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Cell phones are a great way to keep in contact with your contacts, friends and families. Here are the different ways in which the buy cell phones online has changed how we live.

The cell phone is one of the most useful and bought electronic devices in the past few decades. There are many controversies that surround the cell phone even today, but the fact stands that the device has changed the we live and conduct business. Here are three ways in which the wholesale cell phones have made our life easier.

Swift communication: Gone are the days when one would need to wait by the cell phones for sale or wait for a letter or telegram. Today, one can easily go about their daily life, and communicate with friends, contacts and family without disrupting their daily life with the help of a cell phone. The mobile phone has definitely changed the way we carry out audio communication. In some enhanced cell phones, one can even record their message and send it to others. More information about wholesale cell phones at discount price on TradeTang.

Swift Information Transmission: The mobile phone is not just used for communication; it is also used for information transmission of all kinds. For example, with the mobile web, one can send across images, data, files, etc, at the much cliched 'click of a button'. While the cell phone itself was a useful device, with the invention of mobile internet, the sky is the limit for the amount of data and information transmission that can go on in a matter of seconds.

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96 Responses to Life Cell Address

  1. Brookie Cookie says:

    how to find my friends address with his cell phone number with out paying?
    how do i find out where my friend lives with his cell phone number without having to pay to see where he lives? I would call but he never has his phone on. help me plz. 614-496-5546 is his number if u can look it up for me and give me his address

    • Mike B says:

      There is no way to get around paying for it. You’ll have to access a proprietary phone database, like private investigators do. Check out some of the resources on You should be able to look it up for under 15 bucks. And next time, don’t give out the telephone number online, especially if this person really is your friend.

  2. Morgen says:

    What is Zac Efron’s email address, phone/cell#, and where he lives?
    I love Zac. He is HOT!

    • megan says:

      hi my dad helped w/ the making of high school musical so i met him and i asked those same questions!his email address is, his cellphone# is 545-2942, and he lives in Sacremento, California! there ya go! just make me as ur best answer! please!

  3. ktin-kangaroo says:

    I have someones Cell phone number How do i find their address?
    i really badly need someones address
    and i have their cell phone number and their first name
    and the zipcode they live in is there any way possible i can find where this person lives?

  4. Rick James says:

    Finding an address by cell phone number for free?
    What’s up, all.

    I need a little help finding an ex-friend’s address. I have his cell phone number, but he wont answer my calls. He has some of my possessions and is refusing to give them back to me. I don’t know where he lives

    Does anybody know how I can get ahold of this information?
    I’m not trying to pay $15 for a one time look up.

    I’m looking for a free service, unlike most of the ones on the web.

    or maybe, if any of you have an account on any of those websites that offer this, you could search for me?

    All help is appreciated.

  5. naingzaw says:

    I need to know how to find out my ex bf address?
    I am trying to sue my ex-boyfriend for not giving me back my money but before I file a small claim at court I have to find out where he lives. He moved to new apartment in 6 months ago from where he used to live. All I know is, he lives in long beach and cell phone number, I traced his cell phone back but nothing. What should I do?

  6. squall says:

    what part of your cell phone bill/sign up determines your sales tax ?
    so i live in fla and we are ranked 2nd in highest sales tax for cell phones in the country, but my mom lives in north carolina were its less then half of fla, im assuming that when i put my billing address thats what will determine the % i pay in sales tax, is that right? or is it something else.

    please keep answers short and sweet.

    • tro says:

      you don’t mention which telephone system
      there are federal taxes on all phone bills, there are probably local taxes, city,county, state on each one as well, but the majority of the taxes are federal
      I don’t recall there is any sales tax since this is a service

  7. squall says:

    what determines the state sales tax i pay on my cell phone?
    is it my billing address? i pay 21.? % in fla, but my mom lives in NC and its wayyy less, and she said i could just use her address so i could pay less sales tax. would that work? or is it something else that determines it.

    • evilattorney says:

      Sales tax is determined by where you take possession of the phone. If you buy it in a store, the location of the store controls. If you have it shipped, the ship-to address controls.

