Lifecell Cream Cost

LifeCell Anti Wrinkle Cream ...

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  1. dutchie says:

    Where can I buy lifecell creams in holland?
    How and where can I buy Lifecell creams apart from the States and does anyone know the cost

    • Anonymous says:

      Your best bet would be to try one of the specialist stores that stock American foodstuff….. but to be honest I wouldn’t be too optomistic. The foods are usually things with a long shelf-life and non-frozen (to reduce transport costs)

      Here’s a list to get you started

      If they don’t have it, then also remember to ask if they can order it. Some are flexible if there is sufficient demand for something.

      Good luck

  2. MinKaurA says:

    i want ice cream….. -.- i never saw the mtv movie awards i'll probably see that next.

  3. SarahSJones says:

    Lifc Lifecell

  4. mrr86 says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    BAIL IS SET AT $1.15 Lifecell has dipped $7 to the $26-ish, probably a good price point if the story hasnt materially changed. The august $30 calls are $1.15 and the september $30 calls are $1.55. if there is a steady uptrend they will be rolloverable for the next 12 months. both these options will catch potential from 7/27/2006 rich sequentials earnings report.

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