Nose Job Prices

Rhinoplasty (nose Job) Cost And Tips On Payment And Financing Options

Many people considering plastic surgery often turn away from their dream of having the nose that would make them feel more confident and even change their lives due to one factor: price. In reality though, rhinoplasty is not as expensive as other plastic surgery procedures and patients deserve to know their options.

The average nose job price is around $4,500, with the low end being $3,000 and the high end being around $9,000. These prices include paying your plastic surgeon, the facility fee (hospital cost), and the anesthesia fee. Prices are affected by many factors that will change from your personal surgical procedure. Things such as the extent of the plastic surgeons training, the length of the surgery in time, the grade of facility and length of stay, and the post-op care that is rendered will affect the cost of your surgery.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Using a surgeon that comes highly recommended with a number of patient testimonies and a decade or two of practice behind him or her is going to cost significantly higher than have rhinoplasty performed by the most recent graduate of Medical School Online University.

Despite the intimidating costs, there are plenty of financing options available for all patients. Some plastic surgeons offer payment plans through an in-house service, while others require payment all at once, which is where credit financing is available through multiple lines of health credit. These of course do run credit checks and sometimes a down payment or cosigner is needed. It is a good idea to have enough funds to cover a quarter of the costs before hand to ensure that financing does not hit you too hard.

One special issue that has to do with rhinoplasty is the fact that it is one of the few cosmetic procedures that has the chance of being covered by health insurance. If breathing is made difficult by the shape of the nose or is part of birth defect that threatens ones well being, your plastic surgeon can submit his review of the situation to your insurance company in an attempt to obtain coverage.

There are so many options for the financing of plastic surgery that prospective patients deserve the chance to see what financial options are available. The office staff that work with your plastic surgeon will be there to assist you every step of the way.

About the Author:
For more information on liposuction and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or facelift and rhinoplasty (nose job), it is important to locate a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania plastic surgery office to schedule a consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

    where can i get a my nose job in kuala lumpur and what are the prices like?
    i would love a nose job..i think that i’ll feel good then ๐Ÿ™‚
    however,where can i get a good deal here in kuala lumpur?
    and is the price expensive?

    • ANSWER:
      Nose job is very safe nowadays. My cousin got her breast reduction, tummy tuck and facelift surgery in India by the company called Forerunners Healthcare .The Price for the surgery she paid in India was very less. She paid 30% of the cost she was quoted in America.

      Forerunners Healthcare is very famous in India. They arrange cosmetic and plastic surgery for foreigners in India. I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories. They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery abroad for low price, as the breast reduction, tummy tuck, facelift and other cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.
      Hope this helps

    Nose job cost, can anyone show me the prices of nose job?

    • ANSWER:
      If its for a medical reason, then if you have medical insurance they pay for majority of the surgery.

      However if it isn’t or you don’t have insurance, then it costs approximately 00

    Nose job???

    if you look at that website you will see Jordan aka. Katie Price’s nose job. i have been unhappy with my nose for a while and people have actually compared me to the picture of Jordan before her nose job saying we look very alike there. should i get a nose job? people seem to be saying that jordan looked much better before the surgery so should i not bother?

    • ANSWER:
      Personally,i think jordan looked much prettier before her nose job,and if you look like her then ,my personal opinion would be keep yourself the way you are.However,if you feel that this is something you really need to do for yourself then you should consider it.Having said that,rhinoplasty,does not always turn out the way one expects,so keep your thoughts on it realistic.hope this helps.

    What is the price of Nose job in NEW ZEALAND?
    hi there, i wanted to know what is the price of nose jobs in auckland or just in new zealand and where about in new zealand.

    I understand that you have to have a consultation to then get the quote price of the nose surgery but i was just wondering if any new zealander or anyone that have came to nz and did the surgery here, how much was it?

    for my nose i just want to do it straight, smaller and make the tip of the nose smaller…


    • ANSWER:
      10k for the nose job, and k to travel from Aus to NZ when you realise you are in the wrong country.

