Cover Up Tattoos For Names Ideas

TatJacket the best option to cover up your tattoo

The history of tattoos goes back to the times when the Egyptians were constructing the great pyramids. When they expanded their empire, this art spread too to the civilizations of Crete, Greece, Persia, and Arabia, and finally in 2000 BC it spread to China as well. However, it is argued that this art has been in existence since 12,000 years BC.

Tattoos are created by introducing ink into a person’s skin. For doing this an electrically powered tattoo machine is used. The tattoo machine moves a needle up and down to puncture the skin with color for 50 to 3,000 times per minute. The needle penetrates into the skin for about a millimeter and deposits insoluble ink into the skin with each puncture.

As tattoos are becoming fashionable many countries, states and cities are adopting policies prohibiting the display of tattoos. Law Enforcement personnel, military people, hospital staff and many more employees are being forced to cover up their tattoos otherwise leave their job. Rather than leaving your job it is best to hide your tattoo.
This can be done dually. Either wear full sleeves cloths or remove your tattoo. Removing tattoo is costly as well as a painful experience. There are few methods by which tattoos could be removed like:

? Removing tattoo with chemical peels
? Removing tattoo with excision
? Laser tattoo removal
? Removing tattoo through freezing (cryosurgery) method

All above said are costly if your pocket allows then go ahead with any one of above said methods. If your pocket doesnt allow then what to do?

TatJacket is the right solution for you. It covers your tattoo completely without any ones notice. TatJacket tattoo cover-up is cool, light weighted, flexible and breathable.

TatJacket not only cover up your tattoo but also protect your tattoo being discolorble or fade due to sun light. Whether you have tattoo or not TatJacket protects your arms from direct suns UV rays.

TatJacket is specially designed for all those people who dont want show their tattoo in their work place as their boss doesnt like it or doesnt want to break any rule. TatJacket is very light weighted so that it can carry whole day without any problem.

Whether its about its fabric or stitching every thing is taken with full concern. TatJacket is easy to wash. TatJacket tattoo cover gives you the ability to wear the most comfortable work clothing for the season without violating company rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are good cover up tattoos for names?
    I need some ideas cause I got my name tattooed and I want it covered up now. It’s vertical on my left bicep
    I actually have two skulls next to my name and I want something to cover up my name

    • ANSWER:
      Barb wire, tribal tats, or convert it into a different word.

    I have a name tattoo on my ring finger. Anybody know any sites for pics of good cover up tattoo ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I don’t know of any specific websites – but your artist could design something “tribal” that camouflages the letters into part of the design ;););)

    Tattoo cover up ideas for a blue tattoo?
    I have some ideas like lilies or my daughter’s name. I don’t mind the tattoo I have now, just not thrilled about the blue anymore. Just curious if anyone has covered up a blue tattoo and if my options are just going to be black or other dark colors. Can I cover up a color with another color and just add a little more to it?

    • ANSWER:

    Tattoo cover-up ideas needed – for name “Jose”?
    Jose is in cursive, any suggestions to help me cover it up or add to it to make it something different? I thought about adding “no way” on top of it since that’s my signature line – “no way Jose” but that is kinda cheezy. Cheezy but all I can think of as of now. Ideas anyone????

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn’t rush into a cover up tattoo, regardless of how much you want the name covered up. If you do, you’re just gonna land up with another tattoo you don’t like later on.

      Just take your time and think of a tattoo you’d like to have. Then, once you’ve settled on something, take your idea to an artist and see what they can do.

    Ideas for a cover up tattoo?
    I have a 6 letter name tattooed on the back of my neck. I want 2 cover it up. Any Ideas?

    • ANSWER:

    Any ideas for a cover up tattoo?
    I have Chinese writing on my side / rib / back pic here :
    It’s not the easiest picture to see in the world but I didn’t really want to put a picture on of me and my friends messing about lol.
    Well anyway, I want to get it covered up after having a really bad break up with my boyfriend as I don’t want a constant reminder of him, I was going to get it removed but I really like the position it’s in and rather have some sort of pretty design there instead, I really like lady gaga’s tattoo but I don’t know if it would look okay as I have a tattoo on my other hip too. If anyone has any ideas that would be great because, as you can imagine I want to cover it A.S.A.P!!! Any pictures would be BRILLIANT! Nothing too big or complex please :3 I want something feminine.

    And he has my name tattooed too and he’s getting a cover up tomorrow. I don’t care if you say well you shouldn’t have had it done, stupid I know but I’ve been telling people it means egg fried rice, yum :3. Mwahaha, but anyways no haters pleaseeeeee :3

    Thanks in advancee!! 😀 xx
    I already have 3, so I really don’t care if you say don’t get another one, I’ve got 4 planned now, which mean something to me and are all important, I wasn’t asking for your opinion on tattoo’s I was asking for a cover up idea. If you don’t like tattoo’s why are you answering questions about them? K byee.

    • ANSWER:
      Because of the shape and size of the letters and the place and the fact they are going vertically the only tattoo you could get to cover it up is a tree with blossoms or something but it will be really difficult :/ Failing that you you could just get sucks ass tattooed underneath. So it will read John Smith sucks ass.

      People getting the barred symbol put over the top of their exes names is getting more and more popular now.

