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Large Pores On Nose – My Proven Way To Remove Large Pores On Nose And Blackheads At Home

Large pores on nose!!! They really look terrible on face. But do you know what the worst pimple is? The worst one is that which just won’t go away after many attempts of cleansing and treatment. So what are the proven treatment methods to remove large pores on nose? Find out the answer to the question in this article.

I know, like many acne sufferers, you definitely don’t want to do anything that might cause more break-out. Consumers especially fail when they are choosing the right product for acne skin care.

But I’d like to talk about blackheads which are not less serious skin problem than acne, as acne begins from those horrible clogged pores on nose, forehead and other areas of face.

About the author: Remember that an ordinary acne treatment cannot help you to get rid of enlarged pores and pimples forever. You need a unique combination of specially chosen acne product and pore minimizer endorsed by doctors, herbalists and consumers that:

– Attacks acne bacteria from inside and out

– Helps in shedding dead cells and rebuilding new ones

– Unclogs million pores on your skin naturally

– Eliminates excessive oil

– Leaves no chance to blackheads and whiteheads

– Heals faster and more effectively thanks to its natural ingredients.

So for a smarter choice get the best product on the market – ClearPores just Today.


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  1. mybruno says:

    How can you keep your skin from looking drab and shrink large pores?
    The skin on my face does not have that smooth texture,more like bumpy areas, with large pores.

    • peanut says:

      In the shower, wash your face with hot/warm water and dove soap. Don’t scrub, gently clense. Rinse your face, and then turn the water to cold. Splashing cold water on your face will tighten up your pores and make them look smaller.

      In addition to this, it helps to drink a lot of water, although that is more of a long-term solution.

  2. Bria Mc says:

    What are some good home remedies for large pores?
    My pores aren’t super large but they could use some tightening. Any ideas that can easily be done at home or some cheap products that won’t set me back to far.

    • Nurse Lady/ USMC Wifey says:

      *Spread plain yogurt over your face, wait 20 min, then wash off with luke warm water

      *Using a cotton ball, apply vodka to your face as an astringent to cleanse and tighten pores (take a few sips as you go if you wish, haha)

      *Mix 3 tbsp honey, 1/2 cup evaporated milk, and 4 tbsp apple cider vinegar. Add enough flour to make a very thick paste. Apply to face as a mask and let dry. Rinse off with warm water, followed by cold water. The honey disinfects the skin and seals in moisture, the milk moisturizes, and the vinegar tightens the pores

  3. Leave my kitten alone says:

    How do you shrink really large pores?
    I have large pores on my face, and I try cleaning, and using an exfoliating mask, but my pores are still large. What do I do?

    • Jebbie says:

      Try using witch hazel. Local beauty supply stores should have it. It is the pure form of the stuff used in most pore shinking items manufactured by cosmetics companies. Don’t use too much of it as it tends to really dry your skin. Good luck.

  4. Jenny Trainer says:

    How do you shrink large pores on your nose?
    I’m sixteen so of course I have acne and oily skin. However, I’m seeing a dermatologist so my acne is mostly gone, but I still have really large pores on my nose and sometimes on my cheeks and my skin is still really oily. Any tips that have worked for you?

  5. lulu m says:

    How can I get rid of large pores and blackheads?
    It’s been years that I passed my teenagehood(I’m 24) and my acne went milder.I rarley have witeheads and spots.But the problem is that large pores and lots and lots of blackheads.Any solution?Maybe microdermabraison or peeling?

  6. honeypot0214 says:

    large pores?
    what is a good homemade remedy or product that will tighten and reduce pores.they are mostly on my chin.does anyone know if large pores are hereditary?

    • StarryEyedSurprise says:

      honostly its the greatest thing EVER!!!! you but toothpaste all over the problem area. (it may make your eyes watery if its close to your nose or eyes) but you let it dry then wash it off. i dont have any skin problems because i use toothpaste its AMAZING!!!. also if you looking for a product biore has a fantastic pore-minimizing line.

  7. divadev says:

    What can I do to get Bare Escentuals mineral makeup to cover my large pores?
    I love the BE makeup but find it does little to minimize/conceal my large pores. I use their moisturizer, and dust with mineral veil before applying foundation. I have tried the kabuki and regular brushes with very little change. Is there anything you can suggest to cover up the pores?

    • Sambal Oelek says:

      Primer is a big help. Moisturize, prime, and put foundation on. Primer is made especially to solve these problems and more.

  8. KIMMICO says:

    how do i get rid of large pores from blackheads?
    after i squeeze out a blackhead, these large pores are left.
    then, blackheads form in the pores.

