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Tone up Your Body and Stay Fit with Popular Herbalife Shakes These Days

Studies have shown that even when overweight people enjoy eating low calorie foods, the majority become bored with the new diet and end up putting the weight back on because they slip back into their previous eating habits. Natural weight loss is possible through Herbalife shakes and it can be done before you get stared at in the street or cause others problems because of your weight. Patience is an art, and you must apply it for any plan of diet that you begin. So if you really want to lose weight via a natural weight loss program you will need to dump the fat free products and eat small healthy snacks that are high in nutrition. The human physiology to buy Herbalife productsdoes really work that way on this date especially because they promise in making your body lose unwanted fats at ease. Otherwise; reasonably it is not possible to be in form and to lose all those fat deposits quickly.

The great profit of your life consists in being a healthy person. It is here where you must concentrate your energies. Excessive weight gain puts a strain on the body’s ability to fight illness and many of today’s health issues are primarily affecting overweight individuals. Many experts think and recommend that Herbalife shakes can honestly help a user to burn fats without losing muscles. Your objective should be to become a healthy person. A new style of life appears to be in the form of the exercise and the healthy meals such as grains, fruits and vegetables offer all the nutrients you that your body needs after you buy Herbalife productsfrom recognized departmental stores. With this change of attitude, in a natural way and without sufferings you will become the thin person that always you dreamed.

Small changes in your feeding, avoiding the fats, alcohol, desserts and flours are going to take by the footpath of the health and the correct weight to you. These Herbalife shakes can also be mixed with some bread and cold cuts, which becomes a salad. A natural weight loss program is something that should be carried out after showing desires to buyHerbalife products as long you are standing upright and wish to remain that way. Some cabbage or lettuce will do well to serve as the green leaves in this dish. There will surely be some excess vegetables including other essential ingredients in Herbalife shakes that act as activator to shred extra pounds.

About the author: John Barlow is a nutritionist who advocates the use of Herbalife shakes to maintain your physical wellbeing. To buy Herbalife products at the best prices, NutritionSlim is the most sought-after name. Losing weight is no longer a dream for masses. Buy them now!

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/nutrition-articles/tone-up-your-body-and-stay-fit-with-popular-herbalife-shakes-these-days-4420081.html

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95 Responses to Herbalife Buy

  1. GamerFreak says:

    Is Herbalife a good energy drink for after my workout?
    I bought Herbalife “Protein Drink Mix” and I use it after my workouts… So my question is Herbalife a good energy drink for after my workout??? haha is it even an energy drink???

    actually my mom bought it… I’m 14 in case you’re wondering…
    haha… if you have any questions ask…haha…

    • Heather Nickless says:

      It is a good drink mix and will give you nutrients and things like that. It is NOT an energy drink. However, for a work out, I would say either the H2O (kind of like a gatorade) or Lift Off (which is an energy drink).

  2. Padma Rekha says:

    Any Herbalife Distributor? I want to buy Herbalife for weight loss in India?

  3. dot. says:

    How do I sell herbalife?
    I want to sell Herbalife products. But I heard you have to go to meetings or something? How does everything work anyway? Do they keep sending you the products?
    Cuz what I wanna do is buy some and sell them online. How do I do that? Where do I start?
    How much does it cost?
    I have only about 600 in my bank.

    • BigKev says:

      Hey where are you from? Singapore? If you are. Or even if you are not i can help you.

      Give me a call 90279591. Ask for kevin.


  4. Morri E says:

    I am living in Malaysia. Where I can buy online Herbalife?

  5. Deepika R says:

    I want to Buy HERBALIFE for WEIGHT LOSS? Any HERBALIFE INDEPENDANT DISTRIBUTOR FROM INDIA who can give me more information on HERBALIFE WEIGHT LOSS programme?

    • Ehsan-Personal Wellness Coach says:

      Herbalife is No.1 health and Nutrition company in the World. As a Herbalife Indpendant distributors we are committed to bring health and nutrition around the world. Our Indian diet is not less than 600 kcal to 1500 kcal per meal, with less of nutrition. With Herbalife it gives you only 200 kcal with all the nutrition you require. You will be replacing two meals per day and one normal meal you can have anythign you want, just cut back.

      Appollo hospital did study on Efficacy of Herbalife Products in India and got amazing results.

      My self is using Herbalife , my wife used which she was pregnant. She didn’t gain weight, her haemoglobin was 11.5 in all three semester and my son was 3.5 kgs.

      if you are searious about losign wieght and wants to buy and use herbalife contact me at +919880595504 or email me at ehsan1@consultant.com or log on http://www.indiaweightloss.blogindia.in

  6. Princess says:

    Where to buy Herbalife Formula 1?
    I live in London UK and am looking for a shop where I can buy the meal replacement Herbalife Formula 1. I don’t want to buy it online. Can anyone give me advice.

