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  2. Twitter says:

    io sono assolutamente a favore della nuova funzione. metti i culi e scopri di chi sono, solo quello di dania lo riconoscerei senza tag 🙂

  3. oooISPYooo says:

    I don't really agree with him here, because there are intellectual people on one hand and practical people on the other, both are perfectly useful to society but one group may not know or care about pythogorean geometry because it doesn't relate to their lives.

  4. Ciroc_Obama23 says:

    Life hits you when you got to make moves on ya own" #facts

  5. Michele says:


    I just read this article on drudge report and wanted to pass it to you and everyone who enjoys your blog. This is scary stuff. International ecofascists arranging an international court to enforce emissions laws throughout the developed/developing world.

  6. Khyron56 says:

    Chinese Embassy part II was the best music in the game. It's just so ambient. Good memories.

  7. nightmaretrojan says:

    Dialing to an international cell phone?
    I’m from the USA trying to make a phone call to a friend who lives in the Philippines – Bulacan. She has a cell phone not a land phone. I was wondering what number I need to dial before I put in her number?

    • AM says:

      dial +63 (form GSM phones) or 011-63, then her number. If her number starts with 0 – drop the first zero.

  8. Fidelis7119 says:

    How do you send SMS to international cell phones?
    I want to know if it’s possible to, let’s say, send an SMS text to someone who lives in SE Asia when you’re in the US. I want to send an SMS to someone who lives in Vietnam and i know that the country code for vietnam is 084 and cellphones over there usually start with 09…. so if i want to send an SMS over there, how should i plug in their numbers?

    • leilix says:

      Dial 011 for international, then 84 (not 084) for Vietnam then the cell phone number, omit the “0” in front. So it should be 011-84-9…….

  9. Pia says:

    getting charged for incoming international calls on cell?
    My friend lives in Canada and wants to call me and I live in the US. Do I get charged at all for receiving the international call on my at&t cell phone, which does not have international plans at all? Please let me know, thank you!

    • FaRaZ KhUwAjA says:

      Yes your mins get deducted and if you have a prepaid you get charged i think 25 cents a mins !!

  10. taryn says:

    How long does it take for a text message sent from a US cell phone to get to an international cell phone?
    I’m not sure anyone will know the answer to this, but … help? I’m from the US, my friend that I text lives in the Netherlands. I’m trying to decide if he’s just putting my messages off or if he doesn’t get them due to some kind of delay.

    Thanks! 10 points guaranteed to best answerer.

    • TitoBob says:

      Usually within ten seconds or less. Keep in mind that the Netherlands are in a different time zone, and if your friend has a job or school classes, that would limit the time during which you are both “available” to text each other in real time. Figure out the time difference, then make up a chart showing your hours opposite his hours, then text him when he should be free to respond.

  11. agonynation says:

    Best international calling cards/cell phone plans to get?
    My girlfriend lives in the acores (portugal) and i live in the states (no i didnt meet her online lol) anyways i know my at&t cell phone is gonna come back and kick me in the butt but i need to know the best international calling card that can call to an oversea cell phone, i bought one the other day but apparently it doesnt allow calls to oversea cell phones just landlines, any advice will help, thanks.

    • Mr. VoIP says:

      Try using VoIP carriers like CallCentric or InPhonex.
      Both these carriers allow VoIP access using local Calling Card gateway phone numbers accessible from any phone or cell.

      CallCentric rate to Portugal is only 2.7¢/min.
      If they don’t provide a local calling card gateway in your local area code, you can create your own.
      Learn how at:

      If you have a PC with headset and mic, CallCenric also provides a free downloadable softphone to make international calls. It’s still only 2.7¢/min this way too to Portugal.

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