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Discover The Truth About Over The Counter Anti-Aging Skin Creams

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but I’m going to say it one more time…ignore advertising hype.

In order to find the best anti-aging skin creams, you have to ignore the hype. Additionally, just because a celebrity endorses an anti-aging skin cream does not mean that he or she really uses it. That celebrity is being paid for their work and the product they promote is more expensive as a result.

Avoid Designer Names

Designer names are another thing to avoid if you really want the best anti-aging skin creams. Listen to this piece of interesting information. In order to be even slightly competitive, the manufacturer has to reduce the number of active ingredients in order to cover the licensing fees for the designer name. That makes me wonder…do you really think fashion designers know anything about anti-aging skin cream? Probably not, because…

Skincare is Healthcare, Not Cosmetics

Cosmetic companies might like for you to believe otherwise, but skincare is a healthcare topic. The most effective ingredients have been evaluated by dermatologists and other doctors. Evaluation is done by these professionals because there are many diseases and health issues that affect the appearance of your skin’s outermost layers; as well as the health and function of your deepest layers.

The things that cause you to look older on the outside can also be caused from the inside. Oxidative stress, free radical damage, allergic reactions, irritation, inflammation, nutrition, and general poor health are just some of the things that affect your appearance. So, what to do?

Speed Up Your Body’s Natural Processes

When you are young, your body’s ability to repair itself is truly amazing; as some of us have once experienced. Yet, due to illness, poor nutrition, or age, your body’s ability to repair itself slows down. This is true throughout your entire body. When you see the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, and uneven pigmentation, the processes that have slowed down include skin-cell, collagen, and elastin fiber production.

The best anti-aging skin creams address all of these issues by speeding those processes up once again. But, in order to accomplish that feat, certain ingredients must be included in your anti-aging skin cream.

Functional Keratin

Probably the most important compound you can look for is a protein peptide known as Functional Keratin. Keratin is a protein that is found naturally throughout your body and it is one that makes up your skin’s matrix.

Functional Keratin was created through a patented process. It can penetrate deeply and be effectively used by your cells on a molecular level. Clinical research has shown that when included in an anti-aging skin cream, keratin increases skin cell proliferation and firmness.

Only the very best anti-aging skin creams contain Functional Keratin. The big named over-the-counter brands and designer cosmetics do not contain this ingredient; mainly because it is too expensive to produce. Other products ordered directly from the manufacturer, with lower overhead, typically have the freedom to spend the time and money to include necessary, healthy, and effective ingredients.

Wakame Kelp Extract

An extract from Wakame kelp has been proven to prevent the breakdown of an amino acid named hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is another necessary protein that makes up your skin’s fibers. In young people, hyaluronic levels are high and at a healthy level. In older people, they are much lower.

Moisturizers and Antioxidants

If you can find an anti-aging skin cream that contains both Functional Keratin and Wakame, then you will have found a pretty effective product. Yet, if you can find one that contains those two ingredients plus plant oils and waxes for moisturizing, and antioxidants to prevent free radical damage, then it will be really effective.

The added benefit of proper moisturizers and antioxidants is this. Dry skin is easily damaged and looks older. The average moisturizer is not composed of plant oils and waxes, but instead is petrolatum. Petrolatum actually inhibits the skin’s reparation process. And antioxidants will prevent the oxidative stress that leads to wrinkles and free radical damage that can cause skin cancer.

The Full Package

The best anti-aging skin creams will contain HE Q10, which is a combination of the antioxidants COQ10 and vitamin E. In addition, the cream will contain grape seed oil and Babassu wax (moisturizers), Functional Keratin (proteins), and Wakame extract (protein breakdown inhibitor). And always, as a rule of thumb, look for a manufacturer that guarantees safe products and customer satisfaction. Believe me, guaranteeing a product with customer satisfaction says a lot about a manufacturer.

About the author: For a great list of other fascinating skin care ingredients, good and bad, visit HEALTHY & BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Living healthy for over 17 years. My best to you, Rachel Flanagan


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97 Responses to Skin Creams

  1. danielson1603 says:

    how would collagen and elastin added to skin creams be unlikely to penetrate the skin as some ads imply?
    what would you do to assure that these proteins can go through the skin?