    • Audi says:

      You never get rid of white/blackheads “for good”. You have to get rid of them, then maintain a regimen to minimize their recurrence. You have a few options that I’ve used- Pore Strips, Blackheadmask-Before you use any method, I would recommend that you STEAM your face first. Be careful though. Get a pot, fill it half way with hot water, get it to boil. SHUT OFF the stove, and place your face above the steam. Again, be careful. You can also get a towel, soak it in hot water, and cover your face with it. Just make sure it’s not hot enough to burn your skin. Then, do whatever treatment you want to do. After the treatment/strip/mask- Rinse your face with COLD WATER, then close your pores with either 1.salicylic Acid, or 2. Benzoyl Peroxide/acne medication 3. Sulfur ( I use de la cruz 10% but it is very drying) 4. Tea Tree oil (I’m going to be trying this one soon) to kill the bacteria that causes them in the first place. Go to if you’d like to purchase the mask (20$) but shipping takes a couple of weeks. Hope this helps. Good luck!!!

  9. Dani says:

    How do I shrink large pores on my cheeks and chin?
    I have read many different and conflicting things about this. Some say use moisturizer to try and balance pH, others say to avoid moisture as these areas have enough moisture already. I am interested in serious tried and true methods only please. I have persistent breakouts on my chin a super large pores on my cheeks right beside my nose.
    I do use toner on a daily basis

  10. Egirl says:

    What works best at getting rid of black heads and diminishes large pores.?
    So i wash my face everynight and morning. I use a gentle soap in the morning and than biore pore unclogging wash in the afternoon. I use a an exfoliate about every 2 days. I dont have oily skin, I have dry to combination and dont hardly ever get pimples. I have large pores that are noticeable on my inner cheeks though . I was wondering what wash or scrub would work best to diminishes the look of them. Thanks 🙂

  11. ajewell says:

    What is the best foundation for oily skin and large pores?
    I’ve been using glo minerals makeup which is loose. My problem is that since it goes on like a loose powder, it seems to emphasize my large pores and acne scars. Any suggestions….

    • salami says:

      I’m in the same boat as you. My face is like an oil well and my pores are cajunga. But this regimen really helped me:

      1. Put a moisturizer like L’oreal’s ReFinish Post-Treatment Protective Moisturizer with SPF 15. Let it sit for a few minutes

      2. Over the moisturizer put a thin layer of Milk of Magnesia (It may seem weird to spread laxatives over your face, but it’s an awesome trick. It seals the moisturizer in and absorbs the oil without defining your pores like powder. Phillips is the best.) If the Milk forms white patches when dry just lightly pat them with a damp cloth or finger.

      3. Once the Milk dries, apply Almay’s Amazing Lasting 16-hr. Makeup. I would say it lasts more like 12 hours without significant amounts of oil showing. You can get it really cheap at some stores. If you want the makeup to last longer on your skin, apply it with a makeup sponge instead of your finger. It has a better finish. The downside to using the sponge is that it absorbs a lot of the foundation so that it doesn’t last as long in the bottle. Also this makeup will cover up most scars.

      I know this is a really weird regimen, but it seriously works and only costs like $10 for all the stuff. Hope it works for you!

  12. perfect10at_50 says:

    What is the good brand of foundation for large or deep pores complexion?
    I have extremly large pores from acne.
    Ihave tried several foundations, but they go over not in to my deep pores causing them to be even more noticable.
    priced within reason

    • nikki p says:

      I work at Sephora as a beauty educator. I think you should use a real cleanser that will help to minimize pores. Dr. Murad is real good and Dr. Brant poreless cleanser. Use a treatment to help the pores, like from Bosia brand.

      A foundation will just cover the pores and make it look dry and cacky around the pore areas, and will look to heavy.

      Always remeber, makeup is just there to enhance your complextion, but you need good skin care to make your makeup look good. Skin care should be your first step. Many of the products, you will see a diffrence in two weeks.

  13. bornagainshanna says:

    What is the best way reduce scars and large pores on your face?
    I have large pores and scaring from acne and ingrown hairs and I am sick of it. I am ready to do a serious chemical peel. I have already tried latic acid and glycolic acid with little results. Any ideas out there???

    • Pinyon says:

      Use Biore [daily cleansing cloths] on your enlarged pores and BareMinerals [bisque concealer] for hiding scares and any acne. If you can afford it, try what is known as a Blue Peel, a gentle chemical peel. I’ve had one, and they’re amazing. Your skin will flake for about a week. Afterwards, you’ll look fantastic.

  14. So Sam Said says:

    What is the best foundation to cover up large pores + black heads?
    Anrgh, I really wanna start wearing makeup…But, I need foundation/tinted stuff/powder that’s good at covering up blackheads and large pores. Any suggestions?

