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Increasing Your Cell Phone Battery Life

Cell phones have changed the world. A person can remain in “touch” with people around the globe thanks to cell phone technology. Even though cell phone technology is just a few years old, cellular phones have penetrated all corners of the world.

Cell phones are now available in thousands of models. Cell phone battery is one of the most important cell phone accessories. The cellular phone battery life is one of the key factors users look at when purchasing a new cell phone.

A battery consists of a cathode, an anode and an electrolyte. The cathode is a metal oxide strip, the anode a metal strip that has a tendency to oxidize, and the electrolyte a conducting medium in which the anode and cathode are kept. When the anode and cathode are connected, the anode draws oxygen atoms thus generating electricity. Various types of batteries are available like alkaline batteries, lead acid batteries, lithium/manganese dioxide batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH), Nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries, lithium ion batteries etc. For mobile phones lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries are predominantly used.

Lithium ion cell phone batteries are rechargeable batteries. They are much lighter than other batteries because they carry extremely high-density charges and are easier to store than NiMH batteries. They do not suffer from memory effect. Sony Corporation first introduced lithium ion batteries in 1991.

Memory effect is a strange phenomenon – if a battery (usually nickel batteries) is repeatedly charged at partial discharge, the battery “forgets” that it has the capacity to discharge fully. Gradually the battery loses all capacity to fully recharge and has to be discarded. Li-Ion batteries also have a low self-discharge rate of approximately 5% compared to other batteries that are generally around 20-30%. However if mistreated Li-Ion batteries can be dangerous and have very short lives.

Some guidelines that can increase cell phone battery life are:

* Never discharge Li-Ion battery fully, recharge it at 40% capacity.
* Never store batteries above 60 deg Celsius.
* Do not keep batteries in moist places.
* Do not dispose off batteries in fire. They may catch fire or explode.
* Store in a cool places, this will increase their life considerably.

One of the disadvantages of Li-Ion cellular phone batteries is that they have a fixed shelf life of approximately 5 years. The capacity of the battery reduces about 20% every year. Hence it is a good idea to check the manufacture date on cell phone batteries before purchasing. Generally in cell phones, the batteries cannot be interchanged and cellular phone batteries are model specific.

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93 Responses to Phone Battery

  1. jackisp says:

    Is that safe to repace a cell phone battery by a compatible battery?
    The original battery’s features are 3.7V with a capacity of 800 mAh.
    The replacement battery(so called “compatible battery”)’s features are 3.7V with a capacity of 600 mAh. The cell phone is recharged via USB connection. Is that safe to use this compatible battery to replace the original battery? Thanks a lot!

  2. Megan says:

    How often should I charge my cell phone battery?
    I usually charge my phone once every couple of days when it gets down to the last line and the battery is about to die. I heard if you charge your battery too much, like every day, then in the long run, it’ll make the battery last not as long. But if you charge it less often, it’ll last you a lot longer in the long run. Is this true or just a myth? Will it hurt my battery if I charge it every night or make it have a shorter life span? By the way, I have a black motorola razr phone.

    • Manish says:

      Yes you are charging it almost correctly.
      Any rechargeable battery has a lifespan of 1000 charging/discharging cycles. so more frequently you charge it less the life. And this is not a myth. Remember every new battery takes up to 18 hrs for 1st charging and 3-4 complete discharging are suggested for better functioning.

  3. Dede M says:

    How do you revive a cell phone battery that is completely dead and does not charge?
    I have an LG cellphone. The battery is completely dead that not even charging it will turn it on. The cell phone can turn on only for about 2 seconds. This is a real problem because i need to retrieve a number on it. Any ideas on how to revive the battery a little bit or how to at least retrieve the numbers on the phone? Should I put the sim on another phone or what? Please help.

  4. dolce says:

    Can you charge a cell phone battery out of the phone?
    The charging port on my phone is broken. I sent it in for repair and they said it is not covered under warranty. My phone still works, the battery still works, I just have no way to plug it in to anything. I’m wondering if i can charge the battery seperately somehow then be able to place it back in the phone. If not, I’m going to have to buy a new phone which I really can’t afford right now.

    The phone is an LG Keybo and the better is lithium ion.

    • Switch Cell Phone Repair says:

      Yes, they sell universal cell phone battery chargers on ebay for a couple bucks. Also, if you can find a cell phone repair shop near you, you should be able to get the charger port fixed for around $80 or so, maybe less.

