Does Lifecell Wrinkle Cream Really Work

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Does Wrinkle Cream Really Work?

Author: Dainly Marksion

Most important questions such as:
•    Do I need wrinkle cream for my eyes?
•    Should I use a wrinkle cream for facial?
•    What are the reasons of wrinkles?

A lot of women utilize wrinkle creams. These wrinkle creams have restrictions when it comes to wrinkle reduction capabilities.

Skin wrinkles unsurprisingly appear as an effect of aging processes such as glycation or temporarily as the result of long-drawn-out immersion in water. Wrinkling in the skin is brought about by usual facial expressions, sun damage, aging, poor hydration, smoking, and several other factors. With protracted water exposure, the outer layer of skin starts to soak up water. However, the skin does not expand in a uniform manner. This makes the skin wrinkle in certain areas and may result in spots.

Water depletion in your body occurs with dehydration. This can also cause skin puckering. Chronologically aged skin looks almost identical to normal, non-aged skin where the only difference is the loss of adipose coming with age. This means we do naturally lose some of the fatty layer under our skin as we age, and the skin will tend to sag more.

However, the skin itself looks almost great. This means wrinkling and aged-looking skin are possibly caused almost solely by the sun. Wrinkle creams can soften the wrinkles and some can reduce them.

Ingredients of Wrinkle Creams

• Retinol – It is a vitamin A complex and an antioxidant.

• Hydroxyl acids: these acids are exfoliates that can remove the upper layer of the skin, which generally consists of dead cells, and it does this for new skin to develop in its place.

• Coenzyme:  they are the nutrients that normalize the energy growth in cell production.

• Copper peptides: It improves the wound healing capabilities of the skin and increases the production of collagen.

• Kinetin: It is a plant growth factor that may improve wrinkles.

Keep in mind that when you purchase wrinkle creams, the over-the-counter ones have lesser doses of the ingredients above than any prescribed medicine. As a result, the outcome will not be as fast or long lasting than what you get from wrinkle creams prescribed by your dermatologist. You should determine what you have to look for as far as the ingredients are into.

Steps to Prevent Wrinkles

If you’re serious and want to get rid of wrinkles you should stop smoking right now. Cigarettes cause a lot of harm to your body. Cigarettes slow down the amount of collagen your body makes to reinstate wounded skin and repair damaged skin, which can result in deeper wrinkles. In addition, cigarettes hinder your body’s circulation, which indicates that blood may not possibly reach the skin capillaries of your face. This means more dead skin, wrinkles, and less color on your cheeks.

Staying out of the sun is believed to help you get rid of wrinkles. If you’re a sun worshipper, you should be painfully conscious by now about the bad effect the sun has on your skin, especially with the weakening of the ozone layer. You should make it a point to use lotion if you’re going to be around between the peak hours of sunlight (10:00 am – 3:30 pm). Also make use of sunglasses when stepping outside during these hours to avoid wrinkles that can form around the eyes.

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18 Responses to Does Lifecell Wrinkle Cream Really Work

  1. Answer my question...please? says:

    is 20 too young to have botox?
    I’m considering botox after seeing some fine lines under my eyes which really annoys me and i want to get rid of them! anti wrinkle under eye creams do NOT work! although i want to give lifecell a try since heard that’s the only thing that works.
    I also heard that botox is best to have done before wrinkles appear?? is this true? I just hate to have crowsfeet and wrinkles under my eyes! it’s not attractive!!

  2. AtticusRedEyes says:
  3. Ashley says:

    Most people tendd to look down at others who have had Botox injections. And that's silly.

    You see botox is an important part of wrinkle treatment. That's because it treats one of the most funadamental wrinkle causing factors.

    And that factor is muscle contraction.

    You see, as we age the muscles in our body become smaller and contaracts. However the muscles in the face differs from all other muscles in the body.

    Facial muscles are the only muscles that are connected directly to the skin. That's why your skin wrinkles when you raise your eyebrows (Those wrinkles are the result of the muscles pulling on the skin.).