    • PGILNIKT says:

      I’m on herbalife now. You either need to buy online or have a distributor like the last comment said. Talk to some trainers, they might sell it!

  7. Paul M says:

    What cheap foods can i buy to bulk up at the gym?
    I’m looking to bulk up at the gym, i’ve recently purchased £500 worth of Herbalife products – Protein powders, meal replacements, thermogenics and Multivitamins, They should last for 3 months

    Can anybody recommend some cheap meals to buy for bulking up.

  8. Dude ! says:

    Where can you buy herbalife cheap?

  9. joan mendoza says:

    How much do the Herbalife Shake Mixes cost and where can I buy them? Please answer aSAP?
    I want to start the Herbalife Shakes on the 1st. I do not want to buy them from a distributor. I want to buy the cans or tubs of it from a store. The ones where I get two scoops of it and water or milk and mix it up in the blender. Also I NEED to know how much they cost.

    • Smalls says:

      Chances are you will never find them at a store any time soon. I was a distributor for awhile and it seems Amazon has them for sale for pretty cheap, around 30$ for the 750g tub. And since Amazon sells it as its own product it eligible for FREE SUPER SAVER SHIPPING witch basically means if it’s over 25$ and it’s an amazon product it ships free. They got a few flavors to pick as well. Hope this helps.

  10. indecisivexgirl says:

    Will the Herbalife Diet work for me to lose 25 pounds?
    I need to lose 25 pounds which is my goal I could lose more but just wanna target that as my goal.

    Can anyone share success stories?


    What do you eat on Herbalife?

    Thanks in advance
    Have a lovely day =]

  11. asthings says:

    Where to buy herbalife online?
    anyone know a legit site to purchase herbalife online that they’ve used before? thanks in advance!!

  12. Yadira Ramos says:

    Does Herbalife® work and how much do you lose in a week ?
    I want to buy it but don’t want to waste money if it wont work so please answer (: thank you!

  13. joan mendoza says:

    How exactly does the herbalife SHAKE work?
    All I know is that you drink the shake wait four hours. Eat. Then continue that? Like I said I’m not exactly sure how it works. If someone could explain it to me in full details that would be nice. And also where can you buy the tubes of it? I don’t want to have to pay $4.00 for every single one I get. Someone get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you. God bless.
    -xoxo Joan

    • N.H says:

      Hello well your pretty much on the right track. But is your purpose
      to lose weight? Or just for the nutrition area?
      You can either drink it once a day by replacing your
      Breakfast, and four hours later when you get hungry have
      Your meal, now for dinner you can have your second meal.
      Drinking it this way will assure you getting your full nutrition.
      And this will help you get a few pounds off of you but eventually
      You will end up getting stuck. The second way which is to
      Lose weight is replacing your breakfast again, having a healthy
      meal for lunch, than replacing your dinner with another shake.
      You lose weight due to the fact that for breakfast and dinner
      Your consuming less than 300 calories for two meals, meaning
      For lunch you have a budget of 800-1000 calories, (without snacking
      On food during out the day). Plus your getting the nutrition your
      Body needs.
      Now Herbalife has targeted nutritioal products and weight loss
      Enhancers that can help you reach your goal.
      I recommend you start off with a digestive cleansing and basic package.
      Now from my personal experience I’ve lost 35 pounds doing
      The weight loss plan, and I’ve had lots of positive changes.
      Due to the positive result that I got, I became
      An Herbalife distribuitor, now if you have any other questions or
      Concerns or need help finding
      the products

      you can reach me at,

      I’ll be more than happy to help you and guide you to your goal.

  14. ♥maria says:

    does herbalife work i want to buy produt but idk from who?

    • needsimprovement says:

      I am an Herbalife Supervisor. I could order products, or help you register. If you register, you get 25% all products!

  15. T says:

    cheap and safe sites to buy Herbalife?
    i consume herbalife, but in my country it’s a bit expensive. so while i’m in the us i’ve been looking through the internet for sites that sell the herbalife formula 1 shake cheaper ($20-$30). does anyone know any safe site where i can buy?

    i found some good deals at herbawell.com, but i don’t know if i should trust the web. have anyone bought there before?

  16. spidermonkeyfingers says:

    Anyone know of a diet shake that is common enough for me to buy at cvs pharmacy, but won’t break the bank?
    I have tried Herbalife, but it costs 40 dollars for a can of powder and I simply can not afford it at this time. Anyone know of a a good brand that is not extremely expensive?

