Lowest Price Lifecell

Lifecell Corporation (LIFC ...

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  1. arkom_boston says:

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  2. Twitter says:

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  3. Quitah says:

    Your punctuation is off. And normal people who aren't rude don't yell in stores. Simple common sense here.

  4. vicki c says:

    Wow I only paid $600 for my photographer and the photos turned out beautiful and he gave us so many pictures he even had special features on his camera like fog,clouds,and hearts.

  5. williamowalker says:

    Lowest Price Lifecell

  6. kobkunja says:

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  7. tita m says:

    It's just silly. If you are against shopping at Wal-Mart then don't but where else are you going to shop?

    Try the local supermarket. Well way back they wiped out little mom and pop specialty markets by selling a variety of goods under one roof how dare they!!!!

    You got a locally owned store in your neighborhood? Good. Ask the cashier how much they make, if they have any benefits, and if they pay taxes.

    Wal-Mart lowers there prices to bring in people and drive people away from other businesses. I've never heard of anything like that being used by any other company!! (*cough" Target *cough* circuit city *cough* Kroger)

    Poor Rubbermaid. Wal-Mart really hurt them. They were struggling in their market due to new competition and a fading brand that needed some revitalization and innovation. Their profits fell till a restructuring and now the company is seeing record numbers.

    Whether you like it or not the world is not the same market it was even 10 years ago. Wal-Mart started out like many other companies and has always been really good at what it does. Its a company that has not only brought lower prices and competition to many parts of the country, but new products as well. Wal-Mart’s innovations have saved companies money and raised their profits. AND they are used by other retailers.

    The only way to escape the crazy capitalistic market of America is to move to a farm and grow your own food.

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  9. Justynyusyus says:

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  10. Orly says:

    In Québec, this misleading price tag and determination of the shop owner to over-charge would make the can 100% free.

    Here, law states that when two tags for the same product have different prices, costumer pays the lowest.

    If the price on the cashmachine is wrong, then the product has to be given for free with a $10 limit. (If you take more than one of the same item, 1st is free, others are ajusted to lowest price.)

    That law was passed because otherwise shops didn't bother respecting the clients.

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  12. bsgirlkorea17 says:

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  13. Cyrus_Gottschal says:

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  15. the tax lady says:

    You use the lower amount. The fact you were loans money to rehab does not change the purchase price.

  16. SDD says:

    If you're trying to buy property that you would own and occupy for the next 10+ years, the time to do that is always now. If you're trying to buy investment property for shorter term appreciation, then I might wait for if/when people start to dump lots of property out of desperation. That might not ever happen of course.

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  18. shauniiiiboy says:

    dont need to know man hes fucked up
    and yea hes from edinburg

  19. Whadafuc? says:

    Costco or Sam's Club. I think Wal-mart sells it for 5 cent cheaper than other retail stores. Costco and Sam's Club, you have to buy a bundle to get the savings, but then again, the savings might be the accessories or games instead of the 360. I think Fry's might have it on sale, too.

  20. miadhernandez says:

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