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Being Proactive In MLM Is The Key

I am currently reading Stephen R. Covey’s classic book entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Even though this book has nothing to do with Network Marketing, there are principles found here that would be of giant worth to us if implemented in our businesses.

Perhaps I’ll write more articles as I read further into the book, but for now, I’d like to focus on being proactive in Multi-level marketing. I know we could all become more successful by simply deciding to be the kind of representatives who act instead of being acted upon, which is one of the most important parts of being proactive.

I have been tempted many times, as I’m sure many MLM reps have, to be reactive in my business when anything goes wrong. When a rep is reactive, they would say things like, “If only I had a better downline/upline”, or “That person on my team makes me so angry all of the time!” When we are reactive, we think that because something has gone wrong in our business, such as downline reps quitting the business or someone else signing up a rep that we had prepared that there is nothing we can do and all is lost. Sometimes that sense of despair leads to negativity creeping into our minds until we have changed our mind about our company and begin to badmouth it.

It goes without saying that things go wrong in our businesses and that sometimes those things set us back some time or dollars. The difference, though, is in how we react to the setbacks, and if we come out a better rep or not. If we are proactive reps, we understand that while we can’t control some things that happen, we can control how we react to those things. Covey says that we may either act or be acted upon, but when we are the actors, we decide what affects us and what doesn’t. If our downline rep does something dumb, we acknowledge that we control our own feelings and that only we can make ourselves mad. If we are tempted to say “if only I had better reps”, then being proactive would mean we would say, “I will be better myself so that my reps can learn what it takes to succeed”.

No matter which business we join, there will be reactive people and negativity. Unfortunately, these are usually the people who quit and then badmouth our industry. I really like Covey’s insights as applied to MLM because they can help us to understand that by being proactive and focusing first on ourselves and our own needs for improvement, we can shape the attitudes of those who would potentially become destroyers of our industry. It all begins with you and me and the proactive behavior we bring into our work.

About the author: Boyd Norwood-Seek proper training in mlm. Choose a multilevel marketing company that will give you the best network marketing opportunity.


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99 Responses to Proactive

  1. SplitSecondz says:

    How reliable is proactive once you stop using it?
    Well I ordered proactive like 2 weeks ago and its been awesome. I started seeing results the first three days. Up until now my face has really cleared up with only like two or three pimples. But last night i forgot to put it on. And this morning i found nine new little pimples. (yeah I counted)

    After one missed application my acne just shot back up. So I’m wondering about proactive and if its really a temporary solution or will it actually help eliminate my acne for a while after everything is cleared up?

    • Jennifer M. says:

      i used proactiv, it worked a while for me too, but i had to keep ordering it when i ran out, otherwise my face broke out again A LOT. proactiv’s toner also made my skin really dry.

      my friend used proactiv and it worked great for her, she said you had to keep using it (without missing even one application) until all your acne clears up.

      but for me, proactiv didn’t work.

  2. Charlie H. says:

    How bad is ProActive at the start?
    I recently asked if ProActive worked on Yahoo Answers and many people said yes but after a while of ‘purging’. I was wondering how bad does it look/feel at the start and is it worth buying? Also does it treat black-heads?

    • Agatha T says:

      For me, it worked very well. It never stopped or “started” working. The first time I used it it worked. Acne is gone in literally 2 days! It is definitely work buying. Yes, it treats black-heads. And no! It doesn’t hurt at all!

  3. john says:

    What can your company do to take a more proactive appraoch to the changes in the marketing environment?
    What can your company do to take a more proactive appraoch to the changes in the marketing environment? Discuss specific forces,including macro-environmental & micro-environmental forces.plz give answer in detail.

  4. rg says:

    How much is proactive solution and how fast does it work?
    If proactive wont do it I need something that can

    Something that works really fast

    • Sunshinegal says:

      It works pretty fast. You can get it at a few places..some malls have it in vending machines, some malls have tha ‘as seen on tv’ store’,you can go to or get it on ebay. If you go to ebay, be very attentive, some people list on ‘proactiv’ (correct sp for ebay search) and they are listing generic stuff that SUCKS!!! However, it is A LOT cheaper on ebay!

  5. SexySasha says:

    Does proactive work for nodules and scars on face?
    I have lots of scars on my face and a few nodules here and there. Will proactive help this? Please help I’m desperate and embarrassed of my appearance. Thanks.

    • .Love.Bug. says:

      proactive never worked for me, but it def wont work for scars.
      before going to bed put on a fine layer of mederma (scar healing lotion/gel) after washing your face. itll take a while, but i promise you it’ll eventually reduce to appearance of scars.

  6. kkllbb14 says:

    proactive…. ?
    I just recived proactive today, ii would just like to no everyones reviews on proactive, how long it took for you to have clear skin, how long it took for you to start seeing results? any pros or cons about the product to.