    • Susan S says:

      They are large molecules, and would have difficulty penetrating the skin. In order to penetrate, the skin would have to have its integrity disrupted.

  2. Di@mond Div@ says:

    does your complexion return to its normal color after using skin bleaching creams?
    Now…idk what the fuck michael jackson did 2 his self but that not my goal… for example black and white bleaching cream…clears your skin and makes it shades lighter if that’s ya wish. People who actuaetly knows the answer or used a product like or the exact one I mentioned or is a dermatologist it would be extra banging if ya spoke on ma ?

  3. OrangeParade says:

    What are the best skin creams for stretch marks?
    Some drug store brands and some higher end brands.
    Also what are your thoughts on Bio Oil?
    And what have you tried that didn’t work at all?


    • נακe αиđ тчłeяš мυм says:

      I’ve only ever used Bio Oil and it’s worked wonderfully for me. I didn’t have exceptionally bad stretch marks, but I did have them all over my lower tummy and back. I used Bio Oil every day for about 6 months, and they are basically gone now (My son just turned 1, plus I had stretch marks from my previous pregnancy too 18 months prior)
      I have also used it on a prominent scar on my eyebrow from a piercing and that too has faded considerably to the point where I haven’t had a random stranger ask me if I had my eyebrow pierced for 2 years now!!

  4. Rich says:

    10 pts if anyone knows anything about skin creams that leave a nice sun kissed glow?
    ive finally stopped using foundation, but i hate how pale my skin is. i know there are creams out there that gradually darken skin over a period of weeks, i just dont know if they work. so my question: any nivea creams or whatever that add just a LITTLE more color to my pale, pale face?

  5. ^__^ says:

    What are some skin whitening creams that sell in stores?
    I want to lighten about two shades, and i dont want to do any of those home remedy things, stay out of the sun forever(cause i wear sunscreen with high spf already), wear long sleeves all the time or any of that. so does anyone know of any CREAMS or SOAPS for skin whitening that I can buy at a store. Which store(s)?

    • Truth. says:

      Seriously I know you don’t want to hear this but I used lemons on my face and it lightened it a lot. I also didn’t go out in the sun (for extended periods) for about a year. Now I’m pale as a ghost.

      In store lightening products are a scam or are dangerous and permanently damaging.

  6. unique_serene_dolphin says:

    How do you treat sand fly bites on the skin? The creams doctors prescribed have all been ineffective.?
    I was bitten by sand flies in Peru several months ago. The bites appear as red spots on my skin and are hideous and very itchy. I’ve tried several types of topical creams prescribed by doctors but have been ineffective. What are the alternatives? Will the spots and itchiness stay with me forever?

    Deeply worried…

    • Dr. Trojan says:

      READ VERY CAREFULLY! This may be serious.

      If you were truly bitten by Sandflies, your skin lesions are most likely signs of what is known as Cutaneous Leishmaniasis. Sandflies are vectors (careers) for a protozoan organism known as Leishmania donovanii that commonly infects animals like opossoms, ant-eaters, sloths, and rodents in the New World (The West, ie Europe and Americas) and foxes, jackals, wolves, and raccoons in the Old World (Asia). The organism lives in its “immature” form (called “promastigote”) inside the female sandfly and when the fly bites the skin, the parasite enters the body and converts to the mature reproductive form known as the “amastigote”.

      The infection usually occurs on exposed areas of the skin such as hands, legs, or the face. They are usually painless, may cause itching, and become crusted and dry-looking over time. The parasitic infection is very slowly progressive and in some cases may resolve on its own over 6-8 weeks. In most cases, the infection becomes chronic, progressive, and may invade internal organs such as liver, spleen, and bone marrow and turn into a systemic infection known as kala-azar or “Black Fever.” This form of the disease is deadly.

      Definitive diagnosis can be made by taking a skin biopsy of the site and visualization of the parasite under the microscope, culturing the organism, or the use of advanced molecular biology techniques such as ELISA and PCR which identify Leishmania DNA. These are not readily available in most healthcare settings due to their cost and scarecity of this disease in urban settings in most of US regions.