  15. Celi says:

    What foundation is good for aging skin and large pores?
    I’m in my late 30s and have fine lines and large pores. When I put foundation on, it seems to make my flaws more noticeable. Currently, I’m using a mineral makeup, which looks good when I put it on, but later in the day, I get really oily skin and it seems to sink into my pores and lines. HELP!!

    • Jackie S says:

      Mary Kay has a product called Oil Mattifier. Use it under your mineral make up (Mary Kay has a wonderful mineral foundation now, by the way) and it will fend back the oil the entire day! Also, I use a pore minimizing cleanser and toner every morning and every night. And make sure and use moisturizer! Wrinkles and large pores are a sign of dehydrated skin. Using moisturizer is even more important than washing your face.

  16. sexylatina0321 says:

    How do you get rid of large pores on your cheeks and your nose?
    I have large pores on my cheeks and my nose, due to this I get zits and black heads, what product truly minimizes pores?

    • Jody says:

      Make sure you don’t abuse your skin by tanning which over time makes pores larger. Also, wear at least #15 sunscreen ever single day, even in the winter, and your skin will rejuvenate. Many moisturizers have it. Always rinse your face with cold water which closes pores, and use a non alcohol astringent. Thayer’s is excellent, look for it in the health food store. You should go for a professional facial and get advice on caring for your skin, and cleansing it properly. Once you get past the zit and black head stage you might be surprised to discover your skin is actually pretty good since usually people who break out have more oil, and are not prone to wrinkling.

  17. kylie n says:

    What’s the difference between foundation and concealer? Which one is better to hide large pores?
    I have large pores around my nose and on my nose. My skin is slightly oily and I don’t have much acne. Sometimes they just appear, but it’s not something that I don’t worry about a lot. However, I have like red sports around my nose and on my nose that looks as if I do have acne even though I don’t. Which do you suggest to use to hide this?

    • Kimberly says:

      Concealer completely covers imperfections and dark circles. After applying the concealer, lightly pat some powder onto the area. This will set the concealer and help to increase its longevity.

  18. Live.Love.Laugh! says:

    What drug store product is good for large pores between your cheeks and nose?
    Although I use an daily cleanser I can not get rid of these large pores.
    Help Please!!

    • meep says:

      A paste made from asprin pills ground up and water might help. Exfoliatiting also helps you can make a paste out of some honey, oats and a bit of vinegar all of which are good for your skin. Drugstore products are generally overpriced and bad for skin in the long run.

  19. brwneyes says:

    Can someone with large pores get airbrushed makeup?
    Anyone heard that people with large pores shouldn’t get airbrushed makeup?
    I don’t have large pores, but makeup artist at recent hair/makeup trial told me he doesn’t recommend it to someone if they have large pores.

    • Queen of Makeup says:

      airbrush makeup helps with that! I use the dinair airbrush makeup home system and it is wonderful. They have this stuff called perfect skin that you can put onto big pores, wrinkles and so on and it helps reduce them. If ya wanna check out their website just type dinair into google…i hope this info helped…=)

  20. . says:

    How can I remove large pores on my nose, and some marks on my face from pimples?
    I have some marks from pimples on my forehead and my chin, and on my nose i have a large pore that doesn’t seem to go away, it also has these small yellow pores that been here forever, I have no idea what to do! Anything I could buy or make at home that will take it away for sure? Its annoying me…

  21. allinerd2374 says:

    How do i minimize large pores with dry/sensitive skin?
    I’ve seen some information about reducing the look or size of large pores. However, all of those solutions are extreme for someone with dry skin. And most of the advice seems geared towards people who have large pores with oily or combination skin. I have dry sensitive skin so using lemon juice, scrubbing with a wash cloth, or many of the other suggestions would make my skin worse! Not better. Does anyone know of a way to gently reduce the look of pores?

    • Mukunda M says:

      I HAD a`very dry flaking and hypersensitive skin and large pores and.this treatment quickly healed dry skin, normalized pores, and also rid face of blackheads, white heads and acne (See USERS happy responses below). And I no longer have a hypersensitive skin..
      Massaging with pure natural oils (they are non comedogenic so do not clog, cause breakouts) such as extra virgin olive, coconut and almond are`excellent. Do it quite vigorously after tightening skin by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. It should be forward and back, not a circular massage.
      For fastest results do for up to 30 min.daily (Doesn’t have to be all in one session) You will see results in as little as 2 to 3 days..

      Apply to entire face and you will quickly have a smooth, firm, and totally healthy skin.

