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Increasing Your Cell Phone Battery Life

By Sue Jan

Cell phones have changed the world. A person can remain in “touch” with people around the globe thanks to cell phone technology. Even though cell phone technology is just a few years old, cellular phones have penetrated all corners of the world.

Cell phones are now available in thousands of models. Cell phone battery is one of the most important cell phone accessories. The cellular phone battery life is one of the key factors users look at when purchasing a new cell phone.

A battery consists of a cathode, an anode and an electrolyte. The cathode is a metal oxide strip, the anode a metal strip that has a tendency to oxidize, and the electrolyte a conducting medium in which the anode and cathode are kept. When the anode and cathode are connected, the anode draws oxygen atoms thus generating electricity. Various types of batteries are available like alkaline batteries, lead acid batteries, lithium/manganese dioxide batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH), Nickel cadmium (NiCd) batteries, lithium ion batteries etc. For mobile phones lithium ion (Li-Ion) batteries are predominantly used.

Lithium ion cell phone batteries are rechargeable batteries. They are much lighter than other batteries because they carry extremely high-density charges and are easier to store than NiMH batteries. They do not suffer from memory effect. Sony Corporation first introduced lithium ion batteries in 1991.

Memory effect is a strange phenomenon – if a battery (usually nickel batteries) is repeatedly charged at partial discharge, the battery “forgets” that it has the capacity to discharge fully. Gradually the battery loses all capacity to fully recharge and has to be discarded. Li-Ion batteries also have a low self-discharge rate of approximately 5% compared to other batteries that are generally around 20-30%. However if mistreated Li-Ion batteries can be dangerous and have very short lives.

Some guidelines that can increase cell phone battery life are:

* Never discharge Li-Ion battery fully, recharge it at 40% capacity.

* Never store batteries above 60 deg Celsius.

* Do not keep batteries in moist places.

* Do not dispose off batteries in fire. They may catch fire or explode.

* Store in a cool places, this will increase their life considerably.

One of the disadvantages of Li-Ion cellular phone batteries is that they have a fixed shelf life of approximately 5 years. The capacity of the battery reduces about 20% every year. Hence it is a good idea to check the manufacture date on cell phone batteries before purchasing. Generally in cell phones, the batteries cannot be interchanged and cellular phone batteries are model specific.

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15 Responses to Life Cell Customer Service

  1. uma v says:

    YOUTELECOM/IQUARA the worst customer service i me solve this issue..please?
    i am have faced the worst customer service in my life till today from youtelecom
    its almost 20days i have given in paper for disconnection .but i don’t see people trying to help me. i call the customer service they say it will be solved by tomorrow.i call the vizag office they say they are busy..
    i call the guy or executive sales who sold me the connection he switches of his cell..
    i ask them for a supervisor they say they cant.
    i ask them for a contact number of a official they say they don’t have…
    i don’t understand whats this called..
    i am just wasting my money on you guys.
    i have not paid the bill for last month as they have not helped me out with my problem.
    i spoke to a customer rep who was so rude,,
    can anyone tell me what step i should take to solve my issue

  2. velocitylonfomus says:

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  3. nellie says:

    Does customer service matter or just the prices?
    Does it bother anyone today that alot of the younger clerks in stores can’t seem to muster up the words “thanks-come again”? If not for the customer, there would be no job. What’s worst is to have a clerk talking on a cell phone, or to a friend…or discussing social life with another employee while checking your merchandise. Then if you need help locating an item they act like they had never heard of it and then go about their own merry way.

    • Ashley P says:

      Customer service is one of the most important factors, think of how often you deal with customer service, when you get your coffee in the morning, ordering your lunch, when you have a question about your auto insurance. How do you feel when you leave a store and the employee that waited on you was rude, it makes you upset, could ruin your whole day. Most of the time I feel people are rude because they don’t like their current job situation, they think they just need to get you what you want and get you out of the store but its a big part of their job to do it with a smile and be polite, being rude or not caring could lead to loss of sales, not a good way to get anywhere in life.

