly known as the Bach Cello Suites. An example of a Classical era piece is Haydn’s Cello Concerto #1 in C major. Standard Romantic era repertoire includes the Cello Concerto in B minor by Antonín Dvořák, Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E minor, and two sonatas by Brahms. Modern compositions from the early 20th century include unaccompanied cello sonatas by Paul Hindemith (opus 25) and Zoltán Kodály (opus 8). Recordings within the Avant Garde (cutting edge) genre have revitalized the instrument’s perceived versatility. One example is Night of the Four Moons by George Crumb.The cello developed from the bass violin, first used by Monteverdi, which was a three-string consort instrument. The invention of wire-wound strings (fine wire around a thin gut core), around 1660 in Bologna, allowed for a finer bass sound than was possible with purely gut strings on such a short body. Bolognese makers exploited this new technology to create the cello, a somewhat smaller instrument suitable for solo repertoire due to both the timbre of the instrument and the fact that the smaller size made it easier to play virtuosic passages. This instrument had disadvantages as well, however. The cello’s light sound was not as suitable for church and ensemble playing, so it had to be doubled by basses or violones.

      Around 1700 Italian players popularized the cello in northern Europe, although the bass violin continued to be used for another two decades in France and England. The sizes, names, and tunings of the cello varied widely by geography and time. The size was not standardized until around 1750.

      Despite superficial similarities, the cello is not in fact related to the viola da gamba. The cello is actually part of the viola da braccio family, meaning viol of the arm, which includes, among others, the violin. There are actually paintings of people playing the cello on the shoulder, like a giant violin. It was only somewhat later that the cello began to be played while being supported by the calves, and even later, by an endpin (spike).

      Baroque era cellos differed from the modern instrument in several ways. The neck has a different form and angle which matches the baroque bass-bar and stringing. Modern cellos have a retractable metal (or sometimes carbon fibre) spike at the bottom to support the instrument (and transmit some of the sound through the floor), while Baroque cellos are held only by the calves of the player. Modern bows curve in and are held at the frog; Baroque bows curve out and are held closer to the bow’s point of balance. Modern strings normally have a metal core, although some use a synthetic core; Baroque strings are made of gut, with the G and C strings wire-wound. Modern cellos often have fine-tuners connecting the strings to the tailpiece, which make it much easier to tune the instrument. Overall, the modern instrument has much higher string tension than the Baroque cello, resulting in a louder, more direct, tone, with fewer overtones.

      No educational works specifically devoted to the cello existed before the 18th century, and those that do exist contain little value to the performer beyond simple accounts of instrumental technique. One of the earliest cello manuals is Michel Corrette’s Méthode, thèorique et pratique. Pour Apprendre en peu de temps le Violoncelle dans sa Perfection (Paris, 1741).

    New Cellist questions?
    so ive been playing guitar for about three years, and have decided to learn to play the cello.

    As of right now all I can do is got to my local guitar shop and play a cello that they have there, as cellos are pretty expensive. so as of right now, I could get up to ,000 to buy a cello (ill most likely have to get a used cello). I can read music and plan on teaching my self.

    my questions are, as somebody who knows little to nothing about cellos what are some need to know things, or where can i go to find some need to know things. also is it a bad idea to try and teach myself. and what about a carbon fiber cello.

    and one last thing should i just stick to the guitar, because this may just be me being dissatisfied with my progress with the guitar. about a year and a half ago, i bought a keyboard and tried learning to play it, i actually made a lot of progress before i got tired of it.

    do you think that maybe the guitar isn’t the instrument for me or am i just a littled frustrated.

