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Nuskin Review By Someone Who Didn't Join!

NuSkin was founded in 1984 by Steve Lund, Sandie Tillotson and Blake Roney and has established themselves an industry giant. According to company literature, NuSkin has been built with the philosophy of “all of the good, none of the bad” with a business opportunity to attract high-caliber salespeople. Company sales in 2008 were a record .25 billion with the last 3 quarters being the highest in company history.

NuSkin has some quality products including an anti-aging program, ageLOC that portends to infuse the skin and target aging at the source. Together, these products work together to reveal younger looking skin. As a result, Nu Skin claims to deliver tangible benefits from products such as Face Essence Ultra, and LifePak Nano.Tools such as teh Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner S2 are used by distributors to demonstrate benefits of using some of their products.

NuSkin has chosen the network marketing model which allows the company grow while indiviudual distributors profit.. When applied properly, multi-level marketing (MLM) has proven to be a fantastic way to grow a company. Both for the company and for those individuals that choose to market NuSkin’s products. In order to generate long term residual income, a NuSkin distributor must build a downline of others that will do the same. A commission is paid on the downline’s sales volume.

I’ve been approached by several NuSkin folks and I’ve not been impressed with their high pressure sales tactics. High pressure is not used by all NuSkin folks, I do have a friend who is with NuSkin that has built his business without the high pressure antics. These strategies are not used by all in NuSkin and just about all of us have been subjected high pressure by somone in MLM. There are always a couple of bad apples. My personal experience, not including my friend, has not been positive with their distributors.
The average distributor does not make very much money and that is a major problem with NuSkin (and most MLM’s for that matter.) NuSkin is a solid company with good products that can be marketed effectively IF you posses a certain skill set. While they offer great products, I don’t believe that they are that easy to market, especially in a recession. I believe that one should market products that people will use anyway. It takes a whale of a salesperson, just as NuSkin wants, to profit wildly with their business model. Many folks are trying to save money not spending it on products that they do not feel are absolutely necessary.

If you really do see value in the products and consider yourself a strong salesperson then NuSkin is a great fit. Interesting enough, even their company literature admits that they are looking for high quality salespeople. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, I’ve made a lot of money (in a previous life) as a professional in sales. However, most people are not high flying salespeople and don’t get involved in MLM to sell. My experience has shown that for those that are looking to build a long term business you must become a developer of people. Often times, in sales, it is a very transactional, meaning you sell em and leave. MLM is relational, you must not only educate on products you must educate new people on how to build their own team which takes time and a genuine interest in the success of other people.

My only other concern is that NuSkin is a publically traded company and is subject to the whim stockholders. You see what has been happening to the stock market, right? Although there are advantages to being publically traded my preference is to work with a privately held company because they can sacrifice a bit of corporate profit with the goal of maintaining high quality products.

The key to remember, and this is true in any MLM, people join YOU not the company.

If you are looking for an internet based automated marketing system then NuSkin may be a good fit. To market successfully online you must learn to build yourself as a brand. You must develop into a leader that other people are attracted to and you can do that by leveraging the internet. When done properly you can generate 50-100 leads per day. For the most part, these leads are people that are already interested in MLM and help take the selling out of the equation.

So, yes, NuSkin is a solid company. It certainly is not for everyone though. Whether you decide to join NuSkin or another MLM it is critically important that you learn the skills necessary to brand yourself as a leader.

When this is done effectively you will see huge results in your business. Visit http://MLMBrillianceOnline.com for specific details on the how-to’s of branding yourself regardless of your specific company.

About the author: Ian Fitzpatrick is a master trainer and has created over million in revenue. Ian wrote this NuSkin Review to help those make an educated decision. Ian’s MLM Training Secrets provide a blueprint for success in the industry.

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