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Anal Bleach and Vaginal Bleach Creams – 5 Tips For Applying Intimate Area Bleaching Products

Anal Bleach and Vaginal Bleach products are popping up all over the world. While the practice of intimate area lightening has been around in the U.S. for a few years, other places such as the U.K., Australia, South America, and parts of Asia are now also starting to add this very specific cosmetic procedure to their beautification regiment. Anal bleaching and Vaginal bleaching are simply extensions of a growing awareness of genital grooming.

In the 1970s, most women and almost all men did not groom nor pay much attention to their intimate area. Then, during the fitness craze of the 1980s, salons began offering procedures such as the mystical Brazilian Wax. Fast forward to this decade, and now pubic grooming has become the norm, not the exception. While woman are still the dominant force behind the need for new items such as anal bleaching cream and vaginal bleaching cream, men are also taking more interest in the appearance of the intimate areas.

If you are interested in lightening your intimate area skin and would like to purchase an at home anal bleach or vaginal bleaching cream or gel rather than going to a boutique salon or spa, there are some important tips you need to know.

Tip 1 – When the directions say for external use only, they mean it.

Yes, applying either an anal bleaching cream or vaginal bleaching cream to your skin will require you to come close to your most intimate orifices, but it is important that you only apply enough to cover the skin. Applying excess amounts of the cream or gel will only increase the risk that some of the product could get inside.

Tip 2 – Don’t use your fingers to apply it

Anal bleach and Vagina Bleach products are not actually bleach and will not hurt your skin like household bleach can, but it is still important that you do not use your fingers. This is primarily because, we tend to apply more than what we need when we use our fingers. Instead, use a Q-tip or small brush to apply the product. This will help ensure that you only apply the amount you need in addition to helping give you more control over the location of the application.

Tip 3 – Keep your intimate area clean and dry

While you should always keep this area clean and dry, it is especially important if you are applying an intimate area lightener. If this area is not properly cleaned before you apply the product, you risk counteracting the effects of the product due to the fact that bodily fluids and matter can stain the skin.

Tip 4 – Don’t give-up after a few applications

This tip goes a little outside the box of the application process, but it is still important to mention that anal lightening and vaginal lightening will take some time. This is because; these kinds of products prohibit new skin from developing pigment. As your old skin sheds, the new skin will be lighter. Therefore, be patient, and wait a few months for the cream or gel to really work.

Tip 5 – Don’t apply products that contain Hydroquinone

Hopefully, you have kept reading as this is the most important tip. Hydroquinone is dangerous, has been linked to cancer, and has been banned all over the world. Using anal bleaching or vaginal bleaching products that contain this ingredient is very risky especially since you will be applying it to the most sensitive skin on your body.
Good luck, and be careful.

About the author: For more information about intimate area bleaching, please visit my blogs: Click here—->Anal Bleaching Blog. or Click here—->Vaginal Bleaching Blog.


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94 Responses to Bleach Creams

  1. Annie A says:

    can skin bleaching creams bleach hair too?
    can skin bleaching creams bleach hair too? just curious

    • ♥Twilighter♥ says:


      i know it sounds weird but One of my cousin Bleached her hair and it turned out to be really good.

  2. debrah says:

    Are there any bleach creams that will remove sunspots?
    I have heard applying some lemon juice on the sunspot might work? Does anyone know of other ways to get rid of sunspots besides the expensive laser treatment and what not?

    Thank you.

    • FairLady says:

      lemon juice can be too harsh and drying to the skin because it is too acidic.. use a mild skin lightening soap and/or dermaline skin whitening cream plus a high spf sunscreen to prevent further sunspots.

  3. Ms Awesome says:

    What are some effective bleach or tone creams for minority races?
    Let me start off by saying that I am not trying to appear to be white or anything of that nature. I am a naturally tanned person that has gotten darker due to being exposed to the sunlight. Now my body is two toned and it really doesn’t look right. Does anyone know of any effective bleach or tone creams that will help me get back my natural color? I don’t want anything harmful but I do want something that will work and that isn’t too expensive. Thanks in advance.

