Skin Care For Black Women

Anti Aging Eye Cream For Black Skin | Skin Care Tips For Black Women

African American Skin Care

By Jason Katzenback

The fact is that any type of skin condition can happen regardless of the pigment of skin you have. When it comes to African American skin care and others with darker complexions however, there are a few skin care problems that are much more prevalent.

Here are five of the most common African American skin care issues

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10 Responses to Skin Care For Black Women

  1. . says:

    what products are best for black women skin care?

    • LADY BRI says:

      Purchase some CLINIQUE…

      Use Vaseline with aloe and Vitamin E.

      Increase your water intake to about 2 1/2 gallons a day. I know it sounds a lot.. but your body needs it. Trust Me.

  2. LB The Definition of Lovley says:

    ** BLACK WOMEN ONLY ** Do you prefer the Ambi or Black Opal skin care line of products?
    I’ve always had generally good skin. Recently, I’ve noticed some dark spots and wanted to get rid of them. I started using Ambi for a while, and my skin looks good but I’ve heard good things about Black Opal. I’m wondering if that will do a better job.

    • Sambal Oelek says:

      I used ambi once, really awful for my skin. The smell was strong and for all the unnatural ingredients I didn’t see any change.
      I prefer MaMa lotion. It’s expensive but literally a dot every other night will lighten your imperfections. Try taking before and after pics, you’ll be amazed.
      I have really even, clear skin ever since starting to use it and I only need it once in a while now.

  3. K-Love says:

    Black Women: What Kind of Skin Care Products Do you Use?
    I know that moisturizing is key when trying to keep a youthful looking appearance. I’m young & all but I want to start using something for anti-aging right now! lol
    Are there any great skin care products that you use daily??
    @hey!!-babyoil is nice & everything but..I would def break out if I used that on my face….my skin is already oily as it is.

  4. Bu Tran says:

    Black women, share your skin and hair care tips.?
    Are you natural? What is a good moisturizer for hair. Best way to prevent split ends. How do you protect hair during sleep. Thank you.

    • I love women says:

      Healthy skin = good diet, vitamins, lots of water, daily cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

      Yes my hair is natural, I use any natural water based moisturizer for my hair I think shea butter also is a good moisturizer for hair and they make some for your skin as well.

      Split ends? I guess keeping your ends moisturize and getting them routinely clipped Also being gentle with your hair helps.

      My hair is locked but if yours isn’t and it’s natural make sure you wear protective styles such as braids (no weave), twist etc.. A style that will kept you from touching your hair so much, over touching and styling can cause dryness and breakage.

      I wear a satin scarf to bed.

  5. Sherrelle J says:

    skin care regimens for black women?
    any of my fellow black women know of some good skin care products such as cleansers, toners, and moisturizers?
    i have oily skin

  6. alex081291 says:

    and the bald ref picks up his first

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