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Ingredients That Are Beneficial In Skin Care Products

By Louise Forrest

Because it is the one layer of our bodies that people see, having healthy skin is very important. Many people turn to skin care products in order to have healthy and youthful looking skin. There has been recent research that has found that the skin reacts positively various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Here are a few nutrients that are beneficial in skin care products

Silica is a trace mineral that will make the connective tissues, such as muscles, tendons, hair, and nails, stronger. It is important for healthy skin. If there is Silica deficiency in the body, the wounds of the skin will not heal as quickly. Silica is an ingredient in many good skin care products.

Zinc is a mineral, and one of the most important components of skin that is healthy. Acne may be a result of a zinc deficiency in the body. Zinc also controls the skins production of oil and can control hormones that bring about acne. Many health care products contain zinc, as it is very beneficial to the health of the skin.


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12 Responses to Skin Care Products For Men

  1. Newyorker says:

    Where should I start to find good skin care products for men?
    Guys, I have previously posted the following question(How to get Skin color(darkened by sun) improved):;_ylt=AismB8G108M6fYFuv9.BU5Tsy6IX?qid=20070406193554AAsf0zE

    Well, Good response and thanks to everyone. I have not tried any cleansing , exfoliator products in USA yet.. been using Jergens moisturizer.. I have gone to CVS today and looked at Skin Care products.. uhhhh!.. there are lots of options… I was confused on what to pick…so returned and posting a question out here… So, I heard about Cataphil moisturizer, Clinique skin care, Proactive.. having gone through clinique site, I see there are two options to give a try..

    1. Clinique 3-Step.. Not sure if this works on men
    2. Clinique’s mens Combo of a. Scruffing Lotion, b. M lotion and c. Liquid Face Wash Extra-Strength

    What are these exfoliators? Not sure if I understand them.
    Im also looking for a liquid foundation.. are they different for men and women ?

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

    • Maxtor says:

      First of all, get Neutrogena alcohol-free toner (and some cotton balls to apply it). I don’t actually know what it specifically does, but it has really improved my face. The skin just looks a lot healthier now. I know tons of people who have used it and report similar results. Apply it in the morning after you have showered, it will probably be the first thing you apply after any cleaning products.

      Change your pillowcase every day, and every week change your sheets and wash your pillow. You will be amazed how much this helps.

      Regarding specific products, it depends entirely on your skin. You have to test them out to see how they will work for you. The same applies to cologne – it may smell good on a piece of paper, but it doesn’t start working until it mixes with the chemicals in your skin.

  2. Fuzzy says:

    What are good skin care products for men?
    I currently use shoppers life brand moisturizer and facial scrub, its not bad and I have seen a difference in the short while that I have been using it. My skin is not oily anymore and its smoother to. I just wanted to know what other good products are out there for men.

  3. Jim G says:

    What is a low-cost, but ultra-effective line of skin care products for men?
    Preferably products that are known for anti-aging, wrinkle-minimizing benefits? I am a big Origins fan, but going broke dropping $100 every time I shop there! A little goes a long way with their stuff, but is there other product lines out that equally beneficial that is less expensive? I have fair, combination-type skin, some signs of pre-marture agins present, in my late 20s.

  4. susan15022001 says:

    Can I use skin care products made for men on my face?
    I am asking because at a recent trip to the drugstore, I noticed that the men’s skin care lines are cheaper than the women’s, and yet the ingredient lists read about the same. Can you recommend any products?

    • Tricia says:

      Mary Kay cosmetics have products for men. Velocity would be a good start. Most of the products that are listed, men can use. Even the shave gels that we have, men can use.

      Skin is skin and just because it looks like a woman magazine doesn’t mean it’s all for women. 🙂

      Browse around on my website.

  5. WallStreetWannaBe says:

    Are there any good skin care products for men?
    Why should women get to have all the fun? I am 31 and I believe at the age where I need to perhaps not take my skin for granted. So I wanted to try any good products that may be available for men. Keep in mind I have never ever done products before except for after shave lotion perhaps.

    I know Nivea and Gillette have some mosturizers for men but thats about all I know of.

    • mecicoplajjer says:

      Basically you want to do 3 things as a man to keep your skin in peak condition. 1st is exfoliate the dead skin and remove bacteria with a exfoliating lotion massaged in with your hands for about 60 seconds. 2nd thing is a cleansing lotion to clean the skin of its impurities and revitalise it, you can use a non alcaholic one as alcahol ages the skin. Finally you want to moisturise the skin with a good Ph balanced cream that has ingredients close to nature as possible.

      In conjunction with shaving with a good quality shaving gel and razor every day or other day this is really all you need. Im assuming you take hot baths or showers daily as the steam helps unclog pours and removes blackheads.

      You should also perform some cardio vascular excercise 3-5 times a week for an hour to help with circulation and general health of your skin. A clean diet and plenty of water doesnt hurt either.

  6. ski2rocks says:

    that would be so insanely fun.

  7. AndraSina says:

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