    • justfair says:

      Uneven skin tone is a common problem. The sun is normally the no.1 cause for sun damage. Try a mild skin lightening soap to gently exfoliate the unwanted tan. Start wearing a high spf sunscreen to prevent further uneven skin darkening.

  4. ♫§ФúñÐ Ôf §ì£èñ¢è♫ (Яudra) says:

    Is there any home made subsitute to bleach tanned skin?
    I do not wish to use any types of cosmetics or bleaching creams etc to bleach my skin. I have never ever had bleaching done. So i’d like to know if there is any home made technique of fighting skin tanning.

    My skin color is white/fair but my hands have got atleast three shades darker due to tanning.

    So is there any way to reduce the skin tanning?

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    • Batein khuch ankahi si says:

      Take sandalwood powder, add lemon juice, tomato juice, cucumber juice to it, make a paste and apply on the skin till it dries to get a brighter, lighter and even skin tone.

  5. starred says:

    bleach creams?
    i have been using a fade cream for 4 weeks and my skin is completly the same, how long does it take to get results from fade creams/toning creams

    • Anonymous says:

      I use Jolene. I have to bleach about every week using it. I’m not sure which products you are referring to, but with Jolene the results are given right when you wash the creme off and start to fade a bit after a week.

  6. J says:

    what are some good bleach creams that you can find at longs or something?
    im not tryin to bleach all of my skin there are just some spots that are darker than the others like my knees heels elbows

    and dont say its dangerous ….. or

    ur skin is breautiul….

    i just want to know

  7. JeannieMarie says:

    Has anyone used jolens bleach cream to lighten eyebrows?
    has anyone used jolens bleach cream to lighten eyebrows?
    i tinted my eyebrows too dark and i heard that carmindy on “10 years younger” uses ‘jolens bleach cream’ to lighten eyebrows. Has anyone used it and did it work? Thanks!

    • Doll619 says:

      I use it and its great. If you don’t mix it correctly, it can burn and cause irritation… just make sure you mix it in the right proportions. Also, don’t leave it on too long. It works great though, and lasts a long time.

  8. Nats says:

    Do u know of any good bleaching creams for a full-body bleach?
    It has to be something that could be bought over the counter. If you know of any reputed brands that would be really great.

    • Haveitlookedat says:

      Bleaching is not good for the body and any OTC bleach that you buy will give you serious adverse effects.

  9. raj says:

    Is there any homemade bleach for the face?
    hi m 22 n i have very fair skin but have dark upperlips hair so have u any idea about natural bleach. i dont want to use any bleach creams that r available in mkt. so please suggest a homemade remedy to lighten them. my skin is very sensitive n it should b homemade which i can make by myself.

    • reddhotz2000 says:

      how many times are you gonna ask the same question? Go to the store and buy what you need….or you’ll end up in the ER…..for sure!

  10. Jewels says:

    Can I apply bleaching creams on any dark spot of the body other than the face?
    Will it lighten it or it won’t be so effective? Are bleaching creams applied only on the face and neck or it can be applied anywhere?
    Note that I’m using Fair & Lovely Total Fariness Cream.

  11. Nahla Haniff says:

    i have got facial burns due to over using of bleaching creams. please how do i get rid of these burns?
    my face does not have the same colour with my body because i have over used bleaching creams before. please how do i make it right?

  12. kimlbrn says:

    Do skin whiteners/bleach creams reall work?
    ok, i have a lot of blemishes in my face ad i want to ge rid of them as fast aspossible, have youever tried skin whiteners/bleach creams to get rid of dark spots, or do you know anyone who has? does it really work? hat else can i use?

    • funky babe says:

      YES they really work, but they make your skin worse,i.e ultra sensitive to sun, and ironically, gives you a more uneven tone than you started off with. Best to treat skin with TLC- good cleansing routine, gentle moisturizer, vit E, very good diet, and just forget about it. Eventually, they do fade. I had same problem plus large open pores and now I get compliments about my smooth , even toned skin. So it does disappear.

  13. T.Bear says:

    Does the jolen bleach cream really work?
    I have quite a bit of black facial hair on my upper lip. Would the jolen bleach cream work well on black facial hair? Would the hair turn brown…grey? How long do you have to use the product in order to see clear results? If you had to rate how good the product is from 1 to 5 what would it be? I’ve never bleached my hair so I really don’t know anything… please help!