      From: Wannabe blue28
      “Omg, I’ve been following your advice and massaging my face vigorously with coconut oil for the last three days and I see results already! Thank you ever so much..this could be the solution to my all my skin problems. I’d messaged earlier asking about the pores on my face. They’re very large and EVERYWHERE”.

      From: Shaboo
      “Hello Mukunda, i just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you. Your massage method works brilliantly. I have one question, you know once my skin is all nice and spot free ….. should i stop the massaging? or would you still advise to massage everyday for 30 mins?”
      And you will find others if you review my answers

      SOURCE(S): 24 years research/experimentation using only safe, natural treatments to permanently cure skin conditions..

  22. Sunny says:

    How do I shrink large pores on my nose permanently?
    I have large pores on my nose, and am very paranoid about people staring at them. How can I make them shrink? Thanks.

    • akimakeiya says:

      There is no real way to “shrink” your pores, you can’t make them bigger or smaller. However, built up dirt or oil can make them appear larger! The best thing to do would be to try those Biore nose strips, or even go get a facial and have blackheads extracted(if you have them).
      Also, try this: fill your bathroom sink up with hot water, lay your face above it, and cover your head with a towel for about 5 minutes, this also really helps.
      But also remember to wash your face with a cleanser(not soap! Soap is bad and drying for your face), use an alcohol-free toner, and a light face lotion. Taking good care care of your face is the best thing you can do for those pores of yours to keep them from looking huge!
      Hope this helps you! 😉

  23. Lauren V. W says:

    How do I avoid large pores on my legs after shaving?
    Is this from over-shaving? Over-scrubbing with body scrub grains or what? Bacteria? I shave once a week with a disposable razor. This is the order that I do it in: use body wash with rubber sponge, use body scrub minerals/grains, then I shave and sometimes I go back over it with rubber sponge and body wash. What do you think is causing these large pores?
    oh, yeah, and i use shaving cream too!

    • creole911 says:

      first get rid of the cheap disposable razor and spend a little money on a nice female razor, and a aloe based shaving cream, once you have shaved them splash them with cold water and that will close your pores up!

  24. mahina_hoku says:

    How to get rid of black heads and large pores?
    On each side of my nose I have blackheads and large pores. I have black heads on my forehead and my chin. I hate them. I tried to do a steam and then a honey and sugar facial, but I still have them. I also try after I take a shower, I use Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Pads to deep clean my face. I get a lot of dirt off, but the blackheads wont budge. What is a good natural cheap way to get rid of them?

  25. Cookie says:

    What’s the best skin care product for treating large pores on the cheeks?
    I’m 33 years old and have recently really started to look at better skin care products. I’m using Biotherm’s aquasource cleanser, toner and gel cream and noticed a GINORMOUS difference immediately. ( I was using Nivea before-a bit too heavy for my skin) Anyway, I have these large pores on my cheeks but the skin is fairly dry. ..Any suggestions?

  26. JuJaB says:

    What procedure to have done for large pores?
    I want to know what kind of professional procedure I can have done for large pores. Does anyone know what Jennifer Lopez has done, she used to have large pores and now they are virtually gone.

  27. ILYBTR says:

    How can I hide dark spots and large pores using makeup?
    Well I have this important event to go to Friday! I have bunch of dark spots and a but of large pores. I really want to hide them using make up for a long day, I have concealer and a light and dark foundation. Please help this event is very important to me!

    • Bianca Herrera says:

      Apply tinted moisturizer If you can then concealer then foundation then some a little bronzed or dark foundation on forehead and chin on top of nose then concealer and dark spots

  28. AJ says:

    Large pores?
    I have really large pores on and next to my nose. Other than that my skin is good.

    What’s a great (and mean *great*) product that can help to shrink pores?

    Any at-home concoctions would be great too =)

    • t r a c y♡ says:

      my aunt says you should wash your face really well with really really warm water, because i guess the heat of the water opens up your pores more and you wash your face really good to cleanse them. ((try a biore pore face wash)) and then stick your face in something really really cold ((she said ice/ icewater)) so your pores can close shut.

      i tried it once, it does work, but its wayy too weird and scary to put your face in ice. lol.

  29. Holliander says:

    What is the best way to get rid of large pores?
    I have large pores on my nose and chin and they always seems to be dirty no matter what I do to my face. What is the best thing to use to get all the dirt off my face and out of my pores and to shrink them so they are less noticeable? Help!

    • Rochelle says:

      Steam your face. Steaming your face will open your pores and unplug them. Simply fill a basin with extra warm water. Make sure the water is not scalding hot. Hold your face over the basin for 1 to 3 minutes.

      a washcloth and drench it in lemon and pineapple juice. Place the washcloth firmly on your face for one minute. Then rinse your skin with warm water. Lemon and pineapple juice contain natural enzymes that tighten and firm the face and purify and brighten the skin. Lemon particularly has the ability to cleanse and shrink the appearance of pores. You can purchase lemon juice and pineapple juice from your local grocery.