  5. Cogito ergo atheos sum says:

    Should I completely drain my phone battery before charging it, or does it not matter?
    I read several internet articles and cellular manuals, and they all seem to contradict each other. Some say to charge your phone battery whenever possible, while others say it is better to charge when it’s very low. Does the frequency of charging your cell phone affect the battery life? Any consequences of charging your phone willy-nilly?

    I have a phone which began distribution about six months ago, so I’m pretty sure it has a modern battery, unlike the older ones that have the “memory effect”.

    • Sabs says:

      Normally charging it regardless of it’s battery level doesn’t matter but it says to drain the battery
      then charge it fully atleast once or twice a month , i’m not sure why but i guess it helps with the battery in some way.
      They also say to charge and recondition the battery after it’s been idle for a long period of time for maximum performance. Remember to NEVER leave your phone in charging mode for an excessive amount of time; this constant exposure to high voltage can damage the battery.
      So overall just normally run a cycle of draining and fully charging & to not leave your phone charged for a very , very long time if you do not want to wreck your phone’s battery!
      Otherwise you’re good to go !

      : )

  6. Carroll Patriot says:

    Phone battery?
    Is 800 mAh Li-Ion a good battery for a cell phone? does anyone have one of them and do they have pretty good battery life?

    • S says:

      its not bad but may not last 3 days on a charge
      i had a 750 that died in the first 6 months and couldnt hold a charge for 1 day after the first month.

  7. WeeYou says:

    What are the risks with an extended cell phone battery?
    In other words, what downsides are there with an extended battery?

    I bought a new Droid Incredible and want to purchase an extended battery, but I can’t figure out why a beefier battery is not standard on most smartphones. I don’t think its because of cost–these things aren’t that expensive.

    Are the extended batteries more likely to rupture? Do they tolerate temperature changes worse than standard? Do they cause the phone to emit more radiation? Do they not last as long?

    Thank you.

    • chris b says:

      why doesn’t anything come with all the necessary accessories.. essentially it comes down to money, a business makes more money by not including it with the phone, yeah they could raise the price of the phone slighlty and make money, but it is better to have a standard battery with the phone because an extended battery might turn customers away as it is bulky and not pocket/holster/shell case friendly. therefore they offer the extended battery to the many (but not all users) who like the functionality and don’t mind the bulkiness/weight of the battery. plus they can charge a lot for an inexpensive battery because people will think they NEED it, when only a few will use the phone and it’s functions enough to require an extended battery.

  8. cevil203 says:

    Will Sprint replace a cell phone battery if i dont have insurance?
    I have a sprint phone, a 2 year contract that ends in october. My question is will Sprint replace a battery at no cost to me if the phone i have is getting about 3 minutes talk time?

    • Tom B says:

      not a snow balls chance in hell!!
      thats like the stapler I bought at Home depo ran out of staples think they’ll give me more for free?

  9. Dillpickle says:

    How can I charge my extra cell phone battery?
    I’m thinking of getting the Moto Q or Moto Q 9c from Sprint and buying an additional battery. Is there a way I can charge the extra battery with out putting it in the phone and plugging it in. I really don’t want to haft to get up in the middle of the night and switch the batteries so the other one can charge. Is there some sort of special adapter?

    Im not looking for phone plans. Im looking for a charger.

  10. Mike says:

    phone battery???????
    i just got my new phone and my friend told me not to charged even when i lose 2 bars because the battery will get messed up. he said i need to wait till my battery dies then charge it
    is that true?
    and i charged it completely when i purchased it

  11. Danger2Society says:

    Phone Battery?
    I just got a new phone, and I have heard that not charging it until it dies makes the battery last longer. I have also heard that never letting it die makes it last longer. Any tips on training my battery?

    • Peytons Mommy says:

      You dont have to wait till it dies to charge it but you certainly dont want to charge it when its half way or more charged….The best advice I can give for taking care of your battery is to NEVER charge it more than 2-4 hours on the home charger and never more than 45 minutes on a car charger …The phone does not know to stop charging the battery after the initial charge is complete so your phone keeps sucking out juice from the battery …eventually leaving you with little or no juice and no life left on the battery…

  12. chemikalie08 says:

    What is the best way to conserve a cell phone battery?
    I have heard that should only charge it when it is dead, is this true? What else can I do to ensure my cell phone battery LASTS?