  4. mommy of 2 says:

    Can you recommend a cheap cell phone service?
    I just got a new job and I need a cheap phone to keep in touch with clients only. In my business I try to keep my personal life seperate from my business life. I know about Metro PCS, Boost, and so forth. Just want some customer feedback. thanks.

    • Consumer_Cellular says:

      There are a lot of good options out there for cell phone service, especially for casual users. I work with Consumer Cellular, which offers no-contract plans that start at $10/month, and it’s not prepaid. However, if you should go over your monthly limit, Consumer Cellular will automatically notify you through its free usage alert system. You can then change your plan as needed, retroactively, without any additional fees. Consumer Cellular also has a 30 day/30 minute money back guarantee, meaning that you receive a full refund if you decide to cancel within the first 30 days or 30 minutes of use, whichever comes first, for any reason. Phone prices range from free to $50 and. Visit us at or give us a call at 1-888-345-5509 if you have any questions!”

  5. Sadfq Asdg says:

    papa’s i show can papa johns advertise perfect customer service when its always brutal?
    Never in my life have I let a food delivery and human incompetence get me worked up. But tonight Kitchener, Ontario Papa John’s really took the cake!

    I booked my pizza order online at 8pm…a pricey as anything, but I was sold just to try it.

    An hour and 25 mins later, I get a call on my cell phone. I can’t understand the guy, but I think he’s down stairs…so I run down to let him in…nope, not there…so i call him back…he says he’s outside, I tell him i’m at the door and there i no one in sight. Honest mistake, even if my apartment was on the same street at the Papa’s and 10 blocks away…so I stay on the phone with the guy, telling him every land mark in sight – Being literally 20 feet from City hall being the main one. Nope. No comprehend.

    Minutes pass, and he hangs up on me in the middle of his humming and hawing and mumbling. I try calling back, no answer, tried one more time…nothing again.

    I’m about to head back in when I realize my keys are on my table and my auto lock door is closed because I was chasing a delivery guy who got lost 10 blocks from his home base. (even if he was close, i would have saw him.he was no where in sight…not even on the right block.)

    after 2 hours of being stuck outside, i get in to get the papa’s number, i call them and get a friendly fellow who offers me bread sticks as soon as he answers the phone…

    i asked him what was up with the pizza and explained what happened. (now hungry as a horse!) The guy says “he couldn’t find your place, it was a bad address.” – I told him i was standing in that address and on the street and didnt see him…

    the guy on the phone develops a bit of an attitude and says “gimme a minute, i’ll talk to the driver…”
    8-10 mins pass while i’m on hold. WAY more than enough time to investigate the pizza issue.

    so i hang up and call back. the same guy answers on the first ring and says “hold please” and puts me on hold. I hang up and call back…this goes on for 15 mins or so. (i was just working on principal after the 2nd time.) at one point i shouted “NOOO” when they said “hold, the guy stopped and said “what…?” and i said “wheres my pizza?” and he hung up.

    FINALLY the next time i call they actually answer the phone like nothing happened with the “pappa’s” phone answering speal…as if they weren’t looking at the call display this time (as they were the first 30 times)

    finally i ask this guy “where is the customer service papa’s states they have on their site?”

    he says “you know what buddy, you should have called back about your pizza 2 hours ago! don’t call here again.”

    I will never call there again.
    I went into the pizza pizza that i live right above. I should have went there in the first place. They have whole wheat crust, gluten free crust as well as crispy crust on top of their regular dough – on top of that, they have WAY more toppings and they have WAY better prices…what was I thinking trying to switch Papa John’s?

    never again.

  6. jewelrylover says:

    VERIZON complaint: whats up with No Customer Service???????
    2 weeks ago I SPENT ANOTHER 3 HOURS ON THE PHONE , Yep 3 hours to LOWER my bill, sooooo many promises.. so many dreams of a lowered bill finally , I actually felt relived and happy when I hung up the phone , FINALLY A “0” BALANCE ON MY ACCOUNT , ” A Fresh Start” .. Life was Great … And then … The Verizon bill.. I opened it up with Glee to finally see my savings….