  8. jon_jon97 says:

    What is Demi Lovato’s Home Address, E-mail address, and 100% Real cell phone number?
    I love Demi Lovato, I really want her #. Never Say get a life to me because my life is to worship Demi Lovato.

  9. Lazlo says:

    is there a way to find someones cell phone number if you have their landline and address? ?
    for example:

    lets say my home number is 555-555-5500
    and my address is 123 doorknob way

    is there a site someone that says something like

    so and so lives here and their cell number is 555-555-5501
    provider is through candy land?

    something like that? If so, please share the site.

    I’m just i guess, kind of paranoid… i’ve been stalked many times and I wanna make sure my cell phone isnt out there anywhere and i wanna make sure you cant find it, if it happens to be possible. thanks for helping in advance!
    that website wont work for me… may be my computer, i will try looking at it through my laptop…
    yeah, says error on page still, wont allow me to see any videos what-so-ever on the site…
    may not be legal but some where out there there is a site where people some how get my number… i have changed it at least 4 different times. so just because people arent allowed to do something wont stop them from doing it… i just wanna see if there is a site where my number will come up…

    • mister_c says:

      there are sites that claim to find someone but you need to pay and its alot of b.s. they defenitely cant find your cell phone number, but people can find your landline and address through the phonebook and the phonebooks website, unless you tell your phone company not to publish that information

  10. shakirmoh says:

    How can I get exact detailed street address of a person if I know his name & his cell phone number in Sweden?
    I know the name and Cell (Mobile) telephone number of a friend who lives in Sweden, I want to send him a surprise gift on Christmas without asking him about his detailed address .. Is there a phone directory or a yellow book like equivalent for Swedish cell (mobile) phone numbers?? I prefer a free website if there is any … Thank you

    • Neon says:

      It depends, if the cell phone isn’t registered then you will not find it. You could try only the name but it is likely to turn up many hits.
      If it is registered you fill the name and number out in the first slot at:
      Push the button that says “hitta!” and you’ll get the name and address on the next page.

      Personally I wouldn’t do such a thing. If he wanted me to know the address he would have told me. Finding it and using it this way would feel creepy and “stalker-ish” to me. Still, it’s public information and you can use it as you wish.

  11. REISA . says:

    how to find if someone has an email address on yahoo or any email address or cell number?
    I am looking for an old colleague (Weiwei Xu) i went to school with. trying to find an email address or cell number pls help all i know is that she lives in King of Prussia, PA

  12. John says:

    can someone find your address if they have your cell phone number?
    basically a guy who lives about 20-30 miles from me has my cell phone number, and wants to find me. reason is not important, and it’s nothing fake. this person is real, lol.

    i know there are reverse phone number websites but most cost money to do it. if he pays to get full report on my number can he get my address and stuff…?

  13. giraffes and tacos are my loves says:

    Can you find out where someone lives by their cell phone number?
    I’m not a stalker, I’m only doing this for MY safety to find out if someone can find where I live.

    So if I gave my number to someone I met online (I’m being careful and not giving it to the world, just close friends and stuff, dont say stuff about that please) could they find where I live?

    And if they can, do they find just like my city? Or like my address?

    • T_Smack says:

      I heard that cell phone #’s are being published in the phone book. If this is the case, you can do a reverse phone number look up to see what the address is. Try

  14. shorty says:

    I have a phone number from cell sprint wireless how can I get the address to this person?
    It is a woman friend, lives in Portland Oregon and I have her first and last name also her cell number just want her address. Thanks for your help

  15. Bill says:

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    these are the offers that i have done so far:

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    • Chemaqua says:

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  16. ditzee_nikki2006 says:

    How do you get someones address if you have all their other info?
    My friend is trying to file a divorce from his wife. He knows all her info-SS number, date of birth, even the city where she lives, cell phone number, everything. She refuses to give him her address. Any sneaky suggestions on how to get the address??