    What is the average price of a nose job?
    i know someone who is interested, and I would like to know the average price. she/he doesnt have that much work to be done, but i wouldnt say it is a little. for a good quality nose job, what would you say the price would be?

    • ANSWER:
      I’m not sure but some can get the surgery paid for by their health insurance if it’s for medical reasons — such as from a deviated septum that is interfering with the person’s ability to breathe.

      A website with a message forum: and it’s free to register to post. may have more info too.

    Nose job… I need prices please?
    I really don’t like my nose. I’d like a price so I can build up to it.

    And please please please don’t give me any of that “just be yourself, that’s so stupid” stuff. Cause I’ve been getting picked on since I was little about it. I just don’t wanna go through that anymore.

    Ten minutes ago I was outside and two of my brothers friends that are my age were sitting there and they said, “look how far her nose sticks up, dude.” oink. oink. oink.


    • ANSWER:
      its usually from 0-00

    Rhinoplasty (Nose Job), price, insurance?
    I want to get a nose job and have thought it out. I also have a deviated septum I need to fix. Because of that I think my insurance will help cover it. I looked up the price on the American Plastic Surgeons site and it said it would cost about 00. How much do you think my insurance would cover?

    • ANSWER:
      You need to shop around with those prices…I am sure you can get it less than the one you said, but also do a backround check on the surgeon. It depends on what your insurance covers.You probably have a deducable to meet, and depends on the diagnosis also what insurance plan you have

    I desperatly need a nose job. What is the best way to go about it? Best places, prices, loans?
    Thank you for all your advise.

    • ANSWER:
      U don’t need to go so far!!
      Just change your avatar if u don’t appreciate its nose

    Does anybody know the price of a nose job?
    I just want a smaller nose because it’s too wide so can i get some help here?
    @ subtropical Zone – any where just as long as it’s not too expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      It varies from where you live. A good doctor will charge more than a bad doctor. You get what you pay for. I think it can cost around 5 thousand for a good doctor. With any surgery, make sure you go to a doctor that specializes in that area. All plastic surgeons do rhinoplasty, but a doctor who does that more often will be a better choice. You should look at their before and after photos and go to more than 1 doctor before making a decision.

    Going to a good doctor, around how much is a good nose job (rhinoplasty) priced at?

    • ANSWER:
      In general, rhinoplasty costs about 00-6000.
      Contacting a plastic surgeon is probably the best idea for advice. These sites have a lot of other helpful informationโ€ฆ

    What would the price be for a non surgical nose job?
    I want to get a nose job, but not with surgery, but one with injections instead. Does anyone know around what price it would be? I’m hoping it would be less than a surgical one

    • ANSWER:
      yes, the non surgical rhinoplasty procedure is always less expensive than surgical rhinoplasty.
      it depends on the doctor, but my charge, for example is 00 for the temporary procedure using radiesse, and 00 for the permanent procedure using artefill. you want to make sure that you choose your doctor not just on price, but on experience – they should have done alot of these procedures and they should show you before and after pictures of their work.
      alexander rivkin, m.d.

    If you have breathing problems, can you get a nose job for a reduced price?
    My nose is pretty damn big.. I can’t really breathe out of it either without making a loud noise.

    • ANSWER:
      Not a nose job but there is a procedure called a F.E.S.S or Functional Endoscopy Sinus Surgery. It can be used to enlarge sinuses and improve airflow.

      Here is a link on information about it.

    Nose Job Pricing help please!?
    So my best friend is considering getting a nose job, because she is an aspiring actress and they told her if her nose was fixed she could honestly book more. She is moving to califonia with me and our other best friend in 3 weeks and she got this great apparment and everything set up all on her. To thank her we decide we’d pay for her nose job or some of it. How much do they genrally cost? We want to pay for a good one and if its under 2000 wed like to pay for it all, if its over I want to know how much of It I could cover.

    thnaks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ANSWER:
      The cost of a nose job varies according to the procedure being performed, your doctor and even where you live. An average nose job (open and closed procedures) are between ,000 and ,000 dollars.