    So as we age and those facial muscles begin to shrink…they pull on the skin causing the skin to fold. And we are left with forehead wrinkles and crow's feet wrinkles (i.e. wrinkles around the eyes).

    But botox treats this.

    Botox causes the musles in the forehead and around the eyes to relax. And in so doing…the skin unfolds causing wrinkles to begin to disappear.

    No anti-wrinkle cream in the word can do the job of Botox. Creams can only penetrate as deep as the skin. In other words…they do not reach the facial muscles.

    So there is no way they can relax muscle contractions.

    That's why I think its foolish that people still continue to purchase these 'magic' creams and at the same time turn up their noses at persons who has taken botox injections.

  4. Susan N says:

    try olay products. my grandma is 65 too and she uses it and her skin is really fresh or clinique =)

  5. LinkDyrUS says:

    Relying on Anti Wrinkle Cream Reviews Before I Make Purchase: For the past five weeks now I have been reading an…

  6. yes i've tried BELLAPLEX. it makes a good sour cream and onions sandwich.

  7. obagi nu derm clear » Blog Archive » Derm houston says:

    […] Other than eating healthy and getting proper amounts of exercise and rest, the next step is to use a good anti-wrinkle cream.   It seems many doctors believe the best way to see proven results is through either Retin-A or Renova.  Renova is prescribed in a 0.02% concentration and can reduce the signs of photodamage, helping to smooth out fine facial wrinkles.  According to their website, which has a wealth of information, they are clinically proven to reduce wrinkles.  One of their pages inclu Micro Derm Abrasion News […]

  8. charmarie221 says:

    Andrea–I'm trying, I'm trying! I'll be slapping on the anti wrinkle cream this afternoon…and maybe dressing her in a onesie and bloomer bottoms might help reverse the trend, too!

    Susie–ack, looking like me? maybe I ought to pull the pony! when she wears certain clothes we can do the “Oh MY, how pretty!” routine, but with her hair (like I tried that with the headband) as soon as we mention it's in her hair, she'll scrunch up her face and pull out whatever is in there while shaking her head and saying, very emphatically and very slooowly, “Mmmmm… noooooooo… nooooooo.” It's not an angry, hysterical “NO! NO!” like the doctor's office invokes… this is more contemplative and speculative, as though she's REALLY thought it through and “Mmmmmm… noooooo… noooooo” it's just not something I'm going to do right now, but thank you so much for asking.

    So the better way to deal is to pretend there isn't anything unusual going on. Ponytail? Huh? What? That's just a hairbow, let's go find the dogs.

  9. torey torsiello says:

    Great job, I felt that you recognized that these advertisements make women sort of dellusional. No one is going to have the body of that lady by using a cream. Although the ad wants women to believe it, it isn't realistic. I thought that you understood that the marketing is unrealistic and explained why very well. No wrinkle cream can work miracles, and if someone ever finds one that is, I will be using it when I'm old.

  10. Canadanorth says:

    Thank you Brad: We are the product of the marketing/advertising machine since the travelling medicine shows. We are all Rubes because deep down we want to believe that what is being peddled to us is genuine. I can state as fact that the anti wrinkle cream I spent my hard earned money on didn't work but so what!! I was tired of the old wrinkle cream and who knows this one might change my whole life (It said so on the jar). The new improved Christian walk will make you rich and beautiful, radiating health and vitality. You will be the focus of all when you enter the room, people will instantly know you are a successful somebody with great power at your finger tips. Your wish is Heaven's command. All this and much more can be yours for a years wages (a ridiculous sum) in light of the return. So all you Christians who are tired of your old, boring walk with God step up to the supernatual display counter. We take cash and major credit cards.

  11. _RAYNmula says:

    health beauty What is the best cream against age spots?: Question by intrakit98: What is the best cream against …

  12. Wife & mom of 2 says:

    i agree with the thrush……definately some kind of infection. it make also be because she's constantly soaking it with slobber. like when your hands get pruny in the tub. your skin changes as you age so it may be reacting diffrently to the habit now thats she's getting older.

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