      The most effective and definitive treatments for Leishmaniasis are Pentostam (sodium stibogluconate) and Glucantime (meglumine antimonate). But these drugs may not be readily available since they are not used very often. Other more practical drugs are amphotericin B and pentamidine which are antifungal and anti-parasitic agents given in intravenous and intramuscular forms.

      My suggestion to you is to be seen in the University Based healthcare setting and mention to them the fact that you were bitten by Sandflies. They may then decide to pursue measures for definitive diagnosis and treatment. I hope this helped.

      – Dr. F. Trojan
      – Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California

  7. GisherJohn says:

    What’s the best skin creams that you use to keep your skin looking youthful and healthy? Any reccomendations?
    I’m using Oyl of Olay right now, any other good ones? I’m 37yo and want to keep this look for as long as I can!

    • Huriya says:

      I suggest that you do not change your brand. Olay is great, since you didn’t mention the name of cream, so i suggest that you use its Regenerist or Total Effects.
      Just cleanse your face daily and exfoliate it weekly, you don’t need to do so many things.
      Remember, Beauty comes from inside, so dont forget to eat vegetables 😀

  8. Kittykat says:

    What are some good skin lightenign creams to use for a uneven skintone?
    My skin tone is very uneven and I am trying to find a skin lightening cream only for the face and neck even it out. I also have bad hyper pigmentation on my forehead that needs to be lightened up? any suggestions. Also I have saw something called malederm skin lightening cream the one of the top ten. has anyone heard of this? is it any good?

    • Jen says:

      I have heard that Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream is really good from someone on youtube. You can also read the reviews on it from The reviews are really good for it with the exception of a couple of people but I am going to buy it right now from walgreens. I’m going to use it for my uneven skin tone on my arms from years of over exposure to the sun ( I am a light skinned black woman) I also have some acne scars I would like to get rid of on my face and back. It only cost $5.99 for a jar.

  9. starsarahs says:

    Can you recommend good skin creams for a 27 year old who wants her skin to glow
    I would like a fantastic moisturiser that makes you glow – is very illuminating but is also anti-aging. I have also started to develop lines under my eyes so am looking for a great eye cream to combat this. I am 27 years old with normal-combination medium skin.

  10. Don says:

    Skin fairness creams and how to get rid of dark eye circles (for guys)?
    I have fairly dark skin that I want to make a tad lighter – any suggestions on creams or therapies that can do this effectively and safely?

    Also, I have dark circles around my eyes which, although aren’t very significant, make my eyes look really beady – any creams/home-remedies (that actually work) that I should use?

    Any other tips and hints are also welcome.


    • KC Quest says:

      The skin under your eyes look dark because they are probably loose. The best way for it to have the same tone (or almost) as the rest of your face is to firm up the skin.

      There are many available eye creams in the market but choose something that says firming. Better also if it has cooling properties/ingredients like mint.

      As for home recipes, try mixing oatmeal and egg white to make a facial mask. Apply it to your face including the skin around your eyes and leave it there for 15 minutes. To further soothe the skin, try putting cold cucumber on top of your eyes to maximize the firming effect. This will give you an instant face lift in a sense. 🙂

  11. Quiet and Invisible says:

    Why are people who use skin lightening creams criticized when people who go tanning are not?
    I have read many articles and heard many people criticize people who use skin lightening creams. But why is it that people who go tanning or tanning lotions are not criticized?

    • ŞŊĄĈĸŸ says:

      Black people don’t always have something to say about white people. If you ask me, from my experiences, its the other way around

      but honestly everyone always has an opinion about someone else and I say if you want lighter skin or want to even out your skin tone, do what it takes to get it, and if you want a tan,go get one. Yes you should love yourself but if you think you need improvement in the way of looks by all means improve!

      just because a black person wants lighter skin DOES NOT mean they want to be white and hate themselves and just because a white person wants a browner complexion DOES NOT mean they want to be black and hate themselves! to much emphasis is put on race/color!!

      shoot! getting a tan or going to get skin lightening creams is the same thing!