      Ooh you could also get a black and white canvas style portrait done of Audrey Hepburn or something. Completely black over the name then 🙂 although her head would prob be sitting under your armpit though :/

    tattoo cover up idea’s.?
    Ok so Ill start with admiting to being an Idiot.

    With that out of the way, here is the whole thing.

    Was engaged to a girl. Got a tattoo of her name on my hand in japanese symbols( idiot yes I am. At least it wasnt in english) anyway, not together anymore.

    I am having a child and getting married to a different girl now and I would like to get this tattoo covered up. Im tired of ducking the question when people ask what it means.

    I need tattoo ideas. Tattoo is black so whatever I choose needs to be black. It takes up a fair portion of the back of my hand,

    Im interested in stuff like dragons and I collect weapons and am huge into video games and Im a cook. Hopefuly that helps you come up with ideas for me. I have a zelda tattoo on my other hand. I enjoy having them on my hand but I made a mistake of what I got there. Help with cover up ideas would be greatly appreciated. here is a picture of the mistake I want covered.

    • ANSWER:
      i recommend you just lie to every1 and tell me it means something cool.
      if ur surrounded by people who can read it ask a tattoo artist what tiny chaanges he can make to give it a different meaning.
      p.s. if ut reads lily or watever it doesnt matter but the main ting is most people will believe u if u saay it means draagon knight or watever.


    • ANSWER:

    i need to cover up this tattoo…what do you think?
    i never thought i would be so cliche! damn. my best friend and i got matching tattoos in hawaii when she came out to visit me. we got the chinese symbol for soul on our ankles. then underneath we decided to get eachother’s names (her idea!). the name is really small compared to the symbol.
    to make a long story short, i will never be friends with her again. she has done me wrong way too many times. i know she is still out there somewhere with my name tattoo-ed on her. would it be completely wrong of me to cover up her name?

    • ANSWER:
      You can use it as a reminder that people aren’t always as they seem. You can always learn from good and bad experiences in life. If someone ask you about it you can say that person did you wrong but you were a big enough to person to forgive her, although you will never again be friends.

    Tattoo sleeve design. Need ideas! Cover Up?
    Hi 🙂

    Im in the process of looking to get a cover up on my arm, which will lead to it being a full sleeve!

    My forearm is covered at the moment, with flames,stars and hearts, and the top of my arm i have a skull with tribal!
    (Bad combination- I know, lol)

    But im looking for suggestions of what could work, the lower part of my arm is going to be the hardest to cover, the top should be no problem!!

    I really love gothic tattoos, but i also love feminine tattoos, if that makes sense!

    I would love to blend these 2 ideas into my sleeve but have no idea how to work it,

    Maybe big flowers with leaves and stems, and hearts on my forearm, working up in to something quite dark at the top of my arm….. But i have no idea if this would even work?

    The main things i would love in the sleeve are, Lilly flowers, 3 hearts with my mum,dad and sons name in them, and im thinking either a portrait of Dracula on the inside of my top part of the arm.

    Would this work, I hope im making sense, lol!!

    10 points for best answer!

    Thanks 🙂 x

    • ANSWER:
      well tobe fair sweetheart unless you have pics its hard to say anything plus as i advise anyone its best to speak to a tattooist as they are the ones who will be able to acurattly judge wat they can and cant do with what u have

      as for the feminine gothic idea the only u can do is trawl through google and see what u can come up with remember your the one who stuck with it for the rest fo ur life so see what u like.

    what can i cover up my old tattoo with?
    my girlfriend’s middle name and a nautical star. its true, NO NAMES.

    my question is this:
    will just about anything dark enough or full enough cover it up since it is a little light/faded? and also, what are some tattoo ideas for this difficult part of the chest?

    • ANSWER:
      darker ink works.. another trick my artist has used on me to cover up a black tattoo is have an artist go over ur tattoo a couple different times with white ink… he explained it to me to be like having a glass of black sand, then slowly adding some white sand to it… the tattooo lightened up a little bit, then we were able to actually cover up a black tattoo with a color tattoo…. also check ur artists portfilio for any cover up work they have sone in the past an see how it looks.

    Cover-up tattoo idea for my ex’s name?? 10 points!!!?
    When I was younger I got my ex boyfriend’s name…and I hate to see his name on my outter wrist every single day. I’m ready to get it covered!!! The only problem, what can I get to cover it? Any suggestions please? Thanks!
    (Oh and the name is in cursive)

    • ANSWER:
      Hard to make suggestions not knowing what it looks like. Go to a tattoo shop and ask them for advice. The person who would be doing the cover-job is the best one to give you suggestions on what would hide it well.

    How to cover up a chest tattoo?
    I havemy ex husband’s name tattooed just above my heart, it is roughly the size of my hand. I’d love to cover it up but need some help with ideas. I do not care for flowers. I really like the idea of a phoenix but think that might be a but much for being on my chest.

    • ANSWER:
      A phoenix would work as a cover up and they look perfect on the chest.

    Idea for tattoo cover up?
    I have a tattoo with my ex-boyfriends name. He passed away and it makes me sad to look at it. I just want to move on from it and cover it up. The tattoo is about 2 1/2 inches long and its on my thigh. I need some ideas for a cover up. I like

    1. high heels
    2. pearls
    3. girly things
    4. mudflap girl
    5. butterflies
    6. hearts
    7. love
    8. kisses
    i want something cute and sassy

    if you have any ideas or come up with something that would be great thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Why not a pin up girl? You said mudflap girl but I think pin up girls are a lot cooler looking. Plus, you can get an artist to design it and you can decide what she looks like, what she’s wearing, her pose, etc.