    • Charlie says:

      Instead of a diet shake, try this:
      In a blender, mix 1 cup low fat vanilla yogurt 1/2 c. low fat cottage cheese, 1/2 c. skim milk, 1 c. frozen non-sweetened fruit (I like blueberries best) a couple ice cubes. Blend and enjoy.

  17. Phobes says:

    How effective is HERBALIFE to GAIN weight? is it worth it?
    I’m a petite 20 year old and I’ve always been skinny, (5’1, 84 lbs)
    I tend to wear xs-s sizes when shopping for clothing. Today I found out that I’m 35 pounds underweight. (I’m not anorexic or look like a bone im just kinda small) But Im still concerned about this issue because it’s been bugging me for ever.. seems like I stopped gaining weight since i was 16 or 17 no matter how much i would eat. (I tried almost everything to gain weight)

    I have read a lot about this issue, but seems like the only way to gain is just simply by eating more.. My apetite varies a lot..sometimes im just not hungry to eat 4 times a day as I should, barely three.. I have a bad habit sleeping late every night but im fixing to change it to improve my quiality life in general..

    Does herbalife work?? if im willing to spend my money in this product, i dont want to feel stupid later , i’ve used other products before..including hormones and stuff.. and im honestly, tired about this.. i didnt want to mention but this envolves some psicological health as well.. I have been to a nutricion counseler, but she just reccomended shakes that havent really work..a waste money and patiente.

    This time I want to commit myself to a real gaining weight diet, I will be diciplined, but I need to know how and why should/shouldn’t buy herbalife products (plus an extra supplement of the same brand)


  18. Mrs Ghost says:

    Where can i buy products of Herbalife?
    Where can i buy the products of Herbalife if i don’t wanna buy online?
    i wanna buy Nutritional Shake Mix

    • dj says:

      If you are in Australia contact them and ask .

      Herbalife Australia Pty., Ltd.
      Unit G, 5 Butler Boulevard, Burbridge Business Park
      Adelaide Airport, South Australia 5950
      Mon-Fri: 08:30am-5:00pm (C.S.T.)
      Sat: 9:00am-12:00pm (C.S.T.)

      General Contact Phone: 61 8-8154 0220
      Distributor Services Phone: 61 8-8154 0220
      Fax: 61 8-8234 3605
      Email: ausorderline@herbalife.com

  19. McClane says:

    how to buy herbalife in hong kong?
    I am not a local hong kong people, and I have difficulties how to buy herbalife product in hong kong.

    • tmwoard says:

      If Herbalife is sold in Hong Kong, you should be able to buy it from any Herbalife distributor. I am a distributor in the United States, and I can ship all over the world if you can’t find someone there that sells it. Let me know!

  20. Marlenny says:

    Questions about Herbalife?.?
    I’m going to buy Herbalife Quick Start and I have a few questions.
    1. Does it matter what age you are? Could a teenager do this?
    2. Which shake tastes better?- Cookies ‘n Cream, Dutch Chocolate, or Cafe Latte?
    3. How does it work? The one I am buying brings the Nutritional Shake Mix, Herbal Concentrate, Cell Activator, and Multivitamins.
    *I am buying this on Ebay so I really don’t know what to take first or when to take it and I would really like to know.
    Thank you very much!
    ***Ten Points to most descriptive and helpful answer!=]***

    • Theresa says:

      Hello there..

      I am a Herbalife distributor and the Quick start is an excellent program to start with.. I just wanted to tell you be careful about ordering products from Ebay and other websites online.. You want to make sure that you are buying them from an actual distributor because that way you know the products you’re getting are fresh and not old.. Its hard to tell or even know when you order from someplace else.. Also, when you order from an actual distributor, you get that one on one coaching and support that you probably won’t get from places like Ebay.. Ok, with that said, here are the answers to your questions..

      1) Yes a teenager could do this.
      2) I love both Cookies n Cream and Dutch Chocolate. I also love Vanilla because it can be made many different ways..
      3) You have 2 shakes a day (ie-for breakfast and lunch), with 2 healthy snacks in between and a colorful dinner, just cut back a little.. Your take your tablets 3 times a day and you can drink 2-3 cups a day… Its that simple…

      I hope I helped you and if you do decided to work with a distributor you can contact me at twohl28@gmail.com or go to my website at http://www.shopherbalife.com/twohl where you will get new, fresh products. I will be more then happy to help you and be you personal weight loss coach.

      Have a good day..


