Best Firming Face Cream For Face And Neck

Skin Firming Face Cream – How to Find the Best

Let’s take a quick look at how to find the best skin firming face cream and how to avoid the worst.

Bad Skin Care Ingredients

The average creams on the market contain petrolatum. Petrolatum is a byproduct of the petroleum or gasoline industry. It is not structurally similar to the skin’s natural oils and it will not penetrate. That’s why many lotions and creams take so long to arub ina.

Sometimes, manufacturers try to disguise the ingredient by listing it as amineral oila. That is simply liquid petrolatum. Any of the petroleum byproducts can be easily contaminated with cancer causing chemicals and cosmetic companies are not required to test them for contaminants.

Best Skin Care Ingredients

The best skin firming face creams contain grape seed oil. It is very similar to human sebum and it has excellent antioxidant activity. For nighttime, avocado oil is excellent, but it’s a little to aheavya for use during the day.

Effective moisturizers are an important component of increasing firmness. Basically, you need compounds that stimulate skin cell production, which increases fiber production and atightensa.

You also need to increase protein levels. Protein is needed to agrowa new cells. The natural cell renewal process slows down with age, but with the right nourishment, you can get it up and running, again. Protein is the right kind of nourishment for the skin.

While looking for the best skin firming face lotion, I found a lot of bad ones. Products by Avon, Lumene, Clarins, Exuviance, Ultima and L’Oreal are on my abada list. They contain too many hazardous chemical compounds and known allergens. Read the labels. Know the ingredients – both good and bad. I will be releasing a good-bad skin care ingredient list soon at

Some of them contain as many as five different parabens. Parabens are preservatives that may cause numerous health problems. They do penetrate the skin and are stored in tissues, where they cause permanent changes that can lead to cancer.

Best Skin Firming Choices

The best skin firming face lotions contain only natural vitamin E as a preservative. Preservatives, in general, cause more allergic reactions than any other skincare ingredients. Some industry leaders claim that the effectiveness of grape seed extract and natural vitamin E as preserving agents is unproven.

But, the reason that their artificial preservatives work is because they have antioxidant activity, not on the human face, only on the other ingredients. Natural antioxidants are even more effective than synthetic antioxidants.

Fragrances Can Be Poisonous

It seems that every product I have looked at contains an added fragrance. Fragrances irritate and annoy me. I’ve learned that I am not alone. Some of the chemicals used to create the scents are known neurotoxins. That means they are toxic to the nervous system. They can cause depression, paranoia and anxiety, among other mental disturbances.

With me, they cause itchy throat, watery eyes and sneezing. Those are the most common reactions, but some people also develop rashes and skin irritations. Why do companies add fragrances?

One reason is to hide the smell of rancid vegetable oil. If oils are not properly processed, they can easily rot.

The best skin firming face lotion is fragrance-free. The oils are acold presseda to prevent spoilage and natural antioxidants are included to prolong shelf life. They also help you preserve your appearance. They are definitely worth a look and the “look” you want.

About the author: Margaret Bell is a diligent researcher of skin care systems and a dedicated advocate of living a healthy lifestyle. Visit her site at: to discover which Best Skin Firming Face Cream Margaret recommends and uses. Be sure to sign up for her free Health newsletter for new updated skin care information.


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