    • sarahnoir says:

      Heck yes it does! It will make it blonde in like 10 minutes or less.
      Just don’t wash your face right before you do it or it will burn like the blazes of hell!

  14. black_man says:

    best way 2 bleach skin and which creams 2 use?
    i know that u can by skin bleaching creams like ambi and some other brands but its only for your face but tht would give u a lite face and a dark body rite… i want 2 kno if i could use it like lotion on tha whole body or is there any other cheap way

    • You Are My Friends says:

      Please stay away from cream and go natural. Lemon and turmeric are great for lightning. Google it for the prep and directions.

  15. Calista says:

    I have a scar on my face, I’m planning to bleach it, what are the most effective bleaching creams?
    Thank you!

    • Skin911 says:

      a good skin lightener/bleacher is without hydroquinone, mercury or steroids.. more expensive doesn’t always mean more effective.. there are good $9 skin whitening creams in the market.

  16. viperz397 says:

    what bleach or skin lightening creams can i use?
    that i can find easily at a normal store, and that works really well and works quick and is effective.

  17. Sophie says:

    How to get rid of freckles without makeup or bleaching creams?
    I have a few light freckles that come out in the summer time and I can’t stand them. My husband loves them, but I hate them and want rid of them. I’ve had them 22 years and finally want rid of them.
    Any ideas how I can get rid of them without applying lots of makeup or using bleaching creams or expensive lazer treatments.
    They fade come autumn. They are just around in the summer or whenever I go out in the sun without a high enough sun cream on.

    • KCA says:

      There is no way to get rid of them. By wearing total sun block on your face you will prevent them from appearing and also be protecting your skin from ageing and cancer.

  18. viperz397 says:

    what creams and bleach are the best to lighten skin?
    That work fast, and give you good results.

    • dra shelley says:

      creams and bleaches are not really that effective,tho they lighten the hair in your skin which makes it look lighter.michael jackson takes glutathion tabs,unfortunately in huge doses,which made him like what he is.these tabs really work,you can take as much as 400 mg a day,tho i take 100 mg only per day for more than a year now,and everyone is saying that my skin glows and looks so light and shade is even from head to toe.i know it works cos i know my skin…

  19. sam says:

    does shahnaz husains products have bleach creams also to lighten facial hairs?
    how much is it cost in india and what is it called? i wanna know only abt shahnaz husain facial bleach to lighten facial hairs.

  20. мι¢нαєℓ'ѕ fяιєи∂ вιℓℓιє נєαи says:

    How can I make my skin lighter without bleach creams?
    This is me now:
    I have longer hair now and it is a lot shinier.
    How much lighter can lemon turn me because I used to have a lot lighter skin but then I got dark because of too much sun.

    • meel says:

      Lemon juice is a very strong acid that can strip your tissues, you shouldn’t use it on your face too often ( not more than once every two or three weeks ), look your beautiful the way you are, don’t go by the stupid racist beauty criterions that tell girls only white girls and girls who look like white girls are beautiful, beauty comes in every ethnicity !

  21. !!~IHaveABabyGirl~!! says:

    i might be pregnant – can i bleach my body hair with bleach creams or not?
    I think i might be pregnant – my period is due around 12 June, so i cant test yet, but i might be, Would it be okay for me to use bleach cream to bleach body hair? I dont know if its ok…what ingredient in dye or bleach cream is said to be unsafe in pregnancy?

    • Leila L says:

      First off…find out for sure if you are or not…. If you are…I’d advise you not to dye or bleach your hair or be around harsh chemicals…this early in pregnancy anything that seeps through your skin & pores can harm the baby– doctors advise you to not dye your hair until after 12 weeks or when the baby is developed enough & even then you cant be breathing in any fumes.

  22. sheila says:

    Does bleach hair body cream tends to bleach your skin color?
    I have this bleach hair called GiGi hair removal gentle bleaching cream for face, leg, and arm. I used it, and it worked out great. But, it bleached my skin. Are all bleach hair cream products bleach your skin? Or, are there other creams that only bleach hair body?