  21. Gini says:

    does Herbalife work in loss weight?
    i would like to buy some products of herbalife but i would like to make sure that they work, i moved to england 2 years ago and i gain 12 kg, because im studying and working at the same time i have no time to cook for my self so most of the time is difficult to have a healthy meal.

    should i buy herbalife to loss weight and get a healthy meal?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have heard that NON of those pills that claim they make you loose wieght actually work. Just diet and excersise. I know it’s tough but I am working and going to school and am able to do it.

  22. dinbin says:

    I want to buy herbalife for weight loss in mumbai? mumbai distributor please contact 9820038542?

    • Karen U says:

      If you don’t find anyone local to contact you, you can go to the corporate website at http://www.herbalife.com and in the upper right corner, find your country and language to go over to your countries website then complete the Contact Form to contact the company. They will find you a local distributor who will be able to help you with your products and purchases.

  23. Luis Pantoja says:

    What product(s) (or package) should I buy from Herbalife to lose weight?
    Hi everyone!!! So, I’m really planning on buying Herbalife product(s) to help me lose weight… but I don’t know the exact recommended product(s) to buy. I have heard about the shakes… about some vitamins… etc., but like I said, I don’t know what/which to buy. Can someone give me a list of product(s) that I can buy… product(s) that have help you lose weight!!! If you can send me links, that will be awesome… if not just send me the name of the product(s).

    Thank you all in advance!!!

  24. The Truth Master Kitty says:

    im going to start using herbalife and i have a quetstion?
    theres so many bottles and stuff, what EXACTLY do i need to buy?

    • izzy says:

      Perhaps best avoided. The distributors can be very pushy and might try to recruit you – MLM (multi level marketing)

  25. Pooja k says:

    I want to Buy Herbalife for Weight loss in India ? Is anyone can sale me Herbalife? I lost 15 kgs and 10 inche
    I want to Buy Herbalife for Weight loss in India ? Is anyone can sale me Herbalife? I lost 15 kgs and 10 inches all round in 4 monts and I want to use herbaife to lose more weight and inches? Please give me Herbalife Independant Distribur contacts where I can contact him to buy Herbalife?

  26. Shilpa K says:

    I want to use Herbalife for weight loss. Any Herbalife Distributor whom I can buy Herbalife?
    I am using it and lost 6 kgs in 3 months, I want to reduce another 10 kgs.

  27. Ninaa says:

    How much do herbalife products cost?
    I’m going to buy them soon but I want to know how much they cost since I hear they are pricey.
    Is it a monthly thing? If so, how much money per month?
    Please don’t tell me not to use them, I’ve already made up my mind.

    • Jim says:

      You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here – health-quotes.isgreat.org

  28. £ric says:

    How do u make a Herbalife Shake?
    My mom just bought herbalife and does not know how to do the shake. She used to visit her friend’s house to drink the shake over there. Her friend made it kinda of thick and had a lot of stuff in it. What are the correct ingredients and steps for the herbalife shake?

    • MontanaGirl says:

      In blender add

      2 tablespoons of shake mix powder
      8 oz (1 cup) skim or 2% milk
      add 1/2 cup to 1 cup fuits of your choice or whats in season in your area – depending on the mix – vanilla, tropical fruit or wildberry – you can also use frozen fruits for a cool smoothie

      for the dutch chocolate – i mix 2% milk (i don’t buy skim – just 2% since i have 2 growing boys who love milk) i put mine in a pint jar and shake vigorusly

      i also have a recipe that makes granola bars – check out my previous answers to similar questions.

  29. kayxxx says:

    Where can you buy Herbalife? I live in Connecticut [06078]?
    i want to lose weight for prom and ive tried lost of things. i used to work out a lot and i was still over weight. all my doctors say is work out and ive done that and i cant. i eat small portions of HEALTHY food. i dont eat junk and i cant do it..

    • herbycarol says:

      You can buy through me. Please e-mail me to get advise. I will advise you accordingly to lose weight as I’m a weight management consultant on Herbalife. Thanks.

  30. joan mendoza says:

    Please answer asap. How much do the Herbalife Shake Mixes cost and what stores can I buy them from?
    I want to start the Herbalife Shakes on the 1st. Not from a distributor. Those cost like $8 a day. Don’t try to tell me otherwise. I want the ones where it comes in a can or tub and I have to mix it in a blender. Where can I buy those in stores and how much do they cost? Also I live in Modesto, so it needs to be a store around there.

  31. SUN says:

    Can somebody tell me where is Herbalife office in Florence, Italy so that I can buy at 25% discount?
    I am a Herbalife distributor in India. Somehow, presently I am in Italy, Florence for some time. Can somebody tell me where is Herbalife office in Florence, Italy so that I can buy at 25% discount? I could not understand the Italian website.

