Dermal Filler Cheeks

Dermal Filler Cheeks and around Mouth [before / after]

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  1. mrb says:

    HELP! my face is swollen and has a hard lump after dermal filler injection!?
    After bad icepick scarring, the doctor had to correct the depressed scars which resulted from it. I was treated with dermal fillers on my left cheek. A series of injection was performed and there was one depressed scar where the doctor did several pricks with the needle. This injected area in my left cheek is now all swollen! It has formed a very hard and big lump which now stretches up to the bottom of my eyelid! The lump is very painful and hard and is the size of a tablespoon I swear! I can hardly touch it I feel an electrifying pain each time I do. What’s worse, my cheek’s appearance is even worse than before I had all this treatment for acne scars and it’s really frustrating me!

    Please help. Will this hard lump still heal? Will this still be gone from my face? I feel like i have a very big cyst in my cheek! I have consulted the doctor but not much help there. I just need to extend and ask help from some other experts here who may be familiar with this. Right now, I’m trying to apply a warm compress every now and then to the injected area. I don’t know if this is the right thing to do but this is what the doctor has advised me. She said this should heal in 3-5 days but I don’t have faith in her words anymore. The hard lump is still there!

    • Ahh! It's Maddie<3 says:

      It might just be swollen, I would suggest ice instead of warm compresses because it helps to reduce swelling better, and faster. Good Luck, and I hope it the lump goes away soon.

  2. Gabbie L says:

    Please help! sunken cheeks following dramatic weight loss.?
    Am only in twenties and after losing the volume from my cheeks my face looks saggy. Putting weight bak on has not helped. Has anyone tried dermal fillers into cheek area? am not keen to try sculptra. Thanks……

    • Carolina Sunshine says:

      You might want to consider discussing this with a qualified physician. There are several options from collagen, the dermal fillers to cheek implants.

      A qualified doctor would need to evaluate your particular situation and give you some suggestions. One thing they will not do surgery if you are a smoker. It is too risky.

      There are some really good firming creams on the market that do a great job. You just have to use them everyday. There are exercises that can be done and an item you wear in your mouth several hours a day that help too.

      If you have the finances, getting a good facial every once or twice a month will tone it up too. You really need to check all your options. Good Luck and I am sure you will find the right treatment that is best for you.

  3. holiday‚ô• says:

    I’m 31, is that too young for Botox? ?
    I am noticing a line in my forehead from squinting, and the smile line in the cheek is starting to stay there when I’m not smiling! UGH
    Am I candidate for botox or dermal filler- or what about a chemical peel?
    I am dealing with it. BUT I don’t want anything drastic. thats why I was thinking of a peel.

    • Tucson Kate says:

      I’m 28 and I agree now is the time to really be pro-active and start the more advanced treatments. But, Botox might be going a little far just now. If you haven’t done other things like laser treatments, microderm abrasion, or chemical peels, start with those first and see if you get the results you are looking for.

      I have had both a chemical peel and microdermbrasion, both with great results. I was a little happier with the chemical peel, and I didn’t even have to go to a dermatologists office (I was able to do it as my spa). Plus they were affordable as well.

      I think the next step up from there might be laser treatments. I’ve had them on a scar that has helped quite a bit, it may assist in some of your other problem areas. And finally, if all that doesn’t give you the results, maybe think about Juviderm injections (which I’ve heard is good) or going the botox route. Good luck!

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  8. jizzedoutgee says:

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