Facial Skin Care Products

Facial Skin Care Products

Go Green With Natural Facial Skin Care Products

By Markus Skupeika

Flawless skin is a sign of good health. Flawless skin is an asset. Flawless skin is a coveted possession that has a lot to do with your personality and success in life. Some are lucky to have stunning skin features naturally. On contrast some have to try hard to retouch the scars, cure blemishes and acne and remove uneven pigmentations.

With latest findings in the field of skin care anybody can achieve a healthy skin nowadays. Few easy and simple steps can make a mediocre skin gleam and shine. Regular and suitable skincare regimen can do magic with skin. It requires regularity and patience in turn.

Even few days back people used to believe that cosmetic surgery was the only way to get healthy and glowing skin. Fortunately people have understood the power of natural products of late and have returned back to the lap of nature for facial skin care products and skin care regimen.

Natural facial skin care products have no side effects. These products are made from natural extracts. Shrubs, herbs, seeds, flowers, sandal wood, Asian papaya, jojoba, olive oil, aloe vera, coconut oil, turmeric, milk, fruits, lemon, honey etc. are the common ingredients used in natural facial skin care products. Unlike chemical based artificial products, they are free from side effects even when overused. That is why natural skin care solutions have taken the place of artificial cosmetics.

Neglecting skin is next to impossible. Skin is the most exposed part of human body and is subject to exposure to sunlight, pollutants, chemicals, dust, allergens and other harmful elements that make the skin look shabby. Therefore practicing skincare methods regularly is a must these days.

The very first step in skin care regimen is cleaning. A good cleanser helps you remove dust, loose dead skin cells, pollutants, allergens and make-up remains from skin. Cleansing milks should be applied all over the skin with cotton.

Your cleanser should not be harsh to your skin. Make sure you use a soft substance which is neutral in nature

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11 Responses to Facial Skin Care Products

  1. Michelle K says:

    Is Suki facial skin care products ok for sensitive skin?
    I recently learned about the Suki brand of facial skin care products. I often get red skin when I use products so I’m wondering if anyone with sensitive skin has had success with this brand? Here is where I learned about the brand: http://www.lilou-organics.com/scripts/brands_suki.asp

    Would appreciate good and bad feedback as I’m looking for a moisturizer for the winter months.

  2. LCW says:

    Facial skin care products that help with oily skin/pimples and scars?
    I’m looking for a facial skin care line that can help with reducing scars and oily skin. I like products that have a routine (like cleanser, toner, etc.) Thanks!! 🙂

    • MiSS LALA says:

      First u need a face scrub, i like st. ives apricot scrub to remove dead skin cells and help scares go away. then use a good face soap…. when your in the shower use the face scrub 1st, rinse it really good, then wash with soap, make SURE to rinse your face really well then pat dry. next you’ll need a oil free moisturizer, i know that sound weird cause you said your face is oily, but the reason your face gets oily is to moisturize its self, since most acne products dry out your skin, you need to put moisturizer that does not have oil to reverse the problem. do this all be for you go to bed. the in the morning rinse your face well and in a few weeks your skin will really start to improve. remember, any time you start a new skin care routine it will take you skin a lil to adjust so it my get worse be for it gets better. but I PROMAS!!! It will get better! also try to keep your hair off your face for a few days…dirt from your hair can get on your face and make you break out.

  3. ϟcastle inquisitor,beyond the far gate ϟ says:

    Facial skin care products & premature aging, anyone suggest something?
    does anyone know what facial skin care products to get and a simple routine to do with them for a guy who’s prematurely aged ?

    something easy accessible, convenient, from a high street shop or pharmacy ?

    nothing complicated or entailing buying lots of products.

    easy products to get and a simple routine.

    i can’t afford cosmetic surgery.

    can i reverse the damage thats been done with the right facial skin care products ?

    im 31 , but because of life stress i feel ive aged early in my face.

    dry, dead looking skin, dark lines under my eyes, skin blemishes , uneven skin tone , open pores on cheek bones near nose , frown lines on forehead . wrinkles on forehead and near eyes.

    this is very depressing , what facial products for a male could i buy from the high street that is easy to get hold of ?

    face wash, face scrub or moisturizer ? what brand ?

    and finally, what order do i use them ?

    im in england to so please something i can get relevant to here.


    • Shay says:

      Avon came out with a new anti-aging line with Activinol it’s great. Check out their other anti-aging products too! You can buy directly from AVON or you can locate a rep in the U.K. Just click the link below. The AVON reversalist products are on the first page!

  4. Gracie says:

    What are some good facial skin care products for a 26-year-old male?
    What are some good products to delay the onset of wrinkles or faint lines, etc?

    • snarkywench says:

      A gentle cleanser like Cetaphil or Nivea for Men sensitive(drugstores/grocery stores)

      A broad-spectrum moisturizing sunscreen will be your best defense in the long run even if you live in less sunny climates. Jack Black makes one called Double Duty moisturizer it’s SPF 20.

      An eye cream/gel, like Clinique Daily Eye Hydrator ,would be beneficial as well

      Clarins makes a line for men that’s nice but the scent can be irritating & it’s pricier.

      Although it’s geared toward women, Avon’s Anew Retroactive + youth extending is a great product for nighttime moisturizing. They also have a day SPF moisturizer that I haven’t tried yet

      Exfoliate 1-2x weekly, I usually use a mask that’s plain Quaker oatmeal mixed with a little water & raw honey, I cleanse my skin first & leave it on for about 15minutes then use it as a scrub in the shower, you can pulse the oatmeal in a food processor a few times to make it more grainy.

      There’s a website called makeupalley.com that is geared toward women but there are men there as well. The site has real people reviews for hundreds of products, including skincare.

      hope this helps!

  5. Bennys_Dragon says:

    What are some facial skin care products that don’t have petroleum in them?
    My skin has become extremely sensitive due to GLOBAL WARMING and I feel very determined to change my entire skin care line from Neutrogena to a more trusted brand.. what’s out there.. pure coconut, carrot, olive, shea, or something a long those lines.. thanks!

    • healthyhappy says:

      There’s a range of skincare products called Miessence. They are 100% certified organic and definitely DO NOT contain petroleum. AND they are a carbon neutral company so they don’t leave their carbon footprint on the world either.

      They do their ordering on line and you get things delivered to you very quickly. I’ve had things sent to me in the States as well as Australia.

      Also, if you check out the website (I’ve put it in the ‘Source’ section) there’s a lot on other environmental information there.

      Hope this helps,

  6. howiseethings says:

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