    • hott stuff says:

      I use it currently. I like it. But the only way it will really work, is if you do it every day, twice a day, and you can’t miss anything.
      I forget to do it some days (or forget to do some steps), so my face isn’t perfect.

      Sometimes I do break out, but not horribly, and they go away quickly.
      I got mine with the SPF 15 Oil-Free Moisture. It doesn’t dry out my skin, and leaves it very soft.
      The Repairing lotion will bleach out some fabrics, but i always rinse my hands off after i use it, and haven’t had problems since.

      If you keep consistent, it should help. Good Luck!

  7. Michael K says:

    How many times should I use proactive during the day?
    I recently called to confirm my shipment of proactive and the lady on the phone told me that I should be using only once a day. This really confused me because it says twice a day on the bottle. Please help?

    • channyt says:

      once a day even tho the bottle says 2 times. me and my sister use this and twice a day will dry out your skin and i mean dryyyyyyyy with redness. alot of redness, like a windburn… my forehead and cheeks and nose are so red. one time daily seems enough to get any bacteria but leaves not enough moisture.
      i would continue to buy this product BUT with this time of year, it’s chapping my skin to be honest and i’m looking for something now to fix that problem!

  8. thelyndzz says:

    What is the difference between proactive and reactive police patrol?
    What is the difference between proactive and reactive police patrol? Thoroughly define, discuss, and personally evaluate the proactive policing strategies

    • path less travelled says:

      On virtually any matter involving police, which is to say that there is little that police can do that is not political, these two words may have different meanings and purpose. Hence the words ‘policy’, ‘political’, and ‘police’ are notions that bear the same root.

      Generally speaking, “proactive’ implies taking charge and being assertive; while reactive speaks to acting if and only if prompted to do so. You might come to see as regards police that proactive and reactive are but one in the same.

      Here’s why. To be ‘pro’ anything is to lean in favor of it or for it — or — it may mean that a person is simply being active as opposed to waiting on some person or outside influence or event to get things underway.

      To be reactive to anything means no action can occur without at first some action already occurring. The reactionary does not want change: he or she pefers to hold onto “conditions,” which suggests that a person acts only as an effect from some cause occurring elsewhere beforehand; and so, to be reactive is to work from reflexes than from ownership to a circumstance put before that police patrol — the reactive police patrol is working in knee-jerk manners without thorough review and thought, and usually abides already set policies, and is loathe to take on a role of ownership for what they do — they would rather someone else do it and simply follow the mindset and rules already established.

      These are also called “conservative” police patrols in which if policies are wrong, the officers will still fall in line with what is most comfortable to administer rather than veer off and be resolute.

      They are simply two sides of the same coin — often if framed proactive, it is called radical (or progressive) and if framed reactionary, then called right-wing. But on that of police matters, there is no telling what proactive and reactive mean because their proactive practices are often derived from reactionary doctrine. Police patrols are traditionally reactive entities whose actions depend on people outside of them requiring their actions and attention.

  9. Animal Lover says:

    What is better the proactive Refining Mask or the Green Tea Moisturizer?
    I want to get the proactive kit except i dont know which one to get.
    So, which one is better the Refining Mask or Green Tea Moisturizer?
    And WHY?
    Thanks =))

    • *~Expecting an Angel ~* says:

      I have personally used Proactiv, and I would say that the Refining mask is the better choice. You will be able to use the mask as a mask, and as a spot treatment before bed. It is very potent, and really works well with the other 3 daily steps. I use the mask about 2 times a week. The moisturizer is a good product, but you can live without it.

  10. chocolatecrazy says:

    What is something affective to use for a kid with acne that proactive doesn’t work for?
    I tried proactive, nutrogena, and dermatologist stuff and none of them worked. I have scars and acne that I am trying to get under control. Any tips/products that work?

    • Israo S says:

      try over-the-counter products containing benzoyl peroxide, which is the most effective topical treatment of teen acne. Use it daily.

  11. bluemoonicecreamlover says:

    How long does proactive take to give me clear skin or a a big change?
    And what can I do along with Proactive to get rid of acne fast, list all ways!

    • A A says:

      It really depends. I’d say it takes around 2 weeks to notice a difference. However, if you don’t see a change right away don’t drown you problem areas in cream because they will just become more blocked and you may develop more pimples. Just use it as directed and you’ll be lookin good in no time.

  12. jbsd says:

    does the proactive face mask work?
    is it fast?

