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Facial Skin Care- Victory Over Wrinkles

Author: Robin Newsome

Facial Skin Care is very important to people today.  Facial care is sometimes taken for granted but it’s a fact of life if we want to slow down the aging process.   People just tend to feel better knowing they are looking their best.  That’s what this article is about, looking your best.

Your face is what the public sees and often judges you by.  We all want to not only look our best but also to appear youthful.  Who doesn’t love the unexpected compliment such as "You really are looking good today" or "You look younger, what are you doing?" So what is the secret to the right facial skin care? 

 Moisturizers are critical to any facial care program.  The right moisturizer will not irritate your skin or leave a greasy, shiny film. 

Skin care also includes anti aging creams and lotions.  These can actually reverse the signs of aging such as wrinkling, lines and dark circles around the eyes.  Many of these products contain Retin-A and other breakthrough ingredients which can definitely reduce and in some case eliminate wrinkles.

The best products are the natural, organic creams, lotions and soaps.  Unlike most of the highly advertised, over the counter creams, the natural products I’ve researched are not toxic and don’t contain synthetic chemicals or alcohol. 

Facial skin care is a matter of discipline also.  Washing with an organic, non-irritating soap in the morning and before bed is a requirement for good facial care.  Exfoliating removes the dead cells and then toning tightens and firms the skin. 

Many common facial products include fragrances.  Avoid this at all costs.  These fragrances are usually irritants, tough on those who suffer from allergies and often toxic.  The natural products will often contain oils with a natural fragrance that moisturizes without the side effects.

 Facial skin care has gotten to the point where painful surgeries and injections can be avoided.  A disciplined facial care program will make you look and feel younger with the great feelings and glowing face that go together.

There is incredible competition now in the marketing of facial products.  My research has shown that your best buy is an organic, natural solution.  They are usually made by companies that don’t advertise a great deal but concentrate on putting resources into research and especially making a great product.

I have done extensive research in the field of skin care and the products available.  Their are some great creams and lotions with the perfect ingredients that will make you feel better about yourself and know that what you are using is also safe and effective.  .

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  1. richard777 says:

    Hi Matt,

    Its obviously a life style piece of bourgeois nonsense. But the fact that it is Bret Easton Ellis makes it interesting. If you have ever read a book of his, I sure dinner at his pad would be very interesting. Just to see the interior decor alone. Which would be minimalist and impersonal. What facial products are in the bathroom, etc.

    BEE seems to be entering a more public period, being a celebrated author, hosting parties ala Truman Capote. I find his books remarkable, genius, and that's why I'd like to meet him and attend such an evening…



  2. ninanee2008 says:

    use salt water and then use vaseline…it works faster

  3. MsChocolex says:

    You can return anything back to sephora used or not. If you don't like return it. Your looking good.

  4. OrangeKitten says:

    Get an undergrad BS in chem, then apply to grad school for either an MS or Ph.D program in organic chem.

  5. TheVogueCollege says:

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  6. teeney says:

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  7. -Brianna- :) says:

    I use both, haha. Just drink you're 3 bottles of water a day and you're good to go!

  8. SP81649 says:

    Do you use this with the apple cider? Thanks keep the tips coming don't stop making vids!!!!! ^)^

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  10. diff6ernt says:

    When people bring up the 'stereotypes' I show them the following picture of a woman with 'dark straight hair, high cheekbones, almond eyes, well defined lips. . etc"

    then i tell them, she's from iceland.

  11. Beauty_Tipz says:

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  12. Searcher says:

    try an electric razor…numbnut.

  13. haha i still need the necessities! and besides going up for 3 nights means i dont have that much time to buy what i would need when i get there! haha and YES guys are totally different. for girls we need to pack makeup, facial care products, hair products and tons of other things we deem necessities! but i think one of the main reasons why im prob not going to head up is cus my sis cant join me this time! haha she has school on monday so yeah. ):

  14. sister6of9charity says:

    interesting..this is the first video i've seen that incorporated makeup application after a facial

  15. 1rosiestar1 says:

    first one to watch 😀

  16. diff6ernt says:

    lol i know so many people try and claim native status to get on the gravy train.