    • Mike says:

      The old charging when the battery is dead thing was for old Nickel Cadium batteries… the new Nickel Medal-hydryde (sp) batteries do not have battery memory… so you can charge it any time.

      To make your battery last, dont expose it to high temperatures (like leaving it in your car), FULLY charge it each time you charge it, and dont use your phone as much… ;p

  13. Julie says:

    What can I do to make my cell phone battery work longer?
    The battery on my cell phone that i’ve had for approximately 2 years lasts about 10 minutes when fully charged. My last resort is buying a new battery. What can I do to make the battery life longer? It is a lithium ion battery in a kyocera cell phone.

    If i do have to buy a new battery? How much would it cost me or would it be cheaper to just buy a new phone?
    Added at 9:37- Can I freeze it? Would it damage it? How long should I freeze it for?
    I have the backlight at 5 sec. I even disabled the backlighting for awhile but I had to turn it back on, I couldnt see anything.
    Its a prepaid cell phone… no contracts and I always have the charger plugged in

    • shelster10 says:

      I’ve always heard that you should let your battery run all the way down, then charge it completely. Do this a few times. It’s kinda like resetting the memory.

  14. Mark says:

    How can you charge a cell phone battery without plugging it in?
    The actual phone will not charge for some reason. I’d like to know if you can charge a cell phone battery without it being in the phone.

  15. Ben K says:

    How can I fix my cell phone battery that dies throughout the day?
    Over the weekend I spilled a drink onto my phone. I took the phone apart, allowing it to dry out over night. I woke up in the morning, put it back together and it worked fine. After that day though the cell phone’s battery dies much more quickly. What is wrong with it? What can I do, if anything, to fix it?

    • faytal says:

      purchase a brand new battery. the old one is wasted. Blow dry the phone in the back where the battery contacts are to make sure there is no moisture.

  16. - says:

    Why is the battery life on my cell phone so short all of a sudden? And how do I go about fixing this?
    My cell phone battery life used to last for a few weeks before it would completely drain. Sometimes, however, I would charge my phone before the battery life had completely drained.

    Since the battery life is shorter now, I’ve been waiting for it to completely drain before I began to charge it again. It’s still been dying on my after a couple of days after charging. Is there a way to fix this?

    • madman32395 says:

      there could be multiple reasons:
      Extra things like AT&T’s 3G network (i believe you can shut that off and use regular network)
      Battery could be shot-bad, needs to be replaced

  17. Will says:

    How do you condition a cell phone battery?
    I just got the motorola droid and i heard that to get a longer battery life you have to condition the battery right when you start using the phone. How do you condition it properly?

    • md_yosri says:

      1. All rechargeable battery should be fully charged before use. Usually charge > 8 hours/ overnight.
      2. Don’t over discharge. If the device shut down, don’t force switch on it.
      3. It is recommended charging and discharging its battery at least once per month.
      4. If you don’t plan on using your notebook for more than six months, store the battery with a 50% charge. If you store a battery when it’s fully discharged, it could fall into a deep discharge state, which renders it incapable of holding any charge. Conversely, if you store it fully charged for an extended period of time, the battery may experience some loss of battery capacity, meaning it will have a shorter life. Be sure to store your notebook and battery at the proper temperature.
      5. Most laptop batteries these days are lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are substantially better than either of their precursors, nickel cadmium (NiCad) and nickel metal hydride (NiMAH) batteries, in that they do not suffer from the “memory effect”. However, users should allow their batteries to fully discharge on the first two or three charging cycles.
      6. Don’t dispose of batteries in a fire as they may leak or rupture.
      7. Don’t carry loose batteries in a pocket or purse with metal objects like coins, paper clips, etc. This can short-circuit the battery, leading to high heat or leakage.
      8. Don’t store batteries or battery-powered devices in hot places — elevated temperatures can lead to capacity loss, leakage or rupture.

  18. Daniel J says:

    What is the life span of a cell phone battery?
    I’ve been told by two different employees at Alltel that cell phone batteries should last about one year. My last battery lasted only 7 months with moderate daily usage of my cell phone. I charge the battery every night (which according to the owner’s manual is fine). These batteries aren’t cheap. They cost as much as an automotive battery! Am I being ripped off? Are you?
    All answers are good. Thank you. I won’t decide which answer is “best,” but you’ve all been kind and given information that I need.