      Typically, if your surgery is preformed in a hospital, your charges are divided into the following parts:

      the surgeon’s fee

      the anesthesiologist’s fee

      the hospital charges (nursing care and the operating room)

      the medications
      Note: The fees are for an average out-patient nose job. You may have other fees for blood work and other additional lab work (may be separate from your hospital bill).

      If you have additional nasal surgeries performed with your nose job or are having a revision done, your charge will vary. Those averages include:

      Primary Septoplasty/Turbinectomy ,500. – ,500.
      Secondary open rhinoplasty ,000. – ,000.
      Secondary closed rhinoplasty ,643. – ,000.; with implant: ,500. – ,200.

      Hopee This Helpps. And Good Luckk 4 ur friend.!(:

    Where can I get a very reasonable price for a nose job?
    On the same subject ,besides using your own skin for skin graphts to cover scars, what options are there out there?


    • ANSWER:
      Approx. 2500.00 for Rhinoplasty (Nose job).
      Scars,heres a link.

    What is the average price for a nose job in America?
    Ive been told 5,000 is average and ive been told 10,000. which is it? lol..and im talking about USA here…wihtout leaving the country. THATS what i want to know. Thank you!
    hey guess what?? im NOT going to india! so you can just shut up about that. especially since i SAID in my question that i was asking about america. yep.

    • ANSWER:
      Around 00. Here’s a site for more info..

    I am wanting a nose job?
    I’d like to hear from someone that’s had a nose job or knows someone very well that’s had one. I have wanted a nose job for the past 10 yrs. It’s really been a money issue & a healing time issue on why I haven’t done it yet. I would like to know all the in’s & out’s….no pun intended…about getting a nose job. Price? Healing time?..etc.. Why do I want a nose job? It’s longer than a normal nose & I get looks because of it. It’s almost like a witch where it’s long and then turns up at the end. UGH! I am old enough to make this decision…I’m 39. Thanks for any help & advice.

    • ANSWER:
      A nose job is also known as Rhinoplasty. The cost is from around ,293 to ,693. but this all depends on the doctor, how well he performs, and what instruments or tools he uses to perform the surgery. a really good doctor could cost even more. but the average cost of an american to get a nose job is around ,500

      it usually takes no more than one or two hours to actually perform the surgery. but this does not include prep time before the surgery (1 to 2 hrs) and also time after to recover. and that depends on the person and how well the procedure is done.

      Some side effects can include bruising, swelling, and tenderness.

      Day 1-10- You will be instructed to wear a split or cast to protect your nose for up to 10 days after your surgery.

      Day 4-6- Any external sutures usually will be removed about 4-6 days after surgery and internal sutures dissolve naturally.

      Day 14-1 Month- After a rhinoplasty procedure, recovery time from bruising and swelling should take about 2-4 weeks (When rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems has been performed, there usually wonโ€™t be visible bruising).

      Month 3- Your nose will take shape nicely within about 3 months after surgery, but won’t develop into its final result until about a year or more after the procedure.

    Rhinoplasty/Nose Job price? Eye lift? How much would it cost to do?

    (I’m obviously not wearing eye makeup, you can see it better this way)

    2.5 years ago a ladder hit the corner of my left eye, causing it to cut open, bleed, and heal lopsided.

    You probably can’t tell in person, but certain angles bother me…. I’m very observant.

    Here’s examples of how different my eyes nose looks in pictures
    (here I obviously AM wearing heavy eye makeup. It balances out the unevenness of my left eye.)

    I’m really insecure. Sometimes I feel confident and.. Pretty.. But sometimes I just go into nervous breakdown mode and I hate everything about me. I had a rough time in elementary and middle school because of my appearance.ย 
    Anyways, I hate how deformed my eye and nose are. So what’s approximately the price to fix (look @ first link) the problems?

    I’m NOT planning on doing this anytime soon. Maybe within 3-7 years or so. I mean I’m probably not going to end up doing it, but I still want to know if it will be cheaper or what’s the price!

    • ANSWER:

    Nose job for my boyfriend?
    Im trying to convince my boyfriend to get a nose job, because he has broke his so many times, it looks weird.

