Collogen Injections

Collagen Injections | Rhinoplasty Surgeon

How to Stimulate Collagen and Elastin Production in the Body

By Gordon Hall

Everyone it seems wants to know exactly how to stimulate collagen and elastin production in the body, but what the major cosmetics and health supplement companies are telling them are just a little bit deceiving. The truth is that the majority of the products that are sold for this purpose will give you absolutely no benefit at all when it comes to altering your appearance.

This is because for the most part what they have tried to sell to you throughout the years are mainly topical solutions containing collagen and elastin. I have never seen one of these products work for anyone that I know, and it really surprises me that so many people still buy this type of product due to the fact that I

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11 Responses to Collogen Injections

  1. DivineMissM says:

    i have used this, always be full.
    your body will have to use the food.

    you good also buy weight gainers

  2. $Sun King$ says:

    Why is it that so many rich americans marry ladies from France who have collogen lip injections that?
    look really bad, like the wife has got a life preserver in her mouth, after she turns 55.
    I saw one of these ladies on the subway. She looked like a fish with a hook in her mouth. And she had one of those orange tanning bed tans.

  3. Go **** yourself ♥ says:

    Im 17 and after long consideration i would like Collogen injection in my lips?
    – What age do you have to be to get it legally done?
    – How much are you expected to pay with each treatment, and how many treatments are necessary?

    I wouldnt get it over the top,
    id get it subtle

    • EmSmith* says:

      if you can’t spell collagen, with spell check no less, i don’t think you’ve considered long enough. you need to do a lot of your own research for this, it’s minor plastic surgery but still an enhancement that you could either love or regret.

  4. Brian Boru says:

    What’s the best treatment for minor acne scars?
    Is derm-abrasion still still it? How about collogen injections?

  5. obnoxious bunny says:

    How much would this cost?

    1. nose job
    2. breast reduction
    3. lipo on stomach
    4. collogen injections
    5. making the “lips” smaller

  6. obnoxious bunny says:

    Guys would you date a girl if….???
    she got a:
    1. nose job
    2. breast reduction
    3. lipo on stomach
    4. collogen injections

    cuz I was thinking about getting those (once I save up the money… Im 15 so I cant really afford it now)
    of course Im waiting! Im waiting until I can afford it…

    • Terri says:

      IMO if they don’t like you because of a breast reduction they aren’t worth it.

      As for the others, you should love your look.

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