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Review of HTC Thunderbolt Battery Life

One of the weakest points of the HTC Thunderbolt is the standard battery. With all the hoopla about the new 4G Smartphones, many users are sadly disappointed in the length of time the batteries hold a charge. Since the Thunderbolt only comes with a 1400mAh standard battery, it isn't surprising that Thunderbolt's 4.3″ screen, 1GHz processor, 4G connectivity and other high end hardware and software leave you frustrated or chargeless.

Most users are only getting 6-8 hours of usage out of their Thunderbolt batteries. Sadly, this includes standby time as well as talk time. So what should you do to save yourself frustration? Well you can do some tweaks to your Thunderbolt that will give you better battery life, or you can buy an HTC Thunderbolt Extended Battery. The tweaks to your phone are relatively easy to do and will give you more battery life for sure. But I found that with my Droid X, I still wanted the Droid X Extended Battery, which last me nearly 2 days between charges.

There are easy tweaks to give more life between charges on your HTC Thunderbolt battery. Besides adjusting your screen brightness, turning off your GPS unless you need it, and killing apps that don't need to run, you can also disable Adobe Flash 10.2 (unless you browse lots of “Flash rich” sites). One great suggestion that really helps is to turn off your 4G. To help you with turning off your 4G, Taylor from Phonedog has given us some written instructions.

Turn off the 4G when not in use.

Open the dialer, dial *#*#4636#*#*
Select Phone information
Scroll down to “Set preferred network type,” select “CDMA auto (PRL)”
Press the back button

To turn the LTE radio back on:

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