    Where can I find out information about nose jobs, cheap prices not in the UK its too expensive.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe he won’t want a nose job? It’s his life and his face. Just accept him for who he is, you shouldn’t care so much about a nose.

    Does anyone know how much it costs to get your ears pinned back or a nose job in the united kingdom?
    Anyone know the prices of getting your ears pinned back or a nose job (surgery) in the UK for under 16 year olds!?

    • ANSWER:
      It’s free on the NHS if your GP agrees it is needed for a genuine reason.

    What is the ballpark cost for a nose job in Columbus, OH?
    I am looking to get a nose job and was curious about cost. I am from New York City originally so I am used to those kind of prices.
    Im hoping it is cheaper out here!

    • ANSWER:
      Approximately ,000-,000. Make sure the surgeon has done at least 500 procedures. Look at his work and make sure they look natural and not shiny. Also look at the peoples’ noses in the waiting room.
      Best of luck to you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What is the average price of a (good) nose job?
    Please specify which currency.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no way this question can be answered with any accuracy. It would all depend on just how much work needed to be done, to even begin to price the procedure.

      I’ve given you some links to rhinoplasty below…

    Whats the most expensive type of nose job?
    Like shaving a hump off removing cartridge reshaping nostrils, just removing cartridge that’s extra.

    I need a nose job that just involves removing some extra cartridge from a “bulbous” type nose.

    Anyone have any idea if that’s cheaper than an average nose job or the same, what is the price range?

    • ANSWER:
      its all pretty expensive and your gonna have to get a credit card to pay for it or finacing. or if your lucky your family can afford it and pay it for you. its all really expensive but if you google it, and rhinoplasty surgeons in your area they will give you pricing n such! Good Luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

    How much do you think this nose job will cost?
    From left to right, is before and after, how much do you think the price would be for that nose job?

    • ANSWER:

    How much is a nose job?
    Hey xx well ever since I was little I have hated me nose. It was because when I was born, I got stuck, and you can tell, and I was wondering if anyone has had a nose job, and would tell me the price of once, and maybe a bit about it. Thankyou ever so much xx Love from nadine xx

    • ANSWER:
      hope this helps!

    What Is The Average Price Of A Nose Job And A Boob Job In Sterling?
    Im Thinking About Getting It Al Done Just Because Im Not Happy With The Way I Look! I Dress Like A Teen And Not Confident To Wear All Out Going Clothes!
    Help Please!

    • ANSWER:
      Trust me for the most part its a right turn off/ put off for guys…

      at least for me.

      just dress different or even better don’t care so much.

    Anyone know anything about nose jobs?Harley medical group? Prices etc, im interested in having one?
    I live in northern Ireland, always had a bump on my nose real big one, and I’m so self conscious! ๐Ÿ™ so just started a job and I hear the ‘Harley Medical Group’ have financial help like paying for your surgery over 12 months which would be amazing can anyone tell how long it takes to get a consultation and then how long of a wait till I actually get the surgery? How long should I book off work? How much roughly is it?

    • ANSWER:
      I live in N.I. too and have the exact problem, although my nose was broken at 14!

      Harley Medical Group are good, they quoted me about ยฃ2,500 back in England – but you need to put a ยฃ500 deposit down first to see the surgeon and make sure you attend that appointment or you loose the ยฃ500 deposit.

      It doesn’t take long to book an appointment just call them up on Tuesday, the actual appointment with the surgeon might be a couple of weeks wait, at least it was in England.

      The actual surgery is a few weeks/months, depending on when they have a slot free.

      They tell you to book at least a week off work for Rhinoplasty and like boob enhancement you’re not allowed to lift anything or do any housework. I know that they keep you in for a minimum of 24 hours to 72 hours with 24/7 care, the option of a private room and a choice of food, which isn’t usually included in the price.

      The best thing about them as well is they cover you for X amount of months, depending on what surgery you have, so if you have any pains or anything goes wrong they’ll look after you even after the surgery is done.

