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Skin Care Products With Dmae: How Much Do You Need To Stop Sagging Skin

Watch out: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), is not going to like this. Researchers used rabbits to discover just how much of the cosmeceutical DMAE it takes to plump up a wrinkled face.

And so that those rabbits’ sacrifices to the world of beauty are not vain, let us employ those tidbits of aesthetic info for the betterment of antiaging advocates around the world.

While members of the skin care industry call DMAE (agent 2-dimethylaminoethanol) a cosmeceutical, the Food and Drug Administration does not recognize that term. The pseudo scientific name cosmeceutical attributes both medicinal and cosmetic properties to a given skin care ingredient.

Briefly, naming a cosmetic cosmeceutical enables manufactures to skip the FDA’s timely and costly drug application process that calls for mammal martyrs.

Oddly enough, cosmeceuticals comprising DMAE can approach the costs of prescriptions drugs. Moreover, DMAE does affect the structure or any function of the body, which in the FDA’s lexicon, makes it a drug. So just how much of this, uhmm, drug do you need to get your wrinkle fix? According to a study from the British Journal of Dermatology, the magic number is three percent.

In the study, scientists applied a compound containing three percent DMAE by weight the a rabbit’s ear. Upon observation, the examiners credited the DMAE with inducing vacuolization in the rabbit’s skin.

Vacuolization takes place as the skin cells develop more spaces between each cell. This space expansion creates a temporary skin plumping effect akin how a down pillow gets bigger simply by fluffing it up and adding more air between each feather.

With time, the spaces dissipate, your skin looks sunken-again- and you have to reapply the DMAE enhanced cosmeceutical. So, if you are looking around a recently Windexed cosmetics booth at your neighborhood Macy’s, just confirm that that , one-half ounce of wrinkle eater cream contains at least three percent DMAE by weight.

And before you pull out your VISA card to rack up more airline points, test the cream or gel on your forearm to insure that you have no allergies to this skin plumping cosmeceutical.


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