    Does anyone have any good suggestions about a cover-up for a tattoo I’m trying to get rid of?
    I have a tattoo on my right shoulder and it’s just a nickname. Well I don’t like it as much as I did when I first got it, so I was wondering is it possible to get a name cover-up? I have a big tat of a clown right above it so I need an idea of something to get that wouldn’t mess up my clown. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      If the clown is close enough you can have the clown standing on something and use it to disguise the nickname.

    Does anyone have ideas for a cover up tattoo?
    My boyfriend has a tattoo on his neck of his mom’s name. It drives me nuts, and he says he regrets getting it. It’s black script. It’s about 2 1/2-3 inches long and about 3/4 -1 inch in height. I need ideas, pictures, or websites. Nothing too big or gaudy. We’d like to keep it black, or maybe add some baby blue. My name is Ashley, his nickname for me is babyjay. He likes football. Maybe something along those lines…… THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!
    * I don’t need your opinions when you know nothing about our situation. I simply need ideas> No, his mother doesn’t deserve my respect when she has done nothing but make him miserable. I have been the one who’s been there for him. HE regrets getting it. He was young and stupid. So for future reference…don’t give an opinion unless I ask you for one. It’s people like you who pass judgement without any knowledge of anything that make me sick.

    • ANSWER:
      A black panther

    what tattoo would be good for a guy to cover up a name he dont want there no more?
    alright so my boyfriend has a tattoo of his ex girlfriends name on his upper arm. its not too big just a small indian ink Tattoo that says her name? What would be a good idea for him to cover it?

    • ANSWER:
      he should probably not get another tattoo
      as apparently he’s not able to make sane decisions when it comes to his body/permanent markings

      honestly, if he can’t come up with something on his own…..he still isn’t ready for a tattoo

      finally – sweet grammar… be awesome

    I need help brainstorming for a tattoo cover up idea for my back – Help!?
    So I have a canadian flag tattoo on my right shoulder blade that is very faded and not of good quality. I would like to get a fairly large back piece going across my back and lower back and top of shoulder. I recently have been through a lot and want to incorporate a few things into the tattoo and I am looking for some ideas…
    I am a recent single mother to four children. All of my children’s names start with the letter “A”. I want something to incorporate them and how I will do anything to protect them. I also somehow want it to mean strength. I like script and swirls, etc (sorry not sure what it’s called)
    I appreciate any ideas or suggestions 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, I would do this brainstorming with the artist you choose to do the cover piece. He/she will be able to see your back & how much space they have to work with, in addition to how big the original flag is. I’m getting a cover up on my back as well, & the process is a lot more difficult than it sounds. Good luck!!

    I got this really bad tattoo, I want to get it covered up?
    I got Indian related ones on that arm as well, do you guys have any ideas for tattoos to cover this up, name as much as you can think of. thanks…..

    bob dylan

    • ANSWER:
      How about a penguin?

    Can someone help me think of a cover up for this tattoo?
    My ex boyfriend’s name is tattooed under my left collar bone. Stupid idea, yeah, I know.
    Going to get a cover up soon.
    I was wanting a rose, but I think it’d look weird under my collar bone..
    But moving on;
    Here’s a pic’ of it, pictures of your ideas would be appreciated..

    • ANSWER:
      A rose would be nice. But, like Bob Ross would say “it looks lonely” another rose on the other side would balance out your image. Browse female chest tattoos for ideas if this is an option.
      Sparrows also make for good cover-ups.

    Cover up idea ?
    i got my exs name tattooed dumb i no but i need an idea for a cover up its on my back bout 4 inches

    • ANSWER:
      well, u can go thru the pain of getting it removed or invest in “tattoo make-up” (its really just concealer made for tattoos) and just keep it covered. if u go that way, get Dermablend.

      OR, you can get a cover-up tattoo. thats what all of my friends did when the did the same thing. lol. pick something u like n have that put over it. any shop can do it.

      hope that helped!

    ideas for covering up a tattoo?
    so as soon as i turned 18 i wanted to get a tattoo, i ended up getting my boyfriends name at the time we were together for 2 years, so in my head i was dumb thinking we’d be together forever. anyways, his names four letters long and its way on my lower stomach, my bikini covers it. but i dont want something to much down there, pleease help

    • ANSWER:
      A good tattoo artist will be able to cover it up easily with anything. Maybe a flower, a butterfly, or something that means something to you. Much cheaper and easier than getting it removed.

      Go to your local shop. They should have examples of cover-up tattoos.

    Tattoo Ideas. Please help me :)?
    My boyfriend and I was together for 3 years. I got his name tattooed on my foot. Yes, I know. Stupid. But I don’t want a lecture. I want some ideas. We split 6 months ago. He runs off and gets married last week to a girl he only dated a month. Anyways point is I want to cover his name up with something meaningful. Something to show I’m over it. I’ve got through it. I’m strong. I don’t need him. I need help so any ideas would be nice!