      Apply ice cubes to your face. Place the ice cubes gently along your pores for 15 to 30 seconds. This will have a tightening effect on your skin.

      Eat more citrus fruits. Oranges produce firmer skin and rebuild collagen, which may contribute to increasing the elasticity of your skin and reducing your pore walls. Tangerines also have this effect

  30. DEBORAH M says:

    What is the best way to minimise large pores on your face?
    Just looking for some tips, I have recently noticed some of my pores around my nose are quite large. Any1 know of any reasonably priced products that are available in the U.K?

  31. she speaks in tongues, not known to man says:

    What is the best way to apply foundation for large pores?
    I have pale skin, large pores and minor acne. Is fingers, a sponge or foundation brush the best way to go?

    • KATHLEEN says:

      I am a cosmetologist and it is my business to keep up with products and solutions to anything pertaining to looking better. The solution to making large pores look smaller is not what you are using to apply your makeup but what kind of makeup you are using. I have large pores also so I’ve spent a lot of time and money experimenting with all kinds of products. There are two products I will never be without. First, whether you use a moisturizer or not (and everyone should) you need to put a primer on before you apply any makeup just like before painting a wall or picture. A primer does two things. It keeps your moisturizer or your own skins oil in your skin instead of mixing and absorbing and in many cases changing the color and consistency of the makeup. You have probably noticed that by the end of the day your face is either shiny or your makeup seems to have changed color, disappeared or is streaky. The molecules of a primer are larger than your pores. Therefore it keeps your moisturizer in your skin as well as the makeup from being absorbed by your skin. My favorite is Laura Geller’s primer called “Spackle”. I put in on all over my face including my eyelids after my skin has absorbed my moisturizer (a very thin layer). I using either a mineral powder makeup or I love, love, love Laura Gellers baked powder foundation called “Balance and Brighten”. The second product I would never be without is a micro finishing powder. This is not your Grandma’s powder that collects in any lines you may have. This powder is really micro and has no color. My favorite is by “it cosmetics” called “Bye Bye Pores”. Use it very sparingly. A very small amount goes a long way. You need a really good brush to apply it correctly. Bye Bye Pores supplies a fantastic brush with it. I purchase both of these products from QVC mainly because you can try anything sold on QVC for 30 days and return it if not happy. I promise you, if you try these two products whether you use the ones that are my favorite or not, you will be amazed at how poreless your skin will look. AND, your makeup will look good all day! A second tip. Keep your makeup applying tools clean. Swirl your cosmetic brushes in a glass of warm sudsy water, rinse well, then squeeze out as much moisture as you can with a clean dry wash cloth. Then stand your brushes up in another glass shorter than your brushes to dry. Bacteria builds up very quickly on dirty brushes. I clean mine once every week. This will help to prevent acne flare ups and will also keep bacteria from transferring from your bushes to your cosmetics. Hope this helped.

  32. skinworrier says:

    Acne scarring and large pores-what is the best way to getting rid of them?
    I had acne all my life, it is mostly under contol now, with the occasional pimple. I’m now left with scarring, its not terrible, but it is noticable as well as large pores. I want to know the best way of getting rid of them completely. I’ve tried IPL which helped but didnt completely remove the scars. Please can someone help- my sanity depends on you! Thank you!
    P.s I dont need to know how to treat the acne- i’ve done this! Just need to know about getting rid of the scars!

    • jt66250 says:

      Acne can be very mild, resulting in a few lone blemishes, or it can be severe when it occurs on the face, neck, shoulders, chest, and back. Pustules and deeper cysts occur with very severe acne and scarring may result if the condition is not cared for properly. These scars may be visible for a lifetime. Here’s what your can do to prevent these scars from forming, and treat them if they do develop.

      Preventing Acne Scars
      Never pick or squeeze acne blemishes. This can lead to the spread of acne and the development of acne scars. Instead, there are a number of treatment methods that can be used to care for acne and prevent the development of scars. Herbs such as chamomile, lavender, juniper, bergamot, dandelion root, Echinacea, poke root, witch hazel, and burdock root can be used to reduce toxicity, improve the skin’s condition and treat acne. Vitamin supplements can also be helpful as vitamins A, C, E and B6 are vital for healthy skin. Also, avoid exposing your skin to the sun’s rays. Initially, sun exposure may dry out an acne blemish, but over time, unprotected sun exposure can damage the skin and further aggravate problem acne.

