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Biltricide as an anti-worm agent

Parasitic infection is common among people today. A sign of weakened immune system, parasitic infection causes several problems to people, especially to those in developing countries. Parasites enter the body through mouth or skin and are diagnosed by taking samples of blood, stool, urine or tissues from an infected patient.

Biltricide is a wonder drug in the treatment of parasitic infection and the diseases that are caused by parasites. It treats schistosomiasis and liver flukes and is used to enhance physical or mental well-being.

Biltricide for Schistosomiasis

Biltricide fights against parasitic flatworms “schistosome” that cause schistosomiasis. People infected with schistosomes ?have rash or itchy skin within few days as symptoms are unidentified at an early phase of infection. ?Schistosomiasis is diagnosed by testing the urine or stool for parasites. ?The disease is effectively treatable, with biltricide, taken for 1-2 days. The dosage recommended for schistosomiasis is 20 mg/kg (of bodyweight) three times a day, at intervals of not less than 4 hours and not more than 6 hours as one day treatment.

Biltricide for Clonorchiasis and Opisthorchiasis

Biltricide is effective in the treatment of Clonorchiasis and Opisthorchiasis which are considered as major liver flukes in humans caused due to the infection of parasite flatworms ?C. Sinensis and Opisthorchis species. Clonorchiasis and Opisthorchiasis are clinically indistinguishable. These are diagnosed by testing the urine or stool for parasites. The dosage recommended for liver fluke is 25 mg/kg bodyweight three times a day, at intervals of not less than 4 hours and not more than 6 hours as one day treatment.

Biltricide Dosage

Biltricide is to be taken orally by mouth with meals, usually 3 times a day (within a gap of 4 to 6 hours apart) for one day. The tablets are to be swallowed quickly with a glass of water. The tablets should never be crushed, broken, or split. Each tablet must be taken as a whole. Chewing the tablets in the mouth will give a bitter taste which leads to gagging or vomiting.

Side effects of Biltricide

Drug interactions may result in various side effects. ?The following drugs should be avoided when Biltricide is taken: albendazole, barbiturates such as phenobarbital, certain antiepileptic medications, such carbamazepine, phenytoin, fosphenytoin, oxcarbazepine, chloroquine, cimetidine, dexamethasone, grapefruit juice, rifampin etc.

Some of the most common side effects of Biltricide are: ?

  • General feeling of ill-health
  • Abdominal cramps or pain
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Dizziness, drowsiness
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Increased sweating
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting

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95 Responses to Anti Agent

  1. Comade says:

    Best anti fogging agent on the glass?
    Which anti fogging agent on the glass (for my side windows) do you recommend and any information I should know?
    I have a 99 Chevy Malibu.

    • Inquisitive says:

      I actually used a few different solutions over the years and the best one I found was “Z’Fog Fogless Spray”. I found this online from Comfort House.

      I ordered it online because the site had on-line specials. It comes in a four (4) once bottle and lasts for over a year. It is both a cleaner and an Anti-Fog solution (some of the anti-fog solutions leave a cloudy film on the mirror and this one does not). This one does not leave a film, as it is also a cleanter.

      Try it, I know that you’ll be satisfied. I’ll attach the link below.

  2. wilster98 says:

    where can I find food grade silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent.?

    • oldfootlose says:

      My gray matter may fail me
      I would check the local college supply store.
      Or try a local bakery.
      I know the wine makers have several preservatives
      When I used the Yahoo Toolbar – Reference / Dictionary
      I got no definition.
      BUT IT DID suggest,
      Good Luck

  3. sings4joy says:

    I take xanax for anxiety PTSD issues , a counselor has recommended a Beta blocker as an anti anxiety agent.?
    I have a scrip of motopropl a beta blocker…. does anyone take these two meds together or are there other anti-anxiety combo’s

  4. Donald says:

    What is the best anti-ageing agent/substance?