  12. clutch_chick17 says:

    I have really bad eczema…what kind of skin creams would be best for it?
    I have really bad eczema and I was wondering which would be the best skin cream for it.Everything I have tried has practicly burned. My eczema is really really bad and I have gone to a dermatoligst and creams with steroids burn to. Will it ever go away?

  13. Paranormal I says:

    Can the effects of skin-whitening creams be reversed?
    In 2007 I spent about 7 months using a skin-lightening cream called meladerm because I wanted to get rid of my tan and red-areas of my face. It did lighten my skin but I have been told it makes my face look pale, sickly and unattractive, Are the effects of such creams permanent, or can I get my skin to tan again? The cream contained kojic acid.

    • Sweetiepie says:

      I believe it is permanent, since it removed melanin from your skin. Use sunscreen and go out in the sun, or get a self tan.

      Hope i helepd 😀

  14. yahoo123 says:

    skin creams?
    what skin creams do you use for cleansing, exfoliating, moistuirising, spots…and how well do they work?

    • AnswerGal6 says:

      I had this one face/neck cream that worked really well to clean, and there was a matching moisturizer. it was called “Velocity” from Mary Kay. It was great, and it made my face really soft.

  15. FrankTheTank! says:

    What foods are best to eat to improve skin? & Creams, and anything else that improves skin from spots?
    So yeah, what foods/creams/anything, helps improve skin to get rid of spots, and just generally make skin look a lot healthier?

    Also, what helps milia? Those white kinda dots under your eyes, that you can only see up-close?

    & just general eyebags and stuff.

    Anyway, thankyou in advance!

    • MrC says:

      Balanced diet, bit of exercise, bit of the great outdoors and the sun that comes with it (not too much though, or you’ll progress from worrying about spots to worrying about wrinkles), and perhaps best of all – water, drink upto a couple of litres through the course of a day, it has lots of benefits.

      Wash your face regularly (possibly with a facewash intended for problem skin), but don’t over-wash it, that’s just as bad and makes your skin greasy.

      Depending upon your age there’s a good chance you’ll find your skin improves naturally in time, it’s just one of those things.

  16. PEW PEW! says:

    Anyone know any strong skin lightening creams?
    I’ve got like stretch marks, dark spots, and scars. I’m looking for a very strong skin lightening cream(over the counter). No prescription, but at stores. I live in NY. Thank you and please no speeches about safety >.< I have no CC, therefore i can't order online. Anything in stores?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is there anyway without creams or anything to lighten my skin?
    I got really dark over the summer at football practice. However, I hate the way my skin looks so dark. Is there anyway to lighten it without skin lightening creams or anything like that, maybe any home remedies you can think of?

    • Patti says:

      You might try drinking lemon juice and water the first thing in the morning, it will remove age spots which is sun pigmentation that the liver is having to handle. That’s all I can think of unless you want to wear sunblock and that seems greasy for someone who is running and doing football practice.

  18. A.J A says:

    What are some skin lightening creams that work good?
    My knees are really dark and I need to find some good skin lightening creams that I can buy at the store not online.

  19. C- FANTABULOUS! says:

    What skin creams work the best for eliminating wrinkles?
    Ive heard Stri-Vectin works but I need a little more skin creams to choose from as well. Which ones work for you (that eliminates wrinkles and is a moisturizer) and why?

    • Mukunda M says:

      Consumer Reports – it’s the only trustworthy, independent reviewer and tester of products – recently found that out of 16 wrinkle, anti aging products that were tested, no matter what price you paid – most expensive one being $96 – all failed to even noticeably reduce wrinkles and lines. A simple over the counter moisturizing cream that was also included in the tests was found to be just as effective as the products claiming to be anti aging, wrinkle reducing creams. It clearly proves that these products are scams. See Consumer for more info.

      SOURCE(S): Many years extensive research – safe, natural treatments and cures for skin conditions, skin enhancement and anti aging/rejuvenation treatment

  20. carj_81 says:

    When should you start using all of this skin creams that reduce fine lines?
    I am 24 and am just wondering if I should start to use cream and stuff to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, do they not work until you have some or can they be used as a preventative messure? If so, what kinds are the best?

