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  2. gingerpeach says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase Teamine Eye Cream in Houston?
    I received good information, but if possible would like to purchase Teamine Eye Complex from a store in Houston, TX and not online. I’m hoping online is not the only place to purchase this cream.

  3. >:) says:

    eye creams.. 10 points?
    i have dark circles/puffy eyes… there are so many creams on the market i have no idea which ones are good and which are crap. please tell me if you’ve found anything that’s worked for you! and has anyone ever tried Teamine Eye Complex? or Eyevive? apparently these are good, but i wanna get some feedback before i buy anything.

    • ale says:

      i like Artistry Essentials Eye Replenishing Creme. It’s a medium sized tube that will last you a long time and WILL reduce eye puffiness and the darkness around your eyes. The best part is that you have 6 months to try it and if you don’t love the results you get you can return it and get a full refund!

      Good luck!

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