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Ever experienced the dilemma of whether to buy a highly raved cosmetic product, unsure of whether it will work its magic on your skin or bring that dreaded torrent of zits to your flawless skin?

Ever experienced times when highly raved products did not work on your skin and knowing this after spending your month’s pay on the products?

Ever put off buying a certain cosmetic product just because you are uncertain of its effectiveness?
Congratulations, at Zample all these could be solved!!!

We know that no single product, no matter how top notch, can suit every one of us. We also understand how dangerously straining is impulse buying on your wallet when it comes to pampering your face. Our aim here is to help our members find the right fit for their skin in the categories of 1st class cosmetic products.

The concept is simple and clear, we provide the samples right to your doorstep (..ok.. mailbox), you tell us the feedback, and you walk away with loyalty points to get some fabulous products at different levels. In addition, you will be invited exclusively to special launch and private promotional sales when your Zample points are high.

Join us now and embark on this quest for the perfect skincare routine with us!!!
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Trust us, from now on, this is the only beauty website you want to go to.
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