    • Melissa G says:

      The best prevention at your age is to use a sunscreen EVERY DAY!!!! I started using SPF in my early twenties and avoided the sun except once a year on vacation and there is a big difference between my skin and my sun loving friends. I am 35 and have no wrinkles yet. Don’t over do it with AHA and BHA. A cleanser should do one thing, cleanse. So use something mild that removes makeup and keeps you soft. I love the cleanser by Wexler at Bath and Body Works. It is expensive, but as a cheaper choice Neutogena products are generally good. For a toner, I like thayer’s witch hazel formulas which can be found at whole food and drug stores. At night use an anti oxidant serum for you skin type before your night cream. Any regimen is better than none. To prevent those wrinkles, sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!!! Good luck and happy aging!

  21. Michelle says:

    What are some good skin lightener creams?
    I have been using a skin lightener that has has alot of hydroquinone. My mom says hydroquinone causes cancer and irritations to skin. I have been using it for 6 weeks and I don’t see anything wrong with my skin. All I have was just beautiful snowy white skin. I listened to my mom because I was checking on the internet if it really was dangerous for the skin.

    Then I discovered Meladerm but it was $50 dollars and I like to purchase something cheaper.

    Is there any powerful skin lightening creams that really work?

    • Marmi says:

      Lemon juice and baking soda or natural bleachers. If you wash your body with that about every other day your skin will lighten. Also just put on sunscreen everyday, even if you’re wearing pant. Some UV rays can get through clothing (I know that because one of my friends is slightly allergic to sunlight and her skin is like completely white).

  22. Mountaindew says:

    What are some effective skin whitening creams?
    What are some effective skin whitening creams?

    that you can find at a store?

  23. desde63 says:

    Is there any type of skin creams to remove moles ?
    im looking for a skin cream that you could find at wal-mart,target,or longs drugs that would help me remove this mole without it coming back.please help me

    • minxxyd says:

      Like above I heard and seen wartner, but I don’t know if it will work. There is some out in the market, just ask the pharmacist guy.
      I much prefer you to go to the doctor as its a cheap and fast procedure.
      It stinks a little bit cause they are freezing your mole off. After that you get a little scar, but it will go away around a week.

  24. Sarah says:

    Why do so many Americans take offence to the skin bleaching creams sold in China and India and ignore tan?
    It just seems like a double standard.
    I personally am kind of the same way.. I don’t understand why anyone would want to bleach their skin, but I know people that tan, and it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
    Why do the skin bleaching creams tend to inflame our indignation more than tanning and spray-tans? They’re both changing your appearance artificially?

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t “take offense” to either, but I do think that people should accept who and what they are and stop trying to change their skin tone. I’m going to venture a guess, though, and say that people probably get more indignant about bleaching because tanning is a natural process that happens to people’s skin in the sun, whereas bleaching is forcing your skin to change color with harsh chemicals. I don’t know what to say about spray tans — I personally don’t tan at all. And if I had dark skin, I certainly wouldn’t bleach it.

  25. Chocolate D says:

    Have you ever seen skin-lightening creams in any stores you have been in?
    I was just wondering, because I know that they exist, but I’ve never seen them for sale in any store I’ve been in. However, there are quite a few tanning salons around where I live, and I know people who go tanning, yet I don’t know anyone who uses skin-lightening creams, or wants to use them. Is tanning more popular than skin-lightening? Or does it just depend on the area that you live in?

  26. stacykardashian says:

    Which and where gift certificate for skin creams and etc.?
    I’m getting a gift certificate for skin care to get those expensive face creams such as stri-vectin and that face cream made out of caviar something starting on L, I believe etc.

    Which stores do I go to?
    Which stores has this, any links to those websites?


  27. African American Civil Rights says:

    question on skin lightening creams for African Americans?
    I’m a black male that wants to lighten some dark areas of my skin. I have heard how products with hydroquinone are harmful so I’m looking for bleaching products that don’t contain that and that and I’ve found Maladerm and Lightenex. I have heard some negative reviews about Maladerm but none about Lightenex. Does anyone know of any other skin bleaching creams without hydroquinone and have any thoughts about Lightenex?

