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How You Can Remove Facial Moles Without Any Surgery Safely

If you were to think about how to remove moles, usually you probably will simply think of going to your dermatologist and having him or her either do so with a scalpel and stitching the wound(s) closed, or with the newer method of getting rid of moles via laser surgery; although the latter technique is less invasive and produces less scarring, normally, it still leaves a scar that you must deal with.

For many areas of the body, getting rid of moles might not be such a big deal, in that any scarring would be concealed by clothing, but when it comes to how to remove facial moles, you surely have to do so in a way that is going to completely eliminate the occurrence of scarring if possible. Its certainly not going to be possible to avoid scarring with any type of surgical procedure, including laser surgery, but it is absolutely possible with something else.

What is that something else? That something else is DermaTend. With DermaTend, you can learn how to remove moles, even facial moles, and you could do so from the ease of your own home without the cost, pain, or hassle of surgical procedure. Removing moles can now be nearly pain free, and getting it removed won’t leave any scars.
You simply apply the product to the mole, and you can be rid of it in as little as a few hours. Compare that with heading over to the dermatologist, where a single mole removal could cost 0, something that may not even be covered by insurance.

That is not to say that should not get rid of the moles which you have. You certainly must, since they can also be dangerous, going so far as to cause cancer in some people. If you’ve got a lot of moles, and especially if you’ve got them on your face, you want an inexpensive, easy way to remove those moles when you need to — without scarring, and at your convenience.

It’s simple if you want to know how to remove moles at home, including how to remove facial moles at home. Just purchase DermaTend and watch it go to work. With a single “kit” of its regular strength formula, you could remove up to 15 moles in as little as 3 days. With a single kit of its extra strength formula, you can remove up to fifteen moles in as little as eight hours. The extra strength formula also comes in a handy double pack, and could get rid of up to 30 moles.

In addition to effectiveness and convenience when it comes to how to remove moles, including how to remove facial moles, you also get a sixty-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with DermaTend. You’ve got nothing to lose for trying it — except for unsightly moles, of course — and everything to gain. And if you purchase DermaTend in its extra strength formula now, you also receive a special “soothing balm” to use after treatment, to make removal even gentler, as a free gift for simply trying the product.

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