      Types of Acne Scars
      Medical professionals have developed a acne scarring classification system that aids in the diagnosis and treatment of many acne scars. Scars may be classified as ice pick, boxcar, or rolling.

      Acne Scars – Ice pick
      As their name implies, ice pick acne scars are thin, sharp scars. The skin looks as though it has been sliced with an ice pick. These scars are narrow, but deep, extending into the deep dermis or subcutaneous layer.
      Acne Scars – Boxcar
      Unlike ice pick scars, boxcar scars do not taper to a point. Instead, they are round pits that have sharp vertical edges. Skin resurfacing techniques such as dermabrasion or laser resurfacing may be used to treat shallow boxcar scars. Deeper scars require full-thickness treatment techniques.
      Acne Scars – Rolling
      Rolling scars appear to have a rolling or undulating texture. They are the result of folds in the skin to the subcutaneous tissue below. Rolling scars must be treated by breaking up the fibrous bands that are causing the skin to fold or roll. Subcutaneous incision is the method most commonly used to treat this condition.

      Acne Scar Treatment

      Dermal Fillers
      Dermal fillers such as fat, collagen, hyaluronic acid derivatives, and polytheyl-methacrylate microspheres with collagen can be injected into acne scars to raise the surface of the skin and give a smoother look. The injection of dermal fillers does not permanently correct acne scars. The results are temporary, so further injections are necessary.
      Punch Excision
      Deep acne scars such as ice pick and deep boxcar scars can be treated with the punch excision method. This procedure uses a punch biopsy tool that looks similar to a round, sharp cookie-cutter. It comes in diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 3.5 mm, and the correct size can be chosen to match the size of the scar. Local anesthesia is used to remove the scar tissue and suture the edges together. If a new scar should develop in the old one’s place, it will now be easier to treat with a skin resurfacing technique.
      This technique can also be performed with a skin graft, where the scarred skin is removed and that area is filled with a skin graft taken from behind the ear. Some kind of skin resurfacing technique will still likely be needed to correct any differences in the skin’s color and texture.
      Punch Elevation
      This method of surgically correcting acne scars uses the same punch tool that is used in the punch excision method. It is used on deep boxcar scars that have sharp edges and normal appearing bases. With the punch elevation method, the base of the scar is excised leaving the walls of the scar intact. The excised base is then sutured to the surface of the skin to fill the void. There are fewer incidences of color and texture differences with this technique and less chance of developing another visible scar.
      Subcutaneous Incision
      Rolling scars can be treated with subcutaneous incision. This method is used to break up the fibrous bands that cause the skin to roll or appear undulated. Local anesthesia is inserted under the skin with a special beveled needle that remains parallel to the skin’s surface. The needle is then used to gently cut the fibrous bands with a piston like motion. Bruising is likely to occur with this method, but it will usually fade in about one week.
      Laser Resurfacing
      Laser resurfacing is a popular treatment used to cure many skin defects. Carbon dioxide and YAG lasers are the two most common types used for the laser resurfacing of acne scars. Using the controlled beam of a laser, the top layer of skin is burned to a precise depth. The skin then heals itself by replacing the lost skin with new skin.

  33. Crista says:

    How to remove dirt from large nose pores?
    The only place I have very large pores is on my nose.
    And I can’t seem to get the pores unclogged:(
    You can see the dirt in my pores,
    And it looks rather gross.

    Anyone know a good trick?

    • Teresa H says:

      Steam your skin using a bowl of hot water and a towel placed over your head. Alternatively place a warm wet flannel on your nose for about 2 minutes, but I find the steam method works better. This opens up your pores! Use a good face scrub to clear your pores and then a good cleanser to clear everything out (I recommend the Amie range, all natural and cheap)! Finally run cold water or an icecube over your place to close your pores, then mosturise 🙂

      For a quick fix you could also try T-Zone pore strips, they have good reviews yet they don’t seem to work for me.

  34. cant t says:

    Large Pores?
    I was told by my dermatologist that large pores go away with age. Im 18, and im wondering how long it will take. My parents are pore-free if u want to look at family genetics.

    • Miss E says:

      It depends, they might not even go; they CAN. Mainly you should get a good skincare routine. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Most importantly use sunscreen! Not only will it make your skin healthier and look better.. but if you have sun damage there is a possibility that your pores won’t shrink AND, your skin will look ugly when you’re older.

  35. GM says:

    Is natural yougurt effective to reduce the appaerance of large pores/acne scars?
    I am using natural yougurt to reduce the appearnce of my large pores. Eveyday for 20 mins.Has anyone done it and know if it works.

    • Love to dance says:

      Ive suffered with acne for 5 years now and a friend told me recently that eliminating dairy products from your diet can help get rid of acne. I thought id give it a try since i have nothing to loose considering all the MONEY and time i have spent on acne products and facials in the past.

