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Facial Skin Care – Take Care of Your Skin Today!

By Kelly Purden

Many people struggle on the right ways of facial skin care. With a wide range of facial skin care products in the market today, it could be very confusing to know what is right from wrong. If you are one of those who yearn for what is best in taking care of your skin, here are some guidelines for you to have that younger looking skin.

Remember that knowing your skin type is the first step in proper facial skin care. Skin care solely depends on the type of skin you have. Skin is categorized as oily, normal or combination, dry, sun-damaged and sensitive.

There are four basic steps in facial skin care. The first step is cleansing. It is important to look for a good cleanser that best suits your skin type. Keep away from bar soaps that make your skin dry. Avoid too much cleaning though. Washing your face at night is fine. Use lukewarm water in the morning. Avoid using hot or cold water in your face because it may break capillaries. The best way to wash your face and lose dirt as much as clogged pores is using warm water. Use only a pea-size of cleanser and then, rinse with lukewarm or cool water. It is important to remove your makeup before going to bed using the right makeup remover.

The second step is to exfoliate. Many people forget to include exfoliation in the weekly facial skin care regimen. But the right exfoliation makes so much difference in the appearance of the skin. One of the reasons why men’s skin appears to be younger looking is because of shaving. Daily shaving helps in exfoliation. Chemical peels, retinoids and microdermabrasion are the different methods to exfoliate the skin. Scrubs help in eliminating the top layer of dead skin cells but it may also make your skin dull. Exfoliating once a week is best to keep the skin glowing. It is important to use only gentle scrub that has tiny grains. Using cheap scrubs with big grains may tear and harm your skin.

You can use Retinoid, which helps in eliminating dead skin cells as well as creating skin collagen. It is the structural fiber of the skin and as one gets older, collagen breaks down and produces large pores as well as fine lines. Retinoid is said to be a miracle skin saver. How about using toner? Some say that toners are necessary, some say otherwise. Toners help in eliminating makeup and dirt and oil. You can rely on good cleanser for this issue so it is really up to you if you still want to use toners.

The third step in facial skin care is moisturizing. No matter what type of skin you have, moisturizing should be a part of every skin care regimen. Moisturizer helps in sealing moisture into the skin and even if you have an oily skin type, it is still best to moisturize.

The fourth step is using sunscreen as part of the facial skin care. Applying sunscreen is necessary because sun damage is the best source of having wrinkles. Whether it is winter or summer, observe using sunscreen.

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15 Responses to Facial Skin Care

  1. Melly says:

    Half the visits to Fab.com are Apple users, but they’re 70% of the revs…It’s as if they care about good design or something.

  2. Dadof4Kiddies says:

    What is the proper way to care for your skin? What is a facial?
    For a woman!

    What is included in a daily facial/skin care routine?

    Does it go like this?

    Wash with scrubbing stuff
    Wash with facial soap
    Wash with cleanser
    Put on lotion
    Put on eye cream
    Put on sunscreen
    Put on makeup

    How is this supposed to go?

    What exactly is a facial anyway?
    Can I buy the stuff I need at the store?

    Its a surprise for my wife!

    • shoppinggirl90 says:

      Before we start with the proper daily step-by-step skincare routine, you’ll need to know her skin type. How you care for your skin is utterly dependent on the type of skin you have: oily, normal/combination, dry, sensitive or sun- damaged.

      The characteristics of skin are:

      Normal to Dry:
      Normal – Not too oily or dry, few blemishes, skin is firm and is generally smooth with small pores. Dry – Due to sun and age, skin may lack natural oils. May look smooth with fine pores, few blackheads and blemishes.

      Normal to Oily:
      Normal – Not oily or dry, few blemishes, skin is firm and is generally smooth with small pores. Oily – Shiny and coarse, may have recurring blackheads and enlarged pores, often youthful looking.

      Oily T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Normal to dry around cheeks and throat. Can be oily along chin, jaw, temples and dry elsewhere.

      Generally oily. Blackheads and pimples. Potential scarring and pitting.

      Extremely delicate. Broken capillaries, veins and vessels beneath skin surface. Should not be over stimulated.

      Fine lines. Loose, “crépe-like” appearance. Loss of elasticity.

      After choosing your skin type now we can proceed with the step-by-step for a good skin care regimen. This is my skin care regimen from Arbonne http://arbonnepuertorico.myarbonne.com

      Step 1: NutriMinC RE9 REnewing Gelée Créme, Hydrating Wash Should be used in the morning and evening.

