Cosmetic Surgery Financing For People With Bad Credit

Financing Plastic Surgery With Bad Credit

You’ve made some mistakes, and your credit isn’t what it ought to be. You’ve almost decided to forget about the procedure you were dreaming of because the challenge of financing plastic surgery with bad credit seems overwhelming. It really isn’t as impossible as you might think, however.

Many plastic surgery financing companies offer to assist people with bad credit. Some even guarantee acceptance for anyone, no matter what their credit ratings are. Of course, people with lower credit ratings will pay higher interest rates.

How can you help your credit rating so that your score will be as good as possible? First, select one financing company and begin working with them. A number of companies offer loans for financing plastic surgery, but don’t apply to all of these at once.
Applying to many different companies would further lower your credit rating. This is because your rating is, in part, based on how frequently you apply for credit and are declined. Being declined for several companies will lower your score, and make interest rates for your plastic surgery loan even higher.

Another way to improve your chances of getting a lower interest rate is to include your spouse as a co-applicant on the loan with you. If you share other accounts, this will usually help to finance the surgery at a lower rate because you have another person with whom to share the expense of the payments.

If you still are declined, or offered a high interest rate, consider waiting a year for your plastic surgery. During this time, you may be able to do several things to improve your credit rating and lower that financing rate. For example, you may be able, by paying your bills on time and paying more than the minimum, to improve your rating by as much as 50 points.

Alternatively, you may consider approaching a trusted friend or family member to get a personal loan. This can be difficult, especially if you have borrowed money from them in the past. This can make the impersonal nature of a finance company even more appealing, so think hard before you consider this route.

Financing plastic surgery with bad credit can sometimes be difficult, but it is by no means impossible. You need to be creative and persistent, as well as honest and reliable. You may have made mistakes or had problems in the past; put the past in the past and keep moving forward!

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