    • Tiguemon says:

      While I agree about 500 charge cycles is about right, this is a little like asking how long should my car last. The answer is it depends. Not all phones are creates equal, I have seen some batteries last years while other batteries, sometimes manufactured from the same phone manufacturer last only months. This could be due to manufacturing quality, manufactures shop their contracts to the lowest bidder and sometimes the quality suffers. I would contact the manufacturer directly to see if there is a recall or known issue with your particular model.

  19. Z says:

    Why did my phone battery life get so short all of a sudden?
    I just charged my cell phone battery to the maximum full 4 bars last night, and now, there are no more bars, and it’s almost dying. Why is my phone battery going like this? I don’t text a lot and I don’t even open it at all a lot. Do I need a new battery? I had this battery since July 3, 2008.

  20. Caitlin L says:

    Would buying a new cell phone battery improve the life of my phone?
    Ive noticed lately that my phone loses its charge much quicker now then it did about a year ago. The phone still works fine so I dont want to get another one but I was wondering if just buying a new battery would make my phone last longer??? Thanks!

  21. Claire says:

    How do you save a waterlogged phone battery?
    So my phone suffered some water damage recently. It works now, but only when it’s charging because the battery pretty much died. Before I decide to buy a new one, I was wondering if there was a way to fix my battery?

    • compass says:

      I got my cell phone wet and it stopped working, then it wouldn’t hold a charge. I let it dry for about a week and it was good as new

  22. Nico says:

    Is it better to charge your cell phone daily or wait until the battery is almost dead?
    My fiancee and her mother believe charging the cell phone daily shortens the battery life. I think that was true on older cell phone batteries, not the newer, current ones. I prefer making sure I have a fully charged phone every morning as opposed to the phone being dead when you need it because you don’t charge it daily. Who’s right?

    • #1 Mustang Fan says:

      My Mom and I have very similar phones. She charges hers almost every day. I charge mine maybe once a week when it is down to 1 bar. So which way do you thinkl works better?

  23. Jan Linderman says:

    How to revitalize a cell phone battery?
    I recently purchased an older discontinued (but new) cell phone online. Obviously, these cell phones have been on the shelf for some time. The phone works great but the battery was DEAD and woyuld not take a charge. The dates on the batteries date back to 2008. The company sent a second battery with the same results. Lucky for me, I had an old matching battery that works but it is older than these batteries and I’m afraid it will not last much longer. Is there a way to revitalize these batteries to make them workable?

    • Francis G says:

      No, soon they won’t be able to hold a charge at all, so what you gonna do miss that call or?
      “I recently purchased an older discontinued (but new) cell phone online” I have serious doubts about this statement as batteries do go flat, but… but “rechargeable” not being used that different
      ALSO batteries in mobiles ARE not sold fitted you insert the battery as shrink wrapped

  24. Starlight says:

    Can a cell phone battery work after it gets wet?
    I think my cell phone battery got wet cuz my phone wouldn’t turn on. I opened it up and here it was alittle wet. Now I want to know if I let the battery sit out and dry will it work in the morning cuz I need my phone.

    • *~$t@r~* says:

      yes it can because i aciddently dropped my phone in the toilet one day and i let the pone and the battery dry out overnight and i t worked fine after in the morning

  25. oregonmom says:

    Can a particular location make your cell phone battery lose charge?
    My husband is insisting that his cell phone battery goes completely dead when he is in a particular place. Is this possible? It holds a charge fine at all other times–for 2-3 days easily when fully charged –but dies within 4-6 hours even after a full charge when he goes to work. At first I thought maybe he was accidentally turning the camera on in his pocket so he has been leaving it in his car and it still goes dead while he’s at work -teacher at a high school. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • llcentlous says:

      depending on what service provider you have, yes. If you are with Verizon, and not on their tower system, you are pulling an analog system, therefore you are chewing up more battery power… I have this problem all the time with my Verizon phone. Also Cingular and Cellone have similar problems, though theirs it is much more obvious you are pulling an Analog signal (than it is with Verizon) so you could more easily reduce wasting battery power by whatching for that (A) signal in the corner of your phone or for the (D) signal to be gone… and shut your phone off during these times to save battery power.

