Lifecell Merger

LifeCell Corporation ...

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  1. jonathanyrodri says:

    Lifecell Merger

  2. Ars Technica says:

    California regulators may scrutinize AT&T/T-Mobile merger –

  3. Reid says:

    here is a link i found to that episode …. But Zoe was Uncredited ! It shows she played in the episode … I don't know hopefully it will help you though =)

  4. entubenot says:

    This film took place in the 50's and early 60's. Cars were made of METAL and they did not crumble like today's plastic imitations!!! As a Rock Iand Fan, I am truly sorry that some people are soooo short sighted that they give this a thumbs down, And Speed? Back then Trains did(and still do go THAT fast. Why not gawgal over the 1953 Buick Roadmaster? Of course some folks don't know what one of those is except a Lexus. I give this 10 thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    too much focus leading to too much stoxx spirit. but on friday am we did have nasdaq 2119, abliet unproftitable for the longs. but the way it seems, the truth… the friday morning action was some type of index tip over. I did a 18,000 sell program of about 4 stocks including cmg–erts-gme-idsy. angeling to buy them back for less in 1-2 days and fixing my own dividend. i dont know how much of a multi day tip over is in store for the indexs, it will be but all of late fridays strenght was just left over firmness. If you would like to act, use the new double barreled pro shares ETF to short. i estimate that Tuesday might be the day to do a buy program. I feel bad about the Lifecell dumping on your 30.50 long but i assure you that was solid. the sequentials were 19%. but remember i warned you about that Nutrisystems crap. and Gymbore being as common as they come.

  6. vroomba03 says:

    continetal is still around and plus the merging airline tributes are just scams

  7. Future Political Prisoner says:

    Why aren't GOP raptured already? Geezus.

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