  23. viperz397 says:

    What creams/bleach are effective to lighten skin?
    What creams/bleach are effective to lighten skin?
    I’m using one right now, but it’s almost gone, and i want a new one that i can buy without paying a lot, and get quick literal results.

  24. Usagi says:

    What are bleach creams and how do they work exactly?
    I’ve heard about bleach creams that lighten your skin. Some people have darker skin shaded areas than their natural skin tone. So would bleach cream make those areas become like the rest of their skin tone? If so, what are good brands to get at a local pharmacy?

    • Kyala says:

      Proactive has bleech in it, all the bleech does (depending on how much bleeh is in their) is whiten your face a bit, if theres lots of blech than u’ll have a white face if theres not much u’ll hardly tell da diffrence in colour.

  25. JJ says:

    Can acne creams that contain benzoyl peroxide bleach your skin?
    I was wondering, since peroxide can bleach hair, fabric etc?

  26. Sasquasha Jackson says:

    Where can I get some cheap Bleach creams? I want to look Whiter for graduation day?
    I want to out-White my Black friends.
    Do you know any stores where they sell Cheap bleaching creams?

  27. Denise662 says:

    I’m half latina and half black, I get acne often, and get scars, what is the best bleach cream?
    I’m tired of these black scars, on my face. Does anyone know of a good over the counter bleach cream that get’s rid of these acne scars FAST!, and where I can find it. Please help, it seems as if I’ve tried everything

    • ツ Jenn <3 says:

      you should get this stuff called mederma
      or mederma for kids if your younger then 14
      it wont go away real fast
      but if you do what the directions say then it should go away soon
      hope i helped
      good luck! 🙂

  28. Greeshma G says:

    Should i bleach dark underarms with bleaching creams or just let them be??
    i have queit dark underarm and have tried the whole lemon thing with little success.i am now looking at bleaching creams but my mum’s friend said that never try that because all i’m doing is making is more noticeable. my mum has sed mine arn’t too dark at the moment to even notice so do does bleaching ur underarms work????
    BTW i used to shave but now i wax

  29. Molly says:

    How can I bleach my skin to white?
    I would love to have a lighter skin. I have tried bleaching creams, micro-dermabrasion, chemical peels, even the so called “skin bleaching” pills like glutathione in high doses and the Makari products. While they do seem to even out my skin a bit, none of them has actually worked in lightening up my skin. I have medium skin and would like to be fairer. Has someone tried to bleach their skin by using any products or herbal supplements successfully?

    • Mad Money Mike says:

      Maybe God wanted you the color that you are. Try working on the inside of you rather than the outside. Work on becoming a better person, get more education, work on getting a better job, a certification etc.

      Stop worrying about what color you are. If you have to bleach your skin, something is wrong.

  30. tamz says:

    what are the side effects of applying Bleach creams on face?
    I had applyed a branded cream bleach last year since that the dirty hair has grown on my face. it also caused me irritation for a couple of hours when I applyed it for the first time.

    • Zom-bee says:

      Allergic reactions can occur from skin bleaching, and would result in severe burning or itching of the skin. Large skin areas, such as the entire face, should not be bleached at once due to the possibility of skin discoloration.

  31. Saranya says:

    Suggest me good facial,bleach creams plz friends…?

    • Soniya Jaraika says:

      Hi frnd

      Actually i am nt going for parlors.

      u can do facial and bleaching by urself in home.

      its simple and easy too


      1 big Potato,
      2spoon Oats,
      1spoon milk,
      1spoon honey,
      1 spoon sugar,
      Half lemon(optional)


      Grind potato,2spoon Oats,1spoon milk,1spoon honey,2 spoon sugar.


      Apply it on face.rub well for 20minutes


      wash in water Then wipe off with cotton towel or cloth.