    • Jessica says:

      The products you are using, are they Salsylic Acid or Benzoyl peroxide? BP can be VERY drying. I personally like SA better. Salsylic acid it really good. It is in almost all acne washes. Benzoyl Peroxide is too drying for me! Try finding a face lotion with SA in it. Clean and Clear has a good moisturizer with SA and it helps keep pimples at bay. It is only about $5 a bottle and lasts about 2 months and you can get it at your local store. I have used this in the past and it works well. Personally, I use Biore products (which you get over the counter. Their products range from $5-$10). They are harsh on pimples, but not on your face.
      Personally, Proactive didn’t work for me. I have been using Biore products for over a year and I hardly ever break out! Occasionally I will get one or two, but nothing bad. I use Biore Ice Cleanser for acne and Biore warming facial scrub every morning for blackheads (This stuff works. I notcied a DRASTIC difference in my blackheads being GONE within 2 weeks) . And then 3-4 day s a week I use Biore purging pore cream scrub. For body acne I use Neutrogena acne body wash I never break out on my body. It gets 110 in summer so sweat in inevitably, yet I never break out. Give it a try. All of it is cheap too. About $5-10 depending on what you buy! I think you will just need to experiment with products until you find what works for you. Remember, it can take 1 month for products to fully begin working! Good Luck!

  13. Anonymous1 says:

    What are the characteristics of a proactive student?
    **What are the characteristics of a proactive student? How can I make my student more proactive?

    • wisdomdude says:

      Empowering students to learn how they learn best is perhaps the greatest lesson a teacher can facilitate and provide to their students.

      But the short answer to your question on characteristics of pro-active learners can be found at

      As to how to encourage them to become pro-active learners, you might want to start with the basic definition of the word education. It comes from two Latin words “ex” (out of) and “ducere” (to lead). So quite literally, teachers should lead out of the students what they already have inside themselves, get the students to reflect and view what they know in a different light. This enhances their comprehension and realization of the true power of their knowledge.

      In my opinion, pro-active students learn how to become their own best teachers. Teachers need to provide opportunities and demonstrate techniques to help students reach this goal.

      However, don’t hand down this definition. Rather, as a model of pro-active learning, as the class to give out words or short phrases to define education based on their personal insights and experiences. Conduct this much as you would a brainstorming session by writing all responses on the board…no judgments, any words/phrases up on the board. Then get the class to cluster the words/phrases as they think they are related. And from the clustering see what definition comes up. THEN, open the dictionary, explain the origins of the word…and get the class to revisit the words/phrases and depending on the degree of match/mismatch, re-cluster the words/phrases or revise their definition. In the process, those students who are actively engaged in the exercise are probably well on their way to be pro-active learners.

      If you haven’t already done so, look at

      To help empower the students, they need to recognize how they learn
      but remind them, though they may tend to be one kind of learner, they should be aware of the other learning styles and try to enhance the “styles-less used” to better fill their tool boxes.

      Do you use Learning Logs in your class? It consists of students answering three basic questions in writing. I did this each week pertaining to the assigned chapter.
      1) What did I learn that was new that I didn’t know before?
      The background on this is the simple idea of making an effort to learn 1 new thing from each chapter or lesson. Remember taking foreign language? Vocabulary is a big challenge….and it sounds so simple to learn 5 new words each week. But not many of us can keep up that pace. So you now advocate your students all strive to learn at least 1 new thing about statistics each week. Some of us call it pro-active learning.

      2) How will I make use of it?
      Now you are following idea of “Use it or lose it.” If they learn something new and never make use of it, they really won’t retain it. So now you provide them with the opportunity to reflect on what they have learned as it pertains to their daily lives.

      3) What didn’t I understand about the lesson?
      This is the critical question that now tells you what the students need help with BEFORE the test. So it guides your lesson planning.

      These questions get students to reflect on the lesson (taking action, pro-active) as it pertains to themselves…to personalize the learning. The last question gets them to strive to understand and seek help BEFORE the test. You don’t have to link a person to the question…but read the question out to the class and see who can answer…getting the students to “teach back” to other students (getting active in class again).

      Do you use SCANS (US Dept of Labor check lists of knowledge/skills employers want workers to be able to do once hired)? Visit
      to get a free copy of the checklists

      Get students to do a self-inventory at the start of the term…and again at the end of the term. They can monitor their progress in their quest to get the knowledge and skills required on the job.

      You can get them to pick a job they think they’d like to have. Have the students get the relevant job description and do a SCANS inventory of it…then compare/contrast their personal inventory to the job description inventory. Good match means job ready….poor match identifies what specific knowledge and skills they need to acquire (possible motivation for pro-action on their part).

      Well, admittedly, every teacher and class is unique, and what worked so well for me for the past 17 years may not always work for anyone else…but you won’t know until you try, right?

      OK, hope this helps. There’s probably more, but hopefully this gets you off to a good start. Best wishes in your endeavors.

  14. Fish&Chips says:

    does proactive really work?