    ” WHAT THE ‘ BLA BLA BLA WAS I THINKING”””” could it be possible that after a year they actually listened and got it right ….

    As George Carlin would say … God rest him, ” BLA BLA BLA “”””””

    I felt a SHARP bullet hit my YOU KNOW WHAT *, not only did I get One Verizon Bill , But 2 Verizon Bills , they were so KIND to send me my New statement for 500.00 ” What happened to my savings??????? But then I got another new Bill from Wireless for 215.00 More dollars … OH YIPPIE .

    THANK YOU VERIZON , for Setting me Straight , I mean truly I really don’t KNOW what I was thinking to Spend 3 Hours on the phone , cancel my house phone , LOWER cable, and then have you send me a WONDERFUL EXCITING GIFT OF 2 BILLS TO THE TUNE OF 700.00 , 300.00 more than my last bill, But hey , I know , I am paying now WHAT THE NEXT 3 MONTHS AS PUNISHMENT , and then I had to listed to a ROBOT talk to me on the phone like I was mentally Challenged ” No offence to anybody that is ” today for another Hour , and still got no where .


    I can ASSURE YOU ONE THING MR OR MS VERIZON, BY GOODNESS YOU WILL NOT WEAR ME DOWN… I now realize that is your great wish in the sky , that I will just Give up and give you another 6 Grand towards your New Condo , and leave you alone BUT I will not this time ,

    I have been a good customer , paid my bill , and no matter what I do , the bills are the same , The majic credits go to majic land , and I still pay only to hopefully see them another day ,

    Part 2) You know that 6.00 *2 ( 12.00) I pay that you promised to take care of my cell phone , well guess what , my Volume is not working , So i called Guess who??? VERIZON, and you know what I was told… Well to bad … that was for a year only , you have to buy a New phone at Full price 300.00 or SIGN A NEW 2 Year Contract and pay 100.00 “WHAT ” I already have a contract til next year? ” WHAT?? ” did I just leave my head again?
    I thought yoor new promo was No contract .. i did just get that in the mail?

    Are you kidding me , It was not enough that I have a bulleye’s on my ” bla bla bla but not I have one on my Forhead and the word ‘ **bleep** ” AS WELL.” I am a idoit, I will repeat this daily AS TO NOT BOTHER YOU .

    So In essence , My husband is 73 Years old , I wont tell my age , But How many other people are you taking advantage of ???

    the way I look at it 12.00*12 months is $144.00 You owe me since you are not helping me with MY PHONE that i have paid you each month , my new extra bill , Thank you ,I will not eat this month , but will have great TV

    You can respond , I want help , I beg for help , once and for all , as a loyal customer I deserve at least that ,

    I will cc/ this letter to CNN. FOX and UTUBE,and anyone that will listed until this is fixed.

    Hope you like the new car i am paying for ..or the Hotel Staycation….or hey maybe your stocks? Heck the money is not going to my bill.

    and I hope I hear the Phone when you call since the ringer is broke! But you already know that , thats why I pay 5.99 a month for Insurance on my cell phone plus tax.

    • whistlindixienc says:

      So, it’s the house services or the wireless services?

      For your cell……….
      Your deductible for your insurance with wireless would be $39 for a simple phone ($5.99/month) or $89 for a smartphone ($7.99/month) and with insurance replacement you don’t sign a new contract. You just file your claim or call Asurion at (888) 881-2622. I got this information from the Verizon Wireless website.

      Sorry can’t tell you anything about the home services for your TV. Hope this helps

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    ho paura di sapere se hai conservato qualche ricevuta/scontrino

  8. Allison says:

    sex offender status, even if it wasn't rape, or assault of any kind. your still screwed for life.

  9. lovely says:

    join groups such as church groups for what applies singles etc…or clubs…

  10. ilariapic says:

    corrado, aspè! Ma Top400 di 3 non viene 29 euro (più 5,qualcosa di tassa governativa) al mese? O__O

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