Best Dry Skin Creams

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  1. ṃøṃṃα ḋɾαṃα says:

    the best skin cream for extremely dry facial skin?
    Hard to find good face moisturizer that works well and doesnt sweat off or just doesnt help the dry skin…any goos products?

    • erin says:

      Ice cream! You won’t be bothered by dry skin or anything else because you’ll be so happy that you’re eating ice cream!

  2. Bella says:

    What are the best creams for dry facial skin?
    My cheeks have red, dry skin on them (especially in the winter) and I’ve tried a lot of creams but I don’t really know what to look for.

    • _ says:

      I use the intensive formula (I think that’s what it’s called)
      It doesn’t clog pores and works so well.

  3. larry c says:

    best skin creams for pimples dry skin?

    • anioheveteric says:

      well. this is a weird suggestion. but i say go to clinique or any other beauty shop in like macy’s or dillards or something at your local mall. they can give the best advice and get you really good products. they are kinda pricey but they are like top of the line. if you try it and it works well then you can go to like kroger k mart walmart and bring what you where using and compare ingredients and find the one that has the most commen ingrediendts and try that one. basically wha tyoull need is an acne treament and a moisturizer.

  4. Vida! says:

    The best creams for dry skin!?
    Iv been using cream but my skin doesn’t look moisturized I have red bumps an I hate it!!! What’s the beat cream that’s a deep moisturizer? An I don’t have to apply it every hour.

    • organic.sheagirl says:

      You might need to visit a dermatologist to rule out an infection on your skin. However, for your dry skin, you need a deep moisturizer to take care of that and no, you do not need to apply it every hour if you get the right one. I recommend you try organic skin care products which will not irritate your skin more. You can try east africa shea butter, raw cocoa butter or virgin coconut oil. You can also add a few drops of baobab or marula oil in your topical moisturizer to intensify the moisturizing benefit. All these help relieve dry skin, dermatitis and eczema. I have left a link for you, read to understand how each works then you can choose one that will work for you. Visit the blog for more read on each of the products.

  5. tatah ^____^ says:

    whats the Best Dry Skin Cream?
    i just moved here in chicago and my skin on the face is getting dry maybe because its too cold, maybe there is a good skin cream you could suggest>

  6. Remulak MoxArgon says:

    Dry rubs are best when you are slow roasting or smoking ribs, chicken, beef, or those tasty folks from Alpha Centauri.Sauces do cover a lot of mistakes when your doing a little quick grilling. But overall I prefer the rub.I often use a tandoori based dry rub that is incredible on ribs or chicken when mixed with apple and hickory smoke. Deee-lish-us.

  7. avontaylor says:

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