      It took about 3 weeks to see a noticeable difference and 4 weeks later the only remains on my face are a few scars which will heal over time. I stopped eating/drinking milk, cream, ice cream, cheese and basically anything with high milk contents. I still eat some yogurt a few times a week because i still want some calcium intake and yogurt is also very good for your intensinal flora. I will also buy some calcium tablets.

      After all these years of medication, expensive facial treatments, laser treatment anything you name it, i have done it, i can finally say im free from acne. I have to say though that i was shocked because of all the research ive done and doctors ive been to, never ever mentioned anything about dairy products and how they may be a major cause of acne. I also did more research about why milk may be a huge factor in acne and it came up with because of the hormones in milk that are produced by a cow when the cow is pregnant. It all makes sense and
      finally after all these years i have found the cure for acne.

      Forget the products for now stop eating any dairy products and see if there is any difference.
      Give it a go you have nothing to loose!

  36. yahoe x says:

    How can I tell if I have large pores?
    Can somebody explain what these are and If I have large pores. How is it bad to have large pores anyway?
    I’m confused!

    • Sumantah says:

      Pores are like little holes in your skin, to let it sort of breathe. If you have large pores, you can tell because when you look into the mirror closely you can see them.
      Large pores are often a bad thing because the larger they are, the easier it is for bacteria to gather in them and cause pimples.

  37. Hunter says:

    What is a good home remedy to get rid of large pores on the nose?
    My best friend needs help with her large pores on the sides of her nose – they cause blackheads – is there a quick fix to do at home that will minimize them for good – and that won’t completely dry out the skin?

    • be12 says:

      1. Steam your face w/ baking soda, extract the black heads.
      2.Exfoliate your skin w/sugar, honey & lemon once a week.
      3. Apply a clay mask.
      and before you go to bed apply a few lemon drops on the afected areas, rinse next day.

  38. I am Sam . Sam I am . says:

    How can I reduce the size of my large pores?
    I have TONS of large pores on my nose and I think it’s a big turnoff.

    Are there any home-made remedies?

    If not, what are some products that actually work?

    • .... says:

      make yourself c_u_m and rub it in on your face like a facial wash…leave it on over night and wash in the morning.
      the stink will go away after a week.

  39. coopersvictim says:

    How do you get rid of large pores and acne scarring?
    I used to have severe acne on my face and that left scarring on my face. And with the scarring came large pores also. Is there any way to make both less visible without going to the doctor/spa?
    It’s been about 8 years since the acne has disappeared. I only get pimples every now and then but it’s not bad at all.

    • madamdreamweaver says:

      I had cystic acne for many years and it left me with severe scarring as well, but here’s what my dermotologist recommended: he said said use ordinary Scotch tape: just lay a strip of tape over the scarred area, then put it up. Repeat this over the same area several times, then move on to the next scarred area and repeat. He said this does esactly the same thing as dermabrasion, basically removing surface cells and forcing the skin to repair itself, reducing the appearance of scars for a dollar versus hundreds of dollars. (I repeat the process until I feel a slight sting and do this a couple times a month. You have to let your skin heal.)

      It works, but it’s a slow process. I also use a good cleansing regimen including an apricot scrub, a gentle astringent containing salicyic acid and Clean & Clear Advantage (also salicyic acid), which clears pores as well as treats reoccurring minor break-outs and I use an oil free moisturizer. I also have found a dab of Preparation-H on a swollen pimple takes the swelling/redness right out of it very quickly making it easier to hide with make-up. (I also use a make-up cover stick containing salicyic acid for flared spots.)

      Cystic acne is inherited. I’m over 50 and no amount of diet or water in-take or vitamins or type of make-up product has ever, ever helped. In fact, NONE of those things have anything to do with it. For me, it required severe medical intervention: antibiotics made it manageable, then the invention of Acutane finally got rid of the cysts giving me years of peace. However, entering menopause is like adolesence in reverse and causes minor break-outs.

      I think the Salicyic acid is the greatest topical invention ever and works fantastic without drying you out–be sure and use that on your minor break-outs!

      Good luck.


  40. Terrence j's future girlfriend says:

    can a dermetologest make my large or open pores go away for good?
    sometimes they look like they shrink,they be big most of the time. i don’t know if you call then large or open and ihave these large pores on my face bigger then all the other pores on my face?

    • KatZee says:

      Try at home Microdermabrasion Kits. I use the Olay Regenerist Kit and it’s great. I used to have large pores and now they’re barely visible. It’s about $30 for the kit. I’ve used it about 5 times now and have seen very significant results.