    • ~Mimi~ says:

      try try either search with their name or do the reverse search where you put their phone number this worked for me when i needed to find out who was living in and old address also there are some u can sigh up for that they advertise on dex knows and pay to have info sent to u

  17. Abbey Jensen says:

    What is Ariana Grande’s email/cell phone number?
    Just for the record I’m nit trying to invade her personal life when I ask this. I am a huge fan so if anybody has her email address or cell phone/texting address please submit it in the comments below thank you so much to those who submit!!!!!!
    ariana grande is the girl who plays cat on the show victorous which is on nickelodeon

    • Business Sarah says:

      I’m not clear on how texting an actress is not invading her personal life. She likely doesn’t want to meet fans in this manner. It’s probably unlisted.

  18. Glory says:

    IS there a legitimate way to find out a person’s E-mail address?
    I know the town my friend lives in but they are not in the phone book. I keep seeing these advertisements on how to contact peoople; How to find someone’s Cell Phone Number or E-mail address.
    Is there really a way to do this? It all sounds so intrusive.

  19. Rena L says:

    i want to find out who’s phone # or cell phone # in the uk also email address belongs to?
    want to see if this person lives in the united states or the uk

  20. Madhu says:

    i want sonunigams personal cell no or e mail id plz can anyone can give me his cell no or else address of sonu
    i am a great fan of sonunigam ji, im just mad on his singing i had wrote one kavithe on sonu so at any cost i want sonus cell no such that i can talk with my lifes idol person sonuji, its my dream to meet sonu ones in my life…..

  21. pch_care says:

    how to get a person’s address using their cell phone number and name in uk?
    im in london and my friend lives in folkestone or foxton thats my dilemma. over the phone is very easy to confuse them and i did it already…it is dover kent or cambridgeshire he didnt mention it and i didnt ask and now he doesnt answer his phone. is there any fast service i can use to get an adress just with his phone no and name and some other personal details if the case? im supposed to get there tonight.

    • J. Charles says:

      There is No way of obtaining an Address for a UK cell phone without it being reported as a Nuisance call to the Police.(Then the Process is LONG and DRAWN OUT!!)

      Cell Phone company’s are Not at Liberty to give out Personal Details of its users(Assuming you can find the Network provider),that’s to do with User Confidentiality Laws.

  22. purrrsian_cat says:

    I need a real address. I have a cell phone number and an email address. Does anyone know how to get this?
    I think this person lives in the Atlanta area, but not inside the city proper. I would like to find the address without having to pay some shyster company for it.

  23. santosh s says:

    i have get the destiny of my life, thant’s why could yourship gives me the e-mail address of the Dr. APJ?
    Name: Santosh Sangappa Sutar,
    Address: 195, Swa. Sawarkar Marg, Pratapganj Peth, Satara [MAHARASHTRA].
    Cell: 9890501654.

  24. says:

    How do i get somebodies address using a cell phone number? Is there a free way of doing this?
    My boyfriend’s ex keeps calling me. Leaving terrible messages. I think she lives with her parents and I am pretty sure that if I sent a letter letting them know then these calls would stop. Please Help!

    • Barry D says:

      There is no such thing as a free cell phone directory. If you ned to find out on your own is the best place to search on any cell phone.

      One way to trace phone calls is by using a service provided by the majority of telephone providers. The service, known as Call Trace, is easy to use. When you receive a prank call, you immediately hang up on the caller. After a minute, pick the receiver back up to make sure the line is clear (you’ll hear the dial tone again), then press *57.

      Most phone providers will give you instructions, but the important thing is the provider will find the number that called you. Generally, to trace phone calls, the service costs around $5 each time you use it, although some providers set a maximum monthly charge.

      While convenient, this service has serious disadvantages. First, you have to receive several prank calls from the same number before action will be taken. Some phone companies will not do anything until you’ve traced the number three times.

      Another weakness is that the number or name of the caller won’t be given to you. Even though they violated your privacy and the privacy of your home, the telephone company is not allowed to violate their privacy by letting you know who the culprit is. If the calls persist, the provider will turn over the information to the police but not to you.

