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Gone are the days when men are just tourists in the vanity world. Nowadays, men are keeping up with women when it comes to attending to their skin. Men are now mindful of their physical looks so that they have to use various skincare products to maintain or enhance their looks. Thanks to different beauty manufacturers as there’s now a BB cream for men, exactly what the modern men require to fit into his active lifestyle. Among the well-known brands that carry BB cream for men are BRTC, Skin79, Hanskin, Etude House, and Dr. Jart.
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Blemish balm cream or BB cream as commonly known, initially applied by German dermatologists to help patients who underwent laser surgery, is now one of the “in” things in Korea and other parts of Asia specially Japan. It was originally considered as a healing cream.

BB cream for men, which are slightly darker shade, waterproof and with varying SPF, covers skin imperfections such as acne and blackheads, delays the process of aging, and weakens the skin texture. It promotes skin renewal, tightens pores, improves, controls excessive facial oil, and whitens skin conditions caused by shaving, sports and outdoor activities, etc.

Although it was first presented in 2002, BB cream is still something relatively new to a lot of men. In fact, in the market they are sometimes called colour lotion, BB UV, sun block, or BB fluid. Different names, but they are precisely the same thing BB cream.

BB creams have impressed the market and more and more men, busy men, are regarding and are actually using them. Increasingly, men are becoming conscious of the importance of looking good. And Korean men are on top of the game without concern of being judged as metro sexual or anything to that effect.

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