    • antonio says:

      Herbalife Via Mocale, 19, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa Firenze
      339 270 1107

      Filippo e Valentina FIRENZE (FI)
      Tel. 339/3754355

  32. matthew says:

    does anyone know the recipe for cherry pisachio herbalife shake?
    i wanna know how to make the cherry pistachio herbalife shake and i need to know what to buy so that i can make it, HELP?

  33. chula3539 says:

    Has anyone tried using Herbalife to loose weight? If so, how did it work?
    I am not extremely overweight..I would like to loose about 15 pounds ( I currently weigh 145 lbs)..I bought the Herbalife pack to start and I tried drinking the milk one day and it is really nasty…so I am just wonderin if it works otherwise I am not going through the torture..

    • LadyRebecca says:

      I had a nasty experience with the products and when I tried to get a refund the Distributor turned quite hostile.

      Basically, I found the shakes to be vile in taste and also clogged up my plumbing if you get my meaning!

      I eat sensibly and do 45 minutes of exercise every day and the excess kilos peeled off. You don’t have much to lose – save your money and walk 4 times a week and watch your diet – easier and safer option.

      Just my experience

  34. SUN says:

    Herbalife (formula1 & 3) in Florence, Italy at 25% retail discount for personal use for distributor?
    I am a Herbalife distributor in India. Somehow, presently I am in Italy, Florence for some time. Can somebody give me Herbalife (formula1 & 3, 2 each) in Florence, Italy at 25% retail discount for my personal use? I can give authorization letter to you so that you can buy when you go to Herbalife office next time on my behalf. Please call me on my contact number: three eight eight nine seven five two two four eight.

  35. Juliana D says:

    I want to buy Herbalife for weight loss India. Where Can I buy. There is some who is from Bangalore,?
    I want to know whether he can courier to me outside Bangalore? Please let me know.
    I have used Herbalife in US. And lost 20 lbs, but I need to lose another 20 lbs.

  36. glenn coco says:

    where can i buy genuine HERBALIFE products online?
    and which flavors are good?

  37. fuze says:

    How does Herbalife work?
    I recently bought the Herbalife shakes.. but i don’t know how its supposed to make me lose weight.
    am i supposed to only drink these shakes?
    or do i only drink 2 a day..

    Basicaly my question is what is the diet plan that you are supposed to do while using Herbalife..
    what else can i eat during the day?

    • herbycarol says:

      Let me share with you my own experience ya ..
      I started consuming Herbalife since August. I consume Herbalife every morning and night, means I replace both my meals and follow it strictly. I take 4 scoops of F1 and 2 scoops of F3 per shake with 400ml of water, which means, 8 F1 and 4 F3 per day. I lost 1kg for the first week. It’s just that you must take your shakes well and no cheatings like snacking or eating in between your 3 main meal, breakfast, lunch, dinner. You will feel hungry as your eating style for your shake is not right, that’s all.

      I didn’t feel hungry at all or have the intentions to cheat and eat when I am hungry. If at all I feel hungry, I eat fruits, that’s all. It’s just as simple as that. I lost weight with the normal products which you all consume too, the F1, F3 and teamix. I drink 1 litre of tea per day, means 3 to 4 servings per day (250ml per time). You also must remember that when you make your shake, if you add soya or anything to it, you are actually going to add in more calories and sugar into your meal. So try to avoid this kind of things in your diet 🙂


      * nutritions, vitamins and minerals (F1)
      * plant protein (F3)
      * internal cleansing (Tea Mix)

      Formula 1 is a nutritonal drink whereby it gives you all the nutritions you need when you replace your normal meal twice per day and it also helps you to lose weight by making your calories intake lower and thus at the same time burns your fat.

      Formula 3 basically is protein where it firms up your skin and your flabby arms. So, I suggest you to consume shakes with more Formula 3 powder as for me it helped to lose all those inches in my body 🙂 Soy protein in F3 helps control hunger and the whey protein helps build and maintain lean muscle mass.

      Teamix burns all the fat in your body and flushes out through your urine .. So when your arms etc etc becomes flabby, this is the time the Formula 3 takes effect to build and replace all the dead cells and proteins which keeps your skin firm 😉 This tea includes the thermogenic and antioxidant properties of green tea and this also helps you stay energized while you manage your weight .. You won’t feel hungry after consuming your shakes unless you’re not taking it correctly .. hehehe .. Got it dear?

      Remember this ..