    • ANSWER:
      sounds more like you are trying to find the instrument that is right for you. Try renting the cello, and do find a teacher your progress will be even more frustrating without one. The instructional book Essential Elements 2000 comes with a DVD which extremely helpful in getting proper positions. Carbon fiber refers to the stick part of the bow…. there are graphite cellos but they are closer ,000.00 US ….
      it really sounds to me like you are searching for the instrument that inspires you, cello may do it but do not stop playing your first one, the inspiration may be still there it’s just a bit frustrated for the moment

    Are classical musicians more analytical/logical or emotional?
    I love classical music since it allows both analytical and emotional expressions. So do other types, but I will stick with classical for the purpose of questioning. In speaking with a professional cellist, he mentioned how in playing spanish music, he must acutally be very analytical although many times spanish music is very passionate. I would imagine that a life of music would allow more natural freedom of expression with emotions, but it is impossible to play classical music well without a fine control of emotions. I want to know what you think.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a very tricky question. Some classical music by nature lends itself to an analytical approach. The fugue, for example, is a very complex form that requires great care and skill to write well. (J.S. Bach is the undisputed master of this form.) Other music, such as much Italian opera, is very passionate and emotional.

      Classical musicians spend years perfecting their technique so that they can bring out the emotional content of the music. When done well, there is really nothing like it!

    What do you think of this French-Canadian singer-cellist?
    Her name is Jorane and she has released 5 albums to date, beginning in 1999. At first it didn’t really catch me but there was something, so after a few days I listened again and I’m actually starting to get into her. What do you think?


    “Film III”


    Haha thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Oooh! I love cello music! :3

      I’m listening to Dit-elle right now and it sounds pretty cool to me. You have great taste in music.


    trying to remember a movie:boy gets sucked into a fairy plant?
    When I was a child, I saw a movie when I was four (1980’s) where a boy was studying to be either a violinist or cellist. He had a plant in his room that had a fairy inside it, and somehow he was absorbed into the plant. It was animated, possibly an “anime”, or japanese like style. It may have been a Disney movie. Does anyone know what movie it is?

    • ANSWER:
      ‘Yousei Florence’ (‘Fairy Florence’/’A Journey Through Fairyland’)

    What Classical Musician Do You Look Up To The Most?
    Mstislav Rostropovich, is the one I look up to the most (he was a cellist.)

    • ANSWER:
      Piano: Evgeny Kissin
      Violin: Itzhak Perlman
      Voice: Kiri Te Kanawa (soprano), Galina Vishnevskaya (soprano – she’s the wife of Rostropovich, and I admire the couple’s courage to stand up against the Soviet suppression and carve out illustrious careers of their own), Placido Domingo (tenor)

    What would you say is the best violin or string concerto or piece?
    I’d like to get a CD for my girlfriend who is a good Violinist and a decent cellist, but as I grew up playing Brass instruments don’t know what string piece to get. She enjoys more technical pieces.

    • ANSWER:
      Sibelius’ Violin Concerto is the best!

    what are the names of the musicians from the deutsche kammerphilharmonie bremen orchestra?
    is there a webpage where i can see the names of the members of this orchestra? if anyone knows in particular the names of the cellists in that orchestra? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Marc Froncoux (Principal)
      Tanja Tetzlaff (Principal)
      Ulrike Rüben
      Stephan Schrader


    What is the most desired/hard to find instrument for an orchestra?
    You have a surplus of violinists, flutists, cellists, etc; what’s rare?

    • ANSWER:
      There are never enough horns.

      In a professional orchestra, the principle hornist is the 3rd highest paid member, after the conductor and concertmaster.

    What is the title of the movie about a cello player…?
    All that I can remember is that it was a drama/romance, the cellist was a woman, and near the end of the movie, she collapses and there is blood all over the chair.

    • ANSWER:
      “Hilary and Jackie” see here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0150915/

    Please Provide me with an answer to this problem?
    A particular string on a cello is 75.5 cm long and has a fundamental
    frequency of 392 Hz. A cellist can shorten the length of the string by
    pressing down on the string along the neck of the cello. If, when
    shortened, the second harmonic frequency of the string increases to
    988 Hz, what is the length of the shortened string?