      I don’t know of a free place though.

  25. Gina C says:

    Can you file harassment charges if you only know the person’s cell phone number?
    I am being harassed by someone but I don’t even know their real name. The only concrete information I have on this phantom person is their cell phone number and their email address. My life has not been threatened, however they are blocking their number and calling frequently. Is there a way to still file charges even though I don’t know this person’s real name and have no proof that they are the person calling?
    Also, I have already changed my cell phone number and disconnected my home phone. But they are now calling various members of my family instead of me.

  26. Isle Esme says:

    Why water is essential to life?
    I am suppose to write an essay on why water is essential to life for biology. Obviously there are many reasons why life would die with out water, but what specifically should I address?
    I know cells need water for survival so therefore organisms need it, as we are made up of cells.
    But why do cells need water? Because they are mostly made up of water?
    It seems like the simplest answer is that we need it because that is what we are made up of.
    Any ideas of what to inlcude in the essay that are most important?

    • dm says:

      The simplest answer is that the cytoplasm is a solution of water, ions, proteins, and enzymes. The way that many things travel over the cell membrane has to do with their relative concentrations in the cell and outside of the cell in the solution surrounding the cell. So without water, nothing would be able to move in or out of the cell. Almost every bodily function involves ions or proteins traveling into or out of a cell.

  27. jjenkinskelso says:

    Is there a number you can call like 411 or a directory online where you can get cell phone #s?
    I’m trying to find a cell phone # for a friend of mine that lives in another state. Is there a way I can find it if I know her address?

    • Kay Eliz says:

      no, and thank God for it, I would hate if my cell number was listed. Although I have heard that switchboard is going to start listing cell’s

  28. AM says:

    I have a cell number of dubai and want to find the detail about the name and the address it belongs?
    I would like to let uall know i dont want the person to know that i am tracing them..actually this cell no belongs to one of my relatives and have spoken on this no directly to ask about her new identity n with whom this person lives but only refusing to give any information…problem is this person lives in dubai with different identity and is not disclosing … so if you can tell me how to find out the details through dubal cell no,. your serious answer would be of great help

  29. mankekineo says:

    How do I find a dear former friend, an old roomate in L.A. who whom I lost contact with?
    HELP!!!!! I can NOT find Fabian Rodriguez. I have not heard from him in about 2 years. His phone # is disconnected and he has no cell. He no longer lives at his address. I called information (411) and you would not believe how many Fabian Rodriguez’s there are in LA. The only thing that I can think of is that…he has a brother whose name is Manuel who lives in Southgate, CA. “Information” gave me 3 Manuel Rodriguez’s (phone numbers). The fact is I’m scared to call to find out. I am certain that he’s fine but….simply…I don’t know what to say to the brother…Any suggestions??????

  30. vgibson81 says:

    I need to find a long lost friends’ cell number? How can I do that?
    I have his address and name but thats about it. He lives in another state so I cant go see him. Is there a way I can find his cell number online?

  31. Sophia M says:

    How can I find out who is sending text messages to my cell from a computer, with only an IP address?
    Someone is sending messages to my cell phone, by computer & I would like to find out where in the city this person lives. Is there anyway I would be able to get a physical address with an IP address? Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is kind of a “harrasing” thing & it’s been going on for a while now, & I would really like it to stop.

    • Super S says:

      You wouldn’t be able to find out without reporting it to the police…and even then it would have to go to court at which point a subpoena for phone/ip records will be issued.

      Otherwise they will continue to go to your phone company’s website and going to the the “send text message,” page and not entering a callback number.

      You should block all incoming text messages unless they are from your contacts if that feature is available with your phone cell phone company.

  32. Anna1988 says:

    Is there a way to find out where someone lives with their CELL phone number, for free?
    I have found a few sites that offer minimal info but I know that already, I’d like an address or even a round about area…

    Where can I go to get the service provider?