      Losing weight is not about the product..
      Losing weight is not for other people..
      Losing weight is about YOU!
      Losing weight is for YOU YOURSELF!

      Yes or not? heheh .

      I feel Formula 1, Formula 3 and Teamix is more than sufficient to lose weight compared to those pills which I personally feel too much drugs .. hahaha .. Shakes are no harm as they are just mere proteins 🙂

      There are just 5 flavours currently available in Malaysia. 🙂 So I can just let you know based on my knowledge here .. ehehe .. Sorry ..

      * French Vanilla
      * Tropical Fruit
      * Dutch Chocolate
      * Cappuccino
      * Strawberry

      Here to share the daily menu for the best result…

      Menu 1

      Breakfast = shake
      Lunch = Normal lunch (with your friends or colleague , etc)
      Dinner = shake

      Menu 2

      Breakfast = Shake
      Lunch = Shake
      Dinner = Normal Dinner (with your lovely family..friends…etc)

      How to make the shake?

      1. Put in 400ml water
      2. Put in 4 scoops F1 into the shaker
      3. Put in 2 scoops F3 into the shaker
      4. Closed the cover and shake to disolve
      5. Drink the shake in 15min in order to avoid the nutritions is gone….

      One more thing .. On the teamix for some people they cannot sleep at night if they take the tea mix. So avoid taking tea mix at night as it contains a caffeine. It can be made cold or hot and be taken at anytime, and as many times as you want. How much tea mix to put and mix with how much ml of water? Up to personal preference but for recommendations:-

      1) Half tea spoon + 500ml plain water
      2) Herbalife 1 Small Spoon + 500ml plain water
      3) Depending do you like it thick or lite..

      Wish this menu can help you to slim down and with all thse 3 combinations I lost weight dear 🙂

  38. Anonymous says:

    where can you buy herbalife products in a store?
    i wanna noe where can you buy herbalife products do they sell them in a store if yes what stores or place hope you guys help thank you

    • Noah M says:

      Herbal life is sold by registered Herbal Life distributors only…these are usually individuals who sell out of their garage for example….try searching for : herbal life, zip code in yahoo or google.


  39. nissy33 says:

    where do i go to buy herbalife online?
    i want to buy this product but i want a legit site for it

    • advice guru and mom says:

      as a nurse and mother of 4 kids I will tell you herbal life sucks and is expensive go to this site and try this much better and you will really loose weight and keep it off I did it after last child.. I was skeptical but my mother bought it and I was like okay why not was simple and Weight literally fell off and I did not even feel like i was trying.


      it is way better than herbal life and you can get a 14 day free trial right now so you have nothing to loose

  40. capucine says:

    where to buy herbalife products in dubaii?

    • Sunflower says:

      Every year Americans invest billions of dollars in weight loss diets and gimmicks, many of which yield few results. However, the lure of quick, easy weight loss is hard to resist. Despite ineffective tools, most hopeful consumers are willing to give the next weight loss fad a chance. If you’re planning to start a new diet, it is important to remember the following information.
      Food-specific diets: Have you ever tried the cabbage diet or the fruit-only diet? These are just a couple of examples of diets that promote one “specific” food that causes weight loss. No matter how much you think you’ll enjoy ice cream at every meal, inevitably you will get bored with eating the same food repeatedly. As a result, you’ll eat less food than needed to maintain your weight. This type of diet will not teach you healthier eating habits or provide a balance of nutrients, and consequently is not effective for long-term weight loss.

      High-protein, low-carbohydrate diets: One of the most recent trends in dieting, these diets are based on the concept that carbohydrates are “bad” and that everyone has some degree of insulin resistance, resulting in poor carbohydrate metabolism. Many proponents of these diets suggest that including carbohydrates in your diet will cause weight gain. The reality, though, is that eating more calories (whether as carbohydrate, fats, or protein) than you burn will cause weight gain.

      High-fiber, low-calorie diets: Fiber-rich foods play an important role in a healthy diet. They are a helpful ingredient of weight loss efforts because they provide bulk to the diet, which helps you feel fuller sooner. Be careful, though: if you plan to increase the fiber in your diet, be sure to increase your fluid intake at the same time or you may experience cramping, bloating, and constipation. High-fiber diets will help with weight loss only if you restrict calories in conjunction with addition of extra grains, fruits and vegetables.

      Liquid diets: Consumers face a couple of different liquid diet options. Your local grocery store and pharmacy sell over-the-counter liquid meal replacements, which can be expensive and frequently add extra calories to daily consumption if not managed carefully. On the other hand are liquid diets that require medical supervision. These diets are usually very low in calories and may result in metabolic abnormalities if dieters are not carefully monitored. Neither type of liquid diet should be used for long-term weight loss unless monitored by a health care professional. Radically changing your caloric intake in this way will not result in long-term behavior modification and healthy eating patterns.