    • ANSWER:
      Put a tattoo of a jar of hearts next to his name! It sounds dumb, but if you have heard the song ‘Jar of Hearts’ by Christina Perri (look it up if you haven’t heard it!!!) then it will make sense!!! Hope this helps!!! 🙂

    need to cover up my tattoo?
    i have my last name on the left side of my ribs. letters stacked straight down. 9 inches in lengh and 1 inches wide. i want to cover it up with another tattoo. its really not ez. graffiti font. u’ll find it on type in wildstyle for the font. i regret it because i should have got old english. so any good cover up ideas???? email me if u need a pic cause i aint postin my last name on here lol
    oh to answer that question guy. lots of people do it. i’d like some answers not oh you shouldn’t have got it blah blah blah. plus its more of a beach tattoo its on my body everyone has tattoos, so help!
    last thing, tattoo artist, mines a complete suck up and just tells me to sleep on it till sometime lol. and i went to one guy and he drew up a tribal. i like tribals alot but the one he drew looked like those giant lolly pops kids suck on xD
    oh and the distance between the stacked letter, there litterally touching by a hair so yah there pretty much touching. so this is really hard

    • ANSWER:
      it’s true a experienced and talented artists artist can cover any tattoo to look amazing, it would pay also to look around and ask who is a specialist in this field near you. people can be quick to regret there tattoo without realising that they will not always feel this way and most dont even consider incorperating there existing work into somthing more pleasing.

    What are some really good tattoo ideas ?
    what’s a really good abortion quote or something to symbolize it .

    a good cover up for a name that has lips on the side . Something that would look cute next to the lips . Nothing tacky .

    and also a meaningful old sayinq .

    • ANSWER:

    do you think this cover up tattoo will work or look good?
    i have this tattoo that i’ve had for 2 years now but i want to get it cored up with something else but i wanted to know if it could cover up this tattoo . and would i be able to see the detail of the new tattoo and not so much of the old. the first 3 links are pictures of the tattoo i want to cover up and the last link is for the tattoo i want to cover it up with tell me what you think of this idea and if you know any tattoo shops (also name street location) in Philadelphia that have good artist who can do this for me i would appreciate it



    • ANSWER:

    What can I get to cover this up (pics inc.)?
    I have a tattoo of Chinese writing on my side and I had it done in August 2010. In the tattoo book it said Joshua – boyfriends name, and he has mine in English, so I wanted a cover up to have his in English.. I don’t know what to get and I’m seriously stumped for ideas on what could cover it up. If anyone has any ideas or tattoo sites with nice designs on would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Thanks in advance, link below!
    I already have a star on my hip, flowers on my foot and a dove on my shoulder, so maybe not flowers, birds or stars haha. Like to differ :)!

    Also, if the size helps it’s about.. 2/3inches height, 1inch width
    Btw; any comments about having my boyfriends name tattooed are unnecessary, it’s too late now already had it done and when the cover-up is done it’s going back on in English, my body, my choice :). Other than that thanks for ideas! :*

    • ANSWER:
      Get a dragon or a simple butterfly maybe? Maybe some tribal designs might cover it up well.

    Any nice tattoo ideas?
    I’ve always liked tattoos, and would like to have one someday. A lot of tattoos I think aren’t so nice and ill placed. Which is why I would like to plan ahead, and take a long time thinking about it. Since beginning to watch Miami Ink and that a LOT, I’ve seen people have such amazing, meaningful tattoos, and they can actually look really beautiful if they’re well thought out and put in a flatering place.

    I’d like a tattoo that would actually look nice, and is meaningful. The only tattoo really I would like would be my childrens name should I have some in the future. But I was also thinking if there were a nice one I could get about my parents, or my sister.
    I used to be an absolute s*** when I was younger, and I honestly don’t know how my parents put up with me. I was thinking maybe I could have a nice little tattoo to show my appreciation to them. For everything they’ve ever done for, and how much they mean to me.
    My second option would be one about my sister. I was aweful to her, but no matter what she’d always for give me, and for some strange reason still completely idolises me. And she really means a lot. And it would be nice if I could maybe have a tattoo to show just how much I love her too.
    I think I’d rather words that some picture. But if I were to get childrens names too, maybe a little symbol could be nice.

    If anyone has any ideas on where to place them, that would be nice. Like I said, I might like to have my childrens names aswell, and I don’t want my body covered in tattoos and just look messy and that if you get me.

    I’m just looking ideas. I won’t be getting a tattoo for at least a year. I’m just thinking about nice ideas I could possibally use should I one day decide to go through with it.

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      write “family” somewhere. that can include your family now and future family. it would be a symbol to how much family has meant to you.
      you could put it on your wrist, around your ankle, foot, arm, anywhere.
      get a really nice script for it or have a good artist sketch it out for you maybe with some extra details like vines, or lace, or whatever to make it more than just the word.

    cover up tattoo, wtf?
    I got my husbands name tattooed on my butt wen I was 18, I am now 23 and were getting a divorce. I have no idea what to get, I cant think of anything that wont look like it’s just floating there. It’s about 2 inches in length and about an inch in height it’s all in black with a red heart next to his name… I’m joining the military so I need to get it covered asap because I dont wanna deal with being made fun of for having my ex’s name on my ass. Help!

