Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment

Dark Circles Under the Eyes – Why Laser and Light Treatments Are the Most Effective Removal Methods

Millions of people have Dark Circles under her eyes. This disease causes to vary and there is much confusion about what really makes the dark skin of the eyelids and depression, called circles under the eyelid. Exciting, effective, new laser and light treatment available.

However, before we talk about how the approaches to resolve the issue that you want to ensure you understand what causes Dark Circles under the eyes. The cause determines that the treatment with laser or light is best for you. Causes of Dark Circles or thin skin blepharoplasty eyelid skin is so thin that you actually see the visible through the skin and the color of the muscle of the eyelid, which is purple. Look at all the faces you will see, the lower eyelid, the darker skin color on the face. People with very thin skin is dark in the lower eyelids. or visible blood vessels of small people-many hundreds of small blue veins visible on the lower eyelid.

These blood vessels launched appearance of dark-blue color on the lower eyelid. or pigment – people that you excess sun exposure and sunscreen use does not often develop brown pigment in the lower eyelid. People kind of darker skin color than African Americans, Spanish, Asian, Arab, Asia and Central America are very susceptible to pigmentation of the lower eyelid. or hollow eye-many people have an aspect of the hollow eye. This is due to a lack of fat around the eyeball. The Hollow eyes often hereditary and is very common in human origins in Central Asia, in my experience. Arcus deformity or Marginalis-many people have a deep depression below the bottom of the eyelid, which have seen since childhood. It is an anatomical or structural condition, which inherits the rule. It is a small structure that causes the marginal arc, causing the skin of the lower eyelids with the bones of the orbit of the eye binds. Skin of the eyelids’ s Arch reduced and soil, creating a deep shadow is known as a dark circle under the eye. or aging eyelids or puffy eyes or mess Bolsa-A loses elasticity and age our skin is lax. Lower eyelid is relieved not support normal fat that is below the eyeball.
This fat pushes forward the lower eyelid and a swollen eye or eye-bag shape. The bag of the eyes or swollen eyes created a dark shadow under the arch dent in Marginal immobilization of the skin to underlying bone. This is the most common form of the dark circle under the eye, I see in my clinic of plastic surgery. Light and laser based treatments, the Dark Circles or intense pulsed at eye-IPL Photo Facial Light are these therapies to correct the non laser. Use a flash of light, specifically focusing a pigment or blood vessels in the color of the skin. Light is adjusted by the color absorbs red or brown. If the light energy is absorbed by the white color, white heats and destroys. IPL is set to red to blood vessels to close, and Brown to remove pigments.

IPL can correct the visible dark skin that is caused by small blood vessels and pigmented eyelids. IPL eyelid must be done by a doctor. Eye protectors should be given to protect the eyeball eye. Anesthesia is not needed, just a general feeling small and light falls on the skin. In general, three treatments scheduled 5 weeks apart is required for optimal results. or fractional ablative and non-ablative laser rejuvenation laser to remove wrinkles and to stimulate production of new collagen in the skin. In some cases, fractional laser rejuvenation for filling or thicken the skin slim eyelid used. non ablative laser makes the skin pink, but not the temporary removal of your skin or recovery is necessary. Fractional ablative lasers do not require four treatments scheduled every six weeks. Fractional ablative current requires local anesthesia, the skin is broken and 5-7 days of redness during recovery.

Fractional ablative laser rejuvenation is done usually only once. Transconjuntival blepharoplasty with laser or marginal emissions Arch and the grafting Grasa-Esta is plastic surgery swollen eyes or eye bags removed. A laser beam is used to make called a small incision on the inside pink on the lower eyelid conjunctiva. Marginal statement released to the lower eyelid skin, causing the dark circle is tied and the fat is brought in under marginal arc to fill the depression, the dark circle is caused. Some surgeons perform this procedure on external nadresannymi of the lower eyelid, but not because the external incisions weaken the support of the lower eyelid. This can cause a change in look in the shape of the eyelid sad eyes.

The average internal changes, the incision Transconjuntival Wizard does not affect the beautiful shape of the eyelids. This technique is used to correct the aging or swollen eyes or eyelid bag and is also used to correct the deformity Arcus Marginalis in younger people. Fat grafting or through the cavity of the eye – for people, the hollow eyes see, because you are not enough fat around the eyeball, that the harvest of fat around the navel or belly bar. Then I make a Transconjuntival with laser cut in the lower eyelid and place the fat in a position to fill the hollow representation. Words of warning and advice or receive injections around the eyes,filled with soft tissue to plump below your eyelid depression. This is an off-label use, what does it mean that companies that fills it is not recommended. Has a reported case of blindness in

England, caused by the injection of a filling of the soft tissue around the eye. or no fats have to correct injection of eye – Dark Circles fat injection is a blind process, which injects your own fat beneath the eyelid skin. Eye may be injured and often fat is placed in the wrong position, and depression is worse below your eyelids. I had to surgically remove the fat placed by other doctors. Some, very few surgeons can do it right, but do not you run the risk of complications. or choose an experience to be certified by laser surgery very demanding fields that require training, certification of the Board, and most important experience for me. Always look for two opinions, and make his task in the doctor you choose.

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