      Fasting: As a way to cleanse the body or jump-start a weight-loss program, fasting has been recommended for years. However, all that fasting really does is deprive your body of nutrients and decrease your energy, leaving you feeling weak and lightheaded. If the right nutrients are not available for your cells to use as energy, your liver will convert fat stores to ketones for use as energy (ketosis). Long-term ketosis can be harmful to your health.
      No fad diet or gimmick will work magic for safe and effective weight loss. The following are some suggestions for ensuring a long-term healthy eating plan and getting your weight loss efforts off to an encouraging start:
      Eat a variety of foods. Remember, a balanced diet will ensure that you get all necessary nutrients.

      Get some physical activity every day. Calories in must be less than calories out to ensure successful weight loss. To keep “calories out” at a healthful level, make you get at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.

      Include sources of fiber in your diet. They will add bulk and give you a feeling of fullness.

      Choose a diet low in fats, saturated fats, and cholesterol. You do need to consume some fat for good health. Aim for no more than 30 percent of your total calories as fat calories, of which no more than 10 percent should be saturated fat calories.

      Choose foods moderate in sugars. Foods that are high in simple sugars usually offer little nutritional value and will add unwanted calories.

      Choose foods moderate in salt and sodium. Remember that salt has been added to many foods during preparation or processing, so it’s not necessary to add extra salt at the table.

  41. carolina_boy says:

    Ok, Herbalife, I want the HONEST truth about it?
    I haven’t bought inventory just yet. I want advice from people who are in the business or close to somebody in the business. I’m currently in school and it seems like a great opportunity. I’m going to be pissed off if i buy inventory and can’t sell it. I’ve taken the products and they do work from my experience. I’ve noticed how people bash Herbalife and some say it is a good business to be in. If you are with Herbalife, state how long and approximately how much you make a month. It seems like a lot of work and investement but i know nothing is for free. I also realize that they have been in business for 26 years and operate in over 60 countries. But being in business that long, is it possible that the market is saturated? In the end I know it is ultimately up to ME, I have no problem with that. I am prepared to put in as much effort as it takes. However, I am not going to lie to people about the products, that’s not good business. The goal is to satisfy the customer so they will come
    back. This seems like a legit company being in the NYSE and on the Better Business Bureau website. I know there are some bad apples in the group, but I can’t see myself in that position, eventually the customer will find out you are full of s#!t, and you lose ’em. I just want to know the honest truth about the business, do people enjoy the products and if i can get customers. I really don’t want to be apart of any scam, what goes around comes around.

    • duggies341 says:

      The key to herbalife is finding a great coach to help you see how their business is going, college is a great place to start you business. I am currently a part timer in the business and make a decent income per some state laws I am not allowed to post that here so if you want actual numbers you will have to email me in private. But I am running weight loss challanges in the local communities and have a total of about 40 people participating in them this is what really took my business of the ground as it let me offer something besides a product I am offering a service to them.
      good luck, if I can help in any way please email me.

  42. Rekha G says:

    I want to buy Herbalife Products for weight Loss? Is Anyone is from Bangalore who Can Sale me the Herbalife?
    I am using these Herbalife products and lost some weight and I need to lose some more. please give me your phone number or email id.

    • Ehsan-Personal Wellness Coach says:

      My name is Ehsan, I am a Herbalife Independant Distributor from Bangalore. You can Call me on +919880595504 or email me at ehsan1@consultant.com for products. If you want the products in ohter city just email me I will call you. No shipment charges. same time you can check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEI6Je33qyw this video for weight loss study by Appollo Hospital Chennai. It is only 7 minutes

  43. Betty Boop says:

    how do i buy herbalife online?
    i just want to buy the herbalife shake things that replace 2 meals each day and i don’t want to sell it help!
    i just want to loose weight on it. i don’t want any success stories or any bad comments on it. best answer get 10 points reply asap!!! thx
    i did go to the site but they want me to go there and buy it to sell it. Do i have to wait for a phonecall from the distributor (sp?) before i can buy it??

  44. Robin_TN says:

    Do you think it’s ok for a registered nurse to sell “Herbalife” on the side as a way to make money?
    I am a nurse. When I was in nursing school, I was told that I had to be very careful when giving anyone even an aspirin anymore. If I was at a gathering and someone had a headache, some “non-licensed” person would have to offer the aspirin or tylenol because nurses are never allowed to give any medication “other than within their own household” without a doctor’s order. Period.