      Now Keep 2 big piece of potato on ur eyes after Applyin one spoon of milk+pinch of turmeric on face to hv soft skin


      Just relax for 5 minutes by closing ur eyes.After that wash ur face with normal soap

      Surly face wil be bright and fresh and effective with glow


      Finally u can apply ice cubes.In that ice cubes u can spray rose gives superb relaxment

      I am trying this concept

      I did facial and bleaching in parlors but no change in face color and brightness

      henc i tried this home made concept first day itself i saw d results.

      if u want means try it.Its surely mk u wonderful.


      u can try these easy concept

      1spoon Honey+half lemon+2spoon sugar+pinch of turmeric+1 spoon milk-it makes d skin fair and fresh

      Both concepts r tried by me and no side effects at al

      For facial or bleaching u hv to keep it for 15-20 minutes nt more than that.

      For home made concepts if u rub well in circular motion then it removes dead cells and black marks efficiently

      i am nt ready to spend money in parlor


      Pls try it and say how it works for u

      u can chk my yahoo answers and know d beauty tips too.Pls utilize it

      I hope this helps u

      Soniya Jaraika

  32. rgowlikar says:

    can fade / bleach creams be used all over?
    Can i apply the cream all over my faces or only on certain spots? like dark spots or something. Because i wanted to lighten my face skin color so will a fade/bleach cream be able to do that?

  33. dontlie2me says:

    I have a lot or scars on my legs from insects i have treid bleach creams but have had no luck.?
    what esle can i do ,should i try acid or laser. I would love to show off my legs because everything else is beautifull.

    • GraceS says:

      Depending on what insect it is, you might need to treat your room instead of your legs. The first step to getting rid of insects is identification. I don’t believe that you have insects on your legs, because bleach creams will kill any type of insect that has the misfortune of contacting it. I can’t be sure what you should do next since I don’t know what the “scars from insects” look like. You should try going to an extension entomologist at a university to get it identified before you decide to take drastic measures that most likely won’t work.

  34. little mex says:

    where can i buy skin bleach creams?
    Do they sell skin bleach creams like at walmart and kmart.

  35. Jockey A says:

    What skin bleach cream should i get for my neck?
    I have dark skin around my neck and i wanna get rid of it and was wondering if skin bleach cream would work and if so could i get one for around $20?
    Thanks in advance.

  36. Sarah says:

    Why do so many Americans take offence to the skin bleaching creams sold in China and India and ignore tan?
    It just seems like a double standard.
    I personally am kind of the same way.. I don’t understand why anyone would want to bleach their skin, but I know people that tan, and it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.
    Why do the skin bleaching creams tend to inflame our indignation more than tanning and spray-tans? They’re both changing your appearance artificially?

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t “take offense” to either, but I do think that people should accept who and what they are and stop trying to change their skin tone. I’m going to venture a guess, though, and say that people probably get more indignant about bleaching because tanning is a natural process that happens to people’s skin in the sun, whereas bleaching is forcing your skin to change color with harsh chemicals. I don’t know what to say about spray tans — I personally don’t tan at all. And if I had dark skin, I certainly wouldn’t bleach it.

  37. Killer Foxxy says:

    would bleach creams work on my face?
    i have tanned skin and i love it. but there are areas of my face which are darker and i need to cover them with light foundation which makes my overall face look cakey. i want all my skin on my face to be the same colour so i was wondering if bleach creams would work on the darkened areas so that they turn light and hopefully match my overall face. the dark areas are around the upperlip and surrounding the eyes. it makes me look horrible!

  38. Vicki says:

    Are the skin bleaching creams for your face really effective and safe?
    The bleaching creams are supposed to remove the overpigmentation caused by sun damage found under the outer layers of the skin. Are there some creams we should stay away from?

  39. me0w2300 says:

    Is it possible to bleach nipples to make them look smaller?
    I’m becoming more and more unhappy with my nipples, they’re kinda large and I hate them. I searched on google and just found a lot of bleaching creams to change color pigment, would this work around the outsides of my nipples to bleach them to the same color as my skin? So they look smaller? Even if it’s just a little bit…? Just curious… lol.
    No immature answers please.

  40. R S says:

    Should I buy anal bleaching cream online or schedule an anal bleach treatment at a solon?
    I know there are places online that sell anal bleaching cream and you can also get it done at a salon. My question is: Do they use the same cream and just do it for you at a salon or is there any major difference.