    How much does a nose job cost in Arizona?
    Ok, i’ve been teased about my nose since age 9. Now, im 15 and have made the decision to have a nose job. I want to have confidence but my nose always brings me down. I look in the mirror everyday and look at my profile. Let me tell you it’s absolutely disgusting. SO, i want to know the price.
    Thanks in advance:)

    • ANSWER:
      It’s expensive anywhere you get it. And insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures.

    Nose Job?!? Help Price?
    So my best friend is considering getting a nose job, because she is an aspiring actress and they told her if her nose was fixed she could honestly book more. She is moving to califonia with me and our other best friend in 3 weeks and she got this great apparment and everything set up all on her. To thank her we decide we’d pay for her nose job or some of it. How much do they genrally cost? We want to pay for a good one and if its under 2000 wed like to pay for it all, if its over I want to know how much of It I could cover.

    thnaks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ANSWER:
      You should post this question in the normal medicine section. You’ll get better answers since cosmetic surgery is not alternative medicine.

      Anyway, to answer your question, you could be looking at around 00 anywhere up to about 00, depending on the doctor and the amount of work required.

      Do you really think that the nose is a problem? Remember that many agents are just looking for generic pretty girls for generic pretty roles. Does she want to be a serious actor? Maybe her nose is what makes her interesting. Did you hear about the woman who played Baby on Dirty Dancing? After she got a nose job she was never heard of again!

      If she’s made her decision, make sure that she researches doctors and checks her choices out with whatever cosmetic surgery authority you have in your state. There are many scam cosmetic surgeons operating, and it’s a big chance to take if you’re not 100% certain about your doctor’s qualifications/experience.

      You’re a great friend for being so generous, but A nose job is a pretty serious operation involving risks associated with being put under general anesthetic. Do you really want to be the ones responsible if something goes wrong? Or if she’s really unhappy with the result? I think this is a very personal thing and that you’d be better off spending the 2 grand on something else for her. Why not pay her moving costs or pay her part of the rent for a couple of months so she can concentrate on her work?
      If she’s going to get the nose job anyway, you’ll be helping her out the same amount financially, without any of the risks on your conscience.

    Is ,800 a good price for this nose job?
    I had a consult and the Surgeon said I could benefit from a Rhinoplasty (remove a small dorsal hump and change the angle of the tip to make my nose seem smaller) and a Septoplasty because I have a slightly deviated Septum.

    The price is ,800 including everything and they said that is with a ,500 discount.

    It’s an office in Metro-Detroit. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Just keep in mind to what happened to Michael Jacksons’ nose (s) !!!!

    Where should I go for a good nose job in the bay area?
    I am almost 18 years old, and I have a deviated septum that I want to fix. I haven’t been able to breathe out of my right nostril for at least 4 years. I am persian… so i have the persian hook nose which I want to get fixed also. I live in San Jose, CA and my mom is agreeing to take me to a few places to check out prices and stuff like that. So I just want to get as much info as I can.

    • ANSWER:
      There’s San Francisco Plastic Surgery, which does rhinoplasty (nose jobs). Getting your septum fixed will cost about the same for all the good surgery centers; about 00-00. It really depends on your situation; I’m no cosmetic surgeon, this is just based off the knowledge I have from reading into cosmetic surgeries.
      I hope it goes well, and good luck!

    what is a good price for a nose job?
    I am going to have the Rhinoplasty procedure (nose job), I’ve looked at prices abroad in countries like tunisia and it was going to cost me equivilent to 1500 pounds. CHEAP! but because of the situation I am in now, and my new location (AUSTRALIA) I am going to have it done in Australia.

    I have emailed 4 companies (or hospitals, what ever you wanna call them) and so far 1 has got back to me. A place in Sydney charges ,500 which is about 4,500 pounds. I looked in England and prices range but most around 15,000…..

    So what is a good price in Australia for a nose job????

    Does any one know and have they had the procedure?


    • ANSWER:
      Well in California I paid 00.
      I know that’s a different country but I definately don’t suggest going to another country to get it cheaper. It’s cheaper for a reason, doctors have less training standards and stuff. It’s dangerous.