  5. Portia says:

    What is the difference between an Anticoagulant and an Anti-platelet Agent medication?
    My grandad recently had a stroke and I am trying to research all I can on the condition. In researching the possible medications given, I have come across the terms Anticoagulant and Anti-platelet Agents, but their definitions seem to be very similar. Are they simply different names for the same thing or do they have differences?
    I would be grateful for any help. Thank you.

    • Jim says:

      You’re right. Anticoagulants and antiplatelet drugs are both meant to do the same job, but by a different mechanism.

      Anticoagulant drugs typically target proteins in our blood that work together to convert fibrinogen into fibrin (a key ingredient in blood clots). For example, heparin and similar drugs help increase the action of anti-thrombin III, which is a blood chemical that naturally inactivates many of the proteins that I mentioned earlier.

      Other anticoagulants include coumarin, and streptokinase.

      Antiplatelet drugs work by targeting platelets directly. These drugs usually work by binding to, and blocking receptors on the surface of platelets. Normally, these sites are activated by mediators released by damaged tissues, and the platelets respond by sending out lots of chemicals that result in venospasm, inflammation, and blood clotting. So antiplatelet drugs prevent this from occurring.

      Some antiplatelet drugs include clopidogrel (plavix), ticlopidine, abciximab, eptifibatide, tirofiban, and dipyridamole.

      Aspirin is probably an antiplatelet drug to. It works by inhibiting COX-2 within platelets and preventing them from synthesizing thromboxane A2 which is necessary for the activation of platelets. Aspirin is cheap and safe and should probably be considered a super-drug for people in need of anticoagulation.

      Hope that helps.

  6. dessyoshea says:

    Accidentally drank iron perfumed softener with anti- scaling agent?
    My mom accidentally drank some of the perfumed softener that you put in the iron instead of water. It has anti- scaling agent and she’s kind of worried, so now I’m worried too. I read that the anti- scaling agent is composed of all kinds of acids…
    Can something happen to her? Is it dangerous? Or are we overreacting?

  7. Okalia Modebe says:

    what is the chemical component in chloramphenicol that works as an anti inflamatory agent?
    I want to know if anyone knows the particular chemical component in chloramphenicol that works as an anti inflammatory agent, so that i will know if it can be found as a separate drug on its own, or is it the chloramphenicol that causes it? Im talking about the eye ointment. Please i need a professional advice on this issue. thanks a lot.

  8. Daydreamer says:

    What is the best anti-bacterial agent you can use for handwashing?
    eg disinfectant, sprays, liquids

  9. pizza4me says:

    Where can I buy small quantities of an anti-caking agent for a powdered food product?

  10. sassychicka says:

    which anti infective agent has an “Antabuse-like” reaction when the use of alcohol is concurrent?

  11. jhstandard says:

    can I uninstall rogers service point agent without uninstalling the anti virus progrma?
    rogers anti virus works great on one pc(no service point) I just downloaded it on another along with the servicepoint agent, that pc takes at least 5 minutes to even go online both are running xp.
    Please keep it simple I have no computer skills.

  12. Chemistry Lover says:

    EDTA is Oxidizing agent or anti-oxidizing agent?
    I want to know whether it is oxidizing agent or not ? If yes then which property makes it oxidizing agent?

    • CB says:

      I wouldn’t say it was an oxidant or a reductant. The functional groups it contains (tertiary amine and carboxylic acid) are neither easily reduced nor oxidised: it’s a very stable molecule.
      It’s main (sole?) use is as a chelating agent.

  13. intheboxnow22 says:

    What Anti Corrosive Agent is non toxic?
    Either non toxic externally or internally, for example, if cut or broken skin is exposed to this non toxic, anti corrosive agent or compound.. Is there a safe anti corrosive agent or compound?

  14. swemy says:

    help in Removal of Anti virus agent pro?
    The warning keeps coming like this,the unregistered antivirus agent pro has been detected. I opened the page but unfortunately there is no icon saying how to delete that. I have already Norton anti virus pro. Please help me how to remove that from task bar below.