  41. Anna C says:

    How can I fix my large pores on my cheeks?
    I only have large pores on my cheeks, not really anywhere else.
    What can I do to fix this?

  42. jessica lynn says:

    What is the best skin product for large pores?
    I am in my thirties and teen acne skin care isn’t working. I work in a dirty dusty place and I have large pores, I get home from work and they are just so dirty. Can anyone suggest something that would help keep my pores clean and possibly shrink them? Thank you.

  43. ILoveChicken says:

    How do you know if you have large pores or open pores? What does that look like? Is it like pock marks?
    I asked a few minutes ago “what is toner for” and someone said to prevent open pores. My skin is pretty smooth and I dont really have acne, maybe a few small tiny bumps here and there that arent really noticable (only to me I guess). So what should I look for to see if I have large or open pores?

    • starlet108 says:

      Open pores make your skin look like orange peel. When the pores become blocked or dirty it looks like loads of tiny black dots all over your skin xxx

  44. 123 says:

    How to get rid of large pores on my face?
    I have many large pores and just wondering how can I get rid of it. I know fraxel treatment is one of them. But are there any trick ways to doing on my own? Stuff that I will need? Any solutions?
    Thank You.

  45. Marsha T says:

    what facial wash or other product is best to minimize large pores?
    i have a very oily skin, a lot of black heads, active pimples, pimple marks and as i’ve mentioned large pores. thanks in advance for your answers.

  46. smurfette756 says:

    What can be done about large pores on nose?
    I have large pores on my nose that get clogged with blackheads. I take good care of my skin, but you can visually see the “marks” on my nose. Is there a procedure that can smooth out the skin on my nose?

    • stacy3000 says:

      NEVER squeeze your nose to clean pores. It will only make your pores huge allowing more dirt and oil in/out they only look clean for that day then back to bigger pores the next. Try biore nose strip. they hurt but well worth it.

  47. nlc934eva says:

    How do I get rid of large pores?
    Spme of my acne has gone away, but I still have large pores left on my face, and I was wondering if anyone knew anyway to get rid of my large pores, like any home remedies or something.

    • Teri says:

      A good cleanser to exfoliate the skin! (microdermabrasion treatment!) You could find some not so expensive at the local drug store! which by the way is quite the name for a store designed at healing people!!! since drugs make them so ill!!! Just thinking out loud!!! Best wishes… And to avoid such problems in the future, try to abstain from any cream that is not water based!!!

  48. crazyQ says:

    What is the best remedy for large pores/acne scars?
    I’ve struggled with acne since my early twenties, but now that I’m older I have a new problem: large pores and acne scars. What is the cheapest, safest, and most effective way to make both less noticeable? Do home microdermabrasion systems work? And do they harm the skin? Please help, I’m desperate!

    • thankle says:

      As a beauty therapist I would recommend salon hydroxy peels for the scaring and the problem pores.
      If you cannot do that then a home hydroxy peel kit used four times a week on alternate days will help. If your pores are large keep skin clean with gentle cleansers but do not use harsh products as they will make the problem worse!
      Moisturisers containing retinal are also great for renewing cells and have a marked effect on open pores.
      But remember skin responds to diet so drink plenty of water & leave off the alcohol (it makes open pores worse!)
      For the scars again if you cannot afford the salon the retinal moisturiser and hydroxy acids will improve them.
      GOOD LUCK!

  49. Lucy J says:

    What are some good tips for large pores?
    I have large pores on my cheeks, at first I thought they were black heads but nothing comes out when I try to squeeze. I have alot of blackheads in my T-Zone too, I hate them!! What are some good home remedies or products to use- Money is no object!

    • ʎσuя~α~Jєяkツ says:

      If you pop them without sanitizing ur hands their gonna come worse…

      Read this

      1.First wash your hands really really really good.

      2.Get a towel and run it in hot water.This brings infection to the top of the pore.

      3.Get toilet paper and wrap it around toy two index fingers

      4. Squeeze the acne spot(Stop squeezing if you see blood or clear puss)

      If this doesn’t work make an appointment with your local dermatologist.
      They have this new acne treatment called Ziana,It dries out pores and make them less noticeable!


  50. Simen says:

    How can I get rid of large pores on my skin?
    I have large pores only on my cheeks like from under the eyes down to the mouth, whatever I do I can’t get ’em 2 fade or go away, i want a permanent result, but how? I do use facial scrub in the morning and night, and I have a really good diet + excercise? What can I do to remove theses like forever so that them don’t come back?

    • Prabigya says:

      you should use skin toner to rigid of can use toner twice a day.if you want to use herbal treatment then use tomato face pack as a face pack.

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