    • ANSWER:
      get Semper phi or however its spelled… a marine always has to get her a.s.s. into gear put a thorn near it and remind yourself never to let another man be a pain there either! or see some semper fi images… by googling…semper fi…

    i regret my rib tattoo! someone give me good cover up idea?
    i have my last name on my ribs, its 9 inches in lengh and roughly an inch or 2 wide straight down my ribs, black outline ink with a black dropshadow which makes it harder to =/ i regret the fontttt, its graffiti and i shoulda definitly got old english or anything else but its to late now :/ ive also gone to a tatto artist and he came up with a tribal, it looked stupid, looked like a giant lolly pop for real. its really not that ez to find a design i guess??? dont tell me to get cover cream and crap and dont tell me to laser it off either i deff cant afford unless u tell me to lightin it up i guess ill do one session. but anyways does anybdyyy have anyy ideas? tribals? designs? something??? if ur a tat artist or someone who has a good idea and wud like to c a pic then just email me cuz i aint postin a pic of my last name on here aha ok thankk youuuuu

    • ANSWER:
      You should get a tattoo of some little guy covering up your old tattoo with paint. It would represent your self improvement as a person.

    I need some tattoo ideas please!?
    I used to be a cutter from ages 11-16. I haven’t cut for over a year now, but I’m left with scars from my wrist up to the inside of my elbow. They’re very noticeable, and I am uncomfortable wearing tshirts or tanktops because I always get asked about them.
    I have a tattoo on my wrist of my friends name in Gujarati, but I want all of my scars covered or half covered by ink. I’m not interested in a sleeve right now, as I still have growing to do, and my interests are still changing so I don’t want my arm covered in something that I will hate in a few years.
    So I need ideas of tattoos that could cover my scars or at least distract people from looking at them.
    Thank you for taking the time to read! (:

    • ANSWER:
      You need a good coverup tattoo artist. They will show you what works and what doesn’t. Just make sure it covers the full inner arm. Otherwise it will highlight the remaining scars instead of hiding them.

    What should i cover my tattoo with?
    On my wrist, I have a small tattoo of my name in japanese, Im a guy would it be queer to get it covered up by another tattoo of a peace sign? Or do you have any other ideas of what kind of tattoo i should cover it up with? But please answer if its queer for a guy to get a peace sign on their wrist. Thanks–Karsten

    • ANSWER:
      if you go to a sephora make up store, and check out the Kat Von D line, there is a tattoo concealer, ask to find your right skin tone.

      heres kat von d getting a photoshoot done, if you search google pictures of her, she has lots of tatts , she is using her tattoo concealer for her whole body here. great cover ups! i’ve tested it out once its amazing 🙂

      heres the picture w/ her concealer on her body

      heres how it looks like

    HELP! I need a cover up for 3 fairly small japanese characters I have tattood on my foot near my toes!?
    I have 3 fairly small, although realitively thick japanese characters tattooed across the top of my foot near my toes. I would like to have them covered up or turned into another tattoo. I’m getting married in 6 months to a wonderful man that knows those japanese characters represent my ex’s name. (yes, I know…I was very very young when I did that and now that I am 30 I realize it was a HUGE mistake…so for any kiddies out there…do NOT EVER get significant other’s name tattooed on your body!) My fiance is fully sleeved on both arms with beautiful work, so I would like to have something equally as beautiful, no butterflies, etc. Any ideas you guys can come up with that won’t look like a big dark blob on my foot is much appreciated!
    Thank you!
    I guess I should add, I love tattoos and have LOTS of them so I’m not looking to remove the tattoo, just work it into another “camo” design =) Even if it is not entirely blended into something unrecognizable, that is ok, that was still a huge part of my life, I just don’t want it out there saying “hello, I’m the ex!”
    Thank you!!

    • ANSWER:
      I know they’re really common, but I do like flowers. not roses and crap, but exotic ones with color I think can can really striking and classic. Plus, I know that many artisist recommend them for cover ups because they work great with that!

    tattoo ideas?? please help?
    so my partner has his ex girlfriends name tattoo’ed across his shoulders, the letters are bold black and quite thick, we have been looking to get them covered up for some time now but can’t quite decide on an idea or design, the name is ELLE it is quite large, does anyone have any ideas how to get rid of this eye sore please? lol

    • ANSWER:
      He’s probably looking at a large tribal or something like a panther. Find a good cover-up artist and ask his opinion. Or her opinion.

      Or hurry up and have a baby girl named Elle. 🙂

    ok so i have several tattoos all connected together, but i need some filler ideas…?
    i’m going to try and explain them to the best of my ability. on my thigh, i have a baby angel sleeping on a rain cloud. directly above the angel is my sons name, fairly large, going around my waist line from front hip bone to back hip bone. then going up my ribs starting directly above his name and up to my arm pit are 4 flowers. i have some space around the angel between my son’s name and the rain cloud that i want to fill. i’ll probably add more clouds and a sun shinning through behind the tattoo. BUT…there are a few hearts and stars on each side of my son’s name that i don’t like and want to have covered. this is where i am having trouble finding something that ‘matches’. so i guess my actual question is does anybody have any ideas i can use for cover ups on each side of my son’s name that will flow well with the rest of my tattoos in that area?