  28. Vicki says:

    Are the skin bleaching creams for your face really effective and safe?
    The bleaching creams are supposed to remove the overpigmentation caused by sun damage found under the outer layers of the skin. Are there some creams we should stay away from?

  29. haha says:

    What are some good skin creams for Hives that i can buy at a place like Walgreens?
    and reasonably priced, nothing over 10-15 dollars please!
    all i know is that its from allergies, not sure what i’m allergic to though! and i’m taking benadryl and pretndazone(steroid) and also claritin.

    • Love not hate says:

      i get hives, i don’t use any skin creams…but you could get a hydrocortisone cream, i usually take an iantihistamine…you could take some benadryl. do you know why you have hives?

      it could be from anything really..lotion, soap, detergent, pet dander, dust, ect…it sounds like you already are doing everything you can. do you take vitamins? vitamin C is GREAT! also, make sure your drinking lots of water!

  30. Jean says:

    Are women ok with men that use skin creams, lotions and softeners to maintain a nice appearance?
    I am very straight and I love to take care of my skin….i take care of my skin and hygiene like a woman. One thing for certain, women do not have to worry about my hygiene and cleanliness.

    Am I too clean for most women or do most of you actually love men like me?

    • Sue says:

      YES….I love a man that is mostly hairless, well groomed with nice skin. More men should take care of their skin like most women do.

  31. gogogirl says:

    There are so many different skin creams? Which ones really work to lighten skin and increase collegen?
    Has anyone tried Victoria Principle’s Reclaim, or lumitone. Some of these creams are so expensive. I don’t want to spend a lot of money only to find out something is junk.

    • tinkababy says:

      try lemon juice and ice cubes honey trust me give it a month and ull notice a dramatic difference. Lemon helps with blemishes and freckles and the ice cubes are just a trick i picked up of a russian woman they work wonders makes ur face feel great and perfect to use just before putting makeup on. Do the lemon juice before bed only a little so it dries into the skin and wash in the morning but ice cubes when u wake up then dry apply moistureizer and then makeup, plus do it at night before lemoning

  32. Wow says:

    What are some effective skin lightening creams?
    What are some effective skin lightening creams?

    That you can buy at a store, instead of ordering online.

    • Dani F says:

      You could try Mederma- that’s scar removal. Proactiv also makes one but you can’t order that at a store. Some mall kiosks do sell Proactive there too.

  33. ladyscorpio says:

    What over-the-counter skin creams or facial cleansers are good for acne?
    I have problems with oily skin and blackheads. I’ve used Proactiv and Neutrogena and neither works after a certain period of time.

    • dizzyme124 says:

      I have the same experience – they work for awhile and then seem to stop. So, i buy something different every time. Right now, i’m using the Neutrogena Cleanser/Mask stuff. I also like the Biore Warming Scrub, as well as their Pore Unclogging Scrub. And i always have a bar of Neutrogena soap in my shower.

  34. morgan says:

    what natural preservatives can i use to make skin creams?
    I want to make organic skin creams using ONLY natural ingredients. what natural ingredients can I use to preserve them? and does any good skin cream recipes?

  35. nuthin says:

    What are really good skin creams to make my skin non oily and whiter?
    I could buy it online or at the stores, My skin gets very oily and i got two wrinkles on my forehead. I need something i could use before i sleep, any ideas.
    But hopefully its not so expensive.

    • Ali says:

      My skin is also very oily and I’m prone to wrinkles; I use baby lotion and it makes my skin feel not dry but not oily, and my skin feels healthy, and it’s not expensive, and it lasts a while.

  36. Seemal says:

    What to do to get a glowing skin without harmful creams?
    I want to get my skin glow but without any harmful cream. I don’t want to get in trouble from reactions of those creams. Please help

    • Lauren says:

      I use all natural coconutoil! i know sounds weird but is not just for cooking. I use it on my face in cookies, fried foods and everything! it has tons of health bbenefits and gives your skin a natural glow!