  15. El Luchador says:

    Why are Anti-immigration folks so quite about the recent murder of the Arizona Border Patrol Agent?
    When this story first air, Anti’s were quick to exploit this story just like the story of the Arizona Rancher months ago. They were quick to blame it on an illegal from Mexico just because it happened at the border. So why are they so quite about this story now?
    @LDNZ1014, you claim that it’s a fact, so where’s your source? Until you supply a link, it’s false!

  16. THE BEST says:

    What is the best anti-hypertension drug in this case and why?
    MR M.A is a healthy 36-year old obese male.his BP was found of 178/114 mmhg. He is a heavy smoker and drinks 10 or more units of alchohol each evening. He has a sedentary occupation.
    what anti hypertension agent coud be used in initial management of his hypertension?

    • Troy says:

      First thing is you cannot diagnose hypertension from a single reading. You need at least two more.
      If he does have hypertension, the first thing is he needs to stop drinking so much, exercise more, lose weight, and stop smoking. Lifestyle modifications always come first. you wouldn’t let a 300 pound person keep eating 4000 Cal. a day, why would you not counsel this patient to stop his destructive habits?
      All of the above answers are at least partially correct. a 36 year old with stage II hypertension should be evaluated for a secondary cause. If one is found then you treat based on that. a Pheochromocytoma would be treated with surgical resection and an alpha 1 and beta blocker. Renal artery stenosis would be treated medically with ACE inhibitors ro angiotensin receptor blockers if possible, otherwise surgical correction would be necessary
      Beta blockers and CCBs are no longer recommended as first line agents, he should be put on a or a thiazide diuretic, probably including an ACE-Inhibitor with that high of a blood pressure. If those don’t bring down the BP enough then a CCB or beta blocker would be added.

  17. dutch_rg says:

    Where can I find an *online* source for food grade silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent?
    Needs to be an online source, where I can place an order. Needs to be a site that sells to end customers. Most lab suppliers will ask for a business tax ID when you order *any* chemical, no matter how inert it is.

  18. updraftkid000 says:

    Does anyone know what the anti-inflammatory agent is in hibiscus rosa-sinensis?
    I really need the answers to this question baaadly. Thanks, guys!

  19. Enas k says:

    tolemerase inhibitor as anti cancer agent.?
    My Dr in the university asks me to bring information about cancer , tolemerase and tolemerase inhibitor as anti cancer agent and i couldnt find any site that can give me these informaton in simplyfy way so can u help me??

    • Elizabeth says:

      This paper’s a little old but it’s the most recent I found w/free access. If you search “telomerase inhibitor cancer” on pubmed, you’ll get a lot more recent results which you can probably get via your university.

  20. keepmynameoutchamouth says:

    Is sea salt containing Calcium Silicate(an “anti caking agent”) safe to use on a new piercing?
    I got my nipples pierced two days ago and am having trouble finding plain ol’ sea salt. I got some Sea Salt tonight at Walmart in the baking section, but am a bit uncomfortable with the additional ingredient. I already have Epsom salt, but apparently it is a bit harsh on new piercings…I’ve been using unscented soap as well as Saline solution as well. Anyone?

    • Gabrielle D says:

      Actually, most parlors will advise you to use sea salt because it DOESN’T have anti-caking agents in it. You should probably try to find a different brand of sea salt. Another option is h2ocean. you can usually find it at Hot Topic. it works great.

      Be careful with nipple piercings, they will be sore for about 2 weeks(nothing big, just a little tender) and be careful not to get shampoo around the piercing when you are washing your hair in the shower!!!

  21. bunnypaulamargaret says:

    I am looking for the opportunity to become an agent for reputable cosmetic company, anti wrinkle & cellulite?
    Can you advise on company agencies with cosmetics products to promote and distribute in Ireland

    • Nutty Girl says:

      try looking at some trade fairs .
      Beauty there probably will be some in Dublin means you can see products for yourself and see if they need agents.

  22. Truth_matters says:

    is there a anti mold agent that you can put on carpet that flooded?
    say if a fish tank leaked all the way out onto the there an anti mold spray or something you can put on it? do you go about dealing with this mess without having to rip out the carpet…Also if it doesn’t get torn out can the mold get really out of hand?…it happend in a cool basement…help me out here.. please!