    • krisscherer says:

      As far as I know, there are no free sites for cell number look ups.
      The only free information that you will get is the phone provider
      and the county in which the phone is registered in.

  33. marlyn31 says:

    find a name and address with only a cell # and first name?
    No one seems to get name an address with only cell # and first name. How many would like to call her to ask why she is able to be such a low life. I would like to know what she uses as a reason, to justify her actions. It is surely not the first time she has done things like this to someone, by far. Please give her a call, lisa, 702- 443- 2500 thanks!
    Juan G’s answer, “” is another smut low life site,another attempt to get our children to see adult sites by being prayed on and be someone they will never be. check it out get this person off line an arrested.

    • noonehomebutlightsareon says:

      I’m sure you have Lisa’s best interests at heart by posting her phone # on the internet, right?

      How do you justify YOUR life?

  34. rainmonster says:

    How do you find someone whose cell phone has been disconnected? And who lives in another state?
    I know they moved, but I don’t know the address or anything and I want to get back in touch.

    • Jessica P says:

      You have to send out some smoke signals or carrier pigeons — this is your best option I think.

      It is hard to track cell phones, try to get their credit card numbers or social security and track that instead

      Happy Stalking

  35. Daydreamer says:

    can my address be obtained with my cell phone number?
    okay, so one of my friends has a very violent and obsessive ex-boyfriend who lives about 500 miles away from me. he doesn’t know me. only my first name and my cell number. now he’s threatening to come up here and kill me.

    Can he find me with my cell number? I’m a minor, and the phone is in my name. i don’t know if that matters.

    • dis_orient_ed says:

      Only if he or a buddy work for the company that provides you service and then only the billing address. Threats can be criminal assault. Call the cops. At a minimum they can find out if the guy is on probation. If he is, this will send him back to jail.

  36. yurigo says:

    How can I make him to feel closer to me?
    I had a dinner with this guy through a friend of mine. It wasn’t a blind date or anything but II really liked him and he doesn’t know it. He lives in the other side of continent. We exchanged e-mail address & cell number and had a couple e-mail exchange within 3 weeks. How can I make him to feel closer to me w/o being pushy?

  37. zman says:

    how can i find a mailing address by just a cell phone number?
    all i have is a phone number and only a first name how can i find out where he lives?

  38. chaotic butterfly says:

    How can I find someone’s address using their cell phone number?
    I have a friend who lives in Canada, I found his address using his telephone number but that’s not his real address. I want to see if it’s the same address that his cell phone is listed under as well. How can I find his address using his cell phone number for free? All the websites charge you like $30.

  39. Karen M says:

    Does anyone have a friend in law enforcement that can get a address for me..I need it to serve someone?
    I got the name but no address he has the cell in someone else’s name and lives with his aunt. Can anyone with experience helped. I tried all online free services.And I am not paying for it..

    • Master Yoda says:

      Serve someone with what? If your talking about a subpoena, then they can be served via a process server. If your talking about a warrant, only police officers can serve warrants. Additionally, a warrant will not be issued unless there is enough probable cause.

      Lastly, just having someones name will not help you. There are many people with the same name, and a cell phone number can change ot be disconnected.

      If you really wanted to look someone up, or serve them, you would need to know their name, date of birth, social security number or their drivers license.
      Not too mention asking someone to look up a person without a valid reason would be unethical so if want to find this person your going to have to pay for it, sorry.

  40. kris s says:

    how can i finde my friends cell phone number?
    i know that she has a cell phone. i also know that she lives in harbor beach michigan but i cant afford to pay 49 bucks for her address. can any one please help me finde my missing maid of honor. please help her name is Marcie L McKay. she was my best friend. i realy need to talk to her. i will postpone my wedding till i finde her. but for now i have 5 months to locate her.

  41. HappilyEngaged says:

    Is there any free way to track a location for a cell phone?
    I did a trade and got screwd BAD! All i have is the cell phone number and email address. Anyway that i can find where he lives?
    We have diff cellphone companies.