    • bailey says:

      yes-it works great!! just follow the directions and apply it in morning and before you go to sleep at night. it’s the only thing that worked for me!

  15. inconsequential says:

    Does proactive really work on healing acne scars and skin conditions?
    I used proactiv a while ago and I think my skin got a little better but then it started getting really red and sensitive. I still have acne scars and unclear skin and I want to have clean and clear skin. So if you have used proactive the please give your review and if you have any other advice it would be very welcomed.

    • dr Nimisha says:

      Acne redness is disfiguring. It is a constant reminder of our on going battle with this skin condition. Coverage with makeup is not always an option for men, and sometimes makeup with cause additional outbreaks on women. However, with home treatments or the advancement in modern medicine, there’s no reason to endure them. There is a wide range of treatments available. It is just a matter of deciding which treatment is best for you.

      They are several solutions to decrease the redness left behind from acne. Some of them can be found in your home. These are really great effective measures to reduce redness.

      Get some ice cubes from your freezer. Use a clean cloth to cover the ice cubes. Or use an ice pack. Place it on the red marks for 10 minutes. It will make the redness of the blemish less noticeable, and is a good temporary way reduce acne redness.
      Mix a fresh lemon juice with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on your face. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then rinse your face with fresh water. It smells wonderful and is refreshing. The redness will reduce in about 15 days. It takes a while, granted, but this method is a more permanent way to get rid of acne redness
      Garlic also works very well. It can be applied fresh, or you can buy garlic oil. Cut the garlic clove open, or pierce the garlic capsule and rub it on the affected area, Do this on regular intervals. This will to reduce redness and swelling. Word of warning though. Garlic is smelly and the odor will stay with you if you don’t wash it off correctly. However, lemon juice will eliminate the garlic smell. Just spread a little over the area of the garlic, and rinse.
      Visine just isn’t for red eyes. The chemical it contains tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which minimize acne redness by constricting blood vessels making the appearance of acne redness less. Apply on the affected area with a cotton swab and use on regular intervals.
      Hemorrhoid medication just isn’t good for -well you know where-. Hemorrhoid cream has a vascular restrict in it that decreases the blood flow to the skin. Not only that, it has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and a moisturizer too boot. What more can you ask for! Take care to use it on the only the red marks. It is not a good idea to spread it all over, especially the face. You will be amazed at the results at reducing acne redness.

      Acne redness can comprise of something as simple as red, or brown marks that will go away eventually on their own, or with the remedies just listed. However, acne redness may be permanent. This is when acne redness is considered a scar. While temporary skin discoloration is not something that is normally treated medically, acne redness in the form of scars can be treated professionally. Consult a dermatologist. He or she will recommend a procedure to get rid of acne redness left by scars.

      Take care…

  16. x..Audrie.X says:

    i have acne crap so i got proactive and it made my face all dry will it eventually go away?? its about 5 days old and it is dry. I dont want to throw away all this stuff since its so expencive………………………………………………………………

    i put the lotion on. i have tried different lotions but my face is still dry below my lips and above them ??
    anyone else

    • Alyssa says:

      We called Proactive about our situation with dry skin.
      They say to take little amounts of what you use because taking too much can have the opposite affect.
      Using the Refining Mask, take the tip of your pinky and dap it on your problem areas.
      Don’t use more than the tip of your pinky. [Unless you are doing the mask, but I would suggest just doing the spot treatments to get rid of them and not use it all up].
      As for the others, make sure you wash your face and hands really well before and make sure to follow them in the correct steps for the best care.
      You might want to find some dry skin lotion at your local drug store and make sure it won’t clog your pores.

  17. Dalisa Jackson says:

    Is there anything besides Proactive that I can use for acne?
    I have acne scars and I’ve used EVERYTHING!! And I don’t have money to get proactive. So is there like any home remedies that I could use for acne?

  18. Furst L says:

    Should i get the proactive trial system or buy a full size system?
    First i want to know if you have used proactive, does it work? I am thinking about buying it, is the trial system really worth the money or should i just spend the extra money and get the regular sized system? How big is the trial system compared to the regular size?

    • i luv u says:

      trial you save money if it is your first time besides what if you are allergic to it it is a waste of money.

  19. I ♥ you says:

    How do you get rid of pimples without proactive or any other type of acne medicine?
    i have pimples not very many but they’re still noticeable and if i wear make up then it will just get worse. How do i get rid of them without proactive or anything like that?

  20. Rdot says:

    How can I clear up my skin after proactive outbreak?
    I used Proactive for about a month last summer; however, my face broke out worse than before I started the program. I work outside and I believe the extreme heat had something to do with it… Now my face which had minor blemishes is covered with little bumps and way more blemishes than I could count. If anyone has any solution that could help clear my face please respond as I am in desperate need!!! I immediately stopped the use of proactive products.