    • barney9651 says:

      There ARE some products out there that can do that. But remember- mold will grow ANYwhere that the coatings are not, including furniture and other objects laid on the floor. It really should be done before the actual flood occurs, though.

      If you already have a flooded carpet, you do have to rip it out. If there’s a wood sub floor underneath and the damage is serious, that will have to be removed too, although you should replace it with something plastic. Bring it outside, dry it out, and try to make the best of it.

      If your carpet has been laid on bare concrete or you have a wood sub floor, you may already have a moisture problem with it. Concrete continually releases water vapor into the basement, and when carpet or wood is laid on top of it, it can make the material damp, allowing for mold. If you ever do pull it up for any reason, be sure to install a vapor barrier underneath to help keep the space dry.

  23. mad_furby says:

    would WD40 make a good anti foaming agent?
    for HHO application with KOH electrolyte.
    if not why not?

  24. Betty says:

    Can licorice be used safely as a anti inflammatory agent for dogs?

  25. Gaurav Simha says:

    What does an agent monitor (especially mcafee anti-virus) do to protect your PC?
    It involves some policies and stuff…..

  26. updraftkid000 says:

    What is the anti-inflammatory agent in hydrocortisone? Does it have anthocyanidin?
    I need this for an Investigatory Project.

    • Ruth says:

      Hydrocortisone is basically, a steroid. Steroids or for example; hydrocortisone injections that are used for tennis elbow or rotator cuff damage ( minor), helps reduce swelling or inflammation and will reduce the pain from the inflammation of a muscle. Anthocyanins act as powerful antioxidants which, is another reason why fruits and vegetables with red skin are a nutritious food source. I hope that this helps. Here’s a web:

  27. Jack A says:

    Where do I get anti gelling agent for diesel fuel?
    How much does this cost and whats the best brand and where do I get it? Walmart?

  28. koko says:

    What is the mechanism of action of Tofisopam as anti-anxiety agent?
    please attach articles related to the question, better to be in pdf formatting

  29. rajiourrahman says:

    What anti-foaming agent is used in waste water treatment of washing plant?
    In the time of waste water treatment huge fome is formed, in that case what anti foaming agent is generally used?

    • kapeeds says:

      There are two types of defoamers that are typically used, mineral oil based and silicone based. Primarily what you are doing is increasing the surface tension of the bubble surface so it pos by introducing some material that has higher surface tension. The choice of defoamer will depend on what surfactant is used. But if the foam is not a very stable foam, oil based defoamers are generally used.

  30. sakshi says:

    please help me to remove Anti virus agent pro. I am really sick and tired of it?
    I have McAfee and Windows Defender installed in my computer. But I don’t know how did that Antivirus agent pro attack my PC. Now both McAfee and Windows Defender are not working. I tried to install Super Anti spyware but couldn’t. Now I am totally puzzled what to do next. Please help me to remove this. Thanks in advance.

  31. dreamy_traveller says:

    Can I use baby shampoo as anti-fog agent for my glasses inside my ski goggle (to avoid fogging up)?
    I know this is not pure diving question, but this question is relevant to diving section as well as winter sport.

    I am going to ski soon, and I have got a normal ski goggle. Unfortuantey, I can’t wear contact lenses at the moment.

    So I have to wear my glasses inside the ski goggle but my glasses would be fogged up inside the goggle easily.

    I heard a rumour that either liquid mild soap or baby shampoo (Johnson & Johnson) is excellent anti-fog drops/agent for my glasses?

    If that is true – please provide me instruction how to do those?

    Many thanks for your great helps/advices in advance ! πŸ˜€

    • Hydrophilic says:

      Yes, Johnson & Johnson baby baths works as it forms a layer over your goggles so it can’t fog. In fact, it is a cheaper alternative than anti-fog goggles. The only downide is if you add too much shampoo, the shampoo will slowly flow down and gather at the bottom of the goggles, which can be irritating.

      Just make sure that the shampoo that you use does not stink your eyes or is allergic to you.