      I got this information from the Dr. Mercola website, I do not use his brand but i get the same bbenefitsfrom the brand i find at my grocery store!
      The many benefits of coconut oil are finally reaching the mainstream.

      Benefits like:

      Promoting your heart health
      Promoting weight loss when and if you need it
      Supporting your immune system health
      Supporting a healthy metabolism
      Providing you with an immediate energy source
      Helping to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking
      Supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid gland

      Coconut oil is ideal for skin care. It helps protect your skin from the aging effects of free radicals, and can help improve the appearance of skin with its anti-aging benefits.

      In fact, physiologist and biochemist Ray Peat, Ph.D. considers coconut oil to be an antioxidant, due to its stability and resistance to oxidation and free radical formation. Plus, he feels it reduces our need for the antioxidant protection of vitamin E.

      Like Dr. Peat, many experts believe coconut oil may help restore more youthful-looking skin. When coconut oil is absorbed into the skin and connective tissues, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by helping to keep connective tissues strong and supple.

      Coconut oil will not only bring temporary benefits to the skin, but it will aid in restoring your skin’s youthful appearance. The coconut oil will aid in exfoliating the outer layer of dead skin cells, making the skin smoother. It also penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin to strengthen the underlying tissues.

      Responders to the survey provided remarkable feedback on how Fresh Shores Extra Virgin Coconut Oil supported healthy skin, including:

      Smoothing and moisturizing effects
      Promoted skin elasticity
      Convenient eye make-up remover
      Use in shaving applications

      I f you have anymore questions about all natural stuff feel free to email me, I hope this helped a little!

  37. Birgitta says:

    Is it ok to mix skin creams containing salicylic acid and cortisone?
    I’ve always had problems with eczemas so I have a prescribed, strong cortisone cream. I also have a couple of different ointments containing salicylic acid.
    I’ve got something on my arms, think it might be psoriasis. Do you think it will be ok to mix cortisone with salicylic acid to treat this?

  38. Dave says:

    Which antioxidant skin creams actually work to fight aging?
    There’s probably a lot of crappy antioxidant skin products out there that don’t work, and I want to know which ones really do work with fighting aging…

    Are there any that have been proven effective through legit clinical trials?

  39. :) says:

    What are some good skin creams that are for sensitive skin with acne?
    i previously tried ProActiv but its way too harsh for my skin and dries it out, and im wondering if there is anything that you can get (cream, spot treatments, etc.) that you can get without a prescription that work just as well as proactiv, but something that dosent dry out your skin, or nothing really expensive.

    • Kari says:

      i like neutrogena moisturizer it has a SPF of 15 and its for sensitive skin, and i’ve used alot of there acne face washes, they have them for sensitive skin also …. i like them all and they don’t dry me out. And they are all over the counter ( no prescription needed).
      i also work for a dermatologist and she says that neutrogena is a great product.
      and there affordable, especially if you go to Walmart or Target.
      hope this helped.

  40. Gaypersian69 says:

    Porcelana skin lightening cream, or any other creams with hydroquinone?
    I have been using porcelana skin lightening cream with hydroquine 2% for about a week now, i just was curious to see if anyone else has use this and had good results from it, or any other creams that contain hydroquine, how long did it take to see results, how much did it lighten your skin, how long did you use it for, and did your skin stay light afterwards? etc thanks

    • Sarah says:

      why are you trying to lighten your skin? somebody has issues.

      btw in your profile pic ur skin looks like a nice tan color. i don’t understand what person wouldn’t want that…?

  41. SCOTLANDgirl123 says:

    What skin creams are good for teenagers people?
    My skin is always been great, and all of a sudden my nose has been breaking out in blackheads. I get the ocasional spot but not really. These blackheads are irritating me and I need help! Does anyone know some awsome skin creams or face washes? HELP!