      Step 2: NutriMinC RE9 REveal Facial Scrub or NutriMinC RE9 RElease Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (this is optional to the set) Used after cleansing up to two times per week.

      Step 3: NutriMinC RE9 REstoring Mist Balancing Toner Should be used in the morning and evening.

      Step 4: NutriMinC RE9 REversing Gelée Transforming Lift
      In the morning or on special occasions, wait at least two or three minutes before applying NutriMinC RE9 Reactivating Facial Serum Day & Night.

      Step 5: NutriMinC RE9 REactivating Facial Serum Day/ Night
      Should be used in the morning and evening, used after RE9 Toner if not using RE9 Lift

      Step 6: NutriMinC RE9 REality Day Crème or NutriMinC RE9 Recover Night Crème Day Crème used in the morning, Night Crème in the evening.

      Step 7: NutriMinC RE9 REpair Corrective Eye Crème
      Should be used in the morning and evening.

      Following these steps you will definately give her the best gift ever!!! The amazing results are awesome

  3. Michelle K says:

    Is Suki facial skin care products ok for sensitive skin?
    I recently learned about the Suki brand of facial skin care products. I often get red skin when I use products so I’m wondering if anyone with sensitive skin has had success with this brand? Here is where I learned about the brand: http://www.lilou-organics.com/scripts/brands_suki.asp

    Would appreciate good and bad feedback as I’m looking for a moisturizer for the winter months.

  4. frederic g says:

    We are looking for distributors to sell natural professional facial skin care masks made in France.?
    We are looking for distributors to sell natural professional facial skin care masks made in France.

    We are supplying natural professional skin care masks and creams made in France with seaweed and marin extracts.
    We can sell our products as OEM our if your wish we can provide you a label with your own brand according to your own needs.

  5. Bennys_Dragon says:

    What are some facial skin care products that don’t have petroleum in them?
    My skin has become extremely sensitive due to GLOBAL WARMING and I feel very determined to change my entire skin care line from Neutrogena to a more trusted brand.. what’s out there.. pure coconut, carrot, olive, shea, or something a long those lines.. thanks!

    • healthyhappy says:

      There’s a range of skincare products called Miessence. They are 100% certified organic and definitely DO NOT contain petroleum. AND they are a carbon neutral company so they don’t leave their carbon footprint on the world either.

      They do their ordering on line and you get things delivered to you very quickly. I’ve had things sent to me in the States as well as Australia.

      Also, if you check out the website (I’ve put it in the ‘Source’ section) there’s a lot on other environmental information there.

      Hope this helps,

  6. coan2007 says:

    She is basically telling you that you are hosting a party. She won't really do a makeover, it will be more like her telling you how to apply the different skin care products and makeup. You're makeup choices will come on a card with samples on it. She will definitely try to sell you everything you tried on and she will try to recruit all of you to join MK. She will probably offer "free" gifts or prizes for anyone who buys something, hosts another party for her, or is interested in signing up.

    Mary Kay does have some good products, but don't be swayed by her perkiness! If you don't want to join MK and be a consultant, be firm. You DON'T have to buy anything, sign up for anything or host anything.

    It's important to realize that you didn't "win" anything. That is a common tactic that consultants use to drum up business. They have to hold parties somehow, and it's hard to convince people to have them. So *presto* YOU WIN a FREE makeover! Nobody can resist free makeovers.

    You will hear a lot of compliments about how smart and put-together you are. She will stress that MK doesn't want professional saleswomen, they want people like….you!

    Think about this. Reverse the roles…you are the MK consultant and you had to purchase all of these products yourself (probably on a credit card) and now you have to sell these products in order to make your money back. Sure you bought those products at a 50% discount, but you had to buy at least $250 worth (but probably more like $3000 worth) and you'll have to sell everything at full price in order to make any money. But you have to have some things to give away as "free" gifts, so there goes some of your profit. So what is another way to get money? Recruit people! That is the only way you can make more money, besides selling MK stuff. You will get a small profit from their sales, which is really based on the amount of products they buy themselves. The more people that you can recruit, the more money you make! So you better start recruiting heavily! Why don't you contact people you know and tell them they "won" a free makeover for themselves and 4 friends! That way, you have five people who might just sign up to sell Mary Kay!

  7. NathansAwesome says:

    best commercial ever!

  8. Digh Hi says:

    What are women looking for in facial skin care?
    What attributes and aspects of a facial skin care system are important to most women?

    • owanay says:

      Something that doesn’t dry my skin or give my skin a rash.Basically sensitive enough for my sensitive skin.I prefer Neutrogena

  9. alex60611 says:

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