    Approximate price of a nose job?
    Does it depend what you want done on your nose?
    What’s the approximate price range?

    • ANSWER:

      Depends on where you live and the surgeon..

      Ex. A nose job in Beverly hills would be exceedingly more expensive than a nose job in a smaller not so known town.

      And I think that if you want multiple things like the bridge smaller, the nose less wide and maybe change the shape of the tip, it might make it a bit more costly…

      I’m thinking it shouldn’t exceed 3,000 though if you live in a smaller kind of town.

    Does anyone know where I can go to get a good nose job?
    I need someone who will do a clean job for a good price.

    • ANSWER:
      You made my day. ๐Ÿ˜€

    anyone know the average price of a nose job?
    can someone give me an estimate please?

    • ANSWER:
      I think about 00 for a Rhinoplasty.

    What is the average cost for a nose job in Austin, TX?
    Also, what is the average cost of a boob job in Austin, TX?

    How much do these procedures cost in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio?

    I know the prices can vary drastically, but what would be a middle price for a good quality surgeon but not something super exclusive? Thank you so much!!

    • ANSWER:
      Nose Job: 2500- 4000
      Boob job: 4500- 7000

    How much does a Nose Job cost ?
    Hey im looking into getting a nose Job
    Iv already started saving up But i dont know how much to save up
    I know i need to actually talk to the doctor to get an exact price but
    i wanna know an around price .
    So i have *about* as much needed than talk to a doctor
    I live in Chicago IL

    * Also any Doctor suggestions would help
    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ANSWER:

    How much did you pay for your nose job?
    Im trying to see how much it is going to cost me to get my nose done. Im going to wait to set up an appointment until I save up some money. I know all the surgeries cost different prices, but I just want to get an idea about how much I would be paying a month. Thank you :))

    • ANSWER:

    The price of a nose job at Harley Medical, UK?
    Does the price vary at all?

    • ANSWER:
      Nose job is very safe nowadays. My cousin got her breast reduction, tummy tuck and facelift surgery in India by the company called Tour2india4health Consultants .The Price for the surgery she paid in India was very less. She paid 30% of the cost she was quoted in America.

      Tour2india4health Consultants is very famous in India. They arrange cosmetic and plastic surgery for foreigners in India. I read a lot about them in the Newspapers and about their patient stories. They arrange financing for USA, Canadian, UK and other international patients who plan to have surgery abroad for low price, as the breast reduction, tummy tuck, facelift and other cosmetic surgery is not covered by insurance. They also have photos pasted of their International patients. You can checkout their website. There are huge cost savings. As a doctor I personally believe that surgery can be easily handled in India, as the quality of healthcare available In India is simply best in the world. The surgeons are USA/UK trained and facilities are 5 star.
      Hope this helps.

    Has any1 had a nose job before? I want one and i want to kno how much u paid and the pain.?
    Tell me how it felt and the price please. im 16 and want a nose job because i have a bump on my nose (one of those Spanish things lol). but plz answer this.

    • ANSWER:
      I havent had one, but i am looking into it myself. In Australia it can range from about 6000.00 but if you want a good surgeon its about 10,000.00. Ofcourse there will be some pain and bruising afterwards, but that is to be expected. Thats what pain medication is for.They dont chip away with a hammer and chisel anymore. They shave the bone with equipment these days. Do your homework on your plastic surgeons and visit at least 5 or 6 before you decide on which one you want. There is also certain types of procedures such as open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty. At 16 your nose is still changing shape. So if its not the size of big birds nose i would wait until your at least 18 before you decide to have one. Ofcourse if it is big and its a self esteem thing, by all means start making your specialist appointments.

    whats the prices for nose jobs in UK or US?

    • ANSWER:

    How difficult a procedure is a nose job?
    Im an 18 yr old male who has an average size nose, but think i would look much better if i got it done. is it fairly simple, i just want to make the bump smaller, i dont have a huge nose. Also what is the ballpark for the price.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t get it done! God gave you what you need so don’t change it. Love yourself for who you are and what you look like.