  32. Emhart says:

    Define liniment and does a liniment have something to do in being an anti-fungal agent?
    1. define liniment
    2. Are liniment only limited to relieving muscular and joint pains

  33. gizelle says:

    Can honey really be a anti-pimple and moisturising agent?
    My mother keep telling me to try it because it is really effective. But i don’t know if it is true.

  34. hugo c says:

    Is an anti-histamine (eg Lorano) the same as a drying up agent like Sudafed ?
    I take the two together – they contain loratadine and pseudoephedrine. I was under the impression that I COULD use both together – a doctor told me this – but the pharmacist said, the other day, that they have the same function and I should not take them together. Can anyone comment on this?

    • a p says:

      Antihistamines block the effect of histamine. Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing, etc.. Many antihistamines also have a drying (anticholeneric) effect and cause drowsiness. We use them to help stop sinus drainage, which causes all sorts of problems, like lung congestion, sore throats, ear congestion, coughing, runny nose, and so on.

      Decongestants, like pseudoepedrine, constrict blood vessels in the nose and reduce swelling, opening up the sinus passages and allowing us to breath and the sinuses to drain. Having the sinuses blocked leads to sinus headaches and sinus infections. All that mucus stuck in the sinuses gets infected. Decongestants are stimulants (keep you awake) and raise your blood pressure. They don’t actually have a drying effect like most antihistamines.

      You can use them together. Actifed, Drixoral, Contac, Deconamine, Dimetapp, Benadryl Decongestant and many other OTC cold medications contain both an antihistamine and a decongestant.

      To some extent, the drowsiness caused by the antihistamine is offset by the stimulation caused by the decongestant. With non-sedating antihistamines (like loratadine) usually the stimulation is strongest, and they keep you awake at night. With regular antihistamines combined with a decongestant, like Benadryl Decongestant and the others listed above, the antihistamine has the stronger effect and they still cause drowsiness.

      I hope you just misunderstood what the pharmacist said, because you obviously can use them together, even buy them together in a single product.

  35. waylory says:

    I need a anti Mal ware device to get rid of my Trojan Agent?
    I need a anti Mal ware device to get rid of my Trojan Agent. im useing Malwarebytes anit-malware but its doing nothing to help me. can anyone please help me find a good program to get rid of malware. and can you make sure its free i dont fell like spening any money to buy one

    • Jeff says:

      A Trojan virus is faulty computer program that can infect remote computers by changing the desktop or deleting important files. Generally called a Trojan Horse, it appears as a legitimate file or software from a trusted source, therefore tricking users into opening it or downloading it. Take action and protect your personal computer files by learning to delete this Trojan virus.
      Here is more infomation and removal guide:

  36. Tutto andrΓ  bene. says:

    Piercing aftercare- My dad bought me sea salt that has anti-caking agent in it?
    Today, I had my nape pierced, and m father bought me ‘Saxa fine sea salt’. I thought it looked a bit too much like a food ingredient and checked the ingredients, and it has anti-caking agent in it.

    My question is, is this safe to use or should i get something else?

    Any recommendations would be great.

    So, is the anti caking agent safe to use?

    • Nein says:

      It’s “okay” to use that sea salt, but it is best to use PURE sea salt as it doesn’t contain iodine or the anti-caking agent (which is harmful for healing piercings) so please get pure sea salt as soon as you can.

      Please do not use epsom salt, it contains too many chemicals and it’s far too harsh to use on any piercing (new or old) so please avoid Epsom salt and purchase pure sea salt as soon as you can. “Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate, not sodium chloride, and should not be used.” -quoted from

      Other than that, just soak it 2-3x a day for 5-10 minutes and it should heal perfectly. If you’re worried about rejection, definitely invest in a surface bar if you don’t already have one. Good luck.

  37. Shawn says:

    Can the blue liquid in port-a-potties freeze? or is some kind of anti-freezing agent mixed in?

    • st8rippen47 says:

      well if you think about i think its a anti- freezing agent since it not being a anti- freezing agent would be a design flaw

  38. sweta says:

    What is used as anti freezing agent in car radiator and what is its % in radiator?
    pls do ans fast………..