  26. Dan says:

    How long does an average phone battery last before it loses its charging capacity?
    My Nokia phone was purchased less than a year ago and the battery seems to be getting weaker and weaker.

    Does warranty cover this? If not, how much can I expect to pay for a new one (in AUD).

    • I don't know how to says:

      Most modern lithium-ion batteries in electronics last around 400-500 charge cycles before they start losing capacity. Also, most warranties don’t cover battery replacements.

  27. waterlin says:

    how long can you expect a cell phone battery to be good?
    if it is not in a phone, and has never been used.

    i want to keep the cell phone i have now, as long as it is working and i can get a battery for it. so i was thinking of buying a battery for it now, while they are available, and then keeping it until the one in my phone goes bad. is there any point to this? or will this “reserve” battery go bad before i even put it in my phone?

    • Sweet says:

      Hi, your reserve battery will not go bad if it is unused but even if you use it a few times and leave it, the battery will be fine. Batteries only ware out when they have been used a lot.
      Hope that helps

  28. liza says:

    Cell phone battery seems to get low a lot quicker?
    I already change the battery of my cellphone and charge it full but a few hours only it will be low batt again! Does anyone know what’s the problem of my phone? The Battery is new so i guess the phone is deffective already?

  29. Sinna says:

    How do you make a phone battery work thats broken?
    My phone Turns off at random times and it’s because of the battery.
    Also sometimes it doesn’t even turn on.
    I use toothpicks to hold it up and i even went ghetto and used Duct Tape.

  30. Ross H says:

    What can I do to keep the charge better on my smart phone battery?
    I just bought my first smart phone and it seems that the charge in the battery does not hold as long as my regular cell phone. Do I need a new battery or is that the way smart phones are?

  31. Taddster says:

    Can a cell phone battery stay charged when its not in a cell phone?
    I want to buy a extra battery for my cell phone..and charge it, to bring with on extended trips where i cant charge my phone at all. So that when my phone dies..i can pop then new charged battery in it. Will this work? Or will the battery drain not being in a phone? Thanks!

    • Rudy says:

      depending on the type of battery they will hold a charge for a long time. Current cell phones use Li-po or li-ion batteries. They will loss a small amount of change each day, about 1-5% at most.

      So if you would to change the battery to day before your trip it would hold a change for at least a month no problem.

  32. johnlert22 says:

    What’s the best way to charge a new cell phone battery to make it last the longest?
    I’ve owned 3 cell phones so far and all of them had bad battery life. They would usually last a day or a day and a half after each charge. For my last 2 phones, I followed Cingular’s advice and charged the battery for 24 hours before using the phone. But that just made it worse. I have a Sony w600 phone and the battery is supposed to last 4-5 days.
    What’s the best way to charge a new cell phone battery? Should I use the new battery right away or charge it before using it first. Thanks very much, John

    • the_big_v says:

      These days most batteries are charged in the factory, so when you get them just charge them for a couple of hours.

      Also, with modern batteries (Lithium Iron) try not to let the battery drain all the way out like you used to with the old Ni Cad batts of old. The battery has no memory and last longer when you just charge it when you remember, if its half way done and you are at home for 30 mins, plug it in.

      After a year I still get 2 full days use out of mine and that’s what I’m looking for. Your usage may warrant more, but if you can’t get to a power source in 48 hours, I’m guessing you have other issues to worry about 😉

  33. Foxy says:

    Is there a cell phone battery charger that battery does not have to be in phone?
    I’m looking for a battery charger for a cell phone battery where you can charge battery outside of the phone. Does this exist? To elaborate, my cell phone charger piece is broken, I need to charge the battery, but obviously can’t do it via the phone. So, wondering if there’s a device out there where I can charge the batter outside of the phone.
    It’s a Verizon EnV
    What electronics store, please? I went to Radio Shack, they didn’t have anything.

  34. Diamond Girl says:

    How can you tell if a mobile phone battery is about to die?
    permanently I mean. Its an old Nokia and been very slow to receive texts lately. Friends phone is either switched off or broke but know its been slow lately and probably on its way out. Is that what happens when battery abut to go, with texts not being delivered etc. Can’t get in touch with friend to ask.