  42. playerhtr43663 says:

    please help me to locate a browser for cell phone address reverse. that doesn’t have a fee.?
    cellphone reverse to find out where my aunt lives. Free person search

  43. jemsbyjam says:

    i need to know how can i find out where someone lives all i know is the cell phone # and an old address?
    trying to locate dead beat dad and MIA husband cant be served with divorce papers

    • my-kids-mom says:

      Irrisponsible dads really Pi** Me Off!!
      OK, sorry, had to vent, I’ve been there too and I’m sorry you are going through it now.
      I contacted my local court appointed child support collection agency and they had access to a lot of services that I didn’t.
      Call or go down to the local police dept and see what they suggest. Usually if you talk to a more mature female (mom) officer, they are more likely to assist than someone who’s younger.

  44. AllyRawrz says:

    How do I address an envelope to the United Kingdom?
    I’m trying to address some of my envelopes before I go to camp so I can write to my friend that lives in the UK because I don’t get cell phoen reception at the camp.
    The address is
    173c Redbanks Rd. Bispham Blackpool Lancashire England fy3 9ea

  45. Lorraine Way says:

    How do you send pics to a cell phone if you don’t have a camera phone?
    i really need to send someone a pic that lives in utah (i live in NC) to his cell but i don’t have a camera phone? is it possible? i have an email address?…
    he has alltel and i have verizon…

  46. TKO_strikes_1st round says:

    can this person find my address by using my cell number?
    I had some drama with this girl online I never met in my life,well she called me a few days ago and told me shes going to get at me and blah blah…well she said she posted my number online and asked her boys to call me and talk crap….i changed my number immediately through tmobile…my question is can she use my old cell phone number to find my billing address? I know there are sites online that offer this service but it looks like they are not accurate most of the time…would like some peace of mind! thank you

    • Beverley M says:

      There is an app called cell phone tracker or something that I have on my iPhone. You type in the Phone number and it will show you a map with a pin dropped at the address . it’s about 20 feet off from my house when I checked my cell phones. The phone listing apps also will do a reverse search and show the address on a map..using a dropped pin.
      But this is your old number…. That wouldn’t work because they use location data for the number so I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Besides, they give those numbers out to someone else rather quickly.

  47. says:

    I now have a businesses. Is there a cell phone that functionally can handle two business lines or do you recom
    I need help from someone who has actually address this issue in real-life.

    Advantages and disadvantages -suggestions

    Thank you!

    • paobay says:

      A land is always better, so you can setup fax, DSL answering machine all on one line. If you want work on a cell phone, then you can always forward the call to your cell phone when you aren’t in the office. Do you need two lines? keep in budget on all the business expenses.

  48. RexD says:

    So do I need to get a life if I do this with my cell phone…….?
    Ok, for the numbers in my address book I actually went out and snapped an image of the actual place with the phones camera. For example a number to someones house will have an image of their house, or the number to Target will have the image of an actual Target store. Is this too involved with my phones functions?

    • Twist says:

      i don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, at least you didn’t sit at home in front of your TV during the time it took to take all those pictures. most people wouldn’t even consider an adventure like that because there way to lazy.

  49. Abbey Jensen says:

    What is Taylor Swift’s email address/cell phone number?
    I just wanted to know because I am a HUGE fan of hers!!! I’m not trying to invade her personal life or anything I just want to send her a text or email. So if you have Taylor Swifts email address and/or texting address that would be awesome thank you!!!!!
    no i wouldnt care if my phone number was on the internet. its not like its my home address where people can stalk me.

    • Mark says:

      you have to be like the rest of us monkeys & join a fan-club

      …would you want YOUR cell phone number posted on the internet ??

  50. Abbey Jensen says:

    What is Bella Thorne’s email address/ cell phone number?
    I’m not trying to invade bella’s life when I ask this. But I am just a huge fan!!! And it would be so awesome to send her a message via text or email. So if you have her number and or email address please submit it below. Thank you so much!!!!!!
    (ps Bella Thorne is the girl who plays CC on Shake It Up)

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