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The Beautiful Swarovski Perfume Aura

Spring 2011 saw the release of the Swarovski perfume Aura which had been long anticipated by many perfume fans throughout the world. Its theme is that it the presentation of crystal transmuting into a luminous and energetic perfume. It is a floral perfume with strong notes of fruit that is said to generate vibrancy for anyone who wears this scent, and it is also a fragrance that provides a glow due to the energy of light.

The unique composition of Aura perfume was created by the perfumer Olivier Crep of Firmenich. He cleverly utilised lychee fruit notes and fused these with note of roses. The heart note is that of tuberose which exudes femininity and allure. The base note is composed of amber and musk, laced with benzoin. In its entirety Aura is a beautiful scent that will not only look great on your dresser but it will also turn heads as you walk into a room.

If one looks up the word aura other synonyms are invisible breath or radiation so its name is in keeping with the ethos of the Swarovski crystal brand and jewellery line.

At the centre of the Swarovski Aura perfume is a unique crystalline energy that features notes of amber, musk and white benzoehar. Swarovski say it is this fusion of notes that causes an emanation from the scent that is reminiscent of intense rays of light.

If you are a fan of the beautiful Swarovski jewellery line then you will love this perfume and its packaging is presented superbly. Some reviewers have likened the Aura perfume to the Givenchy fragrance named Ange ou Demon Le Secret. The scent is also long lasting so there is no need for reapplication on a regular basis throughout the day.

The top note of Swarovski Aura perfume is definitely fruity and said to be pink lychees. This results in a unique and intense note that also features white tuberose and pink peppercorns.

For fans of the jewellery, the bottle is designed in keeping with this and the top of the flacon contains gorgeous Swarovski stones which add a wonderful sense of luxury and glamour.

The bottle also opens in a unique way to other flacons which simply adds to its sophistication and it is certainly a scent that will stand hands and shoulders above others on the worlds perfume stage in 2011.

The Swarovski perfume Aura is available in various sizes starting at 15ml up to a 50ml bottle. The price ranges from about 25-65 for the different volumes and it is available in other forms such a deodorant and a luxurious body lotion.

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