    • ANSWER:
      Hearts and stars can easily be turned into flowers or flower buds. Maybe a vine with small flowers.
      Since you already have some flowers, maybe this can work in the design.
      Also, you could do a bird or two or three.
      Without seeing it, that’s the best that I can do. But your tattooist will be able to help you with the composition. It sounds quite nice.

      Not knowing what would go, here’s some images that may inspire and idea:


    Where and how to get a cover-up tattoo……?
    I have an ex-girlfriends name tatted on my left shoulder… isnt very big, but since we arent together, i would prefer that it be covered……i just dont want anything huge……..what sites could i go to for ideas….or anyone have an idea?

    • ANSWER:
      Cover Ups
      It will be fine..names are
      usually easy to cover.

    OR iF SHE CAN.

    • ANSWER:

    Cliche, I know. But what do you think of my tattoo ideas?
    for the left forearm, there’s going to be one simple word: Survivor.
    an intricate swirly line design will be around it and look kind of like wings. It’ll symbolize how I’m becoming a stronger person and that the hard stuff is behind me. that design will extend from my wrist up to my elbow.
    For another tattoo, it’ll say “This is how I pray” on my shoulder blades and the tribal pattern would surround it and extend down along side my ribs on one side.
    The tribal pattern will also surround a picture of hands that are forming a heart. It’s going to represent how I am rejected by a lot of churches because I dare to believe in God and love, instead of the Bible and gay-bashing.
    Later on in life, when I have kids I’m going to get a tattoo of each of their names onto the bicep of my other arm. It’s going to represent the strength that their love is giving me, because even though I am merely a teen now I have understanding of the power of a child’s love.
    For the most parts, these tattoos will be able to be covered up. For my forearm, I can wear long sleeves or use makeup when I need to cover it up. But I’m fine with people asking me about myself. I’ll always be judged no matter what because of my beliefs and some abnormalities I was born with, so I’m used to it. The forearm tattoo, in my opinion, will not be offensive to people except to those with strict religious views, and I’m already prepared to take them head on.

    • ANSWER:
      I find your ideas all very good they have deep meaning to you and that i respect greatly. Also you shouldn’t let the church’es get to you in any way because quite frankly nothing in the bible is actually true. After comparing the bible to the history and what really happen and the INSANE amount of murder connected to the church i can say that everyone who believes in it is pretty much lost but again my opinion. Also being gay against the bible actually the bible has been rewritten countless of times and every time something new has been added to it and nowhere in the original did it say that gay should not be permitted. If you believe in god as i do and i believe in god as a force of good that always watches over you regardless of religion and whether you pray everything or what sexuality you have. I personally think that if you are are strong enough to say to the world all of what you are saying in this place you are a very strong person and you know what i support you fuck the world and their beliefs you live for your self not to some people’s expectations so i say get your tattoos let them be a symbol of your self i think it will look great and with alot of meaning behind it. Also offensive to people with strict religious beliefs. Every man has a right of being free and doing what they deem good for them selfs because some people don’t like what would be tattooed on your body what right does that give them to protest about it in any way you don’t like something you look away. I wish you best of luck and i hope all of those come true and would only like to see them once done they sound amazing 🙂 You have my blessing all the way

    Looking for tattoo ideas?
    I just got tattoo #1, my daughter’s name on my wrist (for symbolic reasons, so please no comments on location) yesterday and will be getting #2, her footprints on my shoulder blade, sometime this week.
    I’m scoping around for ideas for tattoo #3.
    I want a lower back tattoo because I like how they look, not because of any type of “I want to be sexy” or “I want guys to look at my butt” reasons. Not to mention, I wear shirts that cover my lower back, so it will be something that is shown, not seen 24/7.
    My first two have great meaning, but I want the third to be one that doesn’t have “meaning” but won’t be something I’ll hate in 10 years.
    So, here I am..
    If you have any lower back tattoos that you think are pretty, show me some pictures!
    Will pick best answer based on what I like best.
    None will be done immediately, and I’ll probably draw them up a few times and see what I prefer.. I plan on thinking about this for at least 6 months, if not more.

    I’m a girl
    And by lower back, I mean just above my around where those back dimples are. 🙂

    • ANSWER:
      i got the music notes to my favorite song (chorus of Let it Be) along my rib cage and i love it. i bet it would be awesome on the lower back! its cool because its cute but there is some special meaning. good luck!

    First tattoo…here are some ideas. Advice? Opinions? Insight? Everything helps.?
    Ok so before I go and ask a question, I would like to clear up and cover a few things first. In the past when I have asked opinions about tattoos on YA, I would get a lot of answers such as: You must be two young if you are asking random people online about your tattoo, Your tattoo should only matter to you, Tattoos are gross. Well for the young part..yes I am young I am 20…however I have thought about this for several years and your right…I shouldn’t care what others think…so as for my age..I feel I am perfectly age appropiate and ready for a tattoo. Also I am not one to necessarily care what everyone thinks…specifically about the tattoo I want. I just really appreciate input, advice, and opinions because it is extremely helpful for the decision process. I will solely be making the final decision on my own but it would be nice to hear others insight to I can reflect upon it.

    ANYWHO now that I rambled for a while I’ll get to it. I really have been juggling tattoo ideas for about 4 years. Right now, I am juggling between a bird tattoo (preferrably a dove because they mean so many things such as faith/religion, peace, grace, beauty, solitude, etc…) and I also have been thinking about a tattoo that reflects music. Music has been a huge part of my life and, like many, I am very passionate about it. It has helped me dealt with difficult situations and gotten me through some very hard times in life. Plus my entire life I have been a devoted singer.

