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  1. ~~FunkyMonkey~~ says:

    Mom cheating on Dad?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    Okay so for the past 8-9 months I have been veryy suspicious of my mom. (PS: Don’t tell me I’m a snoop, cause I know I am)

    Okay, first off my mom is very protective of her phone. She texts 24/7, even when she drives. Whenever my brothers or her ask who shes texting she gets mad at us for asking and comes up with some really lame excuse about how she’s texting our neighbor. She always makes sure her phone screen is upside down when she sets it down. She has her phone set so that the texts she sends are deleted right away. She even takes her phone into the bathroom when she showers. My brother (he’s only 10) will grab her phone, I mean, what 10-year old doesn’t wanna hold any cell phone they can get their hands on, and she’ll like, “What are you doing?!?!” And he’ll say, “I’m just looking at your pictures, mom.” And she’ll say hold on a sec and then I watch her delete certain messages. I’ve gone through her texts once, and some of them said, “I’d square every inch of the city to find ya”, and “It doesn’t matter cause I still have you.” When she first started texting this person, she didn’t have a contact. I said, “Mom, why don’t you add that number into your contacts?” And she said, “Oh, I just keep forgetting.” Next thing I know she has a contact MICHELLE in her phone, but she already knows a Michelle. So, alphabetically, her contacts are: Michelle, MICHELLE. And I went to that contact and sure enough, there was the number. The area code wasn’t my state so I googled it and found out it was an Iowa are code, where my mom went to high school and college. Even my friends said they’ve never seen her when she WASN’T texting.

    My mom also has this e-mail that she only ever uses to give like stores who want to send her coupons and stuff and one day I went downstairs after I got up and I got on the laptop while she was at the gym. I opended the screen and that email was open. Her inbox was full of some man’s name (his name won’t be mentioned) that had sent her e-mails. One said, “Hey beautiful, heading out for morning something duty. Love you, _____” and I just wanted to cry. Every time she is on the laptop she sits in uncomfortable positions in her chair so that the screen is facing the wall and we can’t see the screen. Me or my brothers will go to say goodnight to her and she will change the tabs at the top of the screen, or minimize it.

    We went on a vacation for spring break and you can’t text or call on the ship (cruise) because it costs like 25 cents per text. I LOVED this cruise soooo much more than I thought I would and I could never figure out why. After we got off the ship, there she was, texting, with her phone. I about broke down right then and there.

    She doesn’t know I know anything. But every time I look at her phone, there it is MICHELLE. She wonders why I don’t tell her anything about my life, it’s because I Can’t trust her anymore. I’ve just cried myself to sleep so many nights I’ve lost count.

    I haven’t told either one of my brothers or any of my friends. I jsut don’t want my family to fall apart. I can tell my middle brother is getting suspicious too.


    PS: Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    • smile says:

      confront your dad first
      let see what he will tell you
      and then your mom needs to know

      from there is up to them to decide

  2. ChelseaCogs says:

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  3. BattyKatty35 says:

    That cop needs to STOP . That's called stalking even if he's trying to watch all of them. And shouldn't te parents and them, ve notified that he has to watch them . UGH.

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