    • D says:

      Antifreeze is a cryoprotectant used in internal combustion engines, and for many other heat transfer applications, such as HVAC chillers and solar water heaters. The purpose of antifreeze is to prevent a rigid enclosure from undergoing physical stresses and catastrophic deformation due to the expansion that occurs when water turns to ice. Compounds are added to the water to reduce the freezing point of the mixture below the lowest temperature that the system is likely to be exposed to, and to inhibit corrosion in cooling systems, which often contain a range of electrochemically incompatible metals (aluminum, cast iron, copper, lead solder, etc.).

      as for % in radiator it depends on the car weather etc so check it

  39. sandysurd says:

    What anti-caking agent can be used for manufacture of Oxalic acid and in what quantity?

    How about using 0.2-0.3% SiO2 (E 551)

    • sb says:

      List of anticaking agents normally used in the industry :
      Calcium silicate
      Dimethyl polysiloxane
      Sodium aluminosilicate
      Sodium bicarbonate
      Talcum powder

  40. argenove says:

    can used engine oil be use as anti rust agent?

    • reburthofslick says:

      Sure, but why not use new, no contaminants in it. Make sure it’s not for used with anything related to food handling surfaces!

  41. J29 says:

    anti virus agent pro?? help please ! :)?
    i have recently had something called anti virus agent pro pop up on my laptop, was wondering if anyone has heard of it or has it if they know how to get rid of it, i don’t know how it got on my laptop in the first place but would really appreciate the help? please help me! thanks you x

    • +Reaper+ says:

      This is a ROGUE Anti virus pop up.

      Anything that comes in an email, pop up, ad or otherwise will most likely 80-90% of the time be a scam.

      These ‘fake/rogue’ anti spyware/virus programs are installed to your computer and infect your computer to it’s knees. When you scan with this rogue anti spy/vir you’ll get a fake scan saying your infected and you must by the ‘full’ version of the program to remove these viruses, when actually, they wipe your bank accounts and leave your computer dead.

      To remove this ad aware, have a look at my following “.txt” file (made in notepad) that has a heap of compiled information.

      If you care not to look (for furture protection and information) Then do these following steps.

      Download that program. Run a full scan. Whatever it finds, Clear/delete/fix etc. You may need a reboot, if you don’t reboot, you won’t get rid of these viruses/ad ware (Only need to reboot if prompted).

      If that doesn’t work, restart your computer in Safe Mode. Press F8 on boot up and you’ll see your user with a black desktop and icons are bigger and colours are 16bit and crappy, don’t panic, this is normal. Safe mode only loads what it has to, to load and work the computer.

      Then, run another full scan.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  42. ajay p says:

    which is best natural mouth wash and anti bacterial agent for cleaning teeth n removing plaques?
    which is best natural mouth wash and anti bacterial agent for cleaning teeth n removing plaques

  43. Heather says:

    Could Obama be an anti US Secret Agent?
    I noticed a pattern about Obama. He got us into a no win war in Libeya. I think he constantly lies about things and for example when he says that no ground troops in Libeya than everyone knows he is lying. Why did he go on vacation and while away from the country having fun in Brazil the US launches air strikes? Now he is doing nothing about the budget and the government will shut down. I think he purposely does things to hurt the USA.

  44. U68Y says:

    agent for Anti moisture in some box of food?
    Please help me to know what kind chemist use for anti moisture in some box of food.
    Thank you

  45. Doonie - Atheist Fackwagger and RMonkee Hater says:

    Was Strauss-Kahn framed by a Catholick Ugandan Anti-Homo agent?
    Reports indicate that the Catholic Church in Uganda sent a female agent to NY to seduce and discredit SK for proposing that the African country would receive loans if it loosened its rules on homosexuality.

    How far does the church’s influence go and are catholicks yukking it up today??

  46. T says:

    Do I have to be monitored by a doctor when taking an anti-fungal agent?
    I’ve gone to my ‘old school doctor’ and he took a bunch of tests for my symptoms and everything came back normal. At this point, I think Candida must be to blame.