    • █banshee says:

      Since proactive has a lot of harsh chemicals that usually has a bad reaction to peoples skin (like yours) I would invest in some really mild natural ingredient soaps. Anything from burts bees is good, try their face soaps/scrubs and try to buy a toner/astrigent, Neutrogena makes great ones. also try not to over moisturize, your skin won’t like going through the drastic changes, unless your skin is very very dry naturally. Also if you dont see much improvement within a couple weeks, try buying a spot or night acne cream that you can put on before you go to bed. hope this helped.

  21. LOVe&PeACe says:

    How long does Proactive take to work?
    I just bought Proactive on Thursday’ve been using it every since.
    I seen some differcents in my skin. I know it works differently for some people I just want to see how long it took for most people.

  22. Rae F says:

    What is the best way to get clearer skin besides proactive?
    I have all types on acne on my face. (Those horrible painful zits, regular zits, and blackhead.) I have tried proactive and it didn’t work very well (i used it for a year with little results) Any tips?

    • Jin Info says:

      Stop hormonal breakouts by reducing stress and getting a good night’s rest. If the situation can’t be avoided, use skincare products like a daily face wash that contains salicylic acid, an ingredient clinically proven to reduce acne. Avoid “trigger” foods such as those high in salt, processed foods and those that have a high glycemic index and contain polyunsaturatead oils. Dr. VMVR notes that diets rich in Omega 6 fatty acids produce arachidonic acid from which pro-inflammatory hormones are formed, ultimately leading to acne. Dr. VMVR recommends getting a head-start on preventative care and adding anti-acne skincare products to your regimen before breakouts appear. Look for mild, non-comedogenic moisturizers and makeup, and of course, skincare products containing salicylic acid.

      Dr. VMVR recommends acne products at

  23. barnie says:

    How long does Proactive take to clear skin?
    I want to start using Proactive, but i am not sure how long its going to take to clear my skin.

    • Nicole says:

      it only took my skin about a week to completely clear up after using Proactive. I love it! But everyone’s skin is different, and I didn’t have alot of acne to start out with, just a few pimples every now and then. But I definitely recommend it.

  24. Opinionated says:

    Can I only use the renewing cleanser from proactive or will that mess up my skin?
    So i just started using proactive (I have mild acne) and I broke out in places i usually don’t, like my jaw line and my upper lip. And i hear skipping one day of proactive can make your skin worse and I AM NOT down for using expensive proactive for the rest of my life!

    So i basically do not like proactive and all i really want from it is the renewing cleanser cause that gets rid of black spots.

    So can I?

    • sirinalsabagh says:

      i would say you could. But i’m not sure if they do sell it individually as a member i know we need 3 items in a package so to make sure call and ask maybe they do i don’t know. Good luck!

  25. Maria C says:

    where xan i buy proactive on canada?????
    there used to be a comercial for it && i wrote down the number, and i lost the number!!! im so mad anyways does anyone know the number the proactive was $19.99 in canadian money, icame with the bottles and a lil mask thingy, i think if you could help that would be great!
    10 minutes

  26. Colton Johnson. says:

    How long does it usually take proactive solution to work?
    Is there something I can do with the Proactive to speed up the process?

    • yourguardiandevils says:

      Just wait it out. Sometimes it can make the acne a little worse before it gets better, but in a week or so it will be a noticable difference. I’ve used it for several years and it is the only thing that I’ve found to work for me.

  27. Iz says:

    Would it be smart to use Proactive on someone before their body begins to produce acne?
    My little brother hasn’t gotten acne yet, but he is thinking about using cleansers such as Proactive before he even gets acne. Would this be a good idea or a waste of money?

    • mo says:

      no. proactive has chemicals in it that will cause acne if he uses it before he actually has acne. start him off on one of those store bought face cleaners, because they make sure his face is clean but they arent medicated. when you use medication on something before you have it, it just makes it worse.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What will happen if i stop using my mosturizer with proactive?
    Well i have been using a moisturizer with proactive for around a year, at first i even had to use two because of facial redness and dryness, but proactive has been the most effective and gentle acne treatment on my skin. What can i expect to happen if I go off the one moisturizer i am now using, is my skin adjusted enough to not dry up at this point?

    • kit-kat girl says:

      you might die if you stop using the moisturizer, but if you do stop using it just remember to put me on your will.