    So this tattoo would be most likely on the back of my hip…lower right or left of back. Or possibly on the side..wherever it ends up, I will make sure that it IS COVERED unless I want someone to see it (i.e. not on my arms or forehead ha or something). Here are a few images and although none of these will ever end up as my exact tattoo, they have given me ideas and I would like to know what others would think:

    I have wanted this tattoo above for the longest time. Not the other dove on the left but just the dove and the flowers on the right…and I would place it on side of lower back. I would maybe also use something else besides the flowers.

    I really like this tattoo because it is a dove holding a heart. I like it because the part in the doves mouth looks like a cursive L…the first letter of my name…and the other half of the heart I could make an upsidedown treble clef.

    This is just a plain dove….I would def want to add something to it but not sure. Ideas?

    treble clef – base clef

    And I just liked this because I thought it looked pretty sweet and its a phoenix. Phoenix is a symbolism of rebirth..I just like it.

    So there are some of my ideas. I would like some insight, opinions, advice, thoughts, ideas. Which idea do you like more? Which seems most original? Just anything you can think of just share it.

    And like I said…just helping me throught to thought process…so you can point things out that I have never thought of. Anything helps.

    I would really like to keep this tattoo not much bigger than my hand (largest)…so Like 4-6 inches in diameter tops.
    WOOWWW to whoever reads all of that…I am so amazed. Didn’t realize how much I rambled. I’d skim it if I were you…. =)

    • ANSWER:
      I didn’t read everything, but I like the last picture best. It’d be cute on a shoulder blade or something.

    My sister passed away and I’m looking for tattoo ideas to get when I turn 18.. Any ideas?
    I need something small-ish because I want to be a high school art teacher and I’ll have to cover it up. My sister was really close to God, so I’m thinking about something to do with angel wings. Her name was Elizabeth, and I’d like to incorporate that in there (btw, i’m a girl).

    • ANSWER:
      Perhaps a smoking flower, this girl has some cool tattoo picture ideas.

    Ideas for this tattoo?
    I had my daughter on Oct 7th and want to get a tattoo for her. Her name is too long to get tattooed on myself, so I was thinking of getting just her birth date tattooed in roman numerals with a small heart in between each number instead of a -. I like tattoos in places that I can cover up, would right behind my ear along my hair line be a good place?

    any other ideas are welcome
    because i would also want her middle name but its Christina-Marie, lol.

    • ANSWER:
      Why is her name to long to be put on you? BTW beautiful name(one of the possible names I had planned for my daughter)

      Honestly I would get one of her hands or foots printed on you with her name and the birthdate. That way years later when shes 20 and embarrased by everything you do.. you can show that to her 😛

      Good luck and congrats!!

    Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas?
    I’ve been wanting to get a full sleeve tattoo on my left arm. I really wanted someone that was close to me to draw it out.. but I don’t know anyone close to me who can draw really well as I’d like..
    I have scars, that will never go away, on my left arm. They are huge, they are ugly, and they are here to stay. I need to cover them up with a tattoo.
    Now, now! I need suggestions and ideas for this tattoo, which I will probably end up getting in say.. February or March.
    Hell, draw me something nice. Give me pictures of a tattoo that someone already has.
    Something.. not girly, very creative and dark, maybe a little gory, and some where to put a quote or a name. 🙂
    Much appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe somethings like this…..

    What’s a good way to come up with a small but clever tattoo to get for a girl?
    I’m wondering what are some tattoos that are small and original. I like stars and hearts and etc. but they are so overdone. Stars and hearts would be fine if they were a clever and original design. Give me some ideas! My friend suggested my family name in chinese, since I am chinese, but asian characters seem sort of tacky.

    And also ideas of where to put it would be nice. I want it in a place that can be easily covered just in case for future jobs.

    • ANSWER:

    Can anyone help with ideas of tattoo designs?
    Ive got a small tattoo of a heart with a scroll going through and my partners name ( No comments on this please as i know now it isn’t the design for me) which is on my lower back to the left. Basically i didn’t give it much thought and even though im still very much in love with my partner, I am unhappy with the design and want it covered up with a better one and im really stuck on a design. I would like your ideas on a design you may think of that will cover my current tattoo and look good (I dont want a big one). Currently i am contemplating either a butterfly, Lion or tiger with some tribal even though i’m not too sure about the butterfly as i know they are very common amongst females, Help please?!

    This is my current tattoo:
    D:My DocumentsMy PicturesIMAG0005.JPG
    This is the link to my current tattoo:

    • ANSWER:

      buy the item above i did and now i have booked up for my new tattoo next week

    Tattoo ideas to represent multiple grandchildren?

    My mum wants a tattoo representing my son.. she thought about a portrait of him but obviously when I have more children and my brothers son is born and then he goes on to have more, she doesn’t want to have to do it for all of them and end up covered in faces lol!

    I’ve thought of maybe a symbol that means ‘Grandchild’ and then their names next to it so there’s always space.. but that’s a naff idea lol.
    Or maybe a flower with a name on each petal?
    I dunno, I’ve got 9 tattoo’s of my own but my minds blank for her lol.

