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Bio-Identical Hormones: What They Are And How They Can Help You

By Zena M Andrews

What are they?

Bioidentical hormones can be considered as a natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Well, we are already aware of the fact that HRT is the synthetic version of the hormones of females. They term

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12 Responses to Bio Skin Care

  1. Hailey says:

    Best bio skin care brand you would recommend?
    For dry skin.
    Thank you.

  2. coley200722 says:

    Has anyone tried BIO SKIN CARE products do they work well?
    I just want to know before I spend like a 100 dollars just to be disappointed

  3. transform l says:

    Bio SKin Care Centre – HELP?
    I had large pores on both my cheek, i live in singapore. i heard that bio skin centre is good. As can be seen from all the adv on tv. It really seems to work. But i was trying to convict myself to go though. Anybody had tried it before ? The ice treatment on bio skin care centre?

    How was the result? And how much it cost ?

  4. reemhafez says:

    bio-pacific skin care? does it really work?
    about the brand ‘bio-pacific skincare’ i want to know if it is a good treatment for acne. formula 1,2, for acne.? i know it is natural but does it really cure and work well. and if it does work, how long does it take to work. and do you have to keep taking it in order for the treatment to stay? if you have used it please give your input. thanks.

    • Lilly-Rose Jacobs says:

      Well it didnt work for me. I tried it for a while and i gave up, to much effort for such little result….’

      I dont know if it will work for you, but it’s certainly worked for me. try a herbal acne spray. its worked wonders for me. you spray it under your tongue 😀

      Hope that helped. But remember, different things work for different people.

      Good luck 😀

  5. transform l says:

    Had anyone tried Bio skin care centre in asia? how effective is it?
    i saw it in the television. As i had ance and pimples, i wanted to try the Bio ance touch.

    HAd any one tried it? which can giv comment on it,

    • Franny says:

      my friend did she did it for her freckles though. i don’t think you should since her freckles came the next day.there is no cure for freckles or pimples.if you prick it you will die or it will become black since it is just some hormones or blood. i advise you not to use it or any product since you should be happy of who you cousin tried it last week and it made hers go away so maybe it works for different kinds of skin.

  6. Serge M says:

    Clinical Research is exactly what it says. The MBA in health care is geared towards business management/administration.

    I have a BS in Health Care Administration and am the graduate program I'm doing is an MBA with health care emphasis.

    If you have a BS in pharmacy, why don't you just go to pharm school? This is total speculation, but if you have a pharmacy degree you'd probably be more interested in clinical research admin, but that's probably something you should discuss with your academic adviser and not random people on the interwebs.

  7. Jquiet says:

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  8. SPFXmaria says:

    RT The awkward moment when a Fat Hoe has Bad B*tch in her Bio 0________0

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