  29. ¤_ºö ¼ says:

    What is proactive in the following passage?
    Human beings seek out and gravitate toward those environments that are pleasant and positively reinforcing, and they avoid and flee those environments that are coercive and punishing. A working knowledge of these principles makes it possible for us to create a positive, pleasant, reinforcing environment that our children will crave. But even then, they will do things that we as parents find annoying and distasteful. But that should not prompt us to reject them. As I point out in Chapter 25, When All Else Fails, we must do all we can to create the most pleasant, positive, reinforcing environment possible within our homes irrespective of our children’s behavior. To one degree or another, they might be out of control, but we must not be out of control. If a child is out of control, a child is out of control. If the parents are out of control, the family is out of control. As I point out in Chapter 7, Proactive Responding To Reactive Adolescent Behavior, as parents we must be proactive rather than reactive. We must be teachers of behavior, not punishers of behavior. When we learn to do that, we see behavior in an entirely different light.

    • Rob Levy says:

      Waiting for something to happen before responding to it. An example of this is the Fire Brigade. They sit and play cards and wait for a fire to start. When the fire starts, they jump into action. They are reactive.

      Proactive (the opposite):
      Doing something about the problem before it starts. This is like the homeowner who buys a smoke detector and fireproofs all his sofas. He is thinking about the problem of a fire before a fire starts. He is being proactive.

      In the example above, the author is suggesting that parents shouldn’t wait for bad behaviour to appear before doing something about it. They should rather prevent bad behaviour by setting a good example. This is acting proactively to prevent bad behaviour.

  30. Jaranai says:

    How long should I wait until I use proactive again?
    I’ve used proactive for about 6 days and it really dried out my skin. I haven’t been using it for about 3 days now and my skin is still flaking. What will I have to do so that my skin doesn’t flake anymore?

    • Alleshiea says:

      Moisturize it every morning and everynight to get the hydration back into it… then try the proactive again, just once a day and use moisturizer straight after, and at night also. Hope this helps 🙂

  31. Josue E says:

    What is the most proactive way of clearing my skin of acne?
    ironically i wish to not use proactive…what can i use to clean my skin and keep it acne free, home remedies, soaps etc.

    • Kbays09 says:

      i have used proactive and really like it but if your looking for a natural way to do it..i would say change your diet..drink plenty of water eat fruits and veggies..another thing get plenty of sunshine it’s said that sunshine helps develop vitamin D3 which is very important when talking about good skin..i have also read once that a doctor suggested people to eat one clove of garlic a can put this in a salad just as an example those are just some natural solutions..sometimes your body needs natural help rather than chemical help

  32. Vampires? says:

    How do you buy a specific proactive product?
    I don’t want to buy the whole proactive kits, I just want the Green Tea Moisturizer. If I could get the repairing lotion by itself that would be great but I mainly just want the green Tea lotion, how do I buy it by itself?

    • salvsnena says:

      you can probably find it in some department stores like Walmart or Target
      & sometimes you can find it at your local mall (that’s where I find mine)

  33. diver7 says:

    What is the best thing to do in order to get off proactive effectively?
    I am going to try to quit proactive very soon. I have been using it for over a year but back in November I stopped using it and I broke out badly. My breakouts are finally beginning to stop. I’ve heard great news about the Skin ID so I am switching to that soon. What is the best way to quit proactive, switch to Skin ID, and not go through a horrible breakout period?
    I’m still breaking out a little but It’s slowly subsiding. I want to get off of proactive because I don’t want to become dependant on it like some people do so that I can slowly go to cheaper cleansers until I may only have to use soap or something like that.

  34. GaBrIeL says:

    What medicine besides proactive can remove acne?
    Also what causes acne to turn more red? I mean just a few months ago I had mild acne nothing serious but all of a sudden it started to turn red and swell. I think what’s causing it is the pizza from my highschool it’s the only thing I eat. But my friends also eat that everyday but they don’t have acne. So what medicine besides proactive can remove my red swollen acne?

  35. Ari Lautner says:

    How come my face stings after i use step 2 of the proactive system for my face?
    I just started proactive and my face stings only after i use step 2 of proactive. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Corey says:

      Your skin is either sensitive to the product, or you’re allergic to one of the ingredients, I would highly suggest limiting you usage of the product to once a day, if that fixes the issue your skin is only sensitive, if not I would suggest finding a new face wash, preferably a hypo allergenic one

  36. Jenna says:

    PROACTIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
    Does proaactive really work and who won the justin bieber contest thay had??

    • Abu The Skin Guru says:

      Hey Jenna -it’s Abu The Skin Guru here! I don’t believe the company has drawn the winner of the justin bieber contest yet even though it closed on the 1st october 2010. As to whether procactive really works the results are very blotchy – some say it helps and others say it did nothing while others say it made their acne condition worse. The thing about proactiv is that the active ingredient is nothing more than tired old benzol peroxide which is a chemical that’s been around since Adam had pimples as a teenager! It’s like an acid that tries to burn away the problem. Forget the fancy marketing and the paid celebrity endorsements. Your skin is the largest organ in your body so don’t crap it up with chemicals. If you want to know the best natural cure for acne, ask Dr Oz or me – we’ll both tell ya that it is an all natural product called Tamanu Oil from my favorite part of the world, Vanuatu in the exotic South Pacific. – Ah, and the girls there, their skin is so smooth and silky…….yummy!!