    • rmbrruffian says:

      Yes you do have to be monitored if you are on antifungals. Antifungals can cause liver damage in some people.
      If you suspect Candida albicans, I would go to a holistic doctor. Try cutting out all sugar from your diet for a month before starting any drugs. That includes starches and breads. Starch converts to sugar in the body. Candida and other fungi feed on sugar. Take note of what happens to your body and your well being while you are on the sugar fast.
      I find that when I have too much sugar, I feel drunk, achy, just generally miserable.

      Edit: I should have added that ANYTHING fermented should be cut out of your diet. Fermentation is growing mold in the food, or yeast. Alcohol is fermented, cheese is fermented. If it says ‘aged’ on it, it is fermented, which feeds Candida.

  47. gambitjammo says:

    How can I get rid of Adware Agent ZO and Rouge Anti Spyware XP Anti Spyware?
    My wife’s laptop has both the Adware Agent ZO, and Rouge Anti Spyware XP Anti spyware. We have Spyware Doctor on the computer, but every time it quarantines and says to restart the computer, it comes back. It has blocked our system restore, and now somehow has block us from even connecting to the internet.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dvdburn Fe says:

      You are infected with spyware if:

      * You see too much pop-up advertisements.
      * Your browser has toolbars that you haven’t installed.
      * Your homepage has changed (and you can’t change it back).
      * Other settings have changed without your permission.
      * Your computer is slow.

      To get rid of spyware and keep your computer clean you can use an antispyware or even more.
      You can download a antispyware software. There are 10 good anti-spywares.
      here is the reviews:

      You can download one and scan your system.
      All are safe and can be trusted.

  48. anotherstartohang says:

    can vegeterians eat anything with anti caking agents or flavour enhancers?
    they have numbers on them. I made a rice rissoto (from dimond past) and the sauce came from the box. listed it had anti caking agent 572, and flavour enhancer 721 or something like that. also if the company make other products that contain meat like the chicken or beef one for example does this mean all their products contain meat? even the mushroom one?
    flavour enhancer 627, 621

    • Spiderman 4 β“‹ says:

      The flavour enhancers, I’ve covered in your previous question. Please check back.

      572 is magnesium stearate. “Origin: Prepared synthetically from commercial stearic acid. Function: Anti-caking agent; emulsifier; release agent. Effects: No adverse effects are known from the consumption of this additive, but accidental inhalation of the powder can be harmful.”

      570 is the stearic acid mentioned above. “Origin: Naturally occurring fatty acid found in all animal fats and vegetable oils. Prepared synthetically for commercial use. Function: Anti-caking agent. Effects: No adverse effects are known.”

  49. david s says:

    how do you make an anti-icing agent to put on my driveway?

    anti-icing is what you put on your driveway before it snows so the snow doesn’t stick to the concrete. I guess i would like to know if it is rock salt mixed with hot water then sprayed on the driveway or if there is a better salution.

    • Mom_of_3 says:

      I have never tried this personally, but I read in an article in our local newspaper last year about the state using Beet Juice to spray on the roadways. I live in Ohio, and I have seen the big trucks spraying liquid on the roadways before storms hit. I don’t believe it is 100% juice. I did find an article you can read online.
      Again, I have never done it, I just use our big 4×4 truck and run over the drifts in my driveway πŸ™‚

  50. gatorw says:

    In the bible it says the anti-christ will be an agent of change?
    so is change always a good thing?
    Aurthur, it says it in the book of Daniel. It amazes me that you got all those thumbs up. Just shows how ignorant people are about the bible.

    • Arthur says:

      Tell me, great Biblical scholar that you are, where in the Bible the Anti-Christ is described as an “agent of change”.

      EDIT: The Book of Daniel? Neat trick to mention the Anti-Christ, considering Daniel is in the Old Testament, and the term “Anti-Christ” is only used in the New Testament (and never in Revelations, but in 1st and 2nd John.)

      C’mon, pal, enlighten me — cite chapter and verse. Don’t just say “its in Daniel”.

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