    Where in the US can I get a NOSE JOB cheap?
    can somebody please tell me where in the US I can find a doctor that does rhinoplasty
    and is not so expensive? I live in Chicago and am not sure if they have good prices and
    trustworthy doctors here. Please help!!!!

    • ANSWER:

    Anyone have liposuction or nose job??????
    Are these good prices?

    Liposuction: 00
    Nose job: 00

    • ANSWER:
      yes, i had a nose job almost 10 years ago. but here’s a tip, going w/ the cheapest plastic surgeon is not the way to get a good plastic surgeon! be careful and do your research! ask for referals from people, or ask the doctor if you can contact some of their previous patients. also, make sure that they are certified w/ the American Board of Plastic Surgeons – this is VERY important! good luck!

    How much does a nose job cost?
    I am 17 (female) and know that surgery cant happen until im 18 at least but im just curious about the price range. I have a bump in my nose that i want filed down>? Thanks.x

    • ANSWER:

    I heard that the price of a nose job in costa Rica is only around 2,000$.Anyone gone there for nose job?
    i found this site that kinda convinced me to go to costa rica

    • ANSWER:
      I have been to Costa Rica for Lipo and for dental work. I’m going again in a couple of months for additional dental work. I have been very happy with the quality of service I have received in CR and the prices are very good. During your recovery you stay at “recovery resorts” which is kind of like a nice Inn with 24 hour medical supervision and 3 meals a day. I stayed at La Cumbre and was very very happy with it. They arrange all your transportation and everything you need. Its so much cheaper than in the US and so much nicer. I usually arrange my stuff through

    Average Price of a nose job?
    Basically my nose is broken and i want it straightended and the hump smoothed down ?

    How much would this cost? and would it be obvious i had a nose job? like scars ?

    • ANSWER:
      I have the same thing I am trying to get done. I am getting two jobs to make sure I get this done. I know I can not go on without being confident. I was reading about it and Its between 2,789 plus pain medication and not including after care up to 5,000. If you think about it it isnt that much and to me it is worth it. Let me know what you found out.

    where would i find a good site containing prices for plastic surgery.?
    I want to know about the prices for nose jobs liposuction, tummy tucks, and anything else you can think of.

    • ANSWER:
      there’s a great site called that has TONS of info on breast augmentation. they also have links to plastic surgery websites.

    My friend is getting a free nose job, why?
    My friend seriously bumped her nose years ago and it grew into a shape she hates.
    She has asthma and doesn’t like breathing through it.
    She had a referral from her psychiatrist to her local doctor and now shes getting a CAT scan for her “operation.” They never mentioned prices either.

    She has aspergers too and has had anxiety.

    Still I want to know how she managed to do this? Thanks ( UK right now. )

    • ANSWER:
      because she has asthma and it is most likely worsened to a dangerous degree by her crocked nose (and most likely deviated septum) the nose can be fixed and covered by her medical insurance. when i had my nose operated on, the part that had to be corrected for medical reasons was covered by medical insurance and the cosmetic issues had to be covered with our own money. So if she wants to have and exterior cosmetic issues corrected, she would likely have to cover that part of the surgery on her own

      hope this helped ๐Ÿ™‚

    people who have had a NOSE JOB in the UK, please answer?
    I am 16 and living in the UK. I am happy with my complete appearance except for my nose. I have always hated it and have wanted a nose job for many years now, but have known this wont be possible until i am at least 18.

    What i am asking is for any information from people in the UK who have had one. Where did you have it done, how long was the complete process, what was recovering like, the price, was you happy with the outcome?

    Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve read your question over and I felt the frustration of this form to not to be able to ask you a few probing questions to better answer your question. However I would like to email you a few things that will at the very least offer you some insights and hopefully give you a feeling of empowerment as a result to gaining more knowledge and I believe that is absolutely key to any problem…to take away the dark spots and shed some light into the unknown….with your permission of course.

      M.D. 21 years


    What is the average cost for a nose job?
    I’m cosidering getting one some time in the future and was just wondering what is the median price range.. Thank you .

    • ANSWER:
      In (northern) Virginia, USA – approx 00 – 00.

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