  37. .:.Betsy.:. says:

    Who else thinks the Proactive commercials are on way to much?
    So whenever i watch tv, at least everyother commecial break there is a proactive commercial. I notice it most on mtv and vh1, but there are a lot of other channels too. Yea i understand they are trying to sell their product, but the commercials are on so much, that i almost have them memorized!

    • Ya dig? says:

      Ugh. I do.
      && whats even more annoying, is that I used to use proactive, and now I dont, so its alwayssssss on. And annoys me. LOL

  38. Oj Dre says:

    Can i use proactive skin lightning lotion while on accutane and some atibiotic to control outbreaks?
    I’m not using proactive anymore . I still have acne . What will the skin lighter do for me and how long till see results?

    • S H says:

      you should talk to the Dr you are getting the accutane from. everyone is different. accutane takes about 6 months to START working and then at around a year you will see even more of a difference. It continues to keep clearing up your skin for 1-3 yrs even after u are not taking it anymore ( once your prescribed amount of time is over ) I took it long ago and am glad that I did. Keep it mind DO NOT touch your skin, pick, etc.. It can cause scars. Trust me I know. I have clear skin but lots of acne scars from poppin’ zits and messing w my skin. I was about 15 when I was on accutane. I’m 32 now and still have the scars. I wish left my hands off my face. Wash your face as needed then leave it ALONE. good luck!

  39. smokey says:

    What are some ways I can get rid of my acne without using Proactive?
    My acne is under better control, I think, than it used to be, but i still want to get rid of it all. Proactive is expensive, so if you can think up any ways to help me with my problem, it would be appreciated.

    • Sahiba says:

      Here is a simple tip that you can use to reduce your acne scars and pigmentation.

      The Oil Cleansing Method
      What you will need:
      Warm Water
      Cold Water
      Clean Towels
      Castor Oil
      Olive Oil

      The first thing you need to do is to wash your face gently to remove excess dirt and oils from the surface.

      You will then need to warm a clean towel in warm water and apply it to your face for 3 minutes. Do the same thing with the cold water but this time for one minute.

      Carry out both the warm water and cold water procedure about 3 times but always finish with cold and then pat dry with another clean towel.

      Next mix a small amount of castor oil with a small amount of olive oil. A 50/50 ratio will do just fine. Apply the mixture to your skin and let it stay there for 30 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Pat dry with a clean towel and you are good to go.

  40. Ash says:

    ok, im seriously thinking of getting proactive this week and i was wondering how long before you see major results? does the product cause bad dryness and does your face get worse before getting better? thanks for your advice im now in my 2nd yr of college and my face is terrible, i dont think ill ever grow outta of it! thanks! any other suggestions are appreciated.

    • unique says:

      Ok proactive works diffrently for diffrent people. I have proactive and it doesnt work for me. It makes my skin dry and everything. If you have used proactive before your results would probably be faster than before since your skin is used to it. If you havnt used it before than you have to find out. Good Luck!!!

  41. qestions says:

    How long does it take proactive to make your face zit free?
    I have recently bought proactive and only had it for four days it is working a little, so is there any people with expirience that can tell me if it works and how long it takes?
    I have recently bought proactive and only had it for four days it is working a little, so is there any people with expirience that can tell me if it works and how long it takes? oh and is it normal to like flake, or peel? and your face to feel stiffish after using
    oh and is it normal to like flake, or peel? and your face to feel stiffish after using

    • nascargryl says:

      I have used it for 2 months now and my face is about 80% clear. It is more about routine then anything cause I missed one day and noticed a quick breakout.

  42. Rachel T says:

    Does Proactive really work as good as everyone says it does?
    My friend’s sister uses it and says its magic and i have really bad acme and so i have tried everthing except proactive so i want to get it but it seems too good to be true. Can it help me in time for school?

    • brn2shn89 says:

      As an esthetician, I know that the only active ingredient in it that really does anything for “treating” the acne is the benzoyl peroxide, which what that does is takes off layers of skin to get below the blemishes. Benzoyl peroxide should acctually only be used as a spot treatment, because otherwise it will make normal areas on your face dry. I’d recommend going and buying a little tube of the same thing and only put it on areas that need it. Its way less expensive and will more than likely work better for you! Just because there’s is “prescription grade” doesn’t really mean anything!

  43. shopaholic578 says:

    Does neutrogena skin id work better than proactive?
    Hey everyone!

