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  1. saammmmmm1 says:

    so i just open this and i have after efects? do i have to instal it?

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  3. im 19, mixed, and a proud virgin says:

    You can't get decent labor in the US for any kind of a reasonable price to make anything affordable.

    So you call, for example, DELL tech support and get somebody in India with a thick accent reading from a script. Let's imagine you paid $500 for that computer you're calling for tech support about setup or something (whose parts weren't made here either, by the way…). Would it have been worth it to pay $1000 for that computer to have an American give you the run around? That's probably what it would cost to have totally American tech support. How about $600? For the $100 difference, you could hire someone (local) to come answer your questions.

    How then, could a company like DELL survive (who does provide lots of American jobs) if their computers were $1000 and the competition were selling the same thing for $500? They would crash and everybody would buy Toshiba.

    It's all about sacrifice which is often thankless, but completely necessary. The question to you then is, would you work for minimum wage for the rest of your life? Come on…it'll be good for your country's economy.

    Yeah, me neither…but let's imagine you're such patriot, you would work for minimum wage so that companies could afford to manufacture here (which probably wouldn't happen even a minimum wage…but it would be a lot closer than market labor rates now).

    Let's take a look again at the DELL outsourcing tech support referenced earlier. What if they went all American and their prices shot to $1000 as compared to Toshiba offering a competitive product at half price or $500. What would you buy when you're standing there in the computer store? (REMEMBER – You're only making minimum wage and can barely afford to eat!)

    You'd obviously pick the $500 Toshiba over the $1000 DELL. That's just common sense. Even with a big sign that said "100% Made In America", you'd still get that 1/2 price Toshiba laptop. You know it.

    You could get stricter with welfare now. Make it a 1 year deal. If you haven't found a job in a year – cut the welfare off and don't let them apply again for another year. If we could get everyone on welfare to work every other year we'd save BILLIONS!

    We could also legalize prostitution between consenting adults which would bring in TRILLIONS to the economy.

    Legalizing marijuana (for growth and in-home use only) would cut down on crime and violence immensely because most of the violence comes from criminal organizations fighting over territory. It's a PLANT – you can grow it in your house and it therefore can't be taxed – so it wouldn't greatly benefit the economy, but it would keep TRILLIONS of dollars from flowing overseas to criminal and terrorist organizations (like the poppy fields in Afghanistan).

    If we could get Hollywood and the TV producers to glamorize the poor and hardworking lifestyle instead of Paris Hilton and the like, maybe the attitude of the country would change from instant gratification to hard work.

    Anyway…I'm ranting.

    I really hope you get a chance to study world economy.

  4. SirTobzz says:

    i want it so badly!

  5. Rhyled says:

    Before going ballistic, check the exact terms.

    The Windows OS (7 in this case) is either permanently licensed, or has just been installed and will nag you for 3 days to activate.

    Microsoft OFFICE, if installed free of charge, only has a 60 day trial period. After that 60 days, you can still use your computer and internet, but Microsoft Word and Excel will be locked out.

    Open up the System control panel and scroll to the bottom. You should see a message that Windows is Activated (assuming it is).

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  8. RuthieNadel says:

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  9. "johnsonherman_j" via Herman in Google Reader says:

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  10. Alex R says:

    There is no age requirements. They will ask for the serial # on the back of the 360, and maybe register it for you via They will ask you what the problem is, and when it started. Then they will ask you how long ago you purchased the system. If it hasn't been more than 90 days, they will ask you for your adress and mail you a pre-paid box. You will need to send them the 360 in that box, keeping the HDD and accessories, and they will ask you to mail it in as well as a proof of purchase or a copy of it. Now, if the system is over 90 days old, they MIGHT make you pay $130 as well. They will take from 2 to 4 weeks getting your 360 bak to you, and it will be the worst time of your life. Trust me, I know, and I'm 13, and did it all.

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  14. jonathanyrodri says:

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