  42. Tony says:

    What are some Skin Whitening creams that also protect from the sun?
    What are some skin whitening creams that also protect the skin from the sun?

    thank you!
    no, this has nothing to do with friggin twilight…. god I hate twilight…. I just have a really bad tan I want to get rid of

    • babygirl x_x <3 says:

      Barielle, advanced formula porcelain skin whitening cream.
      i have this, i dont think its sun protectent but when i did use it a few times i did notice a difference (:
      for age spots, freckles, and uneven skin tones ,

  43. Dina Fawzy says:

    Any skin lightening creams that work?
    I have bad skin and I want to clear up and slightly lighten my complexion (just a couple of shades) and make it radiate more. I asked about different products (Fair & Lovely, L’Oréal, etc), pharmacists of course recommend everything, while girls say totally different things about each cream.

    I wanna make a good choice especially if I buy an import like L’Oréal which is pretty expensive. Any advice? I know lots of people use these products here.
    Should I go to a dermatologist first?

  44. room_cat_smudge says:

    Is there any skin lightening creams from Olay that I get at a drugstore?
    I want a rasonable skin lightening cream I can get a a drugstore dose Olay have a skin lightening cream?
    i ALREADY have light skin I just sorta wanna it a tad bit lighter i like looking dead

    • lama says:

      You shouldn’t lighten your skin its bad for you. You can get skin cancer.
      But if you know the risks and still want to
      you can get a kind called Porcalena from Meijiers for like $10

  45. Dina Fawzy says:

    Egypt: any skin lightening creams that work?
    I have bad skin and I want to clear up and slightly lighten my complexion (just a couple of shades) and make it radiate more. I asked about different products (Fair & Lovely, L’Oréal, etc), pharmacists of course recommend everything, while girls say totally different things about each cream.

    I wanna make a good choice especially if I buy an import like L’Oréal which is pretty expensive. Any advice? I know lots of people use these products here.
    Should I just go to a doctor gildiya first?

  46. babbynelly says:

    i want to know if fair and lovely skin lightening creams can be used by black people?
    am black but have a brown skin,i want to know if fair and lovely cream is also good for black people since it also does not contain harmful products and has any1 used the cream?how effective and save it is?especially the anti marks cream.pls help me out
    asking cos i heard is used by indians and asians who wants lighter skin.but i will also like sum advice on how to get an even skin tone if this fair and lovely cream is not appropraite.

  47. T¬R says:

    Are there skin paling creams and body washes for sale?
    I love pale skin, it brings out all the colors you wear. Is there some body wash, or cream you can apply to slowly fade your skin?

    Im currently trying a mixture of lemon juice, milk, and yogurt but it’s not doing much.

  48. . says:

    What percentage of Indian men use Skin Whitening Creams?
    I have noticed in the past few years that a higher percentage of Indian males are Light Skinned.
    Would this be due to an increased usage of skin whitening creams, because before there seemed to be more Dark Skinned people in India, now more and more people are light.

    • Allu says:

      Hard to say.

      But, I read somewhere that 32% of Indian fairness cream users are males. Based on that, you could say millions of Indian males use fairness creams. What an insecure lot!

  49. Luke says:

    Is it better to buy skin creams at stores/Sephora/over the counter, or from dermatologists/plastic surgeon?
    If you’re into beauty/appearance, and want to purchase the best treatments for your skin, would your best bet be going to a store like Sephora, where you can buy creams, although very pricey, ranging from $20-30 to about $600, OR is your best bet getting it through a dermatologist, or a plastic surgeon?

    I’d think that if you can get prescriptions of some creams/ointments, and h ave insurance, you can get them at a much better price than paying full price for over the counter cosmetics.

    Also, will the ones from derms and plastic surgeons be more effective and potent?


    • MissMandy says:

      Dermatologist-they specialize in skin care.
      You would get to meet someone that would actually look at your skin type and can prescribe a strong but safe product for you:)

  50. Apple Tart says:

    Do skin firming creams really work?
    I still have some loose skin on my tummy from being pregnant. (Baby is now 15 month old). I exercise regularly, eat well and drink plenty of water. Also do tummy firming exercsies. Would skin firming creams help? What else can I do to tighten up this area? I have decent muclse tone there, but I would really like to get rid of the saggy skin.

    • BEBE says:

      No way… the fat cells don’t disapear… the only way to really get rid of the looseness is to do toning excerises of the whole body or surgery….. i wish they worked but they don’t

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