    • Jon J says:

      I decided to buy mine online because I think they use the same or similar creams at a salon, they just charge a lot more to get a salon treatment because they do it for you. I got mine at to do myself instead of paying $50 at the salon. I can report the results in a month or so if you want. Just make sure if you get something else that is does not contain hydroquinone as this chemical is potentially dangerous from what my research has showed me.

  41. peace love jesus says:

    What is the BEST bleach cream for a black girl?
    What is the BEST bleach cream for a black girl? im trying to get rid of blackheads! thanks!

    • Its_barbie_bish says:

      The best and I mean best is Ambi clean and clear you can find it at walmart and it is very cheap. Trust me It works for me and I would never give any one some advice that would have them looking a mess


    Can I bleach my hand while applying SKIN BLEACHING CREAMS?
    …..since my hand is coming in contact with the cream.

  43. Susiee says:

    Can bleach creams for the face be used on armpits?
    I have dark skin under my arms and I was wondering if I could use that cream, or does it have to be specifically for the armpits?

  44. Alma Lopez says:

    What is the best bleach cream?
    I have started getting blemishes on my cheek area and was wondering if anyone has had sucess with any creams or home remedies mine are very dark blemishes i dont know what to try?

  45. Delancey says:

    What are the chances of getting cancer from using skin bleaching creams?
    I recently bought a bleaching cream that contains the ingredient Hydroquinone that from what ive heard, can cause cancer. I’m scared, and I’m not sure if I should start using it or not. What exactly are the chances of getting cancer and how exactly would it cause cancer?

    Thankyou >< Thanks Ellen 🙂 I'm starting to persuade myself not to use it anymore.

    • Ellen says:

      Hello…Anything that changes cell structure or alters normal cellular production or division has the potential to cause cancer. Cancer by definition is simply an abnormal growth of cells. When you use this cream it is going to be altering the normal cellular response of the cells that produce pigmentation. This is how this cream is potentially “cancer causing”. Why risk it? I’m certain that you are beautiful just the way you are. There is no need to use this cream. So you are darker skinned or perhaps there are some areas that are lighter than others who cares? You are a wonderful person who deserves to be healthy. I hope that this has helped is some small way. Best of luck to you.

  46. brooklyn girl says:

    What kind of bleaching cream should i use to bleach my scars?
    i have some small but too big scars but i have many of them and i would like to know what type of cream should i use to bleach them?

  47. Stacy N. says:

    What is the best drugstore or department store skin bleach cream?
    Hey 🙂 I’m wondering what is the best skin whitening/bleaching cream? I need one from either the drugstore or a department store like Macy’s (or even Sephora). I’m not willing to spend more than $20-25 on it. I need something effective. Thanks.

  48. Ms Awesome says:

    Effective blemish, bleach or fade creams for uneven areas on face?
    Do you know of any effective creams that could fade darker areas and give your face an even, lighter or brighter tone? I’m not tryin to look like Michael Jackson or anything. I just have some darker spots in my face that need to go away. I’ve used products such as Palmer’s Fade cream. It works but it takes FOREVER and a day. I wanted to try something different. Thanks in advance.

    • calipinay says:

      yes try diana staler products the licorice soap for only $7.75 and the cream for only $8.99 and that will work for your uneven tone…You can check this webstore they have the original packaging of diana stalder for better price. You can check customers testimonials and see photos as well.. Be wise by getting the best products..

  49. domel says:

    What Brands of bleaching creams can be used to bleach upper hair lip?
    I dont know of any brand of bleaching creams that can be used in upper lip hair.
    Hope to hear alot from you, so I can go and check if its available in the market.

    • ingrid g says:

      Brand New, Professional Surgi Invisi-Bleach – Hair Bleaching Cream for Face, Arms & Legs – Gentle Formula. Pack contains 36g Bleaching Cream and 20g Cream Activator.

      Gigi Hair bleaching Cream For Face


      Hair lightening


      have a nice day ingsaludosssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  50. the very existential title says:

    is it possible to put bleach to lighten your skin on your face are there any face bleaching creams available?

    • Niki says:

      Why would you want to do that? Well nobody is satisfied with what they have, are they? I have fair skin and I sunbathe all summer long to get a tan! Dark skin is number one! Don’t ruin it!

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