    • slyfox69 says:

      Hi i wouldnt have thought it was your battery it could either be your network provider is having problems hence the taking of the time to get through or it could actually be time for you to upgrade to a newer model of phone! but then if your friends phone is not on or broke then obviously your texts wont get through cant you text somebody else to see if its the network or phone ? …. hope this helps

  35. aveness says:

    How do I prolong the life of my cell phone battery?
    The battery only works for 20 hours; then, it dies out, and I need to charge it again. What should I do so that my cell phone battery will work for more days?

    • Amit says:

      the best way to maintain battery life is to recharge only when the battery dies out completely. Another way is to turn off vibrator mode.

  36. Think about it says:

    Is it normal for cell phone battery to start draining very quickly?
    As of 2 days ago my cell phone’s battery is running out very quickly. It used to last for a few days, but now it lasts for less than a day. I had it fully charged last night and this afternoon it is already dead. It has never been like this before. The phone is a blackberry pearl. I don’t use it for internet or anything other than text or calling which are infrequent, the phone is about 2 1/2 years old.

    • Scott Huddleston says:

      Your phones battery has lived it’s life. It’s time for a new battery. Amazon sells then fairly cheap. Lithium ion batteries generally last about 2000 charges or 2 years.

  37. Megan says:

    How long are you supposed to charge a new cell phone battery?
    I just got a new cell phone. It seems like I’ve heard before from somewhere that you’re supposed to let a new cell phone battery die completely and then you’re supposed to charge it for 24 hours the first time you charge it. I’ve also heard to let the battery die down completely the first time and just charge it 2-3 hours. How long should you charge a new cell phone battery the first time?

    • Nancy Bee says:

      read the owners manual that came with ur phone so u can see where the battery charge indicator is located. Most new phones u are to charge fully b4 use, that only takes 1 to 3 hours depending on ur phone which should beep or chime when full. Then let the battery run out and charge it fully again. Do this 2 or 3 more times. Then ur free to charge and top up charge as u wish. Overcharging will wreck it.

  38. Me. was a top contributor :( says:

    How to charge a phone battery without the phone?
    So, I’m getting a new phone in 2 weeks, but for some reason my current phone won’t charge. I plug it in and it charges for about 2 minutes and then says “Low battery, powering off” and then stops charging, even when the phone is already off… I think it’s the charging port and not the battery because a few days ago I could get it to charge with a little effort, and it could still hold a charge, but now it simply won’t charge. How can I charge the battery without using the phone?

  39. Shawn of the dead says:

    Can a cell phone battery completely die beyond repair, and is it easy to get a new one?
    i have a blackberry pear from cingular. the battery completely died and now when i plug it in the charger it either does nothinh or displayed a screen with a dead battery and a red dash through it, implying that i have a dead battery. do cell phone batteries just die completely? will cingular give me a new one?
    and is it easy to get a new battery?*** not phone

    • asdf098 says:

      Yes Batteries die. My recomendation for replacement battery would be to try the following in the order or priority
      1. See warranty. If under warranty cingular may be able to swap out the battery with new at store (I know sprint provides its own warranty and used to do this)
      2. Contact manufacturer for warranty (if still in warranty).
      3. Contact cingular, thell them you need a new phone or a battery, since otherwise you cannot use the service, they may just make an exception and give you the phone or battery.
      4. Buy battery on Ebay… Make sure you buy new OEM only.

  40. YCV says:

    How to remove cell phone battery cover?
    Hi, I have just got a new Samsung Impact cell phone. The sales person had taken off the battery cover and inserted the stuff in. But now I need to reopen it to put in the memory card. But I am having big trouble sliding it open. Any tips?

  41. Mystery Girl says:

    How often should you get your cell phone battery be changed?
    And when the battery gets changed do you have to renew everything on your cell phone, like retype people’s phone numbers in the phone’s contact list so that you don’t have to type the number every single time you want to phone someone.

    • bassdog65 says:

      batteries usually last 1 to 2 years, and changing them will not make you change phone info, it is stored on flash memory in the phone.

  42. yasmin says:

    How to charge an extra cell phone battery?
    I’m getting my 1st cell phone in a couple months and I’ve got my eye on a phone that doesn’t have that great of a talk time(RIM Blackberry Pearl 8100). So I was planning on getting an extra/spare battery; but I don’t really know how I would charge it separately without having to insert it into my phone and then charge the whole phone. Can anyone explain how I would do this?