    I am 16 years old and im currently using Proactive. I recently found out that Proactive has been not working latley. I saw the add for neutrogena skin id and wanted to get your opinion if i should switch to skin id, did it work for you guys? Or any other suggestions


    • Jayne says:

      I used skin ID for a little over a month. At first, it made my skin intolerably dry – though I assumed that would clear out all of the blemishes and my skin would be clear afterwards. Unfortunately, though it made my skin a bit “healthier” looking, the blemishes continued to show up despite my dry skin. Finally, I decided that the product simply didn’t work for me. At the moment I’m attempting to find a suitable skin product (I was actually looking at Proactive ironically haha – how long did you use it?). If I do find any miracle product I’ll be sure to email you!

  44. samantha_sarie says:

    What is the best product to get rid of acne? Does Proactive really work like the ads say?
    I breakout occasionally and it really bothers me. I’ve seen the ads for Proactive all over the place and I was wondering if it really works or if there is something else that works better.

    • julieg_68 says:

      Yes it does. I got it for my daughter and within a couple of weeks she could tell a big difference. There are generic forms at Walmart and Walgreens that work just the same also and much cheaper

  45. senkk1 says:

    Can I use Shishedo moisterizer on top of Proactive to help the dryness?
    My skin (face) has been very dry and itchy since I’ve started using Proactive Solution. I’ve used it before and I stopped for like one year. I decided to use it again because my acne came back, but this time the rash or dryness is worse than before. Should I use a moisterizer on top of the Proactive solution such as Shishedo’s to help the dryness or would that make it worse? Also , I am currently taking Doxycycline pills prescribed by my doctor to treat my acne. Is the dryness a reaction of the pills and proactive solution taken together?
    I meant that last year Proactive worked really well for me, no rashes or skin irritation, but this time there is an issue with a burning sensation when i use the toner and increasing dryness and itchiness to my face.

    • therealdollface says:

      Sometimes our skin has an initial reaction to reject chemicals. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t good for our skin…as for your choice of moisturizer its best to stick with the Product line but since you have dry skin add Aquaphor as added moisturizer. Its great for very dry skin. Try not to use moisturizers that have fragrances and billions of chemicals…stick with non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic agents, and products dermatologist approved. Aquaphor and Aveeno positively radiance are great.

      Try using Aquaphor in the evening so by morning your skin will feel and look great. Trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed.

  46. curious 16 yr old boy says:

    What is the price or cost of proactive 60 day supply in the local malls?
    just wnat to find out how much proactive is sold on local malls and not online…because I’ve heard it’s hard to cancel the subcription.

    • heatherinsc says:

      I’m pretty sure the price in the malls is the same as online–around $50. By the way, it isn’t all that hard to cancel a subscription, but if you do order it online you would be paying for shipping as well.

  47. Sam says:

    If proactive works so well, why do you need to keep buying it every 2 months? What do you think

    • rawremodino says:

      because the moment you stop using proactive.
      the moment all the pimples come right back out again.
      then if you try and use it again, your skin might not take it because its already grown up an “immunity” type of thing to it.

      exactly what happened to me.

  48. Kate says:

    How to prevent proactive from bleaching my eyebrows?
    Proactive can bleach hair or fabrics. Most of my acne is on my forehead, and I don’t want my eyebrows bleached. Should I just not use it above my eyebrows?
    If you’ve used proactive, tell how long you’ve used it and if it bleached anything.

    • willexzollady says:

      My 16 y/o son had the same thing happen to him and wiping of his eyebrows after use didn’t help.What did help was coating his eyebrows with Vaseline, not a lot just a lil bit to stop it from absorbing into the hairs. He has not had that problem since.
      Try it I’ll bet it works for you too.
      Good Luck

  49. Ryan says:

    What face cleanser is closest to proactive?
    I’m on vacation and I forgot my proactive face cleanser. I’ll buy something at a store but I need to know which 3 products in order are the most similar.

    • Mr UA says:

      duno mate but it would be worth having a look at the Garnier “Pure range”, the ingredients used in this product are inspired by nature & it contains salicylic acid which is great for break outs & acne.

  50. Danielle A says:

    Whats the difference between Proactive and ClearPores Acne solutions?
    Whats the difference between Proactive and ClearPores Acne solutions???

    I am just curious. I have tried Proactive before, and was unsuccessful. Should I even bother with ClearPores?

    • sewgoodmama says:

      Proactive didn’t work for my teenage daughter either, in fact Proactive made her skin worse. She ended up trying Clearasil Ultra Daily wash and she loves it.

      Have you ever thought about trying some vitamins to control Acne? I my opinion, if you really want to be acne free, start taking Chelated Zinc, its amazing and costs about $5 a for a months worth. Your skin will thank you for it.

      Good luck!

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