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What is the most indispensible tool you own? Most likely it is your used cell phone. Cell phones are no longer just a device that allows you to call people when you are away from home. They are mini-computers that make living life easier. With a cell phone, you can calculate your bill, make a reservation, get directions, find the nearest gas station, play games and more without ever having to make a phone call. Refurbished and used cell phones pose unique problem, though. They quickly lose battery life, and battery life keeps getting shorter with age. If you constantly use your cell phone, the following tips will help you extend your battery life.

Choose Only One Notification Option

How do you like to be notified that someone is calling you; ringing or vibrating? Both will drain your cell phone battery but having them together will use lots of power that could be used wisely on your phone’s other features. Determine what way is best for you and your lifestyle and turn the other option off so that your battery’s life is extended.

Cold Climates

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