    A nurse I work with came in and said she is now selling “Herbalife” on the side as a way to make money. It has all kinds of vitamins and supplements, and I told her I thought selling that would be a conflict with her license because that would be like a nurse “prescribing” and some people might buy these from her “because” she is an RN……and what if they had a bad reaction and could it risk her license. Lots of nurses sell AVON or Tupperware on the side and I don’t see a conflict………

    Do you think she is potentially risking her license by selling Herbalife?

    • RJ says:

      So many conflicts of interests there. She should avoid it. All it takes is one person to feel that her being a nurse drove her to buy it.

      I hope you are not in ‘lawsuit happy’ USA.

  45. Lola says:

    What healthy snacks can i have while using Herbalife?
    I’ve been on herbalife for a week already, however i do get hungry very often.. so i decided to buy the snack defense pills, but they didn’t seem to work on me.. then i tried their protein bars, and i didn’t like them at all!!! My question is can i have fruits? and if so which ones? and if i do would i loose less weight?
    I would really appreciate it if i could get some good answers 🙂 thank you.

    • Leigh says:

      Herbalife doesn’t work…NO over the counter pills do. Neither does colon cleansing (which is not only unnecessary, but uncomfortable!). Remember, the diet industry needs you to stay overweight, so that they can keep their customers!

      To lose weight, first see your physician to ensure that the extra weight isn’t the sign of a health disorder, and that you are healthy enough for diet and exercise. If the doctor gives you the OK, then eating right (and less) and exercising more are the only things that will help. Your doctor may be willing to prescribe a drug that could help you (like Meridia), but changing your lifestyle, unfortunately, is the only thing that is going to work.

      As far as what you can snack on: MOST fruits and vegetables are VERY low calorie, meaning you can eat as much as you want. Apples, blueberries, dried cranberries, bananas, and citrus fruits are some good choices.

  46. Acacio Junior says:

    How I make to buy the shirt of LA GALAXY with the logomarca of the HERBALIFE?

  47. ♥~*Brianna*~♥ says:

    Does Herbalife have an expiration date?
    My mom bought a Herbalife Weight Managment Ultra set that costed $300 but it doesnt have and Expiration date it only has codes on the bottom but it doesnt have anything else. Please help!!

    • ☣Glock Girl☣ says:

      “I wouldn’t take ANYTHING that may be 5 years old, you really should just toss them. Herbalife products are natural, and the shelf life is 6-12 mos, depending on the specific product. Hope this helps you.”

      March 01, 2008

  48. HerbalPhil Wellness Warrior! says:

    Has anyone bought Herbalife only for the business opportunity and given up because they got no result?
    Perhaps, when you go into a business, as a business person, you have to wonder why something is not for everyone?

    Whether respect is based on opinion, experience, or reputation?

    With more and more businesses using direct marketing to move what they sell, you have to ask, for those that tried and failed was it because they were bringing the need for greed to the market place, or was it personally an experience where a husband wife team failed because one was full on the other not?

    Does an equilibrium of balance, better describe your own partnerships in life, or is it a deeper picture where you, as a family create team effort, and giving up cigarettes, alcohol, being healthier and having fun was too much trouble?

    Finally, if you never tried Herbalife, saw some amazing Summer Results here in Australia, a first ever podium finish for mens beach volleyball, and you are full on for physical fitness, I am fully trained in sports nutrition and weight loss as well as the biz op too!

    • Tony S says:

      I haven’t researched that company but however if you just bought in for the business side i think that was a bad mistake. Do they have a proven product and do you personally use the product?

  49. shine4life247 says:

    How do I do Herbalife?
    Hi everyone. I just bought the Herbalife kits yesterday. I bought the 21 day cleanse and the meal replacement shakes. I’m wondering if I have to do the 21 day cleanse first before I start the meal replacement or can I do both kits at the same time?

    • moma says:

      Hey what do you mean about kit? Did you only buy the am/pm and shake or did you buy the other stuff the goes with it also?

      The shake does replace a meal but we drink that with the tea. You can do both at the same time. I would suggest speaking with your distributor for more information. Or if you like you can email me and I’ll help you with what you need. Belleleejane@aol.com

      I am a distributor and I like for people to take the product correct, because if not people discourage the product.

  50. trudybennett2000 says:

    Does anyone know where i can get HERBALIFE from in Spain?
    I live in Benalmadena Spain (Costa Del Sol). Does anyone know where i can buy Herbalife from it is a slimming aid

    • svshrks73 says:

      don’t do it… it does not work. You just pee more and it’s neon yellow. save money, adjust your diet and walk more.

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