    • ANSWER:
      f = n/2L sqrt(T/u)
      now 1st harmonic and length 0.755 m
      392 = 1/2*0.755 * sqrt(T/u) .. .the term in root doesnt change
      sqrt(T/u) = 392 * 2 * 0.755 = 591.92


      f = 2/2L * 591.92
      988 = 1/L * 591.92
      L = 591.92/988 = 0.599 m = 59.9 cm

    How would I take a large, expensive item on an airplane? It’s too large to carry, too fragile to check?
    I’m writing a story about a cellist. He needs to take a plane trip, and I need to know, how would you take a cello on a plane ride? It’d be too fragile and expensive to risk checking it with regular luggage (wouldn’t it), but too large to carry on. What would an airline do about that situation? Any airline employees/luggage checkers out there? Help me out!

    • ANSWER:
      You have to buy it a seat. My husband wanted to take his guitar when he was on work travel for 9 months but didn’t want to check it. Needless to say he didn’t take it….he learned to play the flute while traveling instead.

    what do you call a trupmet player?
    We’re writing the program for a wedding, and there is a pianist, a cellist, and a trumpet player. Is there something that you call a trumpet player besides “trumpet player”? trupmetist? I really don’t know please help thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      a fag…that is another name for a fag

    The Cellist on Nirvana’s Unplugged Album?
    Her name is Lori Goldston. Where did she come from? What has she done since and where is she now? She was such an integral part of one of rock’s most memorable nights, and I was just wondering nearly fifteen years after the fact what she is up to.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe she would appreciate some privacy. Such a talented woman like that.

    Should I play Violin or Cello?
    Im a very good cellist. I play in a Texas youth orchestra, and Im 4th chair cellist out of 48 cello’s. But my friend says he thinks i should switch to violin because Im also a very good violinist. If i switched, I would be 8th chair out of 146 violins. What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      It probably comes down to deciding which is more important to you, your friend’s opinion or your own passion. Personally, I would go with the instrument that I was most passionate about, but that’s my opinion. You need to start listening to you! I would talk to your director about which instrument would allow you to progress the furthest of course, and I would briefly consider the overall cost of maintaining each instrument verses the income potential should you decide to consider a career as a professional musician, but in the end, that isn’t nearly as important as the bottom line!

      The bottom line is:

      What makes you tick?

      Which instrument defines you, or fits into your definition of what it takes to make you a whole person. Could be one, could be the other, could even be both! Whatever you decide, if you are true to yourself, you will find your passion and that’s all that really matters. Hope this helps.

      By the way, tell your friend that you really see this person as an accordian player. I wonder if they’ll take you seriously?

    Should a Cellist Play Acoustic or Electric Guitar?
    hello. i play cello and will probably be starting guitar lessons in the fall. because of my experience in cello, will acoustic or electric be easier for me to pick up? oh and i know bass would ultimately be the easiest but i sing so i want to be able to sing and play.

    which electric or acoustic do you recommend? an electric acoustic or normal? what brand do you like? thanks!
    i want to play a mix of things. foo fighters style, tenth avenue north type things (acoustic christian), skillet (christian rock), and other things. basically i want to be able to play anything but be able to play it fairly well.
    look up Tenth Avenue North on iTunes and listen because i really think that is mainly what i want to play. i would do other genres like rock and stuff but mainly their style.

    • ANSWER:
      Neither acoustic nor electric guitar is easier to pick up than the other, nor is bass “ultimately the easiest.”

      From your description of the music you wish to play, I think an acoustic-electric would be best for you. Fortunately, there are tons of these on the market. There is no “best” brand or model. You should just go visit a guitar shop and try out as many as you can that are within your budget. Buy a guitar that fits you comfortably, and one that YOU like. This will ultimately help you continue in your studies.

      BTW, a Taylor is NOT a beginner guitar and I would never recommend that any beginner spend thousands of dollars on any instrument. You really need not spend more than 0.


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