    • L S says:

      You can’t. Not without putting it in the phone. Just choose a phone with better talk time. I have a Pearl. It might not have the best talk time, but the standby time is pretty good.

      Another truth for you is it would be cheaper to just get car charger or another wall charger. An extrareplacement battery is pretty expensive.

  43. congachild says:

    How long does your cell phone battery last before you need to charge it?
    I have discovered that some things i use my cell phone for like Internet, games, and music drain my battery much faster then if its just used to make phone calls. Sometimes I need to charge it a couple times a day!! and others just every 2 days! Whats your average and what do you do with your phone?

    • Xiong says:

      I charge nightly, unless I forget. I only use my phone to talk and occasionally as an alarm clock.

      Anything you do with your phone will run down the battery; lighting up the display is quite “expensive” all by itself. But talking when you have few “bars” is most costly. When you are getting a poor signal, the cell tower is also having trouble getting a clear signal from your phone. So, your phone needs to use more power to get through.

  44. Robbie Romanticism says:

    How long does a cell phone battery last before it stops charging?
    I have an old phone that I would like to get some phone numbers off of. The problem is, the phone has been off and sitting for about a month or two. Can the battery still charge or is it kaput?

  45. Fallen Angel says:

    Why does my phone battery get very hot when charging?
    I have a Nokia 5730 and for the past days when charging the battery always gets heated up so badly. I tried charging my other phone with the same charger and the phone’s battery gets very hot too.
    Does anyone know what might be causing this?

    • arya says:

      If it has been doing that from the start, don’t sorry about it. If it hasn’t, try calling nokia or your wireless provider for another charger.

  46. Joey joe says:

    What have you heard about phone car chargers being bad for the battery ?
    I’ve heard that the inconsistent charging from a car is bad for a cell phone battery in the long run. If this is true is it just cheap brands. I got one at big lots, a 2-in-1 car/wall charger.

    • mia t says:

      car chargers are best for quick charges 20 min. max, big lots
      i’m not sure of the Quality
      for best results 20 max and i would use it only for a back up and i wouldn’t make a habit of it.

  47. shorty05 says:

    Can I use a standard cell phone battery for any cell phone model?
    I have a Samsung SGH-t479 from T-Mobile. I am looking at cell phone batteries from RadioShack, Wal Mart, Kmart etc, but I can only find “standard batteries” and batteries that fit other cell phone similar to the one I have, but not the actual model. Can I use a standard battery? I know I can simply go to a T-Mobile store, but unfortunately it is too far from were I live. Any “good” suggestions?

    • Kasey C says:

      This is your battery’s part number:


      There is no “standard” battery. You can order one through Radio Shack, but it’ll take longer. Just shop online. It’s $30 for a genuine Samsung, and about $15 for aftermarket.

      Kasey C, PC guru since Apple II days
      Make it idiot proof and someone will make a better idiot.

  48. ange_dans_lenfer says:

    How long does a typical cell phone battery hold a charge?
    I have had my cell phone for maybe two years and I’ve realized that lately it doesn’t seem to be holding a charge for that long. For example, I charged my phone on a Thursday before I left for at trip Friday. I didn’t bring my charger and by Sunday my phone was down to one battery bar. Is that normal or do I need to look into getting a new phone?

    It’s an LG AX275 if that’s any help.

    • hdrider says:

      It really depends.

      How much did you use your phone on your trip?
      If you didn’t use it at all, you probably just need a new battery, rather than a new phone. You should be able to find a new cellphone battery at

  49. Agent117 says:

    How do you properly charge a cell phone battery?
    I know the first time im suppose to let the battery drain completely and charge it when its off. But after that can i charge it from 35% til 100% or do i have to wait for it to get to 5% AND DOWN? Do i turn off cell phone while charging? Because i never turn it off but would it give me long batt life if i charge it when its off? I have a LG G2x.

  50. Esmeralda Castillo says:

    Does putting your cell phone battery in the freezer actually make it last longer?
    My phone charger just broke and I can’t use it anymore. My phone is about to die soon and I have no way to charge it. I heard many people telling me that putting a phone battery in a freezer can help charge it. Is that true? Or is there another way? Are there any ways I could charge my phone battery before I could buy a new phone charger? Oh, and I have the Samsung Captivate from AT&T.

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