  17. weleda says:

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  18. ruraldean says:

    Hi Pyro. Thanks for coming over.

    Have you ever heard Graham Norton in conversation? He speaks in a mid-range fairly masculine voice with little or no affected effeminism. Julian Clarey is a little more camp, but still not up to performance levels.

    You may be right about the quota thing. Expect a phone call… (!)

    (I made a similar joke on another forum and nearly got lynched by the moral left).

    The really annoying thing is that I know a number of gay blokes, and you'd only ever know because they are so personally well groomed. Hang on though… Maybe they're just Metrosexuals. And maybe I am too, being a user of facial products in the preparation and execution of my daily perfect shave. Perhaps I should expect a call…

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  20. laurachapman15 says:

    Choosing a facial skin care product:

  21. miargonzalez says:

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  22. Sarah says:

    Well, lucky for me I never experienced any suicidal thoughts:) Neither did Jeff and he took it when he was younger too! Additionally, Accutane was the only thing that DIDN'T dry my face out or make it one extreme or another. I just took it as I was prescribed and everything worked out fine. I didn't plan on having babies at the time, so there was no concern there at all.It doesn't effect future babies.

    My face has actually never been oily, if anything it has been more dry. I have to put lotion on after I wash my face every morning and evening. I use Clinique and have never had a problem with it. So I know it isn't the facial products I use.

    Ahh…well. The dermatologist should be able to help:) We'll see.

  23. chloemwright says:

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  24. evamiranda2010 says:

    How To Find The Best Facial Skin Care Products?

  25. feb1624 says:

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  26. Kanien:kaha'ka-[]-[]-^-[]-[] says:

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    every races has pretty and ugly people.

    in this country which is made up of every ethnicity makes the majority of the people here multiracial even if your feature does not show it.

    im guessing the reason people claim native blood is because native american were the first nation in america.

  27. rea98002 says:

    This is the longest question…not really a question, but…that I've seen on yahoo answers. The answer is….no

  28. perfect skin care - Google News says:

    Facial skin care products are becoming more popular as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement.

  29. Elisse says:

    I admit to being a product snob too, especially when it comes to my facial products. I have been a LONG LONG time user of Shiseido products, and it's been hard for me to try other moisturizers. Now that I think of it, I have only ever used Shiseido moisturizers. When I found out that NARS and Shiseido come from the same company, I was so happy, because I love the NARS makeup line!!!

    There's a reason why you call a brand a “trusted” one – the quality of the product is evident, especially when it comes to skin care. I agree with you that in cases like these, you need to be a snob!

  30. manuelaaa97 says:


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  33. Brenda says:

    I had a facial at Skin Care Logic. Loved it!
    I always wear makeup but refused to that
    day because my face felt so clean and smooth.
    Now I'm hooked on Dermalogica.

  34. Ruby D says:

    an egg mask is good, there are many recipes for it so you can look online to find the best one for you and the ingredients you have 🙂

  35. Anne Miller says:

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  38. berbenduh says:

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  39. Peu Soo Yong says:

    hello there, i need some help. hmm sounds serious am I.. I got bad pimpled skin and was cured using herbaline then they change their packaging and/content think 2 years or so ago and I couldn't find the basic treatment foundation (round shape container) and i switched my facial products upon persuasion by my cousin and now i have gone back to my pimpled skin. I just wanna check with you if you still can buy the basic treatment foundation in your 6th picture? I haven't check with their branch recently. hope u let me know from which branch did u get them. hmm..ok thanks a lot.

  40. Twitter says:

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  41. Raymond says:

    The bit goes all the way back to the original late show host – Johnny Carson – and maybe even further than that. After all, current events are a great source for jokes.

  42. changez07 says:

    its simple. GO TO COLLEGE! most homeless ppl are lazy

  43. brandtdonnybrandtdon says:

    i knew the world wouldn't end in 2012! xD

  44. SarahSJones says:

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  45. Twitter says:

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  46. F1 Girl says:


  47. KatCuz315 says:

    I guess that's why you're watching it too. and why you used the wrong form of here.

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