Life Cell Skin Cream Reviews

LifeCell Skin reviews are easy to find and plentiful. LifeCell is a self-described revolutionary wrinkle cream that uses Nobel Prize-winning science to revitalize the skin and erase fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots that appear with age. It contains D3PA, one of the most potent antioxidants known to man, and Idebenone which researchers describe as an antioxidant that outshines all others.

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The manufacturer, South Beach Skincare, is very passionate about the product and aggressive in their marketing strategies. Naturally, this creates some apprehension among consumers and can make for some negative LifeCell skin reviews. South Beach Skincare’s aggressive marketing approach turns off some consumers, like the editors of many websites. Their first impression was that LifeCell appeared to be a scam. They believed the 20-page sales letter by the company’s sales team set off alarm bells and was afull of hypea. However, after testing the product themselves, the editors were very satisfied with the results and gave LifeCell a ranking of 4.5 stars out of 5. The editors of this website are not alone in their initial concerns over the aggressive marketing strategies deployed by South Beach Skincare.

One site called contains several negative reviews that accuse the company of unfair marketing who put it into practice. One reviewer describes the marketing as asleazy, aggressive and fraudulenta. Some reviews on this site doubt the credentials of the surgeon who is used by South Beach Skincare in their promotional material. Some reviewers go as far as to claim this scientist, Dr. Raj Bhayani is not a real person who is made up. Despite these occasional negative reviews, in general most LifeCell skin evaluations are incredibly positive. A speedy tally of online reviews from several websites would yield 4.5 and 5 star ratings. In essence, the product works and the outcome really does speak for itself. South Beach Skincare have secured several celebrity endorsements, including Paula Abdul, Joey Fatone, & Deidre Hall. With the company standing confidently behind the manufactured goods, recommending 30-day free trials and 100% money-back guarantees, LifeCell skin reviews will most certainly continue to be aglowing!a

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