    Do you have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

      what about stars? A star for each grandchild in the colour of the month they were born in (like september is sapphire meaning a blue star) also she could have them getting smaller in size as she adds to them (biggest for 1st born gradually getting smaller to smallest meaning the youngest)..
      Hope it helps

    i want to get my 2 daughters names tattooed on me [TOMORROW!!}. Anyone have any good designs …. ASAP!?
    Or where on my body i should get it? It is 2 names, I already have tattoos on my wrist, lower back, 2 on my stomach and one the back ofmy neck… any ideas as to where a good place (on my body) i should get both of their names? I want it to be special, and preferably in a place that can be seen in something like a tank top but can still be covered up by some clothes for my professional job.



    • ANSWER:
      your two wrist or your mid arm
      but if you want it more covered up behind your sholders

    Names for book characters?
    The Main Character looks like this:
    Girl, 15, long (past waist length) wavy hair thats brown and fair skin, pretty tan from being outside, eyes that are grey-blue and ringed with a dark, navy blue. She has faded freckles and long eyelashes, is slim and about 5’5 or so. She is rebellious, serious but can be sarcastic and witty, but she is adventorous and strong. She cares a lot, an awful lot, about her family and friends and will stop at nothing, even give her own life, soul and blood, to help them. She feels obliged to work for her planet and is a genius- very intelligent. She is strong and intelligent while also delicate. Also, she has a birthmark on her ankle that is dark blue and looks like a tattoo. Its a circle with what looks like a tree with long branches extending to the edge and nobody knows, until the last book, what it is. The people in her planet all have psychic powers. The girl doesn’t think she has a power but it turns out she is one of the rare who acquire Psychometry and Empath powers. 🙂
    The Main Character’s first love (triangle, kind of, i guess…..a very weird triangle.) has snow-white hair and fair skin, not tan but pretty pale, but not to the point where he blends with his hair duh. He is handsome and has stunning green eyes like grass that seem to see through your soul. He’s strong and the “bad boy” with a few tattos, though not very scary tattoos- and also, the tattoos are in his leg anyway, so mostly it’s covered. The tattoos, some of them, look like the main characters birth mark but blend with other tattoos so yeah. Also, in one of the books when the characters end up on earth, he ends up riding motorcycles and is sarcastic, cold and known as a player- all that jazz. He seems to like the main girl character just because shes “hot” (but he thinks every girl is hot) and because she seems to not be at all interested. However, it turns out she’s more complex than he thought,and he actually ends up caring to find out who she is and getting to know her, and yesh. He’s 17.
    The other main character is also a boy.
    The girl meets him while on her dangerous quest to save her people, and he at first joins her only because he needs to get somewhere shes stopping at in her journey. But eventually, he seems to care more about her. He’s warm and smart but not at all cold but pretty snarky. He has apricot kind of skin, black hair and brown eyes, seems to be loyal but ends up leaving the MC and the white haired guy for himself. He has one tattoo, shaped like a battle scar, on his shoulder.
    Help? I have a few ideas:
    MC 1 (girl)- Avery, Lyra, Miassa, Sierra.
    MC 2 (White haired boy)- Julian, Isaac (not really), Alec, whatever- bad boy names except Tom, Jake, Caleb, whatever.
    MC 3- No. freaking. idea.

    • ANSWER:
      Character 1 – Vanessa, Nikki, Chontelle, Grace, Aries, Brianna, Rhiannon, Carly, Ruby, Jess, Kristen

      Character 2 – Leo, Nick, Carlos, Justin, Jesse, Bruno – Or, a random/made up name, like – Rizzo, Klix

      Character 3 – Blade, Swords, Kevin, Lloyd, Frankie, Steve, Marcus, Shane

    I need a tattoo covered?
    I have my ex boyfriends name tattooed on me its on my shoulder about 6 inches long and 2 inches high. I need ideas for a good cover up..

    • ANSWER:
      to be honest the best thing would go to a great tattooist ..
      it depends how dark your letting and if it can be covered properly
      look around on the internet there a million ideas you can do 🙂

    A few ideas and where…?
    I have a few ideas for tattoos.

    I want one that isnt too noticable. And can easily be covered up cause I do alot of dance shows.

    here are some ideas…
    -On my hip a Trebble Clef with my name on top and on the bottom saying “Est.1992”
    -A chinese sign on my wrist meaning happiness.
    -A trible design on my lower back.
    -Or something on my ankle.

    Hip and ankle are easier to cover up. cause ankle I can wear socks or tights (with a plaster underneath).
    and hip, I never show them off.

    what do you guys think?
    also I would appreciate some ideas for an ankle design.

    • ANSWER:
      Sweet M. You have a great reason purpose idea meaning and most
      important>>>>>> style. Clef note is
      COOOOOL. My niece age 22 plays
      the base chello. She has the clef
      tattoo down both sides of her back.
      Yes she is crazy! She is also the youngest woman to play with the
      A . Z. state orchestra .My opinion
      is, tribal asian or wrist tats will make
      you look cheap. STAY WITH YOUR
      OWN IDEAS!!!!! Those other thoughts
      are only people that lack a brain.
      Your not from Africa or Asia..You are
      a free bird ( listen 2 the song )
      Smile dance on! But PLEASE DO

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